Top 72 Baby Names That Mean Snow Or Ice

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Coming up with a meaningful baby name for a winter child can be difficult.

Winter brings with it both the joy of snowfall and the warmth of the fireplace. What could be the best name for your baby that can inspire loving warmth and coziness?

To help you, we have listed beautiful and winter-inspired baby names for you. These names mean ice or snow in different cultures and languages.

Winter can get quite chilly but it is also the time for snuggling, skiing, and spending time with your loved ones. On top of everything, there is Christmas! These comforting names will remind you and your winter baby the merry joys of the colder months at the end of the year.

For more weather-related names, take a look at these Names Meaning Rainbow or these Names That Mean Sun.

Girl Names That Mean Ice Or Snow

Holidays, snow and ice always remind us of someone special. These are a few snow related names for baby girls:

1.Alaska (Aleut origin) meaning 'great land'. This name refers to a famous U.S. state.

2.Alba (Latin origin) meaning 'bright and white'. This name can be linked to famous actor, Jessica Alba.

3.Bianca (Italian origin)namemeans 'white'. This is also the name of a famous character in Shakespeare’s play, Othello.

4.Blanche (French origin) name means 'white'.

5.Elsa (English origin), shortened from Elizabeth. This name is linked with the title character of the movie, Frozen.

6.Crystal (Greek origin) meaning 'ice'. A common baby girl name. This name can mean white snow too when it forms a crystalline shape.

7.Eira (Welsh origin) meaning 'snow'

8.Frostine (French origin) meaning 'snow'. One of the unique names that mean ice queen and great for your baby girl.

9.Gwendolyn (Welsh origin) meaning 'fair and blessed'. The full name of Gwen Stacy from Spiderman series.

10.Holly (English origin) referring to 'winter berries.'

11.Iclyn (English origin)meaning 'compassionate'. It sounds similar to icicles.

12.Ivy (Old English origin) meaning 'faithful'. Also refers to the famous winter-hardy plant.

13.January (Latin origin) referring the first month of the year.

14.Juniper (Latin origin) refers to the name of a winter-hardy tree, often represented against a snowy backdrop.

15.Lumi (Finnish origin) name meaning 'snow'.

16.Merry (Old English origin) meaning 'happy' and 'Guardian of the sea'. Also, it refers to the Christmassy feeling of joy and belonging.

17.Natasha (Russian Origin) meaning 'Birthday of the Lord', that is, Christmas.

18.Neve (Irish origin) meaning 'Snowy or Bright'.

19.Nieva (Spanish origin) name meaning 'snowing'.

20.Nieves (Spanish origin) meaning 'Our Lady of the Snows' referring to Mother Mary.

21.Noella (Old French origin) meaning 'Christmas'. This name can be a good choice for a merry baby girl.

22.Olwen (derived from Welsh mythology) meaning 'white footprint'.

23.Paloma (Latin origin) meaning 'dove'.

24.Snow (derived from old English)meaning precipitation. It can be a wonderful baby name itself.

Boys Names That Mean Ice Or Snow

Here is a list of names for boys which immediately bring the cozy feeling of winter:  

25.Aspen (Middle English origin) meaning 'A heart-shaped tree'.

26.Aubin (French origin) meaning 'blonde'.

27.Blaze (Old English origin) meaning 'Fire' or 'Snowstorm'.

28.Bodhi (Indian origin) meaning 'enlightenment' or 'awakening'. This name comes from the Bodhi tree under which Buddha gained his enlightenment.

29.Colden (Old English origin) meaning ' The dark valley'.

30.Dong (Chinese origin) meaning 'winter'.

31.Douglas (Scottish origin) meaning 'Name of Christmas Tree'. The name is associated with the famous author, Douglas Adams.

32.Eirwan (Welsh origin) meaning 'white snow'.

33.Gabriel (Hebrew origin) means 'God is my strength'. It is the name of the popular archangel.

34.Gwenyth (Welsh origin) meaning 'white'. Associated with the famous actor, Gwyneth Paltrow.

35.Jack (English origin) meaning 'God is Gracious'. This name is quite commonly associated with Jack Frost.

