100+ Best Female Demon Names For Your Characters

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Why Demon Names?

Faith in demons goes as far as the Paleolithic age, arising from humanity's fear of the unknown, the strange, and the horrific. All cultures have a few evil witches or demons mentioned in their folklore.

If you want to write a scary story with an evil villain, these names are a great idea. You can use these names' meanings as inspiration and develop your versions of their stories.

Female Demons' Names From Asia And Oceania

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1. Abere (Melanesian origin) - is a demoness talked about in the mythic stories of Melanesia.

2. Akhkhazu (Akkadian origin) - is a female demon from Akkadian mythology.

3. Al Basty (Sumerian origin) - an ancient Sumerian female spirit supposed to be the personification of guilt. The name means being guilty.

4. Alkonost (Russian origin) - is an evil demon bird with the head of a woman from Russia.

5. Anna Maruthu (South Indian origin) - are female mythical creatures from the state of Kerela in Indian mythology.

6. Ardat Lili (Sumerian origin) - was a succubus and demoness from ancient Sumeria.

7. Aswang (Filipino origin) - is a female vampiric demon spirit.

8. Batibat (Tagalog origin) - meaning "nightmare" is a vengeful female demon from the Filipino culture.

9. Berberoka (Filipino origin) - was the name of an evil mythical swamp demon in the folklore of the Philippines.

10. Buduh (Arabic origin) - is the feminine djinn of love in Islamic connotations. This can have great use as girl demon names.

11. Chamunda (Indian origin) - is a monstrous form of the demon Goddess Kali from Hindu mythology. For feminine and feisty names of demons, this is a great choice.

12. Charmo Vetr (Middle Asian origin) - is a female demon from the mountains of Hindukush in Asia.

13. Chedipe (South Indian origin) - is a demonic witch and vampire from North Indian myths.

14. Chesma Iyesi (Turkish origin) - belongs to Turkey's mythology and is one of the cat-shaped female demons.

15. Chordeva (Indian origin) - is a feminine demon in the form of a cat in Indian mythology.

16. Putana (Indian origin) - is a popular witch or demon in the Indian subcontinent mythology who tried to trouble Lord Krishna but was killed by him.

17. Dakini (Sanskrit origin) - is the name of a sacred demonic feminine spirit in Hinduism. You are free to use female demon names like this one.

18. Daruka (Sanskrit origin) - is a feminine demon from Indian mythology.

19. Durukti (Sanskrit origin) - meaning 'evil speech'. She is a demon from the Indian mythic texts.

20. Futakuchi-Onna (Japanese origin) - means 'two-mouthed woman'; this is a Japanese demonic monster who takes a woman's form.

21. Gwisin (Korean origin) - are Korean evil spirits who haunt people.

22. Hanako-San (Japanese origin) - meaning 'flower girl'. This is the name of a demon spirit in Japan who haunts school bathrooms in urban legends. Many use this as baby names.

23. Hannya (Japanese origin) - meaning 'wisdom'. This is the name of a demonic mask used for theater in Japan, and many female demon names like this can also be used as baby names.

24. Harionago (Japanese origin) - meaning 'barbed women'. This is the name of a frightening woman ghoul in Japanese culture.

25. Hashihime (Japanese origin) - meaning 'maiden of the bridge'. This term describes a Japanese demon fueled by envy and jealousy.

26. Hone-Onna (Japanese origin) - is a Japanese demon whose name means 'woman in bones'. A scary option for baby names or even character names.

27. Huli Jing (Chinese origin) - means 'fox spirit', are women shapeshifters who feed on people.

28. Jorogumo (Japanese origin) - means 'woman spider' and is a demoness.

29. Kali (Indian origin) - is the name of the demon Goddess of hell in Hinduism.

30. Kino (Japanese origin) - is an 'oni' or a demon with feminine spirits.

31. Krasue (Cambodian origin) - is an evil abomination in the form of a woman.

32. Kuchisake-Onna (Japanese origin) - meaning 'slit-mouthed woman', is a malicious demon spirit in Japan's folklore.

33. Kumiho (Korean origin) - meaning 'nine-tailed fox'; they are shapeshifting demonic creatures that eat human body parts.

