500+ Demon Names From Theology, Mythology, And Fiction

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Originally Published on Dec 08, 2020
A demonic creature with big claws and teeth stalks through long grass

Human beings have always been obsessed with the supernatural, and thus, we have a lot of names for demons, devils, and other entities.

Most of the names for demons, demonesses, fallen angels, and devils come from various demonologies. Demonology is the study of demons or people’s beliefs in demons. Devil is often regarded as the principal personified spirit of evil, ruler of Hell, and God's adversary in various faiths.

So if you are a writer who is searching for the appropriate name for your evil character or a villian, this article will list some demon names and meanings, along with names of devils and other supernatural entities worldwide.

Demon names can be found in various places; for instance, in the role-playing game 'Dungeons And Dragons,' there are nine demon lords called Demogorgon, Orcus, Graz’zt, Baphomet, Yeenoghu, Juiblex, Fraz-Urb'luu, Kostchtchie, and Eliab.

This article will help you find some good demon names for your characters.

Demon Names From Theology And Mythology

Below is a list of demons and demoness names from theology, mythology, and demonology worldwide.

1. Aamon, (Christian Origin) comes from Christian demonology. In Christian demonology, he is a Marquis of Hell and rules 40 infernal legions. One of the popular spirit names.

2. Abbadon, (Christian Origin) comes from Christian demonology. It is a Hebrew term and means 'place of destruction.' This demon is a being that personified the abyss.

3. Abezethibou, (Jewish Origin) this name has a rich history in Jewish demonology. This demon name was the name of the one-winged fallen angel turned demonic mentioned in the Testament of Solomon.

4. Abyzou, (European Origin) if you’re looking for demon names for girls, then Abyzou is a good choice. The name came from Near East and European folklore and was the name of one of the female demons.

5. Achlys, (Greek Origin) this evil name comes from Greek mythology. It was the name of a Greek Primordial demon who represented the night before the chaos. She is associated with misery.

6. Adrammelech, (Syrian Origin) this name can be found in Assyrian mythology and Christian demonology. He was a mighty demon in the form of Sun.

7. Agares, (Christian Origin) from Christian demonology. The demon's name is mentioned in demonological grimoires as a fair older person who rode a crocodile with a hawk.

8. Al Ana, (Turkish Origin) this female demon's name comes from Turkish folklore and is a female evil spirit who lived near water bodies. One of the well-known girl demon names.

9. Alastor, (Christian Origin) this demon name too comes from Christian demonology. A group of evil spirits who were believed to possess people.

10. Astaroth, (Christian Origin) is an important demon name in Christian demonology as it was the name of the Great Duke of Hell. Astaroth is considered to be the Chaos King of space and time.

11. Bael, (Christian Origin) is the name of a demon who can be found in demonological grimoires. He is a king of hell who leads 66 legions and is regarded as the lord of the east.

12. Bakasura, (Sanskrit Origin) this demon name is the name of a particular demon in Hindu mythology who used to eat men. According to Hindu mythology, he was killed by the demon hunter Bhima, who was also a Prince and destroyer of evil.

13. Balam, (Christian Origin) in Christian demonology, Balam was the king of hell who controlled forty legions of demons. He was quite a powerful figure, and this demon name has very powerful connotations.

14. Barbas, (Christian Origin) this demon name too comes from Christian demonology. Barbas was a demon described in the Ars Goetia as the demon of fear.

15. Barbatos, (Christian Origin) this demon name can be found in Christian demonology. He is an earl and duke of Hell who rules thirty legions of demons and is accompanied by four kings who command his armies.

16. Beelzebub (Hebrew Origin) is perhaps the most recognized name for a demon as it is also associated with the dark angel or the devil himself. Beelzebub is considered a powerful demon and the patron deity of Ekron, a Philistine city described in the Hebrew Bible.

17. Beleth, (Christian Origin) this demon name also comes from Christian demonology. It is one of the more underrated demon names on the list. This demon is considered powerful as there are 85 legions of demons under his control.

18. Botis, (Christian Origin) the name Botisis found in Christian demonology. He is a great president and an Earl and is represented as a viper snake.

19. Bune, (Christian Origin) this demon name comes from Christian demonology. He is a Duke of Hell who can move the dead and is considered quite wise. Nevertheless, a good demon name for your character.

20. Bushyasta, (Zoroastrian Origin) is the name of a demon in Zoroastrianism. Bushyasta is considered to be the demon of sloth.

21. Camio, (Christian Origin) this demon name comes from Christian demonology. Camio is the Gaelic version of Biblical Cain.

22. Chemosh, (Christian Origin) this demonic name comes from Moabite mythology and is an apt name for a sinister character in your fiction.

23. Chort, (Slavic Origin) In Slavic folk tradition, it is a malign spirit or a demon.

24. Corson, (Christian Origin) this name also comes from Christian demonology. He is one of the Kings of Hell who controls 72 legions of demons.

25. Daemon, (Latin Origin) this name is derived from the demon in Latin, which is ‘daemonium’, which translates to 'demon.' In an etymological sense, it is Latin for 'demons' so it is one of the best demon names out there.

26. Dagon, (Hebrew Origin) this name comes from Semitic mythology. He was a prince of hell.

27. Dantalion, (Christian Origin) this demon name comes from Christian demonology. It is described in the Lesser Key of Solomon.

28. Demogorgon (Christian Origin)is the name of a demon or a deity in Christian demonology. This demon name is quite prevalent in popular culture.

29. Djall (Albanian Origin) this demon name comes from Albanian mythology, where Djall is the demon of fire.

30. Dzoavits (Native American Origin) this name comes from Native American mythology. Dzoavits was the personification of the devil who stole the sun and took away children from their parents.

