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Originally Published on Nov 30, 2020
A beautiful brown mare nurturing and teaching her sweet new little foal.
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Star Stable is an online game that allows players to raise baby foals up to level 10 horses for competing in the Jorvik racing tracks in Star Stable Online (SSO).

While the game is free to play up to level 5, continuing to play after this requires payment of a monthly subscription fee or a lifetime fee. You can complete daily tasks and raise horses in your stable.

SSO has 36 horse breeds and you're free to own however many you like. The breeds available come in different colors, staying true to the real life breed colors. There are however, some horse breeds that are unique only to the Jorvik world.  

In SSO, you can change your horse's name by paying a visit to the Horse Notary. These can be found at Silverglade Village, Fort Pinta, as well as Jarlaheim.

The change to your horse's name will cost you 135 Star Coins. SSO horse names are available for selection via two scroll bars and players can combine words from the two lists to choose the name they like. You can even name your own club by picking three words from the Star Stable list.

Although the list is updated with different names and you have several options to choose from, you need to make sure the name chosen suits your horse's breed and color. The Curly Horse is considered to be the best horse in Star Stable with most players requesting it.

For more inspiration, you can also check out our articles on funny horse names, or white horse names, right here on Kidadl.

Star Stable Horse Names For Girls

Brown horse with long mane in field.

Pick one of these names from the Star Stable horse names list.

1. AmethystDestiny: Inspired by the precious violet gemstone and fate, this is a name for a determined horse.  

2. AutumnBelle: Derived from the French word which means "beautiful", you can use this name for a beautiful mare.

3. BlueBlossom: This is a flower inspired name, but it could also refer to a blossoming and flourishing horse.

4. CherryBlossom: A cute name of Japanese origin that conjures up the image of flowers.  

5. CinnamonCookie: One of the food names that would be great for your wild brown horse.  

6. CoralEffect: This name denotes the formation of reefs and is a good indicator for the semi-precious sea growth.

7. DarkCaramel: One of the good wild horses name perfect for dark colored horses.  

8. DarkMystery: Which mare named Mystery wouldn't stand out from the competition?

9. EmberKiss: This English name refers to the kiss of a spark and is perfect for your horse.  

10. EmeraldFire: Your horse is precious just like a fiery emerald gemstone.

11. ExtraDream: You can dream big and succeed in reaching higher levels with a horse named ExtraDream.

12. FireFly: This lightning bug name is a powerful one for swift, wild horses.

13. FlutterHeart: With a name like this, you would hope that your pony wins over the heart of the game.

14. FortuneGirl: Collect your wealth and advance in the game with this lucky girl.

15. GlitterHunter: Sparkly like glitter but tough as a hunter, this is one of the names with balance.  

16. HoneyHeart: Sweet like honey, your mare is sure to win over your heart.

17. Lucky Moon: With this name, you'll have luck as well as the power of the moon on your side.

18. MistJumper: Mist represents particles of water that your mare can jump over.  

19. NightDream: A horse named NightDream may just end up being the reason you sleep well at night.

20. OnyxQueen: Onyx is the black gemstone, the perfect name for a black mare.

21. OpalPrincess: The name translates to jewel princess and is perfect for your precious mare.

22. PepperMint: Spicy yet useful for a variety of purposes, this is a nature inspired name for your mare.  

23. RoseAngel: Combines the name of a flower with an ethereal angel.  

24. RubyHoof: Her hoofs aren't of the regular kind, they're precious like the gemstone.

25. SeaSpell: She can cast a spell over the land or sea with such a name.

26. SnowIce: Give any of your white horses this nature inspired name.

27. TwinkleDust: For a mare that occasionally lights up your world, this is a great name.  

28. VioletWish: Don't wish upon a star, wish upon your little miss violet to get you through the game.

29. WindAnthem: This name is representative of the speed and agility of your mare.  

Good Star Stable Horse Names For Boys

Want to explore some cool horse names that you think will be among the Star Stable best horse names? Pick one name you like from this list.  

30. ArcticAce: This name combines two words, Arctic which means "bear" in Greek and Ace which means "superior one" or "one who excels" in English.

31. AshBullet: Representative of the ash tree, but could also be used for an ash colored super fast horse.

32. BlueBlood: Denoting that your wild horse is of noble birth. You'll like this name even more if you're a fan of the TV series.

33. BraveComet: This is a name any player would like for their courageous and swift horse.

34. ChaosKnight: Although the name represents disorder and confusion, it becomes symbolic of an honorary title when used with the word, "knight".

