69 Cool Indian Fish Names That You Didn't Know Before

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Indian fish Climbing perch
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If you want to know more about fish species in India, merely English names will not do.

Along with English names, you also need to look for the local names of the fishes. Some of the most popular Indian fish names are Catla, Mathi, and Mackerelm Carp.

Read on for the names of Indian fish species.

Small Indian Fish Names

Small-sized fishes are also found in all types of water. They are also eaten, and some others are not. Here is the list of small fishes found in India used for food requirements.

Climbing perch is a species of fish in the family Anabantidae. It is a native Asian fish found in India.

Mola carplet is a species of carplet in the Cyprinidae family. The carplets are a genus of fish in the family.

Nethili, also known as Indian Anchovy, is a small species. Popular as white curry fish in coconut milk. It is a popular fish in India.

Pompert has many health benefits like it prevents stroke, is good in omega-three fatty acids, and is also useful for children's brains. It is a freshwater fish from India.

Pool barb belongs to the Cyprinidae family or the crap family and is widely found in India.

Silver hatchet chela is a danionins fish in Cyprinidae or the crap family.

Singara is commonly found in fish in India. The fish is low in mercury and high in protein, omega 3, and six fatty acids.

Ticto Barb, also known as a two-spot barb, is a subtropical freshwater fish belonging to the family Cyprinidae.

Indian Freshwater Fish Names

Many fishes are found in water, but only a few species are found in freshwater. These fishes can be can also be eaten. These are a few fishes found in Indian freshwaters.

Here is the list of freshwater fishes found in India.

Calbasu is one of the most important crap fish found in India.

Catla- Indian crap is one of India’s most popular freshwater fish. Catla is a crap fish species. Catla is a popular local fish in India.

Hilsa-llish shad, a freshwater fish, is popularly found in Andra Pradesh, West Bengal, Tripura, Assam, and Odisha.

Kajuli-Ailia Coila is also known as Gangetic Ailia. This fish is found in big rivers.

Karimeen, the green chromide, is well-known as a pearl spot. It is found in the backwaters of Kerela.

Magur-Walking catfish, Magur is a medium-sized walking catfish species. This fish is also found throughout the year.

Padpa fish is a popular freshwater fish that is very famous in West Bengal.

Prawn Fish is very commonly consumed and found throughout the year. Prawn fish in India is extremely popular.

Pulasa Fish is the tastiest and costliest fish found in India. Pulasa fish is mainly found in the Godavari river in Andra Pradesh. Pulasa is widely used for food requirements.

Rani-Pink Perch is a freshwater gamefish. Rani-Pink Perch fish is commonly small.

Ritha is a species of Bagrid catfish found in West Bengal used for food requirements.

Rohu- Labeo Rohita, a big silver-colored fish, is a freshwater species. Rohu is a crap family species and is found throughout the year.

Tengra-Mystus Tengara is a small catfish and a used in many Bengali dishes.

Tilapia- Cichlid Fish is found throughout the year in the country. This freshwater fish inhabits shallow waters, rivers, and lakes.

Tor Tor- Masheer is commonly known as Masheer or The Golden Masheer. It is a popular gamefish.

Trout- Rainbow Trout, Trout is a freshwater fish closely related to Salmon fish or Char fish. It is commonly found in the Himalayan region in India.

Wallago Attu is commonly known as Helicopter catfish or Indian Sareng. It is primarily found in large lakes and rivers.

Indian fish named salmon

Indian Pet Fish Names

Many people have different kinds of animals as their pets. One such water animal that most people have as a pet is fish. People like to have different fishes as their pets and even have small aquariums in their houses. Similarly, Indians also have fish as their pets.

Here is a list of Indian names for your pet fish. An interesting name for an eel or pomfret.

Aanya (Indian Origin), meaning ‘limitless.’ This name also means the one who is kind and warmly courteous. An interesting name choice for Bombay duck or sole fish.

Ajay (Indian Origin), meaning 'unconquered.' This name originated from the Sanskrit word Ajaya. A great name for a Katla or Hilsa fish.

Anisa (Indian Origin), meaning ‘a pleasant companion.’ This name can be used for humans, pets, etc.

Bina (Indian Origin), meaning ‘knowledge,’ is a name for those born under the birth star Moola.

Binod (Bengali Origin), meaning ‘happiness or joy.’ This name is used in many other languages.

Daya (Indian Origin), meaning ‘kindness.’ It also means compassion. Interesting choice for cat fish or a milk fish.

Hans (Indian Origin), meaning ‘Swan.’ In Dutch origin, it means God is Gracious.