31. Eligos (Christian Origin) this demon name comes from Christian demonology, where it is mentioned in Ars Goetia.

32. Eisheth (Hebrew Origin) the name comes from Jewish demonology. It is a creative female demon of prostitution.

33. Focalor (Christian Origin) is another of the satanic names from Christian demonology as mentioned in Ars Goetia. Focalor was a powerful Duke of Hell.

34. Forneus (Christian Origin) is one of the fallen angel names from Christian demonology. He is a Great Marquis of Hell and is supposed to be a fantasy creature of the sea.

35. Gaap (Christian Origin) is a type of demon mentioned in the Lesser Key of Solomon. In Christian demonology, Gaap is a demon president.

36. Gamigin (Christian Origin) is one of the devil names from Christian demonology. It’s a cool and powerful name for a demonic character.

37. Ghoul (Arabic Origin) is a common name for demons and spirits in popular culture. It originates from Arabian mythology.

38. Gorgon, (Greek Origin) this demon name comes from Greek mythology, where the term is applied to three sisters whose hair consists of venomous snakes.

39. Gremory (Christian Origin) this awesome demon name comes from Christian demonology; identified in Solomon's Lesser Key and appeared as a woman.

40. Gusoyn (Christian Origin) this demon name also comes from Christian demonology. A fallen angel who knows the past, present, and future.

41. Halphas (Christian Origin) this demon's name comes from Christian demonology, and it is the 38th demon in the Ars Goetia.

42. Hinn (Arabic Origin) originates from Islamic folklore and is an apt demon name for a character.

43. Incubus (Latin Origin) this demon name also comes from Christian demonology. He is believed to lie upon sleeping people at night.

44. Jinn (Arabic Origin) comes from Islamic demonology. In popular culture, Jinn is depicted as a spirit trapped in a lamp that grant wishes to human beings.

45. Kore (Greek Origin) this demon name comes from Eleusinian mythology and is the spirit of birth and resurrection.

46. Krampus (German Origin) He is a half-goat half-demon responsible for punishing children.

47. Kukudh (Albanian Origin) is a perfect name for a demon. It is an undead creature that comes from Albanian mythology.

48. Legion (Latin Origin) in Christian demonology means a 'group of demons.' There is also a horror movie of the same name.

49. Leyak (Indonesian Origin) this demon name comes from Indonesian mythology and means 'evil witch.'.

50. Leraje (Christian Origin) is a mighty Great Marquis of Hell with thirty legions of demons under his command. He instigates massive clashes and disagreements.

51. Leviathan (Hebrew Origin) is another popular name for monsters and demons featured in movies and books. It comes from Christian, Jewish, and Gnostic demonology.

52. Ljubi (Albanian Origin) is a water and storm demon mentioned in Albanian mythology.

53. Malphas (Christian Origin) is a mighty president of Hell.

54. Mammon (Greek Origin) is associated with an entity characterized by greed for wealth.

55. Mara (Buddhist Origin) this demon was the 'Lord of senses' and acted as a tempter to disrupt Buddha's meditations.

56. Maricha (Indian Origin) was an ally of Ravana and was killed by Lord Rama.

57. Merihem (Christian Origin) is mentioned in the Christian demonology. This demon was known as 'the red death.'

58. Murmur (Christian Origin) is the 54th demonic spirit of Ars Goetia and a duke of hell.

59. Preta (Sanskrit Origin) refers to ghosts or spirits in Buddhist and Hindu mythology.

60. Rakshasa (Hindi Origin) refers to 'devil' or 'monster.'

61. Asmodeus (Hebrew origin)Ashmedai in Hebrew was the demon of lust and rage mentioned in the Jewish Legend.

List Of Demon Names From Popular Fiction

Here is the demon names list.

62. Aatrox (Latin Origin) this demon name comes from the famous online multiplayer game, 'League Of Legends'.

63. Abalam (Christian Origin) this demon name comes from the 2010 horror film, 'The Last Exorcism'.

64. Abi (Hebrew Origin) this was the devil's name in 'Devilman'.

65. Aku (Finnish Origin) this demon name comes from the animated TV series 'Samurai Jack.'

66. Alastair (Gaelic Origin) was the name of one of the demons in the popular TV show 'Supernatural'.

67. Alichino (Italian Origin) is a demon in Dante’s legendary work, 'Inferno'.

68. Annabelle (Hebrew Origin) was the name of a demon doll in 'The Conjuring' movies.

69. Anthony (Roman Origin) is a demon name from the TV show 'Supernatural'.

70. Archimonde (French Origin) is a demon name from a series of video games called 'Warcraft'.

71. Asura (Sanskrit Origin) Asura is a monster featured in the manga 'Soul Eater'.

72. Bad Ash (Unknown Origin) was the name of the demon in the 'Evil Dead films.'

73. Balthazar (Greek Origin) this name was seen in the 2005 horror film' Constantine'. It has repeatedly featured in popular fiction as it is a very common name for the devil.

74. Bambadjan (Unknown Origin) was the name of a demon in the TV series 'The Good Place.'

75. Barbas (Greek Origin) this demon name comes from the TV series 'Charmed'.

76. Blackheart (English Origin) this creature was a supernatural villain in the 'Marvel comics.

77. Boogeyman (Middle English Origin) is perhaps one of the creepiest names. It was seen in the series of the same name, 'Boogeyman'. A lot of characters in popular culture have been named the same.

