57 Altmer Names For Your Elder Scrolls Characters

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Originally Published on Nov 25, 2020
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Do you want a high elven name for Arena, Daggerfall, Battlespire, Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, Online, Legends & Blade?

We have a plethora of altmer names for you so you don't need to go too far or to a different site. Here are the Altmer names that will help you with the perfect high elven names without a high elf name generator.

Elder Scrolls is a series of action role-playing video games from 1994 to the latest by 2020. The name "high elves" has been given to the Altmer. The word signifies them as tall and proud.

They are from Summerset Isles and also known for their prowess on the sea. They are light-skinned, culturally snobbish elven.

They think of themselves as beautiful, refined, proud, and wise. They claim to be the most cultured of Tamriel as they are the master of sorcery and enchantments. They are good in martial arts and their military weapons are one of a kind with their unique designs.

The names of high elves are made of 12 prefixes and 12 suffixes, both male and female Altmer, in Arena and Daggerfall. Both the male and female of Altmer have the same last names. Their name doesn't have any special meaning like other races. No recognization or title has been attached to them.

Read on for altmer names, and for more Elder Scrolls name ideas, check out Breton Names and Dunmer Names.

Altmer Names For Boys

The twelve prefixes for male are: Asa, Core, Corri, Cyre, Gan, Kala, Kelkemme, Liland, Lovi, Mith, Saru, Sao, Soli. The twelve suffixes are: dalf, las, lian, llon, man, mon, nar, ra, riil, ril, ron, tar.

1 . Asadalf (asa+dalf)

2 . Corelas (core+las)

3 . Cyretar (cyre+tar)

4 . Ganllon (gan+llon)

5 . Ganra (gan+ra)

6 . Kalalas (kala+las)

7 . Kalkemmera (kalkemme+ra)

8 . Lilanddalf (liland+dalf)

9 . Lovidalf (lovi+dalf)

10 . Lovilas (lovi+dalf)

11 . Mithlas (mith+las)

12 . Mithlian (mith+lian)

13 . Rulnar (rul+nar)

14 . Runootar (Elder scroll ESO)

15 . Sarulas (saru+las)

16 . Sarura (saru+ra)

17 . Saura (sau+ra)

18 . Solitar (soli+tar)

19 . Telnilianranir (Elder scroll Oblivion)

20 . Umbitaracar (Elder scroll Morrowind)

Altmer Names For Girls

Female Altmer is as powerful as a male high elf. They also excel in military and politics. Their name is also made like a male high elf from 12 prefixes and 9 suffixes. Prefixes: Andra, Ca, Cymba, Cori, Lili, Lora, Mor, Psy, Saur, Sha, Valli, Zeno. Suffixes: ginia, lia, lina, mia, na, sara, sephona, sha, tha.

21 . Andralia (andra+lia)

22 . Andratha (andra+tha)

23 . Catha (ca+tha)

24 . Cymbasha (Cymb+sha)

25 . Eldesse (Elder scroll ESO)

26 . Korina (kori+na)

27 . Koritha (kori+tha)

28 . Lililia (lili+lia)

29 . Lilisara (lili+sara)

30 .Lorana (lora+na)

31 . Morlia (mor+lia)

32 . Morna (mor+na)

33 . Psylia (psy+lia)

34 . Psyna(psy+na)

35 . Saurna (Saur+na)

36 . Saursha (saur+sha)

37 . Shasha (sha+sha)

38 . Vallina (Elder scroll Arena & Daggerfall)

39 . Zenona (zano+na)

40 . Zenotha (zeno+tha)

Altmer Surnames

Altmer have very long and heavy family last names due to long-lasting heritage. Altmer usually don't use their family last name.

41 . Adaire

42 . Adal

43 . Direnni

44 . Elsinal

45 . Galerion

46 . Highian

47 . Silinus

48 . Thormus

Unique Gender-Neutral Altmer Names

It's not bad to think out the a box. A unique name adds a little extra to the character and makes the game memorable. Here is the list of names that are unique and gender-neutral from other fantasy movies that can be used for high elven or high elf names, altmer name for your games or site.

49 . Anakin from Star Wars saga.

50 . Artemis Greek Goddess of moon and hunting. But the name fits both for male and female.

51 . Atreyu from the 'Neverending Story'. It means "warrior".

52 . Falkor (German origin) from the neverending story.

53 . Faramir from the Lords of the Rings.

54 . Gaius from Battlestar Galactica series.

55 . Quinn from Harley Quinn.

56 . Kai from Vampire Diaries.

57 . Shiloh meaning "God's gift".

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked Altmer Names then why not take a look at Khajiit Names, or for something different take a look at Norwegian Last Names.

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