34. Lamashtu (Mesopotamian origin) - refers to a woman monster and demon who haunted women and children.

35. Mahishi (Sanskrit origin) - means 'buffalo' and refers to a female buffalo demoness from the Indian texts.

36. Mikaribaba (Japanese origin) - was the name given to an old one-eyed demon woman.

37. Nang (Thai origin) - from the woman spirits Nang Ta-Khien and Nang-Tani, who supposedly haunts trees in Thailand.

38. Nure-Onna (Japanese origin) - meaning 'wet woman'. This woman demon comes from Japanese myths and has a serpent's body.

39. Okiku (Japanese origin) - meaning 'chrysanthemum'; this was a female demonic and evil spirit in a famous Japanese ghost story. This is suitable for baby names too.

40. Pontianak (Indonesian origin) - means 'woman who died in childbirth' and refers to a feminine demonic creature who haunts men.

41. Rangda (Balinese origin) - meaning 'widow'; this is the name of the demon queen of the Leyak tribe in Bali.

42. Shahmaran (Persian origin) - meaning 'leader of snakes'; this demonic creature's name can be perfect for demoness names.

43. Sila (Arabic origin) - is the name of one of the most dangerous supernatural creatures in Arabic myths. This name can be perfect for evil names.

44. White Snake (Chinese origin) - is a name that comes from the popularized demonic tale of the white snake in China.

45. Yakshini (Sanskrit origin) - is another one of the demoness names that you can see in Indian mythology.

Demonic Female Names From Europe

46. Abyzou (Hebrew origin) - is a female demon from Jewish and Hebrew mythology.

47. Agrat bat Mahalat (Hebrew origin) - is a demoness in Jewish mythology.

48. Ajatar (Finnish origin) - meaning 'to pursue', is the name of an evil spirit in Finnish folklore.

49. Akka (Finnish origin) - meaning 'old dead woman', is a female evil demon spirit from Finnish and Estonian myths.

50. Ala (Eastern European origin) (plural: Ale) - is the name of a female demonic spirit in Eastern European countries.

51. Aloja (Catalan origin) - are water demons taking the form of women in the folklore of Catalunia in Spain. This can also be used as baby names.

52. Angrbroda (Norse origin) - meaning 'sorrow bringer', is the name of a female demonic giant in Norse myths.

53. Askafroa (Swedish origin) - means 'wife of ash tree" and is a European evil female spirit with malicious intent.

54. Bananachs (Irish origin) - were supernatural demon spirits haunting battlefields in Irish mythology.

55. Banshee (Irish origin) - meaning 'fairy woman', is a female wailing evil spirit popular in Irish mythology.

56. Baobhan Sith (Gaelic origin) - is a woman demon vampire appearing in Scottish tales.

57. Bean-nighe (Celtic origin) - is the name of Scottish female spirits, which are considered omens of death.

58. Blednica (Slavic origin) - is the name of a Slavic forest demoness.

59. Borda (Italian origin) - is the name of an Italian demon witch.

60. Buschweibchen (Germanic origin) - is an old and wrinkly German demon woman.

61. Caoineag (Gaelic origin) - meaning 'weeper', is a female crying spirit demon from Scottish folklore.

62. Charybdis (Greek origin) - is a feminine sea monster in Greek mythology.

63. Cliodhna (Irish origin) - was the demon queen of the Irish banshees. We can see that this is an excellent option for female demon names and also for baby names.

64. Daemonium (Latin origin) - is the Latin for demon and can be great as female demon names for girls.

65. Dames Blanches (French origin) - are supernatural evil spirits in French myths.

66. Delphyne (Greek origin) - is the name of a monstrous and evil serpent in folklore.

67. Dracaena (Greek origin) - is the demonic female dragon in Greek mythology.

68. Draconcopede (Greek origin) - is a unique name; it means a monstrous entity with a woman's body.

69. Estry  (Hebrew origin) - from Estries, is supposed to be feminine demonic vampires in Jewish mythology.

70. Gello (Greek origin) - is the name of ancient demon spirits. In Christian demonology, they are thought to possess women.