78. Cain (Hebrew Origin) was the name of a supernatural being in the TV series 'Supernatural'.

79. Casey (Gaelic Origin), a demon name from the TV series 'Supernatural'.

80. Crowley (English Origin) was the name of the King of Hell in the TV series 'Supernatural'.

81. Decarbia (Christian Origin) this demon's name comes from the 'Lineage 2' video game.

82. Diablo (Latin Origin) is a common synonym for the devil. The name appears in the series of the same name, 'Diablo'.

83. Farfarello (Unknown Origin) is the name of a demon who features in Dante’s 'Inferno'. In that work, Farfarello was a part of a class of demons called Malebranche, who used to torture corrupt politicians.

84. Ghoulies (Arabic Origin) derived from the word ghoul, is the name of demons featured in' Ghoulies' movie series.

85. Juiblex (Unknown Origin) is the name of the monsters in the role-playing game 'Dungeon And Dragons,' who act as villains.

86. Lucifer Morningstar (Latin Origin) is a name for the devil that appears in multiple works. It has been popularized by DC Comics and also a Netflix series, 'Lucifer'.

87. Majin Buu (Unknown Origin) name comes from the 'Dragon Ball series.' They are a type of Djinns.

88. Paimon (Christian Origin) from the 2018 American blockbuster horror film 'Hereditary'. One of the best names for demons.

89. Ruby (Latin Origin) was the name of a female demon in the TV series 'Supernatural'.

90. Sweeney Todd (Scottish Origin) this name comes from the 2007 dark musical 'Sweeney Todd'. It was the name of the protagonist, played by Johnny Depp.

91. Wendigo (Native American Origin) is a type of monster. It was first featured in a short story by Algernon Blackwood in 1910. They have also been mentioned in a Stephen King novel called 'Pet Sematary' and in' Supernatural' TV series.

Names That Have Demonic Meanings

Here is a list of some of the evilest names with rich mythological, theological and cultural history.

92. Ahpuch (Mayan Origin) was the name of one of the Mayan death demon and is also known as the Mayan Devil.

93. Apollyon (Greek Origin) is another word for 'devil' in the language of Greek.

94. Dracula (Roman Origin) this name was popularized by the fictional character of Count Dracula, who was a vampire.

95. Hecate (Greek Origin) was the name of the Greek Demon of the underworld. One of the best demonic names.

96. Loki (Old Norse Origin) is the name of a Teutonic devil. However, most people know it from 'Marvel Cinematic Universe' as it was the name of a Greek God.

97. Mantus (Etruscan Origin) Mantus is the Etruscan Demon of hell and king of the dead.

98. Melek Taus (Arabic Origin) was the name of the Yezidi Devil. One of the dark angel names.

99. Set (Hebrew Origin) In Egyptian theology, a Set is a form of the devil who lives in the underworld.

100. Tengu (Japanese Origin) Tengu were supposedly goblins who lived near the mountains. A fantastic name for fantasy creatures.

101. Xaphan (Christian Origin) is a fallen angel who was sent to hell after suggesting to set heaven on fire.

Asian and European Demoness

102. Akhkhazu (Akkadian Origin) in Akkadian mythology, she brings fever and plagues.

103. Ardat Lili (Sumerian origin) is a succubus demon who marries men to inflict their life with devastations.

104.Abere (Melanesian origin) is a demoness from Melanesian mythology and is believed of trapping and devouring humans.

105.Al Basty (Sumerian origin) is an archaic female spirit that represents guilt.

106.Alkonost (Russian origin) This demoness is a half woman and half bird that attracts it's victims through her voice.

107.Agrat-bat- mahlaht (Jewish origin) who, according to Jewish folklore, appears to men in their dreams as a stunning woman and tempts them.

108.Buduh (Arabian origin) is demoness of love and marriage.

109. Batibat (Tagalog origin) is a demoness that is associated with nightmares and sleep paralysis.

110.Berberoka (Filipino origin) This demoness eats humans alive and changes its size, it is shown luring fishermen in folklore.

111.Baigujing (Chinese origin) is a skeleton spirit who has mind-control and soul-devouring abilities.

112.Bushyasta (Zoroastrian origin) This demoness was feared by many. She characterizes idleness and indolence.

113.Chedipe (Hindu origin) is a demon from Hindu mythology that enters homes to bring impurity and rides tiger at midnight.

114.Chesma Iyesi (Turkish origin) This cat-shaped ghost lured young people to their demise by hiding in wells or fountains.

115. Chordeva (Hindu origin) poisons the meals of elderly and ill people by taking the appearance of a cat.

116. Charmo Vetr (Hindu origin)is a demon who lurks in the fog and attacks passersby.

117. Daruka (Hindu origin) was a demoness who was blessed and later became godess.

118.Dakini (Hindu origin) was demoness who used to consume human flesh and are drawn to human fragrance.

119. Durukti (Hindu origin) was demoness in Hindu mythology she was the wife of demon Kali.

120. FutakuchiOnna (Japanese origin) A two-mouthed demon that can shift shapes, assumes the form of a young woman, and consumes twice as much food as an average person.

121. Gwisin (Korean origin) is a female demon who stays on earth to seek vengeance or care for their family.

122. Harionago (Japanese origin) This demon is a long-haired women with hair that looks like thorns, which she would use to capture men.

123. Hashihime (Japanese origin) primarily associated with bridges, depicts a demoness who is lonely and waits for her lover.

124. HoneOnna (Japanese origin) are spirits of women who emerge from the afterlife to visit their deceased loved ones.

125. Hannya (Japanese origin) are women who have been overtaken by envy and changed into demons typically having horns.

126. Huli Jing (Chinese origin) is a fox demon that can change to anyone's appearance.

127. HanakoSan (Japanese origin) is a feminine demon her name reflects "flower girl" and haunts School restrooms.

128. Jikininki (Japanese origin) are the ghosts of ungrateful, impious individuals who consume the flesh of the dead.

129. Jorogumo (Japanese origin) are spirits that seduce men by transforming into seductive women.

130. Krasue (Thai origin) is a ghost with a beautiful face who floats in the air without a lower body and with its organs hanging.

