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Originally Published on Nov 30, 2020
Turkey bird in Michigan forest.
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Turkeys are large birds that are found in Native American regions of the United States of America.

The lifespan of a domestic turkey is about ten years and they essentially belong to the bird family. Turkeys are most commonly known for their special use in Thanksgiving dinners every year.

Other than this, a turkey is also often domesticated and kept by people as perfect pets. They are beautiful animals who are social, playful and intelligent.

Coming up with pet dog names or even pet bird names doesn’t feel like a big task. However, finding turkey pet names can be quite a pickle.

To help you out, we have prepared a comprehensive list of over 200 best turkey names. From baby turkey names to funny names to male turkey names, this list has a little something for every kind of turkey.

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Best Turkey Names

Looking for names for turkeys and want it to be the best one ever? Names for birds are incredibly fun and cute. Whether it's a male or female turkey, this list has some of the best turkey names you will ever come across. You may choose these pet turkey names as it is or give them your own twist.

1. Aspen, meaning “poplar tree”. A beautiful name for a turkey.

2. Bernard, meaning “brave as a bear”. A cool name for a turkey.

3. Bertha, meaning “bright one”. For an intelligent bird.

4. Bosco, meaning “shrub”. A great name for your perfect pet turkey.

5. Butch, meaning “manly”. A top name for a chunky turkey.

6. Butterball, meaning “chubby person”. A fun name for your pet turkey.

7. Frida, meaning “peace”. Another beautiful name for a turkey.

8. Gracie, meaning “gracious”. Another top name for a female pet bird.

9. Harry, meaning “powerful male ruler”. A superb name for a male turkey.

10. Joanie, meaning “God is gracious”. One of the most popular turkey names ever.

11. Joey, meaning “God increases”. A great name for a male pet turkey.

12. Larry, meaning “crowned with laurels”. A great name for a baby turkey.

13. Lucas, meaning “bright”. One of the top names for turkeys.

14. Martha, meaning “mistress”. A great name for a female turkey.

15. Petunia, meaning “flower”. Another sweet name for a baby turkey.

16. Potts, meaning “circular hollows”. A perfect name for a pet bird.

17. Pumpkin, meaning “baby of the highest regard”. Another cool name for a baby turkey.

18. Rosco, meaning “doe wood”. A name for a butch male turkey.

19. Sandy, meaning “man’s defender”. A great name for a protective pet bird.

20. Tilly, meaning “battle strength”. Best name for the mighty and beautiful bird.

Cute Turkey Names

Looking for pet turkey names that are incredibly cute? Adorable pet turkey names are a great way to show your love and affection for the turkey birds. If you are looking for cute pet turkey names, your search is finally over.

