100 Best Skeleton Names To Tickle Your Funny Bone

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Originally Published on Oct 30, 2020
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Coming up with names for our skeleton buddy is all about fun.

Halloween is about creativity and a little bit of the jeepers-creepers. Thinking of spooky names and Halloween names that will tickle your punny bone can be tricky.

If you're trying to name your skeleton buddy, you can look in your anatomy book. An adult has 206 bones, and finding suitable and silly skeleton names from there is easy. You can also do a little wordplay with Halloween names.

But we're here to make it easy for you. So, we've made a list of funny skeleton names. Have a happy Halloween!

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Why Skeleton names?

We had a little pun with wordplay and made this list of funny skeleton names to tickle your 'punny' bone!

1. Albert Spinestein, perfect skeleton name for the smart or scientist.

2. Bone-y M., for the friendly, vocally inclined skeletons of the neighborhood on Halloween.

3. Boney Stark, for the skeleton who can help you get candy and manage your talent simultaneously. 

4. Dana Skully, for the friendly cadaver at Scully's lab. 

5. Eddie Deader, for the pearly skeleton jamming to 'Long Nights' on Halloween. 

6. Grim Carrey, for the pet detective skeleton who can also be a Grinch sometimes.

7. Gwen Stiffani, for the buddy of the person going out as the fashionable singer on Halloween.

8. Hugh Maris, for the person dressing up as the famous cricketer and taking their skeleton buddy as a prop instead of a bat on Halloween.

9. Helen Skeller, wordplay with the name of Hellen Keller, the first-ever deaf and blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree.

10. Jerry Spinefeld, for the funny skeletons.

11. Jessica Bones, the friendly skeleton with superpowers.

12. Johnny Dead, for the versatile skeleton who can be a pirate, a vampire, or the Mad Hatter at any time.

13. Jon Bone Jovi, 'it's certainly your life, ain't it?'

14. Killin' Farrell, it's a wordplay on the brilliant Irish actor Colin Farrell's name.

15. Mariah Scary, for the buddy of the person going as the beautiful singer on Halloween.

16. Meryl Shriek, for the friend of whoever wants to dress as the incredibly talented actress on Halloween.

17. Matt Demon, for the skeleton who's been through a wormhole and back to save humanity.

18. Sandread Bullock, for the skeleton who's as good as Miss Congeniality.

19. Scarah Silverman, a wordplay on the American stand-up comedian Sarah Silverman's name.

20. Scarilyn Monroe, who doesn't want to be the beautiful and talented singer on Halloween? This name is for their musical skeleton friend.

21. Skelly Clarkson, for skeletons who are 'Invincible' and singing their way to get 'Stronger.'

22. Skullary Clinton, for the politically inclined skeletons.

23. Tim Rot, a wordplay on the talented British actor and director Tim Roth's name.

24. Van Kilmore, for the action-packed skeletons.

25. Vincent Van Bone, for the colorful and artistically inclined skeletons on a happy Halloween night.

Gender Neutral Skeleton Names

Young boy playing with dinosaur skeleton model

Helping out your kids or maybe just generally searching for gender-neutral silly skeleton names for Halloween? We've got you covered.

26. Bag O'Bones (American origin) means a bag full of bones.

27. Fibula (Latin origin) this lower limb bone means "clasp."

28. Bonejangles, a character, a local entertainer, at the Ball and Socket Pub, from the movie, 'Corpse Bride.'

29. Boney Raitt, wordplay with the name of an American singer, songwriter, and an activist, during the '70s, Bonnie Raitt.

30. Bonie Petit (French origin) wordplay on the word, 'Bon appétit,' meaning "Good appetite." 

31. Cass Kitt (Old French origin) wordplay on the word, 'Casket,' which means "a coffin."

32. Cat A. Comb (Latin origin) wordplay on the word, 'Catacomb,' which means "an underground construction, where bodies were buried in the past."

33. Dead Fred, this is from one of a British-American cult classic movie, 'Drop Dead Fred.'

34. Dancing Skeletons (American origin) means, like the name suggests, "skeletons who are dancing."

35. Funny Bonez, for the skeletons who are being dressed as something funny on Halloween.

36. Grim Reaper is a mythological character, a personification of death, as a cloaked skeleton with a large scythe. 

37. Hector Bar-bone-sa, a wordplay on the name, Hector Barbossa, a pirate from 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' movie series.

38. Lazy Bonez, for the lazy skeletons of the neighborhood on Halloween.

39. Marty McFright, a wordplay on the name Marty McFly, the protagonist of the movies 'Back To The Future' trilogy.

40. McRibbs (American origin), a wordplay on the word 'Ribs,' is the set of bones around the human chest.

41. Morty, it's the main character from an American animated series, 'Rick And Morty'

42. Nefarious Bueller, a wordplay on the name 'Ferris Bueller,' an American sitcom from the '90s.

43. One Piece, it's a popular Japanese anime

44. Scary Poppins, for the scary yet friendly and caring skeleton of the neighborhood on Halloween.

45. Scraps (English Origin) means a "small leftover piece of something that has been used."

46. Slim (English Origin) means "thin, narrow in shape."

47. Sockets (Middle English Origin) they're the hollow parts of the human body's joints.

48. Starvin' Marvin, a character from an American animated sitcom, 'South Park.'

49. Whitey, a wordplay on the word, 'White,' which is the color of bones, skeletons.

Punny Skeleton Last Names

If you're looking for a punny and list of funny skeleton names and last names on this Happy Halloween, you'll find your inspiration here - make no bones.