131. KuchisakeOnna (Japanese origin) is a wicked figure from folklore that wields sharp objects and slits the mouth of its victims with scissors.

132. Kumiho (Korean origin) This fox demon changes into different forms to seduce men and devour their hearts and livers.

133. Kijo (Japanese origin) a female demon who resembles a human but is hideous, and who primarily preys on travelers.

134. Lamashtu (Akkadian origin) She is a mythological entity from Mesopotamia who once posed a threat to unborn children and expectant mothers.

135. Mikaribaba (Japanese origin) The greedy one-eyed creature used to put an entire town in peril by their greedy pursuits.

136. Mahishi (Hindu origin) After her brother's murder, the shape-shifting buffalo demoness wanted to get revenge on the gods.

137. Nure-Onna (Japanese origin) Japanese yokai amphibious entity with snake-like appearance that was frequently resonated with devouring humans.

138. Nang (Thai origin) The Nang Tani is a lovely young woman with long black hair, blood red lips, and a greenish skin who prowls the areas around banana wild trees.

139. Okiku (Japanese origin) Okkiku was a woman who suffered horribly and then transformed into a furious demoness.

140. Pontianak (Indonesian origin) This spirit prefers to prey on men and feasts on their organs.

141. Pretatma (Sanskrit origin) These are spirits that have endured a great deal of hardship and are false, corrupted, and compulsive.

142. Rangda (Balinese origin) She is a figure from Balinese mythology who commands a horde of witches who consumes kids.

143. Rakshasni (Hindu origin) is a demoness from Hindu mythology.

144. Shahmaran (Persian origin) A hybrid between a snake and a woman She was the serpents' queen.

145. Sila (Arabian origin) One of the most evil jinn, capable of changing appearance and leading humans to their death.

146. Tataka (Hindu origin)She was a demon from the Ramayana that attacked sages and disrupted yajnas.

147. Yakshini (Hindu origin) She resembles the male yaksha spirits that are rumoured to dwell in India's sacred forests.

Female Demon Names and meanings

148. Ammit (Eyptian origin) was a female demon who inhabited in the ancient times. They had a  body that was a mixture of the three largest human-eating animals such as lion, hippopotamus, and crocodile.

149. Angrboda (German origin)is a female giantness who, with each of her offspring, brings destruction.

150. Aosoth (Christian origin) She uses her destructive and passionate power associated with Karma.

151. Aswang (Filipino origin) is a monster that can change its shape and typically combines the characteristics of both ghouls and vampires.

152. Aynaet (Ethiopian origin) is a demoness known for her wicked gaze.

153. Crocell (Christian origin) is a demoness who speaks in an eerie and sinister manner.

154. Danglathas (Pakistani origin) This ghost haunts people and emits sparks out of her eyes.

155. Drude (German origin) This spirt is known to cauase nightmares.

156. Dearg-Due (Irish origin) is a female demon who seduces men before draining their blood.

157. Dialen (Christian origin) A demon with goat-like feet that is considered to be friendly toward people.

158. Dimme (Sumerian origin) is a demoness causing fever and sickness of newborn babies.

159. Dodomeki (Japanese origin) is a yokai cursed with numerous eyes due to the behaviour of stealing.

160. Drude (German origin) This midnight spirits are associated to nightmares.

161. Druj (Zoroastrian origin) is a female spirit that symbolizes deceitful nature.

162. Empusa (Greek origin) She seduces young men before consuming their flesh and sucking their blood.

163. Gorgon (Greek origin) These demons has hair full of venomous serpents associated with the underworld.

164. Hantu Kopek (Malaysian origin) is referred to as the ghost of the kopek. This ghost enjoys residing in big trees and consuming worms.

165. Haures (Japanese origin) If he is not confined in a black triangle, he will also attempt to mislead and trick his summoner.

166. Jahi (Zoroastrian origin) demoness filled with lust.

167. Jigarkhvar (Hindu origin) She makes people faints with her looks before devouring their liver.

168. Lubia (Albanian origin) is a water demon with multi-head female dragon that may inflict a draught.

Demoness names for your pets

169. Ala (Christian origin) They are female mythological creatures that collectively destroy and plunder crops from the fields.

170. Alichino (Japanese origin) They are seductive demons who demands for unrighteous things in exchange for their wishes being granted.

171. Amaia (Japanese origin) is a demoness with long nails, nebula-like markings all over her body, and sharp fangs.

172. Callisto (Greek origin) hatred and desire for violence, suffering, and misery have devoured Callisto turning her into a demoness.

173. Astrid (Greek origin) demons having human faces and body resembling owls.

174. Botis (Christian origin) is a demon who appeared as a viper before turning into a human.

175. Barbatos (Hebrew origin) is a demon who talks to animals and can tell the future.

176. Barbas (Hebrew origin) is a demon who can cause diseases.

177. Cimejes (Hebrew origin) is demon described as a warrior riding on a black horse who posses the ability of locating treasures.

178. Carabia (Hebrew origin) is a demon who can transform any species.

179. Dai (Japanese origin) is a demon king. He did whatever he wanted and took whatever he wanted.

180. Euryale (Greek origin) is the second eldest of the three vicious sisters 'gorgons'. She had the power to turn any creature into stone with her gaze.

181. Gremlins (Greek origin) are mythological characters similar to goblin. They are known to sabotage man-made machines.

182. Gualichu (Mapuche origin) is a demon who was known to cause diseases and calamities. He was able to enter people's body and objects too.