71. Glaistig (Gaelic origin) - is a half-women and half-goat demoness present in Scottish folklore.

72. Hulder (Norse origin) - meaning 'secret', is the moniker of Scandinavian women demons who live in forests.

73. Kampe (Greek origin) - is the name of a female monster in Grecian mythology.

74. Kikimoro (Slavic origin) - is a legendary demon spirit who lives in houses according to Slavic mythology.

75. Lamia (Greek origin) - meaning 'radiant'. This is the name of the children hunting demons in Greek mythology. However, many have used it as a name for a baby, and quite a sweet name on this list.

76. Likhoradka (Russian origin) - meaning 'endeavor through bad luck'; this is the name given to Slavic women demons who possess the body and cause illness.

77. Mavka (Ukrainian origin) - is the name of a feminine evil spirit in Ukraine's folklore.

78. Morgen (Welsh origin) - is a name derived from morgens, which are feminine water spirits that drown men.

79. Mormo (Greek origin) - is a hideous demon woman from Greek myths.

80. Moura (Moorish origin) - from the enchanted Moura, refers to a feminine supernatural spirit in Portuguese myths.

81. Naamah (Hebrew origin) - meaning 'pleasant'. However, in Jewish myths, Naamah is far from pleasant and is a demon woman.

82. Nocnitsa (Slavic origin) - is the name used to refer to demon spirits who haunt nightmares.

83. Rusalka (Slavic origin) - refers to the demonic creature who has a woman's shape and hunts many men. But, this name is one of those demon names preferred for a baby

84. Selkolla (Icelandic origin) - is a supernatural entity whose story combines Christian demonology and local cultural elements.

85. Vântoase (Romanian origin) - meaning 'spirits of the wind', is the name of a feminine demonic creature from Romanian folklore.

Cool Demon Names From Other Continents And Origins

Devil with red horns and black bow tie

86. Aicha Kandicha (Moroccan origin) - is a female demoness from Moroccon mythology.

87. Ammit (Egyptian origin) - was a female demoness and a funeral Goddess in ancient Egypt.

88. Aosoth (Satanic origin) - is a female demon who does the Devil's work.

89. Apotamkin (Indigenous origin) - are female demons from the folklores of Native America.

90. Aynaet (Ethiopian origin) - is the name of a feminine demon with an evil stare from Ethiopia.

91. Cegua (Nahuatl origin) - meaning 'woman'. You are free to use this demonic enchantress's name from Central America for demon girl names.

92. Ciguapa (Unknown origin) - is a mythical demon from Dominican folklore.

93. Cihuateteo (Aztec origin) - meaning 'divine woman'. According to the Aztec culture, they were demons with the spirit of women who had died during childbirth. One of the fearsome names.

94. Jengu (African origin) - is the name of the good water demon spirits worshipped by some native tribes in Cameroon.

95. La Llorona (Hispanic origin) - refers to the women's demon spirit who cries for her drowned children. This is one of the demonic names popularized through movies in pop culture.

96. La Sayona (South American origin) - is a vengeful, demonic creature who comes after men having affairs.

97. Mazikeen (Hebrew origin) - meaning 'harmful spirits'. Mazikeen is a character in the TV series 'Lucifer'. For satanic names, this is a great choice.

98. Patasola (South American origin) - meaning 'one foot', is the name of feminine monsters in Latin American stories.

99. Pincoya (Chilean origin) - refers to an evil water spirit of feminine nature.

100. Soucriant (Hispanic/French origin) - meaning 'to suck blood'. This is the name of a demonic vampire from the folklore of the Dominican Republic and nearby islands.

101. Tsonokwa (Indigenous origin) - meaning 'wild woman'. This is a beneficial demoness from the Native American myths in present-day Canada.

102. Tunda (South American Origin) - is the name of a feminine entity in Ecuador and Columbia known to trap people in forests.

