105 Best Cockatiel Names That Are Cute And Funny

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Originally Published on Dec 02, 2020
Two yellow cockatiels parrots (Nymphicus hollandicus) sitting on a branch in the garden.
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There are a number of bird breeds that you might want as a pet. Cockatiels are one of them, they can keep your home happy with their chirpy sound.

We have put together a list of popular female cockatiel names, male cockatiel names and a number of other good cockatiel names that might give you the inspiration you need to pick the best cockatiel bird names for your pet!

Cockatiels do respond to people calling out their names, meaning that it is probably fair to say that they are intelligent enough to know their names.

This makes your name choice even more important.

Female cockatiels, in particular, can also mimic words. You never know, you might even be able to teach her to say her own name one day!

For more bird name ideas, check out these crow and raven names and these turkey names.

Cute Bird Names

Closeup of a nymphicus hollandicus cockatiel.

If you are looking for cute cockatiel bird names like Angel, Chatterbox, Coco, Tweety and Fluffy, this list might be able to help!

1. Angel: The name Angel is one of the cutest names you can choose for your beloved bird.

2. Birdie: Is a very original and simple choice, but cute nonetheless.

3. Bobo: This name is one of a kind and playful.

4. ChaCha: This pet bird name is perfect for a funny little cockatiel.

5. Chatterbox: This name will suit a talkative bird.

6. Chatty: It is another great name for a bird that is very talkative.

7. Chloe: You will have surely heard before of this popular cockatiel name for a girl.

8. Chuckles: This will be a great choice for a happy bird.

9. Cleo: A cute, simple and effective choice if you are looking for pet bird names.

10. Coco: The name Coco os perfect for cockatiel birds. It's a good name for a boy bird or a girl bird.

11. Conquistador: This name is inspired by a Spanish soldier, thanks to the tuft of feathers on the bird's head.

12. Crikey: This is both a strong and pretty name.

13. Dearie: For a female cockatiel, this name will be perfect and sweet.

14. Dodger: Can be chosen for a speedy and fast bird.

15. Dundee: Why not name your cockatiel after the famous 'Crocodile Dundee'?

16. Flitty: A cute name for a girl cockatiel.

17. Fluffy: Can be used for an adorable and furry bird.

18. Giggles: Is suitable for a happy and chirpy bird.

19. Goliath: Is a tough but unique name.

20. Gussy: Is one of the best bird names for a cockatiel.

21. Hachi: Can be a cool name for a new pet bird.

22. Halo: One of the best names for a beautiful bird.

23. Harmony: Will be the best name for a peace loving baby bird.

24. Holden: This name rhymes with 'golden', depicting the baby bird's color.

25. Hunter: Appropriate for a bird that loves its food.

26. Jake: A cute, short and simple name for your bird.

27. Jako: You can use this one for a sharing and caring baby bird.

28. Kiko: Is a name for a fun loving cockatiel.

29. Kiwi: Kiwi is a good name for a bird with short wings and a long beak.

30. Mohawk: This beautiful name may be used for your new bird with this most distinctive feature.

31. Mousey: The name refers to a small and shy being, perfect for a little cockatiel.

32. Nostrodomos: If you like a wizard inspired name, this will be the best choice.

33. Ozzy: You can use this name for your crazy bird after the rocker Ozzy Osborne.

34. Paco: Why not try out this cute and simple name?

35. Peppy: A must have option for a lively and energetic bird.

36. Pippi: This is a cutesy name you may want to go for.

37. Pipsqueask: If your baby bird is small, why not try out this name?

38. Porkchop: This funny name  will make you laugh every time.

39. Rooster: Cockatiels have a similar distinctive feature on their head, similar to roosters.

40. Sassy: Is a fun and energetic name.

41. Spike: You can use this name to reference your bird’s unique feathered head.

42. Squawkbox: Use this for birds that talk a lot.

43. Tallo: This Caribbean name depicts the height of your bird.

44. Tweety: Tweety is a popular cartoon character.

45. Velvet: Choose it to refer to the soft and velvet feathers of your awesome bird.

46. Wiz: A cutesy wizard name you may want to opt for.

47. Wobbles: Choose this one if your bird is awkward and clumsy.

48. Yoda: A fun pop culture name from 'Star Wars'.

49. Zazu: A cute and short name that you may like for your cockatiel.

50. Ziggy: A short and sweet name.  

Funny Cockatiel Names Inspired By Music

Funny yellow rooster parrot on the floor at home.

The selection of names for birds is not limited at all, you can even choose the names of famous musicians and singers for your new pet bird, considering how it chirps and tweets like a little singer itself!

