150+ Black Car Names For Your New Motor

Georgia Stone
Feb 15, 2024 By Georgia Stone
Originally Published on Dec 08, 2020
Parked vintage car of black color.

Black is an extremely popular color for cars because it looks elegant and suave!

Owners of black cars tend to look for the coolest car names and car nicknames that suit their black beauty! The name of your car should not be based only on its color but also its size and character.

Choosing names for a black car is not difficult with so many common names like Black Pearl, Black Widow and Dark Knight available for use. But, do you want to go with the most popular black car names or do you want to name your car something different, chic and outstanding?

The best names for cars are often the ones that relate to a character, size or something existing in nature.

For example, a good car name for your Chevrolet Tahoe or a black Jeep Wrangler might be Thunderbird or Rex, whereas a cute car like a black Volkswagen Beetle or a BMW Z4 merits cute car names like Neru, Noir or Clio.

If you are looking for names for a black car there are so many cute, crazy names. We have a long list of girl car names, boy car names and car nicknames ready for you.

Why not also take inspiration from our list of the best car names for girls and the best Jeep names that are cool, cute and funny?

Girl Black Car Names

Here are some great girl names for a car that might suit your black car, which car nickname will you choose?

1. BBQ, because it’s a powerful machine, just like your car.

2. Blackbird, meaning “a species of bird”. One of the cool girl names for cars.

3. Black Cougar, meaning “a black puma”.

4. Dark Jade, meaning “a stone of protection”.

5. Black Phoebe, meaning “a bird species”. The best car name.

6. Ebony, meaning “a tropical timber”. This is one of the best car names for girls.

7. Eye Candy, meaning “something pleasing to the eye”.

8. Galaxy, meaning “collection of astronomical elements”.

9. Inky, meaning “ink like black”.

10. Lark, meaning “a black bird”.

11. Lilith, meaning “female night monster”.

12. Olive, meaning “a fruit which also comes in a variety of black”.

13. Orca, meaning “killer whale”. The best car name for a large car.

14. Raven, meaning “a large crow”.

Best Names For Boy Cars That Are Black

Naming a car is a little like naming your child, your pet, or anything that you love. One of these boy names for a car might be the perfect choice for you!

15. Blackbeard, meaning “a popular pirate”.

16. Black Chaser, meaning “someone who chases”.

17. Black Destroyer, meaning “someone who demolishes”.

18. Black Diamond,  meaning “rock signifying transcendence”.

19. Black Gull, meaning “a sea bird”. One of the best car names.

20. Black Horse, meaning “a black car as fast as a horse”.

21. Black Panther, meaning “an animal”.

22. Black Mamba, meaning “a poisonous snake”.

23. Black Satin, meaning “black, velvety fabric”.

24. Black Stallion, meaning “a black male horse”.

25. Black Summer, the name of a zombie TV show.

26. Black Swan, meaning “relates to a rare event”.

27. Cannon Ball, meaning “explosive for cannons”.

28. Cosmo, meaning “universe”.

29. Dark Leopard, symbolizes "recognition".

30. Dusky, meaning “somewhat black”.

31. Gladiator, meaning “someone who fights in the arena”.

32. Macho, meaning “manly”.

33. Night King, the name of a fictional character from 'Game Of Thrones'.

34. Night Raider, inspired by a movie.

35. Panther, meaning “a member of the leopard family”.

36. Puma, meaning “a wild cat”.

37. Riddick, inspired by an action movie.

38. Shadow, meaning “lack of light”.

39. Shiner, meaning “black eye”. A cool nickname for a boy black car.

40. Smoky, meaning “dark like smoke”.

41. Umbreon, meaning “shadow”.

Inside view of racing car.

Fun And Cute Black Car Names

If you are wondering what cute car names can you choose for your car, you have come to the right place. Funny car names related to a character from a movie, a food or a sport can be wonderful inspirations for names for cars that are black. Which of these car nicknames is your favorite?

42. Bagheera, the black panther from 'Jungle Book'.

43. Baloo, the bear from Kipling’s 'Jungle Book'.

44. Black Belt, meaning “a martial art expert”.

45. Black Box, meaning “a recording device in an aircraft”.

46. Blackout, meaning “darkness”.

47. Blacktop, meaning “tar on road”.

48. Bobolink, meaning "a small black bird”.

49. Bramble, meaning “a plant with black berries.”

50. Caviar, meaning “salt-cured fish roe”.

51. Charred, meaning “blackened”.

52. Domino, meaning “a game”.

53. Dudu, meaning “black”.

54. Itim, meaning “black”.

55. King Kong, meaning “stupendously strong”.

56. Madow, meaning “black”.

57. Orange, because orange is the new black.

58. Oreo, inspired by the dark sandwich cookie.

59. Round Shot, meaning “an explosive ball”.

60. Rook, meaning “Eurasian crow”.

61. Stout, meaning “a drink available in a black variation”.

62. Toothless, the name of a black dragon from 'How To Train Your Dragon'.

63. Pango, meaning “black”.

64. Preto, meaning “black”.

65. Qora, meaning “black”.

Strong Black Car Names You Will Love

Do you want a black car name that sounds strong and powerful like the Black Widow? Here are some black cars names for your strong black vehicle.

