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Originally Published on Nov 26, 2020
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Loxodons are the elephantine heroes of DnD with a loyal, kind, strong, and stubborn character trait and, if required, can beat any small creature to a pulp.

In a parallel magical world, Ravnica is the City of Guilds, where Loxodons have the face of an elephant with trunk, tusk, and ears and a hulking bipedal body covered with thick leathery skin. This elephant race is the master stonemason, skilled artisans, and patient workers residing in the busy streets of Ravnica.

Loxodons tower over most races of Ravnica with their humongous humanoid elephant figure of over 7 feet. Their hand features four thick digits each while their feet are oval-shaped. They use their trunk to carry and lift heavy objects. The trunk also provides a keen sense of smell and acts as a snorkel.

10 guild leaders govern the City of Ravnica, wherein each guild is responsible for maintaining a vital aspect of the city. To protect the city, all the races use ancient and powerful magic.

Amongst the other races, Loxodons have an ingrained trait of loyalty that binds them with friends and neighbors. They are the ones who are calm and have wise council meetings before resorting to violence. But even the calm-minded Loxodon, when enraged, can bring forth its wrath.

Simic Hybrids are another race on Ravnica. These races originate from Simic Combine, which infuses magic to form different life forms.

Their recent research subject is the humanoids wherein they transfer traits of various animals in elves, humans, and vedalken. The prime objective of this Guardian Project is to make a Simic army of best-in-class soldiers that have the adaptability to face various combat situations while trying to save the world.

Hence, Simic Hybrids are the hyper-evolved specimens who prefer to see themselves as the Guardians.

Take a look at the Loxodon names we have listed to see which you like from our site. For more D&D names, check out Githzerai Names and Goliath Names.

Cool Loxodon Girls Names

In Loxodon 5e of D&D, you can find unique names of Loxodon women, each portraying their enchanting beauty as well as strong-willed personality.

1.     Afyi (Arabic origin) meaning the 'one in good health or one with pure nature'.

2.     Boja (Slavic origin) meaning 'warrior or fighter'.

3.     Dooja is another variant for Duja, meaning 'a woman.'

4.     Jana (Slavic origin) meaning 'God is gracious.'

5.     Jelrin (English origin) female name with  meaning 'Gift of God.'

6.     Kaltim is a Loxodon name that is unique and adds an exquisite touch to your character.

7.     Lyalte (Arabic origin) meaning 'dark' or 'night.'

8.     Oolra (English name) meaning 'my dreams.'

9.     Oti (German origin) female name meaning 'prosperity', 'fortune', 'riches', or 'wealth.'

10.   Soofya (Spanish origin) meaning 'wisdom.'

11.   Tesne, a name for female Loxodons, means the 'warmth of the Sun.'

12.   Vetri portrays a strong character trait as it means 'victorious' or 'triumphant.'

13.   Yusnar (Arabic origin) meaning 'success.'

Cool Loxodon Boys Names

colourful d20 dice of the game Dungeons and Dragons, scattered

In D&D, you can find various names for Loxodon men who are classy, modern, and unique, aptly befitting their profession or hierarchy.

14.   Ajen (Indian origin) meaning 'who is derived from Aja'.

15.   Bayul is a cool name for a Loxodon male derived by the overtone of sounds.

16.   Berov, a name for male Loxodons, indicates an 'achiever.'

17.   Chedumov is amongst the Loxodon names based on occupational skills or hierarchy.

18.   Dobrun is a toponymic name derived from a rural city in Russia.

19.   Dorus (Greek origin) meaning 'a gift.'

20.   Geruzh name for Loxodon males, defining 'physical strength'.

21.   Golomov is amongst the powerful male names that will aptly portray the Loxodon character.

22.   Irdus (Arabic origin) meaning 'the interpreter.'

23.   Kel (Irish origin) for male characters meaning 'aggressive'.

24.   Nikoom signifies a person who is 'a good listener.'

25.   Ondros (Greek origin) meaning 'manly.'

26.   Radu (Slavic origin)  meaning 'glad' or 'happy.'

Cool Gender-Neutral Loxodon Names

You may even like to name your Loxodon character with a unisex name that exemplifies their beauty, personality, race, and guild.

27.     Jasoo/Jisoo (Greek origin) meaning 'healer.'

28.     Mayja (Greek origin) meaning 'water.'

29.     Shuja is amongst the gender-neutral names meaning 'courageous.'

30.     Svetel/Svetla (Slavic origin) meaning 'light.'

31.     Totoor can be used to describe any Loxodon character who is 'fun-loving'.

32.     Zarij/Zaria (Arabic origin meaning 'blossom.'

Funny Loxodon Names

On our site we also list unique names for both men and women characters. Well, they may sound a bit funny, but they can aptly exhibit one of their traits.

33.     Ajj is a name for Loxodon women characters.

34.     Dancu is used for a Loxodon girl who is cheerful and funny.

35.     Elyuja (Hebrew origin) meaning 'My God Is Yahweh.'

36.     Fanoor resembles the word Noor meaning 'light,' describing the character as a ray of hope.

37.     Matrol derived from a friend word Matrona meaning 'married woman' or 'mother.'

38.     Tamuj is the name for a Syrian deity used for male Loxodon character.

39.     Vasool is amongst the funny names having an Indian origin meaning 'collected.'

40.     Yoolna will glorify the beauty and charismatic personality of a Loxodon girl.

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