67 Black Flower Names That Are Mysteriously Beautiful

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When we adore red, white, and pink flowers, the mysterious black flowers are left in a corner.

Some of the black plants available in a dark shade or deep shade are night tulip, black velvet petunia, black dahlia, black bat flower, bat orchid, calla lilies, black roses, chocolate cosmos, black dahlias, black hollyhock, and black baccara. These flowers are often found in flower bouquets combined with yellow flowers, pink tulips, white flowers, and deep purple flowers.

If you prefer black attire and cars over others, you should also love these black flower names. In this collection, you will find not only spellbinding black flowers but also a dozen of female names from admiringly beautiful black flowers.

Pink And Black Flower Names

If you are looking for some pink and black flower names, here are some interesting options you can consider for your requirements.

Black Beauty Pansy (French origin), derived from the French word 'Pensee' meaning 'thought', is a beautiful flower with black petals dotted with sheen and a bright yellow spot that can bewitch anyone.

Black Bearded Iris Flowers are native to southern China and Myanmar. As the name says, they have dark hues, a heavenly fragrance, and are delighted with pastel shades.

Black Bat Orchid Flower originates in Southeast Asia and is naturally black-looking. They are often considered by many as strange flowers.

Black Charm Asiatic Lily (Latin origin), is derived from the Latin word 'Lilium'. They appear in a wide range of colors like pink, white, red, and black. They have dark burgundy petals and carry intense fragrance. 

Black Spider Lily (Latin origin) has cream-white petals and is painted dark burgundy at the center. 

New York Night Hellebore (Greek origin), meaning 'plant eaten by fawns', is also called Lenten rose. They are usually in pink, white, or lilac colors. This spectacular flower has jet black petals and a golden center. 

Hollyhock (Anglo-Saxon origin), meaning 'holy mallow', is a member of the marrow family. These Hollyhocks, aka Alcea Rosea, are funnel-shaped flowers with brightly colored centers.

Black Hyacinths (Greek origin), meaning 'color purple' or 'the blue larkspur flower', appear in jet-black and carry delightful scents. 

Midnight Mystic is a coal-black hyacinth and appears in pastel colors of pink and white as well. 

Dianthus Black and White Minstrels (Greek origin), meaning 'flower of Zeus', have white edges and pink shades that plunge to black towards the center. 

Common Hollyhock (Greek origin), meaning 'to cure', are ornamental flowers native to China. They have black shades towards the bottom.

Red And Black Flower Names

Here are some extremely intriguing red and black flower names that are quite popular today.

Winesap Reblooming Bearded Iris are tinted with wine-red and have a wonderful fragrance. 

Old Black Magic Bearded Iris are black plum-colored flowers that are delightfully mysterious. 

Black Dahlia are named after Swedish botanist Andrew Dahl. They were called Cocoxochitl by the Aztecs, which meant 'cane of water'.

Arabian Night Dahlias appear in dark red and black and are exceptionally beautiful with black curves towards the center. 

Chat Noir Dahlia are marked with dark hues of burgundy, featuring black and red velvety petals. Then there are dahlias with black foliage, like 'bishop of Auckland', 'David Howard', and 'happy single party'.

Black Baccara Rose (French origin), meaning 'uncountable', has deep red petals that add to the beauty of floral scapes with their velvety looks. 

Chocolate Cosmos (Greek origin), meaning 'universe', is native to Mexico and has the color and fragrance of chocolate.

Pelargonium Black Magic (Greek origin), meaning 'stork', are clusters of bright red flowers in chocolate-brown foliage. 

Black Jade Miniature Rose are appealing roses painted in soft dark red. These miniature roses have dark green foliage. 

Maroon Petunia (French origin), meaning 'tobacco', are native to South America. They are funnel-shaped flowers that are coated in black towards the bottom. 

Alfred Colomb Rose (British origin) appears in strawberry red and has patches of crimson. They can be seen in purple, black, and red colors and have a beguiling fragrance. 

Claret Rose Bud (French origin), meaning 'brilliant', are roses dipped in black and maroon colors.

Alcea Rosea Nigra Black Hollyhock (Greek origin), meaning 'to cure', is native to China. These ornamental flowers appear in black or maroon colors. 

Dahlia Shadowcat is native to Columbia, Mexico, and America. It is a large flower with dark red, maroon, and black petals. 

Henri Martin Rose (French origin) is black with a deep red bi-color and is native to Asia. They are large flowers with a mild fragrance. 

Black Beauty Rose, originating from the Turkish word 'kara gul', is native to France and appears in deep red maroon. 

Black Satin Dahlia (Scandinavian origin), meaning 'valley', is native to Mexico. The flower has a yellow spot at the center and a dark maroon red petals with a blackish tint. 

Mildred Scheel Rose (German origin), meaning 'gentle adviser', is also called a Deep Secret rose.