183. Halphas (Hebrew origin) is a demon who used to build towers and fill them with arms to incite war.

184. Kitsune(Japanese origin) are foxes that posses paranormal abilities that increase as they get older.

185. Lilith (Hebrew origin) is supposedly the first wife of Adam who was thrown out of the garden of Eden for not complying with Adam.

186. Medusa (Greek origin) is one of the three gorgons who appears as a human serpentine.

187. Malthus (Hebrew origin)is the Prince of Hell who appears as a dove or stork.

188. Nixie (Scandinavian origin) were male water spirits who played violin at night.

189. Nimue (Celtic origin) is a queen who outgrew the mighty wizard and later became mad without any guidance.

190. Paimon (Hebrew origin) is a king who was obedient to lucifer.

191. Pruflas (Christian origin) is a great prince who cause men to quarrels and falsehood.

192. Pithius (Christian origin) is the prince of hell who is made up of blasphemous tongues.

193. Persephone (Greek origin) is the wife of Hades and later became the queen of underworld.

194. Pandora (Greek origin) is the first human created by Olympians for holding Pandora box which would bring sickness to men.

195. Procell (Slavic origin) is a demon who can transform memories into material items.

196. Phenex (Goetic origin) is a demon who sings sweet notes in a voice of a child.

197. Rusalka (Slavic origin) is a female spirits who is against the mankind.

198. Raum (Egyptian origin) is a demon who destroy cities and men.

199. Rabisu (Akkadian origin) are vampiric spirits who linger around those found wayward.

200. Succubbus (Jewish origin) is a demon who comes in dreams and seduce men.

201. Sallos (Slavic origin) is the Duke of Hell who rides crocodile and makes people fall in love.

202. Shedim (Hebrew origin) are spirits who can cause misfortunes.

203. Sirena (Greek origin) was a bird demon who was full of pride and beauty.

204. Surgat (Slavic origin) is a demon who can open any locks in the world and conceal himself.

205. Stolas (Judaic origin) is the high prince of hell, commanding 26 legions; teacher of astronomy and plant properties

206. Tabitha (English origin) is a demon who haunts college students.

207. Vapula (Hebrew origin) is a powerful Duke of Hell who teaches philosophy, mechanics and sciences.

208. Vuall (Christian origin) is a demon of Hell who knows past, present and the future.

209. Voso (Hebrew origin) is a demon who puts victim in the state of insanity.

210. Zelda (Japanese origin) are demons who attract monsters and change the behavior of animals.

Demoness Names from Mythology and Theology

211. Aana Marutha (Hindu origin) a bloodthirsty, malicious ghost that plays lustful practical jokes on people.

212. Aicha Qandicha (Arabian origin) mythical figure that is similar to jinn who used to seduce men and later kill them.

213. Ajatar (Finnish origin) is a ghost who, when seen, sickens people.

214. Al (Armenian origin) is a demon who interferes with women's pregnancies and often steals their organs.

215. Ala (Bulgarian origin) These creatures can cause thunderstorms, which can bring bad weather for crops.

216. Aonyōbō (Japanese origin) She is portrayed as a ghostly figure and is a spirit of poverty and misfortune who stays in an abandoned imperial residence with untrimmed eyebrows and stained teeth.

217. Apotamkin (Native American origin) It is a large sea monster with fangs that primarily preys on kids.

218. Banchō Sarayashiki (Japanese origin) is a fabled being that was killed with cruelty  and comes back to torment the living.

219. Błędnica (Slavic origin) This spirit resides in the woods and misleads people into going into the deep woods.

220. Borda (Italian origin) a witch who kills anyone who comes in contact with her and is seen blindfolded.

221. Buschgrossmutter (German origin) a dwarf spirit that has a close link to the forest who cause illness and problems to people.

222. Ciguapa (Dominican origin) she has blueish skin and attracts men to her cave from where they can never leave.

223. Cihuateteo (Mexican origin) They appear to retain revengeful feelings towards expectant mothers and young children because of how they tragically died.

224. Crone (Slavic origin) is a wicked, witch-like and terrifying old spirit also known as the Ladies of the Wood.

224. Delphyne (Greek origin) is a Delphic serpent that was killed by God.

225. Dodomeki (Japanese origin) women with long arms who steals money and have hundreds of eyes on them because of curse.

226. Draconcopedes (Greek origin) is a demoness from the tale of Eden, that was a serpent with a female face.

227. Enêpsigos (Roman origin) possesses shape-shifting talents, is a fallen angel, and considered of herself as a divinity.

228. Estries (Jewish origin) is a beautiful female demon with a thirst for blood.

229. Furies (Greek origin) Spirits of retribution that are conceived as the ghosts of defiled individuals.

230. Gello (Mesopotamian origin) This demon interferes with reproduction cycles and makes people infertile.

231. Habernitsa (Slavic origin) This spirit prowls around fields and renders victims to sleep paralysis if they step on grain.

232. Hetu-Ahin (Polynesian origin) is a forest-dwelling spirit that consumes worms.

233. Kulshedra (Albanian origin) This serpentine monster can spew fire and bring about floods, droughts, and other calamities.

234. Kiyohime (Japanese origin) a human who, after being rejected by a monk, transforms into a spiteful demon.

235. Kutilanak (Indonesian origin) A woman who lost her life giving pregnancy takes vengeance by causing miscarriages to other women.

236. Lamia (Greek origin) is a monster that haunts at night and devours children.

237. Mami Wata (African origin) a water spirit that bestows prosperity and riches on those who follows it.

238. Naamah (Jewish origin) Naamah the mother of all demon found in Zohar.

239. Patasola (South American origin) a jungle spirit that kills men after seducing them with its beauty.

240. Rusalka (Slavic origin) a typically feminine being that frequently harbours hostility toward humans.

241. Sila (Arabian origin) One of the most nefarious classes of jinn and shape-shifters spirits.

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242. Abnus (Persian origin) is related to dark.