35. Cinder Beam: This name means "a vision of ember" and is perfect for a reddish orange horse.

36. CoffeeChaser: Another great color inspired name for a brown horse that's fast.

37. CrimsonKing: You may like this name if you've got a bright red horse.

38. DangerBoy: This badass name is perfect for a horse that spells danger for others.

39. Dark Fighter: This name on the list is great for a "brutal warrior" spirited horse.

40. Dark Force: If you think your horse is a force to be reckoned with, go ahead and name him this bold name.  

41. DragonFly: This is an insect inspired name that can suit a fast horse perfectly.

42. EchoAnthem: The word echo means "to produce a reverberating sound" in Greek. Anthem refers to an uplifting song.

43. FlashDollar: If you're a fan of the superhero, the word Flash can be used to represent a speedy horse. Dollar is a good way to denote a money making horse.  

44. DesertDragon: The "mythical creature in the desert", why wouldn't you want to give your horse such a badass name?

45. DustyPrince: Representing an ash colored horse.  

46. GrimBolt: This name translates to "fierce, bold arrow" and can perfectly represent a fast horse.

47. HeroHurricane: With a name like this, your horse will be ready to stir up a storm.

48. LuckyTrouble: He may be a troublemaker for others, but for you, he brings only luck.

49. MidnightBlaze: The name means "flame that burns at night".

50. NinjaGlory: This name represents the "stealth of a ninja" and can bring you to success.

51. OceanMadness: This nature inspired name acknowledges the vastness of the water body and compared it to the multiple aspects of your horse's character.  

52. PhantomRunner: A race horse name inspired by the apparition.    

53. PixelRacer: A good name for a race horse breed.

54. PoshPotential: For a horse that shows a lot of promise.

55. Royal Spirit: This horse name represents nobility.  

56. SeaBiscuit: A name inspired by the thoroughbred champion racehorse who was the top winner in the US until the 1940s.

57. ShadeBorn: This name represents the gentle and protected nature of your chosen horse.

58. SilentWish: Have an in game desire you want to fulfil? Why not make it a reality with this SilentWish granting horse?

59. SilverRocket: This is a good name for a grey horse that's fast.

60. SoloWalker: This is a badass horse that needs no other companions.

61. SparkClash: This name means clashing of "sparkles", denoting "vivaciousness".  

62. SpringSurprise: An element of surprise is always exciting, even if only in a name.

63. SuperNova: The name means "new" and is indicative of theluminous stellar explosion.

64. StormTorch: A badass name for a horse with a fighting spirit.  

65. Thunder Weaver: This is a tough name for a horse as tough as thunder.

66. TigerWillow: Another powerful name for your horse.

67. TroubleMaster: Name your horse this if he can help you master control over your land.

68. TwilightWind: A nature inspired horse name.

69. WildFire: Perfect for a wild horse with a mind of its own.

70. Wild Time: A wild name for an untamed horse.  

71. WonderGazer: The name translates to "staring in astonishment".

Cute Star Stable Horse Names Ideas

Horse running in sand.

Want some inspiration for naming your horse? Here are some SSO horse name ideas that your horse can be named after.

72. AirBolt (M): A good name for a fast horse.

73. AppleBerry (F): A cute fruit inspired name for mares.

74. BabyBullet (M): Name your speedy foal this.

75. BumbleBee (F): Fans of the sci-fi film will love this name.

76. ButterCup (F): Inspired by 'The Powerpuff Girls'.

77. ChunkyChunk (M): A cute name for a well built horse.

78. CoolCandy (F): Perfect for a horse that's too cool for the stable.

79. DashFree (M): A name that conjures up the image of your horse running around in green fields.

80. DarkCrystal (F): A precious horse deserves this name.

81. DiscoMagic (M or F): Bring out your fun side with this quirky name.

82. DragonChampion (M): The name means "a master of the mythical creature".

83. EveningBeauty (F): For an aesthetically appealing horse.

84. FirePower (M): Representing the warrior spirit of your strong horse.

85. FrostDrop (M or F): Another nature inspired name for your horse.

86. GigaPromise (M): This horse name will make you work harder to level up in the game.

87. GoldJoy (M or F): The name represents happiness and wealth.

88. GuardianPeak (M): The perfect name for your "protector" horse.

89. HawkEye (M): Marvel fans will love this name.

90. HoneyDew (F): A sweet name for your mare.

91. LemonSmash (M): A combination of fun and strong in the same name.  

92. NinjaWings (M): For a stealthy horse.

93. PearlSurfer (F): Representing how precious your horse is.

94. PumpkinPie (F): A cute food name for your horse.  

95. RichKiss (F): An adorable name for your mare.

96. SiennaSister (F): A good name for an old horse.

97. StrawberryCherry (F): A cute fruit name.

98. SummerSplash (M or F): A bold, vibrant, and dignified name.

99. SunFlower (F): Represents the flower.

100. VanillaWink (F): A playful name for a playful horse.

101. Viking (M): A cool name for a horse.

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for Star Stable Horse Names, then why not take a look at something different like Native American horse names or mythical horse names.

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