50. Abby Cadaver,  a silly skeleton named Abby Cadabby, a beloved character from the American TV series, 'Sesame Street.'

51. Alex Bonestein, a wordplay on an American actress, comedian, singer, Alex Borstein's name.

52. Amelia Scarehart, for the funny aviator skeleton buddies on the flights on Halloween night.

53. Ashley Boneson, for the 'Pretty Little Liar' skeletons from 'Ravenswood' on Halloween.

54. Ben Whiteshaw, a wordplay on an English actor, Ben Whishaw's name.

55. Bill Marrow, for the brilliant 'Ghostbuster' funny skeleton on the night of Halloween.

56. Blake Skeleton, a wordplay on an American country music singer, Blake Shelton's name

57. Bobby Coldman, fun take on Bobby Coleman, an American actor.

58. Christopher Walken Dead, for the 'Walking Dead' skeleton, the 'King of New York.'

59. Clarence Marrow, a wordplay on a famous American lawyer. Clarence Darrow's name

60. Dee Ceased, for the friendly musical silly skeleton buddies.

61. Edward R. Narrow, the friendly broadcast journalist skeleton of the neighborhood on the occasion of happy Halloween.

62. Elijah Skellye, a wordplay on an American actor, singer, and dancer, Elijah Kelley's name

63. Erma Boneback funny skeleton name with a wicked sense of humor.

64. Ezra Killer, for the wizard skeleton, who's also the fastest on the planet.

65. Grace Skelly, funny skeleton name for who's being dressed as the 'Grace of Monaco' on Halloween.

66. Humphrey Bone-gart, for the nightclub owner skeleton at Casablanca on Halloween.

67. James Francorpse, for the best frenemy skeleton name of Spiderman on Halloween.

68. Jason Sternum, for the action-packed 'Transporter' skeleton of the neighborhood on Halloween.

69. Johnny Rotten, it's the stage name of John Lydon, an English singer and songwriter.

70. Michael Bone-leone, a wordplay on the name, 'Michael Corleone', the main protagonist of the movie, 'The Godfather.'

71. Napoleon Bone-apart, for the friendly statesman skeleton of the neighborhood for the Halloween

72. Teddy Bones-evelt, for the person's skeleton, going as one of the greatest American presidents.

73. Thomas Deadison,  one of the funny skeleton names of a scientist.

74. Woody Harrowson, funny skeleton name for the zombie killing, hypnotist skeleton on Halloween.

Famous Fictional Skeleton Names

Senior paleontologist examining ancient animals in his lab

If you wish to name your skeleton after a famous personality, here's a list of funny skeleton names for you from the world of fiction, with a tad touch of pun. Some are even silly skeleton names; make no bones about it.

75. Ace Ventibia, for the pet detective skeleton of the neighborhood on Halloween.

76. Albus Dumblegore, for the greatest wizard skeleton that ever lived.

77. Aragone, a wordplay on the name, 'Aragog,' a character from the Harry Potter series.

78. Bona Lisa, for the person dressing up as Leonardo Da Vinci on Halloween. This skeleton name is for their skeleton buddy.

79. Bone Simpson, a wordplay on the name Homer Simpson, a character from the beloved American animated sitcom, 'The Simpsons.'

80. Boney-Wan Kenobi, for the skeleton buddy who gives you wise advice when you need them.

81. Captain Jack Marrow, for the friend of the person who's planning on being the greatest ever fictional pirate on Halloween.

82. Count Scapula, for Count Dracula's skeleton buddy.

83. Crimson, it's the name of a made-up character from the movie, 'The Crimson Ghost.' 

84. Death Vader, for the skeletons lured to the dark side.

85. Dry Bones is a character from the beloved video game series, 'Super Mario.'

86. Forrest Grimp, a wordplay on the name Forrest Gump, a character from the cult movie by the same name, 'Forrest Gump'.

87. Ghost Rider, fictional supernatural character, appearing in books by Marvel Comics.

88. Hermione Graveyard, a wordplay on the name Hermione Granger, from the Harry Potter series.

89. Indiana Bones, for the friendly skeleton of the person who's dressing up as the greatest fictional archeologist on Halloween.

90. Jack Skellington, it's the name of the main protagonist of the movie, 'The Nightmare Before Christmas.'

91. King Bone, a wordplay on the name of the movie, 'King Kong.'

92. One-Eyed Willy, it's the name of a character, a pirate from the movie, 'The Goonies.'

93. Sans, it's the name of a character from the video game, 'Undertale.'

94. Samwise Grimgee, for the hobbit skeleton with a mission on Halloween.

95. Scary Potter, a wordplay on the name Harry Potter, from the beloved 'Harry Potter' series.

96. Shelgone Cooper, for the smartest, Nobel-winning skeleton in the room on Halloween.

97. Skeletor, it's the name of a supervillain, mentioned in the Masters of the Universe franchise.

98. The Big Le-bone-ski, a wordplay on the movie's name, 'The Big Lebowski.'

99. The Cryptkeeper, it's a character from the American horror TV series, 'Tales From The Cryptkeeper.'

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