243. Achlys (Greek origin) represents sorrow.

244. Adramelech (Hebrew origin) represents Goddess of night.

245. Adrastea (Greek origin) meaning 'inescapable'.

246. Adria (Greek origin) means 'dark one'.

247. Agash (Quebec origin) one who can put curse and evil eye.

248. Akeldama (Greek origin) means 'field of blood'.

249. Akuji (African origin) signifying 'Dead and Awake'.

250. Alabasandria (Egyptian origin) signifies a demoness leading to miscarriges.

251. Allatou (Arabian origin) was a demon that whispers to tempt its victims.

252. Alumit (Hebrew origin) signifies lonliness.

253. Amaya (Japanese origin) refers to 'night rain'.

254. Ankareeda (Arabian origin) means night sky.

255. Antaura (Greek origin) signifies a demon that sends pain through winds.

256. Aynat (Egyptian origin) refers to 'evil eye'.

257. Baize (French origin) meaning something that is 'dark brown'.

258. Banshee (Irish origin) refers to a ghost that mourns over someone's inevitable fate.

259. Belphegor (Christian origin) signifying ruler off hell.

260. Bonaventura (Gaelic origin) means 'bad manners'.

261. Bram (Scottish origin) meaning 'dense forest'.

262. Brangwen (Welsh origin) meaning dark raven generally associated with bad news.

263. Carman (Hebrew origin) meaning vineyard.

264. Carmilla (Christian origin) is a Vampire name.

265. Caym (Spanish origin) referring to crocodile.

266. Chaaya (Hindu origin) meaning shadow.

267. Chrysanthemum (Greek origin) represents flower that protects from spirits.

268. Ciarda (Scottish origin) meaning dark.

269. Corvina (Latin origin) meaning a girl who resembles raven.

270. Cozbi (Hebrew origin) meaning 'A Liar' is often a trait of demons.

271. Cresil (Christian origin)is a demon that is often associated with impurity andindolence.

272. Danica (Slavic origin) is a deity that means 'morning star'.

273. Darcy (Irish origin) meaning descendant of the dark.

274. Dario (Italian origin) meaning possesses a lot.

275. Deber (Hebrew origin) meaning 'pestilence'.

276. Delaney (Irish origin) meaning 'dark challenger'.

Delora (Latin origin) meaning 'sorrows'.