21. Aiko (Chinese origin) meaning “love”.

22. Autumn (Latin origin) meaning “fall”.

23. Blaze (English origin) meaning “flame”.

24. Bobby (Old German origin) meaning “bright fame”.

25. Burgundy (French origin) meaning “deep red”.

26. Cherry (American origin) meaning “dear one”.

27. Coco (American origin) meaning “chocolate bean”.

28. Crimson (English origin) meaning “dark red”.

29. Dovy (English origin) meaning “kind”.

30. Duri (Korean origin) meaning “two”.

31. Dusty (Norse origin) meaning “stone”.

32. Hazel (English origin) meaning “color of the hazel tree”.

33. Henry (German origin) meaning “ruler of the home”.

34. Honey (American origin) meaning “sweet”.

35. Jay (Sanskrit origin) meaning “victory”.

36. Jean (Hebrew origin) meaning “lord is gracious”.

37. Jon (English origin) meaning “God has given”.

38. Jiro (Japanese origin) meaning “two”.

39. Karamo (Arabic origin) meaning “noble”.

40. Kat (English origin) meaning “pure”.

41. Kenji (Japanese origin) meaning “two times healthy”.

42. Kiko (Japanese origin) meaning “be glad”.

43. Kitty (Greek origin) meaning “each of the two”.

44. Lapis (Persian origin) meaning “bright sky blue stone”.

45. Martin (Latin origin) meaning “warrior”.

46. Molly (English origin) meaning “star of the sea”.

47. Monty (French origin) meaning “mountain”.

48. Pepper (American origin) meaning “hot spice”.

49. Perry (Latin origin) meaning “traveler”.

50. Pocky (Japanese origin) meaning “sweet biscuit”.

51. Rocky (English origin) meaning “rock”.

52. Rolo (German origin) meaning “famous throughout the land”.

53. Ruby (Latin origin) meaning “red”.

54. Rusty (American origin) meaning “red-headed”.

55. Scarlet (English origin) meaning “passion”.

56. Sienna (Latin origin) meaning “to be old”.

57. Sky (Scandinavian origin) meaning “heaven”.

58. Smokey (American origin) meaning “soul of the fire”.

59. Snowy (English origin) meaning “filled with frozen rain”.

60. Susie (English origin) meaning “lily flower”.

61. Sweety (American origin) meaning “lovely”.

62. Taffy (Welsh origin) meaning “beloved friend”.

63. Tanny (English origin) meaning “leatherworker”.

64. Toffee (American origin) meaning “sweet confectionery”.

65. Tony (Latin origin) meaning “priceless one”.

66. Tootsie (English origin) meaning “young girl”.

67. Truffle (French origin) meaning “sweet chocolate”.

68. Tuppence (English origin) meaning “two pence”.

69. Twain (English origin) meaning “two items of the same kind”.

70. Wonka (English origin) meaning “funny”.

Group of wild turkeys.

Funny Pet Turkey Names

Looking for funny turkey names that will leave you and others in splits? There are numerous funny names for turkeys that are beyond hilarious. These funny turkey names will add quite a humor to your pet turkey. Here is a list of the best names you’ll ever come across.

71. Big Bird, meaning “chunky bird”.

72. Big Red, meaning “large scarlet colored bird”.

73. Birdy, meaning “chirpy little bird”.

74. Chicky, meaning “mischievous bird”.

75. Crookshanks, meaning “bow-legged person”.

76. Darling Daisy, meaning “lovable little female bird”.

77. Donald Master, meaning “ruler”.

78. Donny, meaning “noble chief”.

79. Dory, meaning “gift of God”.

80. Draco, meaning “dragon”.

81. Ernie, meaning “serious and earnest”.

82. Falcon Fury, meaning “hawk or eagle”.

83. Fat Ollie, meaning “a chunky olive tree”.

84. Feathers, meaning “hair covering of birds”.

85. Flora, meaning “flowers”.

86. Ginger Girl, meaning “reddish-orange color”.

87. Gravy, meaning “spicy stew often served with other vegetables”.

88. Hedwig The Hero, meaning “combat battle warrior”.

89. Henny, meaning “keeper of the hearth”.

90. Iago, meaning “supplanter”.

91. Lizzo, meaning “serious and studious”.

92. Loud Lena, meaning “bright moonlight”.

93. Louie, meaning “warrior” or “knight”.

94. Macho, meaning “butch and manly bird”.

95. Merida, meaning “shiny white pearl”.

96. Miss Camilla, meaning “beautiful bird”.

97. Miss Medusa, meaning “cunning and intelligent”.

98. Miguel, meaning “someone like God”.

99. Mr. Giggles, meaning “happy and lovable”.

100. Nimbus, meaning “dark cloud on a rainy day”.

101. Oreo, meaning “chocolaty cream cookie”.

102. Peep, meaning “to look secretly”.

103. Peewee, meaning “little bird”.

104. Penny Precious, meaning “a small yet valuable bird”.

105. Peppy Pingu, meaning “cute little penguin”.

106. Pretty Pansy, meaning “elegant flower”.

107. Pudgie, meaning “short, fat and very sturdy”.

108. Puff, meaning “chubby and fluffy”.

109. Rambo, meaning “raven’s nest”.

110. Ruffles, meaning “disordered fashion”.

111. Saucy, meaning “spicey”.

112. Shiny Shauna, meaning “shining and gracious”.

113. Snuggles, meaning “soft and cuddly”.

114. Speedy, meaning “bird that runs very fast”.

115. Thunder Thor, meaning “the God of lightning”.

116. Weird Wally, meaning “weird foreigner”.

117. Wiggles, meaning “the bird who cannot sit in peace”.

118. Woody, meaning “made of strong wood”.

119. Yoongi, meaning “glossy shine”.

120. Zazu, meaning “movement”.

Two male turkeys together.