66. Black Hole, meaning “inescapable place in space”.

67. Bat Mobile, meaning “Batman’s vehicle”.

68. Black Demon, meaning “a black monster”.

69. Black Edge, meaning “a term related to hedge fund”.

70. Black Gold, meaning “petroleum”.

71. Black Magic, meaning “evil supernatural power”.

72. Blacktail, meaning “a deer”.

73. Black Widow, meaning “an American spider”.

74. Black Wolf, meaning “a fictional legend wolf”.

75. Diablo, meaning “devil”.

76. Godzilla, meaning “a fictional enormous prehistoric lizard monster”.

77. Grimm Reaper, meaning “death personified”.

78. Midnight Runner, meaning “someone running in the dark of the night”.

79. Night Fury, meaning “a fictional species of a dragon”.

80. Nightmare, meaning “terrifying dream”.

81. Night Terror, meaning “feeling of great fear”.

82. T-Rex, meaning “a species of dinosaur”.

83. Undertaker, meaning “a dangerous risk taker”.

84. Vanta Black, meaning “the blackest thing”. A good name for a jet black car.

85. Witcher, meaning “the chief witch”.

Charming Black Car Names

If your black car is a charmer, you might be tempted to select from the best black car names for your Dark Knight on wheels.

86. Asher, meaning “happy”.

87. Aye-aye, meaning “a nocturnal creature”.

88. Buzzard, meaning “a large, dark, hawk like bird”.

89. Cecil, meaning “true to itself”.

90. Checkmate, because your car is your King.

91. Deadshot, meaning “accurate marksman”.

92. Donnie, meaning “chief”.

93. Drongo, meaning “a black bird”.

94. Duncan, meaning “dark warrior”.

95. Hawk, meaning “a hunting bird”.

96. Luxury Black, for a black car that is your luxury item.

97. Meadow, meaning “wide open space”.

98. Nebula, meaning “astronomical object”.

99. Nero, meaning “tyrant”.

100. Pepper, meaning “a black spice”.

101. Pitch, meaning “jet black”.

102. Puddle, meaning “spill or pool”.

103. Shade, meaning “away from the light”.

104. Sirius Black, after the popular 'Harry Potter' character.

105. Sooty, meaning “like soot”.

Cool Black Car Names

Cool car names for black cars are often associated with special black things like gems, animals or signs. Whether you are looking for black truck names, old car names or funny names for cars, any of these good car names for a black car should sound cool.

106. Ace Of Spades, meaning “valued card in a deck of cards”.

107. Atlantic Black, inspired by a book of the same name.

108. Black Body,  meaning “radiation of energy in space”.

109. Black Bull, meaning “imposing, majestic animal”.

110. Black Cat, meaning “a spy or related to witchcraft”.

111. Black Heart, meaning “black plant”.

112. Black Opal, meaning “a precious black gem”.

113. Black Star, inspired by American hip hop performers.

114. Black Thorn, meaning “thorny shrub with black fruit”.

115. Black Wine, meaning “a red wine that’s almost black”.

116. Coal, meaning “fossil fuel”.

117. Doom, meaning “destruction”.

118. Eclipse, meaning “a dark phase obscurity”.

119. Grease, meaning “sticky lubricant”.

120. Midnight, meaning “middle of the night”.

121. Mirage, meaning “illusion”.

122. Nightfall, meaning “after dusk”.

123. Obsidian, meaning “a precious black gem”.

124. Onyx, meaning “a semi-precious black gem”.

125. Outer Space, meaning “far away in the universe”.

126. Pitch Black, meaning “completely dark”.

127. Sable, meaning “a furry animal”.

128. Scorpion, meaning “a creature with a poisonous sting”.

129. Spooky, meaning “ghostly”.

130. Wizard, meaning “sorcerer”.

131. Yin, meaning “represents earth, dark and cold”.

132. Zorro, meaning “a fox looking like a dog”.

Cool new age electric vehicle at charging point.

Exclusive Black Car Names Inspired By Popular Culture

Black cars are often a sign of luxury and sophistication and important people around the world ride in black cars. Names for a black car deserve some exclusivity! Check out some classic car names that can be both good names for trucks and great elegant jeep names.

133. Anubis, meaning “Egyptian God of death”.

134. Black Cobra, meaning “a venomous snake that is worshiped in Hindu mythology”.

135. Blackmoor, meaning “European art style”.

136. Black Flame, meaning “related to spiritual power”.

137. Blackhawk, meaning “a popular warrior chief”.

138. Black Sabbath, meaning “Saturday according to Hebrew culture”.

139. Cerberus, meaning “a dog with three heads from Greek mythology”.

140. Dark Lord, meaning “influential devil from the dream world”.

141. Dark Knight, related to the 2008 superhero movie of the same name.

142. Fonzie, related to a character from sitcom, 'Happy Days'.

143. Guytrash, meaning “a black dog from English folklore”.

144. Krish, derived from Hindu mythology, relating to "someone who is black”.

145. Windigo, meaning “a mythological spirit from Nova Scotia”.

146. Kraken, meaning “a dark sea monster from Scandinavian folklore”.

Food Inspired Black Car Names

Any foodie will love these names of cars inspired by food. Naming cars after your favorite food may not be too difficult with these car nicknames ideas!

147. Blackberry, meaning “a fruit”.

148. Black Currant, meaning “a berry like fruit”.

149. Black Forest, classic car name meaning “a cake”.

150. Dark Chocolate, meaning “chocolate with high cocoa content”.

151. Black Velvet, meaning “a delicious chocolate cake”.

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for black car names then why not take a look at something different like these funny food truck names and these truck names for your new pick-up.

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