278. Devany (Irish origin) meaning 'dark haired'.

279. Druj (Avestan origin) meaning 'falsehood'.

280. Duana (Irish origin) meaning 'dark' and 'swathy'.

281. Ebony (Latin origin) meaning 'deep black wood'.

282. Eligio (Italian origin) meaning to choose.

283. Elsinore (Gothic origin) it is the name of Hamlets castle.

284. Ember (German origin) meaning 'a low-burning fire'.

285. Enyo (Greek origin) she was a blood thirsty goddess of war and destruction.

286. Erembour (English origin) a character from mythology who used to ride on shadows.

287. Estelle (Occitan origin) meaning 'noise' or 'star'.

288. Esther (Persian origin) meaning 'hide'.

289. Eulalie (French origin) meaning 'sweet talk'.

290. Euryale (Greek origin) meaning 'roaming'.

291. Fino (Italian origin) meaning 'burning one' or 'serpent'.

292. Freya (Scandinavian origin) meaning 'strong willed'.

293. Gaspare (Italian origin) meaning 'treasurer'.

294. Golgotha ( Aramaic origin) meaning skull.

295. Grimoire (Gothic origin) is a book of incantations.

296. Guaricana (Brazilian origin) is a devil from Brazil.

297. Hadria (Latin origin) meaning 'dark' or 'shady'.

298. Hala (Arabic origin) meaning 'halo around the Moon'.

299. Hamutal (Hebrew origin) meaning 'shadow of his heat'.

300. Hantu Kopek (Malaysian origin) meaning' breast ghost'.

301. Haures (Hebrew origin) meaning' frightful'.

302. Hel (Norse origin) meaning 'world of the dead'.

303. Herensugue (Basque origin) is a name of a mythical dragon.

304. Iba (Arabic origin) meaning 'pride'.

305. Ingrum (German origin) meaning 'Angel raven'.

306. Inmai (Tamil origin) meaning 'deprivation'.

307. Itzcoliuhqui (Aztec origin) meaning 'curved obsidian blade'.

308. Jahi (English origin) meaning 'evil'.

309. Jemisha (Sanskrit origin) meaning 'queen of darkness'.

310. Jezebeth (Greek origin) meaning 'fallen angels of falsehood'.

311. Jilaiya (Malaysian origin) meaning 'young thunder'.

312. Juhainah (Arabic origin) meaning 'darkness at the end of the night'.

313. Kalevala (Finnish origin) meaning 'mystical land'.

314. Karau (German origin) meaning 'extremes'.

315. Kasdeya (English origin) meaning 'female demon of poison'.

316. Keres (Greek origin) meaning 'death spirits'.

317. Keron (Hebrew origin) meaning 'rocky island'.

318. Kieran (Irish origin) meaning 'little dark one'.

319. Kikimora (Russian origin) meaning 'female house spirit'.

320. Kok-Lir (Borneo origin) is a goddess of Iban Dayak of Sarawak.

321. Krasue (Thai origin) meaning 'nocturnal'.

322. Kyra (Celtic origin) meaning 'little dark haired one'.

323. Leanan (Gaelic origin) meaning 'little cloak'.

333. Leanan Sidhe (Irish origin) are types of demons or evil fairies in Irish mythology.

334. Lebara (German origin) meaning 'to work'.

335. Lisha (Hindu origin) meaning 'mystery'.

336. Louhi (Finnish origin) meaning 'trance'.

337. Mammon (Biblical origin) meaning 'an evil demon'.

338. Mare (Hebrew origin) meaning 'bitter'.

339. Mastema (Hebrew origin) meaning 'hatred'.

340. Maurelle (English origin) meaning 'dark'.

341. Melancholia (Greek origin) meaning 'black bite'.

342. Melanthaha (Greek origin) meaning 'dark flower'.

343. Merel (Dutch origin) meaning 'black bird'.

344. Merula (Latin origin) meaning 'black bird.

345. Mindy (American origin) meaning 'black'.

346. Morana (Slavicorigin) is the name of the goddess of winter and death.

347. Morrisa (latin origin) meaning 'dark one'.

348. Mullin (Irish origin) meaning 'warrior'.

349. Mush (English origin) meaning 'cereal'.

350. Myrtle (Greek origin) meaning 'the tree'.

351. Naburus (Greek origin) meaning 'a marquis of hell'.

352. Narine (Latn origin) meaning 'a dark person'.

353. Narkissa (Greek origin) meaning 'numbness'.

354. Nephilim (Hebrew origin) meaning 'the fallen ones'.

355. Nerio (Roman origin) is the Roman goddess of war.

356. Nin (Malaysian origin) meaning 'Saphire'.

357. Nocnitsa (Polish origin) meaning 'night hag'.

358. Noire (French origin) meaning 'black'.

359. Norman (Irish origin) means 'from north'.

360. Nox (Greek origin) means 'night'.

361. Nunzio (Latin origin) means 'messenger'.

362. Nybras (American origin) is a demon who make evil appear good.

363. Nysrogh (Hebrew origin) means 'an inferior demon'.

364. Oleander (Greek origin) signifies flower known for its toxicity.

365. Onyx (Arabic origin) means 'sadness'.

366. Orazio (Latinn origin) meaning 'persuade'.

367. Orfeo (Italian origin) means 'the darkness of night'.

368. Orias (Greek origin) means 'incubus of divination'.

369. Palden Lhamo (Buddhist origin) means 'warathful diety'.

370. Pangari (Australian origin) means 'a shadow'.

371. Pazuzu (Babylonian origin) means 'evil spirit'.

372. Pellegrino (Italian origin) means 'wanderer'.

373. Perdita (English origin) means 'she who is lost'.

374. Philotanus (Irish origin) means 'demon'.

375. Pitkis

376. Ponzio (Italian origin) means 'the sea'.

377. Puck (English origin) means 'mischievous spirit'.

378. Pugsley

379. Pyro (Greek origin) means 'fire'.

380. Qanel (Malaysian origin) meaning 'dark canal'.

381. Qarinah (Urdu origin) means 'the way'.

382. Raum (Scandinavian origin) means 'big'.

383. Regan (Irish origin) means 'impulsive'.

384. Rimmon (Hebrew origin) means 'pomegranate'.

385. Ronwe (Christian origin) means 'inferior demon'.

386. Rue (Greek origin) means 'regret'.

387. Sable (Slavic origin) means 'black'.

388. Sage (Irish origin) means 'wise'.

389. Samael (Hebrew origin) meaning 'adversary'.

390. Samara (Latin origin) means 'seed of elm'.

391. Samhain (Irish origin) means 'end'.

392. Satanael (Australian origin) means 'dark'.

393. Sayah (Arabic origin) means shadow'.

394. Scathach (Gaelic origin) means 'the one in shadows'.

395. Semele (Greek origin)is the daughter of Cadmus consumed by flames when visited by Zeus

396. Sonneillon is the demon of hate and envy.

397. Shabriri (Hebrew origin) 'demon of blindness'.

398. Shamayla (Hindi origin) meaning dark beauty.

399. Sierra (Spanish origin) signifies a sharp tool.

400. Silvano (Latin origin) signifies someone 'who lives in the forest'.

401. Sonneillon (Latin origin) means 'Demon of Hatred'.

Sauda (African origin) meaning 'dark beauty'.

403. Sullen (Gothic origin) is a person with short-temper.

404. Tabitha (Aramaic origin) means 'evil roe buck'.

405. Tacito (Italian origin) means 'silent'.

406. Tamasi (Hindu origin) means 'night'.

407. Thamuz (Christian origin) refers to representative of hell.

408. Tuchulcha (Roman origin) refers to the name demoness with snake hair.

409. Thyia (Greek origin) meaning to sacrifice.

410. Thyone (Greek origin) is an alternative name for Semele.

411. Titania (Greek origin) meaning 'Giant'.

412. Troian (Slavic origin) meaning 'Trinity'.

413. Ukobach (Christian origin) represents fire demon.

414. Usha (Sanskrit origin) means dawn.

415. Valafar (Christian origin) signifies 'duke of hell'.

416. Verin (Christian origin) signifies 'demon lord'.

417. Vritra (Sanskrit origin) signifies demonic serpent.

418. Wele Gumali (African origin) meaning someone who bringing misfortune.

419. Xa-Mul (Filipino origin) refers to an evil spirit.

420. Xaphan (Christian origin) meaning someone who starts fire.

421. Xic (Christian origin) signifies demon.

422. Yalocan Tumulu (Surinam origin) means demon of the night.

423. Yamaraja (Sanskrit origin) signifies 'God of Death'.

424. Zaebos (European origin) signifiesa crocodile-riding demon.

425. Zagam (Arabic origin) signifies an 'fallen angel'.

426. Zella (Yiddish origin) signifying 'grey fighting maiden'.

427. Zillah (Hebrew origin) meaning shadow.

Female Names from Demon Slayer

428. Nakime (Japanese origin) Demoness Nakime follows her victims before killing them. She has light white skin.

429. Makio (Japanese origin) a young, headstrong woman and a demon slayer with scars from battles.

430. Spider Demon (Japanese origin) She had a special Blood Demon Art that allowed her to link her threads to her prey and manipulate several puppets at the same time.