36.Jasper (Persian origin) meaning 'bringer of treasure'. It is associated with the Three Magi, who brought treasure and gifts to the family of Christ.

37.Kari ( Turkish origin) meaning 'covered with snow'.

38.Lixue (Chinese origin) meaning 'pretty snow.'

39.Nevada (Spanish origin) meaning 'snow-clad'.

40.Nicholas (Greek origin) meaning 'victory of the people'. This name has been associated with the famous  Santa Claus, who is also known as St. Nicholas.

41.Noel (French origin) Variant of 'Noella'. The French word for Christmas.

42.North (Proto-Indo European origin) meaning 'A direction'. The name is linked with the cold Northern cities.

43.Robin (Old Germanic origin) meaning 'bright and shining'. A popular bird in Europe and in Christmas cards. It is also the name of Batman's accomplice: Robin.

44.Rory (Irish origin) meaning 'Red King'.

45.Rudolph (Italian origin) refers to the famous red-nosed reindeer drawing Santa Claus’ sledge.

46.Whittaker (English origin) meaning 'from the white field'. The famous ecologist, Robert Whittaker, takes after this name.

47.Wren (English origin) meaning 'Name of a winter bird'. This name is also associated with Christopher Wren, a famous English architect who rebuilt many churches after the Great Fire of London.

48.Yas (American origin) name means 'snow'. This name has been popularized by a character in Kerouac’s famous novel, On the Road.

49.Yule (Old English origin) meaning 'winter solstice'. An abbreviation of Yuletide.

Unisex Names That Mean Ice Or Snow

There are so many names that suit both boys and girls. These are some of the very popular unisex names which you can give to your winter baby if you want to keep their name gender neutral.

50.Aster (Ancient Greek origin) meaning 'Star'.

51.Cypress (Greek origin) a tree prevalent in the Northern region.

52.December (Latin origin) meaning '12th month of the year' or 'the winter month'.

53.Ember (English origin) meaning 'beautiful warm fire'.

54.Frost (Scandinavian origin) meaning 'Frozen'.

55.Hale (Old English origin) meaning 'A hearty person'. This name is similar to Hail, a frozen form of precipitation.

56.Hart (Middle English origin) meaning 'Stag'.

57.Snow (English origin) name means 'frozen rain'. Although often given to girls, this makes a special unisex name.

58.Storm (Old English origin) meaning 'Bad Weather'.

59.Whit (English origin) meaning 'White'.

Unique Girls' Names That Mean Ice Or Snow

Your child is unique. So, you can give your girl a suitable name from our collection of unique wintery names:

60.Demetria (Greek origin) refers to the Greek Goddess known to cause winter. An abbreviation of this name, ‘Demi’.

61.Eliora (Hebrew origin) meaning 'the lord is my light'.

62.Epiphany (Greek origin) meaning 'A celebration after 12 days of Christmas'. It also refers to a moment of sudden realization.

63.Finola (Irish origin) meaning 'White shoulders'.

64.Guinevere (English origin)meaning ‘white’. A royal name referring to the queen of King Arthur.

65.Turquoise (French origin) meaning 'a greenish blue color'. It is a general shade of a cloudless, winter sky.

66.Viola (Latin origin) refers to 'a mild winter flower'. These flowers are quite hardy even during frost.

Unique Boys Names That Mean Ice Or Snow

Here we tried to collect some of the unique names that mean winter or are related to winter for your baby boy:

67.Phelan (Origin Irish) meaning 'wolf'.

68.Ralph (Origin English from german) meaning 'wolf counsel'.

69.Jonas (Greek origin) meaning 'dove'. This dove symbolizes peace during winter. This is quite a common name for a baby boy.

70.Yukio (Japanese origin) meaning ‘snow’. This is one of the most popular Japanese names meaning snow and is a popular Marvel comic character.

71.Zane (American origin) meaning ‘white as snow’.

72.Zohar (Origin Hebrew) meaning 'Light' and 'brilliance'.

Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for Names That Mean Snow then why not take a look at Earthy Boys Names, or for something different take a look at Names Beginning With H.

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