103. Werzelya (African origin) - refers to an Ethiopian demon woman who killed and drank her own daughter's blood. For Demoness names meaning evil, this is an excellent choice for people.

104. Xtabay (Mayan origin) - meaning 'woman spirit'. For female demon names, this is very unique.

Other Female Demon Names

105. Proserpine (Greek Origin) - the queen of the underworld.

106. Pandora (Greek Origin) - she came to earth to unleash the evil of the world.

107. Poludnitsa (Slavic Origin) - also known as Lady Midday, Noonwraith, or Noon Witch. She was usually pictured as a young woman dressed in white that roamed field bounds

108. Lamia (Greek Origin) - once a queen of Ancient Libia, she had a dalliance with the God Zeus.

109. Kiyohime (Japanese Origin) - a serpent demon who was scorned by her lover.

110. Yuki-onna (Japanese Origin) - also known as a Snow woman. Yuki-onna is usually described as having white skin, a white kimono, and long black hair. She appears in snowfall and glides without feet over the snow like a ghost.

111. Shuten Dōji (Japanese Origin) - is described as more than 50 ft tall with a red body, five horns, and 15 eyes.

112. Yamauba (Japanese Origin) - originating in the medieval period, yamauba are generally considered to be old women who were marginalized by society and forced to live in the mountains.

113. Uji no hashihime (Japanese Origin) - in another tale of a woman scorned, Uji no hashihime prayed to a deity to turn her into an oni. To accomplish this, she bathed in the Uji River for 21 days, along with other tasks. Besides her intended victims, anyone who saw her instantly died of fear.

114. Tengu (Japanese Origin) - are impish mountain goblins that play tricks on people, featured in countless folktales, and considered purely evil until about the 14th century.

115. Oiwa (Japanese Origin) - a revenge story made popular by the famous kabuki drama Yotsuya kaidan, Oiwa was also scorned in her marriage.

116. Demon at Agi Bridge (Japanese Origin) - this 'Oni' lives under the Agi river and is known to hunt the ones crossing the bridge. There is a specific story about an overconfident man haunted by this demon.

117. Kuchisake-onna (Japanese Origin) - in an urban legend from 1979 that swept through Japan, Kuchisake-onna wears a surgical mask and asks children if they think she is beautiful. She has a slit in place of a mouth.

118. Aka Manto (Red Cloak) (Japanese Origin) - one of the more popular demons, hides in women's bathrooms.

119. Futakuchi- onna (Japanese origin) - meaning 'two-mouthed woman', is the name of a Japanese demonic monster who takes a woman's form.

120. Kuwazu Nyobo (Japanese origin) - is a word to represent the female spirit in Japanese folktales who is portrayed as a wife with a small appetite and talks in human form. They are well aware of the nature of the ideal Japanese woman.

121. Osakabehime (Japanese origin) - is a female evil figure portrayed in Japanese folklore who is described as a Yōkai inhabiting Himeji castle.

122. Tsurara-Onna (Japanese origin) - is another female demon in Japanese literature and is also known as an Icicle woman. She is very pale and beautiful.

123. Churail/ Chudail (Japanese origin) - Churails are mythical creatures in Indian mythology, which means witch or female demon. It is one of the creepiest female demon names.

124. Shurpanakha (Indian origin) - Shurpanakha was a wicked demoness and was the sister of the demon king Ravana.


Madam Koi Koi (African origin) - Lady Koi Koi, Miss Koi Koi, also known in Ghana as Madam High Heel or Madam Moke and in Tanzania as Miss Konkoko is a ghost in Nigerian and African urban legend who haunts dormitories, hallways, and toilets in boarding schools at night, while in day schools she haunts toilets and students who come to school too early or leave school late.

She is often depicted wearing a pair of red heels or wearing a single heel.

126. Dayan (Indian origin) - an evil witch.

127. Ciguapa (Dominican origin) - mythological creatures in the form of dark-skinned women with very long hair and backward-facing feet

128. Pichal peris (Indian origin) - witches who have turned feet. They are said to roam the mountains of India and Pakistan.


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