431. Kamado Kie (Japanese origin) is a single mother who helped her brother to fight.

432. Makomo (Japanese origin) She has the ability to breathe underwater and is also a little mysterious.

433. Ubuyashiki Amane (Japanese origin) She is eccentric and part of Demon Slayer Corps who showed loyalty till the end.

434. Suma (Japanese origin) Suma possesses some shinobi skills and fighting skills.

435. Hinatsuru (Japanese origin) A strong, determined woman who is capable of espionage and infiltration.

436. Ruka Rengoku (Japanese origin) She is a mother who is bedridden but wnats to use strength for the benefit of people.

437. Tamayo (Japanese origin) is a demon who studied about Demon transformation. For her survival, instead of killing humans for blood, she chose to buy it from them.

438. Kanae Kocho (Japanese origin)She has killed over 50 demons and kills them with a poisoned sword.

439. Kanao Tsuyuri (Japanese origin) Kanao is a quiet girl endowed with extraordinary physical strength and powers who was abused in her past.

440. Daki (Japanese origin) is a strong demoness who has murdered numerous Hashira.

441. Shinobu Kocho (Japanese origin) is a demon slayer who joined Demon Slayer Corps after a demon killed her parents.

442. Muzan (Japanese origin) This devil can change into a variety of genders and identities, including a woman, to seduce people.

443. Kotoha Hashibira (Japanese origin) is a typical, attractive young person who was abused by her family.

444. Mitsuri Kanroji (Japanese origin) is a demon slayer with a more robust muscle composition to withstand attacks.

445. Nezuko Kamado (Japanese origin) is a demoness with remarkable growth rates and regeneration powers.

Demoness names from Anime

446. Ai Enma (Japanese origin) She is a demon who makes deals with those who are distressed.

447. Akeno Himejima (Japanese origin) Akeno is a stunning young demoness with long black hair and violet eyes. She possesses lightning power.

448. Albedo (Japanese origin)She dresses in all-black amour to protect herself while also alluring others.

449. Amira (Japanese origin) a powerfully strong and agile hybrid demon and angel.

450. Ayame (Japanese origin) is a wolf demon who kills magicians.

451. Andras (Hebrew origin) is a demon who is tenacious in her pursuit of her love.

452. Clare (Japanese origin) A hybrid that is half human and half Yoma that feasts on human blood and flesh.

453. Eve Reese (Japanese origin) is a demon from the black-winged tribe with the ability to make magical armour and a potential demon lord.

454. Irina Shidou (Japanese origin) She draws her strength from the sun and possesses exorcist-like abilities.

455. Kishirika Kishirisu (Japanese origin) is an eternal demoness.

456. Kuroka (Japanese origin) She is the older sister of Koneko Toujou and casts spell to protect herself.

457. Latina (Japanese origin) is an eight year old girl who has a charming appearance and is a cute devil.

458. Mao Demon Queen (Japanese origin) She is the Demon Realm's absolute ruler and the female protagonist. Her skills, yet she can develop a strategy based on information and has foresight.

459. Maria Naruse (Japanese origin) is a succubus who, despite her age, possesses extraordinary power and abilities. She has pride and likes to tease others.

460. Mina Ashido (Japanese origin) Mina's combat skills aren't very strong, but she uses acid as her weapon to combat.

461. Mio Naruse (Japanese origin) a human demoness with the ability to manipulate gravity and use spells.

462. Milim Nava (Japanese origin) demon lord with excessive power who could come off as impatient and immature.

463. Nelliel Tu Oderschvank (Japanese origin) is a demon with two curved and sharp horns with a fighting spirit.

464. Rem (Japanese origin) Demoness with magical healing and water-controlling abilities.

465. Ram (Japanese origin) Demoness having the ability to see another being's field of vision. 

466. Rias Gremory (Japanese origin) is a stunning young woman with amazing demonic power that she inherited from her parents.

467. Roxy Migurdia (Japanese origin) She performs magic and is a member of the Migurd Tribe of the Demon Race.

468. Rukia Kuchiki (Japanese origin) She mostly uses restraining and damaging abilities in her attacks.

469. Satanichia Kurumizawa Mcdowell (Japanese origin) She is a mischievous demon who always gets into trouble for her tricks.

470. Touka Kirishima (Japanese origin) She is a ghoul with the ability to change the hardness of her one wing at will.

471. Xenovia Quarta (Japanese origin) Demonic being with blue hair who can reincarnate.

472. Youko Shiragami (Japanese origin) Vampire with long canines and green hair.

473. Yuko Yoshida (Japanese origin) a member of the dark clan with dream-entering abilities.

474. Zero Two (Japanese origin) demoness who sacrificed her life in order to save humans.

Female demon Hunter Names

475. Alaselm Haggard

476. Besin The Constructed

477. Cabrix Alure

478. Cauvash Magnus

479. Churotia The Demon

480. Chravana The Renovator

481. Curis Morte

482. Critulah Morbide

483. Crurina Graves

484. Digami The Soulreaper

485. Docia The Inquisitor

486. Feiviah The Soulkeeper

487. Fiopeste Sanguis

488. Grureda The Constructor

489. Haghana Umbra

490. Kaupeste The Soulreaper

491. Kroxaura Nyte

492. Laven Blackhand

493. Mouhilde Dreadmore

494. Mudira Doomwhisper

495. Muroti Whisper

496. Odreress The Risen

497. Oritulah Mildew

498. Podira Rane

499. Priress The Beast

500. Progrid Putrescence

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