51. Adele: If your bird is melodious and chirpy, you can choose the name of the very famous singer songwriter, Adele.

52. Bruno: This bird name will remind you of popular singer Bruno Mars.

53. Calypso: The name is a type of Afro-Caribbean music.  

54. Cher: A bird named Cher will remind you of singer and actress Cher.  

55. Dion: Dion DiMucci is a singer songwriter known for his pleasant voice.

56. Ellie: If your bird loves music, you can name her after singer Ellie Goulding.  

57. Elvis: You can name your bird Elvis in order to pay tribute to singer Elvis Presley.

58. Gizmo: The Gizmos were an American musical punk band.

59. Gunther: Gunther is also the name of a singer songwriter from Sweden.

60. Jazzy: The name itself is inspired by the music style of jazz.

61. Kanye: The name of the bird may be given after popular rapper Kanye West.

62. Karaoke: Why not give your Cockatiel a soothing musical name?

63. Madonna: If your Cockatiel is an amazing singer you should definitely go for this one inspired by one of the most famous singers, Madonna.

64. Maroon: Maroon 5 is a popular pop music band.

65. Michael: Michael Jackson was one of the most regarded and significant cultural figures, you can pay him a tribute by selecting this name.

66. Miley: You can go for this name after the singer and songwriter Miley Cyrus.

67. Nick: Is a short and sweet name inspired by singer and songwriter Nick Jonas.

68. Serenade: Serenade is a musical term that would also make a beautiful pet bird name.

69. Warble: This name is one of the best choices for your song bird.

70. Wasabi: Is the name of a song from popular girl group Little Mix.

Cockatiel Names Inspired By Movies And TV Shows

You can pick birds' names that are inspired by mythology, movies, literature or from the world of television.  

71. Ah-Choo: Is inspired by the sneezy sound of a bird.

72. Alfalfa: This fun sounding name would suit a cockatiel.

73. Amber: For an orange colored bird, this name is perfect.

74. Anakin: The name is inspired by a character of the same name in the 'Star Wars' film series.

75. Arvis: A character in the video game 'Fire Emblem'.

76. Aslin: This choice is the most unique one on our list.

77. Azrae: You might have heard this name on the television.

78. Barbie: Is a common name for dolls, why not use it for your bird too?

79. Bacall: Inspired by the talented actress Lauren Bacall of classic cinema.

80. Baldrick: Is a fictional character from the television series 'Blackadder'.

81. Barney: Inspired by the purple dinosaur character from the television series 'Barney & Friends'.

82. Beauty: Can be used for a cheerful and full of life bird.

83. Cali: A short and sweet name inspired by actress Cali Sheldon.

84. Casper: The name is best known as 'Casper The Friendly Ghost'.

85. Chan: Inspired by the last name of martial artist and actor Jackie Chan.

86. Chewbacca: Is a character from the film series 'Star Wars' played by actor Peter William Mayhew.

87. Daisy: Is a beautiful flower inspired name.

88. Daphne: Is inspired by the film name 'Daphne'.

89. Darby: Inspired by a name of the child actress Darby Camp who was in 'The Christmas Chronicles' and the television series 'Big Little Lies'.

90. Dilbert: The name will be the best for a bird with comical behavior.

91. Elmo: Is a furry muppet character from the children's television program 'Sesame Street'.

92. Ernie: A name inspired by the actor Ernie Hudson.

93. Eeyore: Is a popular character in the 'Winnie The Pooh' books by A. A. Milne.

94. Fabio: Inspired by the actor Fabio Lanzoni.  

95. Fantasia: This name has come from the animation film 'Fantasia 2000'.

96. Flack: The name is inspired by the television comedy series 'Flack'.  

97. Frasier: There is a famous sitcom of the same name.  

98. Frisco: This name for your cockatiel is inspired by various film characters.

99. Fritter: Is a totally different sounding bird name, perfect if you are looking for a unique choice.

100. Gilligan: Is a fictional character from the TV show 'Gilligan's Island' played by actor Bob Denver.  

101. Herbie: The name is from the comedy film 'Herbie: Fully Loaded'.

102.  Jasper: Is also the name of famous Taiwanese actor Jasper Liu.

103. Kate: Kate Winslet is a popular film actress.

104. Kylie: Who doesn't know the famous media personality Kylie Jenner?

105. Rowan: Will be the best of these names choices if you are inspired by actor and comedian Rowan Atkinson.

Kidadl has lots of great name articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for cockatiel names then why not take a look at these eagle names, or for something different take a look at these clever and creative pet names for animals.

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