Janak (Tamil Origin), meaning ‘father.’ This was the name of the father of Maa Sita. A great choice for naming a mrigal or pomfret.

Kali (Indian Origin), meaning ‘black.’ It also means a flower bud. A great name choice for a Red Snapper or a tuna.

Kanan (Indian Origin), meaning ‘forest.’ In Arabic origin, it means merchant.

Keval (Indian Origin), meaning ‘absolute pure.’ It also means one. A great name for an eel.

Lavan (Telgue Origin), ‘meaning beauty or luster.’ In Hebrew, it means white. A great name choice for Hilsa.

Maya (Indian Origin), meaning ‘illusion or magic.’ In Greek, it means good mother. An interesting name for Bombay duck or sole fish.

Meena (Indian Origin), meaning ‘fish.’ In Hindu mythology, Meena is the name of the wife of Lord Shiva.

Meer (Tamil Origin), meaning ‘leader.’ This name is also used in the Muslim religion A good name choice for a commonly found king fish or butter fish.

Neel (Indian Origin), meaning ‘color blue.’ The name has many other alternate meanings. A truly interesting name for commonly found king fish or butter fish.

Niam (Indian Origin), meaning ‘contribution of god.’ This in Sanskrit means law or rule. A suitable name for a kingfish or mrigal or pomfret.

Nina (Indian Origin), meaning ‘enclosure of fish.’ It also means fire in Quechua. A good name for a cat fish or a milk fish.

Niti (Tamil Origin), meaning ‘morality or ethics.’ A fun name choice for a Red Snapper or a tuna.

Pakhi (Telgue Origin), meaning ‘bird,’ is used in many languages. A great name choice for a salmon or pearl spot.

Paro (Bengali Origin), meaning ‘knowledge.’ In Persian, it means elderly women. An interesting choice for cat fish or a milk fish.

Raj (Indian Origin), meaning ‘rule.’ Raja is the king, and Raj is his rule. A good name choice for an eel or pomfret.

Shrot  (Telgue Origin), ‘meaning listener.’ This name is meaningful yet attractive.

Tara (Indian Origin), meaning ‘star.’ It also means Goddess of the sea. A good name choice for a Hilsa.

Taran (Indian Origin), meaning ‘thunder.’ is a great name for a local Katla or Hilsa.

Tej (Indian Origin), meaning ‘light.’ It also means power or glory. A good name choice for king fish or butter fish.

Trina (Tamil Origin), meaning ‘Goddess Parvati.’ It means beautiful in Jewish. A great option for naming a Red Snapper or a tuna.

Wali (Indian Origin), meaning ‘lord or guardian.’ It is initially found in the Urdu language.

Yasmin (Indian Origin), meaning ‘the flower jasmine.’ This was the name of a princess from the story of Aladdin.

Indian River Fish Names

The fishes found in the rivers, backwaters, and shallow water come under this category. These Indian river fish names very popular all over the Indian subcontinent. Most of these fishes are used in different dishes across the country.

Here is a list of Indian river fish names that you did not know about.

Basa, Basa is a very popular fish. This fish has no bones. It is very rich in protein and found in river water.

Bhetki, also known as Barramundi, can be found in rivers and seawater. Primarily found in Bengal and Goa.

Brook Trout is a freshwater fish from the char species. A beautiful fish with yellow spots over olive green dots on the back.

Brown Trout, the brown Trout was originally a European species introduced into the world with a suitable climate for the wish to grow.

Chocolate Mahseer is a food and game fish. Primarily found in the North Eastern Himalayan region.

Common snow trout is also known as Mountain Barbel. A ray-finned fish found in the Himalayan region.

Deccan Mahseer, also known as the khudree mahseer or the black mahseer, is a freshwater fish from the crap family. It is found in major rivers and reservoirs in India.

Ghur, this fish is found in the Konkan region of India.

Goldspot Mullets are found in shallow coastal waters, estuaries, lagoons, and sometimes tidal rivers. The Goldspot Mullet is light brown above, silver below, and has dusky colored dorsal and caudal fins. The eyes of live fish are purple with golden flecks.

Grey Mullets are an important food fish in the mullet species. It is also called a thick-lipped mullet.

Milkfish,the milkfish, is the sole living species in the family Chanidae.

Mountain Trout is also a freshwater fish and is highly used in different dishes.

Pangus catfish is a shark catfish primarily found in backwater rivers or lagoons. Found both in fresh water and Bhsaltwater.

Rawas is popularly known as Indian Salmon. This fish is mainly found in coastal waters in Maharashtra and Gujrat.

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