Papa Meilland Rose (French origin), meaning 'my country', is native to France. They are also colored deep red, maroon, and black.

Ekstase Rose (Greek origin), meaning 'ecstasy', is black and red. These showy flowers are gifted with an enchanting fragrance. 

Guinee Rose (Portuguese origin), meaning 'white', are large black and red flowers with mesmerizing fragrances. 

Black Boy Rose belongs to the Rosaceae family and appears deep red and black. These large, showy roses are known for their fragrance. 

Burgundy Dahlia (French origin), meaning 'dark red', are small showy flowers painted in burgundy. 

Maroon Dwarf Dahlias are small, showy maroon flowers with a blackish tint. 

Papa Meilland Hybrid Tea Rose (French origin), meaning 'my country', are maroon flowers with black shade. These showy and fragrant flowers have deep green foliage. 

Pansy Panola XP Fire (French origin), meaning 'thought', is a tricolor pansy flower with shades of maroon, black and yellow.

Petunias come in varying colors like lilac, yellow, and cherry red.

Female Names That Mean Black Flower

Did you know that some female names translate into black flowers? Here are some such names for your perusal.

Melantha (Greek origin), meaning 'dark flower', is a pleasing name for females. 

Blacknight Hollyhock (African origin), meaning 'black flower', is a pretty and simple name. 

Dahlia (Anglo-Saxon origin), meaning 'Dahl’s flower', appears in a plethora of colors, from pink to black.

Tulipa (Greek origin), meaning 'queen of night', is a graceful name for girls. 

Iolanthe (Greek origin), meaning 'violet', is a beautiful yet unique name. The alluring black Iolanthe and magnolia flowers are a sight to behold.

Helleborus (Greek origin), meaning 'Lenten rose', is one of the many names for midnight ruffles. 

Penny Black (Germanic origin), meaning 'flowers', could make an interesting name for babies.

Orquidea (Portuguese origin), meaning 'orchid', is an ornamental name, just like the plant.

Baccara (French origin), meaning 'tea rose', is a pretty name for those looking for a Greek element in names.

Calla (Greek origin), meaning 'beauty', is a funnel-shaped lily that comes in a wide range of colors, including black. 

Black Barlow (English origin), meaning 'black flower', is a popular name choice for girls. 

Marilla (Greek origin), meaning 'to sparkle', resembles lily and black marrillas are as unique as the name. 

Dark Purple Flower Names

Here are some extremely interesting dark purple flower names which are quite popular among lovers of deep burgundy and deep maroon colored flowers.

Queen of the Night Tulip (Turkish origin), meaning 'turban', has an elegant looking deep purple color. This is one of the most popular black tulips that decorate the garden in the background of green foliage. 

Odessa and Back Forest Calla Lily (Italian origin), also known as Zantedeschia, was named after an Italian botanist Giovanni Zantedeschia. These are black and purple colored trumpet-like flowers.

Echinaceas (Greek origin), meaning 'spiny one', is popularly called 'green wizard' coneflowers or 'black beauty' for their acorn shape.

Black Cat Petunia (French origin) is derived from the French word 'petun', meaning tobacco. This trumpet-shaped flower hails from South America and is adorned with black or deep purple petals.

Black Velvets are petunias that have petals painted in purple hues, which might even look jet-black. 

Black Widow Cranesbill Geranium (Greek word), meaning 'crane', is also called a 'mourning widow' or 'black widow'. They have dark-purple petals and belong to herbaceous plant species. 

Penny Black Nemophila (Latin origin), meaning 'woodland-loving', is dark purple that appears black. Its eyes are marked white and are contrastingly dark towards the curve. 

Tuscany Superb Roses (Italian origin) have blackish-purple colors and are showy with fragrance. 

Purple Calla Lily (Greek origin), meaning 'beauty', is a star in wedding bouquets. These trumpet-shaped lilies symbolize resurrection, faithfulness, and rebirth. 

Viola Molly Sanderson (Latin origin), meaning 'violet', can be grown indoors or outdoors. They have a filament of yellow and violet at the center and are featured by black petals. 

Chocolate Lilies (Latin origin), meaning 'pure', are impressive in their appearance. Though they look appealing with yellow filaments, they have not-so-good fragrances. 

Dacia (Latin origin), meaning 'purple flower', symbolizes the glory and pride of the color. 

Fuchsia (German origin) refers to a flower with purplish-red color. 

Marguerite Daisy (French origin), meaning 'pearl', is yet another adorable name to choose. 

Daisy (English origin) means 'day’s eye'. Like black gerbera daisies, this name is also pleasing. 

Elestren (Cornish origin) means 'Iris flower'. 

Aster (Greek origin), meaning 'star', looks like daisies and chrysanthemums. They come in all colors. 

Veronica Spicata (Greek origin), meaning 'one who brings victory', is also a herb with bright purple or pink flowers. 

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