Popular Bird Names Based On Colors

Since turkeys come in numerous different colors, the first thing that comes to mind is to name them after a color. You may name them after a color that they have or you may name them after a color that you admire.

Before you get worried about deciding on a name, first have a look at the most famous turkey names based on colors.

121. Amber, meaning “deep red”.

122. Angel, meaning “a white fairy”.

123. Apple, meaning “fruit”.

124. Aqua, meaning “water”.

125. Arctic, meaning “snow white”.

126. Azure, meaning “cyan blue”.

127. Bay, meaning “berry”.

128. Bean, meaning “little”.

129. Bear, meaning “jungle animal”.

130. Blaine, meaning “orange”.

131. Blizzard, meaning “whote storm”.

132 Bluebell, meaning “flower”.

133. Brandy, meaning “whisky”.

134. Bruno, meaning “brown”.

135. Casper, meaning “white ghost”.

136. Celeste, meaning “heavenly”.

137. Celia, meaning “heavenly”.

138. Cinnamon, meaning “red spice”.

139. Coal, meaning “black”.

140. Cobalt, meaning “blue”.

141. Coconut, meaning “tropical fruit”.

142. Cookie, meaning “biscuit”.

143. Copper, meaning “metal”.

144. Cotton, meaning “soft fabric”.

145. Cruella, meaning “cruel”.

146. Crystal, meaning “white jewel”.

147. Cyan, meaning “green-blue”.

148. Dahlia, meaning “orange”.

149. Diamond, meaning “whitejewel”.

150. Dolphin, meaning “sea mammal”.

151. Drogon, meaning “as a dragon”.

152. Ebony, meaning “black”.

153. Foxy, meaning “bronze animal”.

154. Garnet, meaning “red jewel”.

155. Ghost, meaning “spirit”.

156. Goldie, meaning “golden”.

157. Hershey, meaning “chocolate”.

158. Ice, meaning “frozen water”.

159. Indigo, meaning “blue flower”.

160. Inky, meaning “blue”.

161. Iris, meaning “rainbow”.

162. Jade, meaning “green”.

163. Juno, meaning “queen”.

164. Kailani, meaning “sea”.

165. Koala, meaning “furry animal”.

166. Lady Bug, meaning “spotted insect”.

167. Lake, meaning “water”.

168. Lilac, meaning “bluish”.

169. Lime, meaning “green”.

170. Livia, meaning “blue”.

171. Lobster, meaning “red sea animal”.

172. Maya, meaning “dark”.

173. Mint, meaning “green”.

174. Moose, meaning “animal”.

175. Neel, meaning “sapphire”.

176. Nutmeg, meaning “brown spice”.

177. Olive, meaning “green”.

178. Onyx, meaning “black”.

179. Paprika, meaning “red spicy chilli”.

180. Peanut, meaning “nuts”.

181. Pinky, meaning “pink”.

182. Polar, meaning “related to the poles”.

183. Powder, meaning “soft”.

184. Raven, meaning “black”.

185. Redford, meaning “red-headed”.

186. Robin, meaning “colorful”.

187. Royal, meaning “of heritage”.

188. Saffron, meaning “red”.

189. Sage, meaning “green”.

190. Sini, meaning “blue”.

191. Skylynn, meaning “blue”.

192. Smoke, meaning “grey”.

193. Sugar, meaning “sweet”.

194. Sunny, meaning “yellow”.

195. Summer, meaning “sunny”.

196. Talia, meaning “water”.

197. Teal, meaning “blue”.

198. Urania, meaning “heavenly”.

199. Velvet, meaning “soft”.

200. Waffles, meaning “sweet”.

201. Whisky, meaning “bronze alcohol”.

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for turkey names then why not take a look at bird names for girls, or for something different take a look at crow and raven names.

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