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Originally Published on Nov 25, 2020
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Dungeons and Dragons is an online fantasy game, where each player gets a chance to create their characters for playing the game.

The characters are found in The Elemental Evil Player's Companion. They solve problems, explore, and engage in battles and earn experience points known as XP throughout the game.

The Genasi are inhabitants of the mysterious world of Toril. The D&D Player's Companion book comprises all Genasi which possess some unique, as well as some common features.

The most common Genasi are the Water Genasi, the Fire Genasi, the Earth Genasi, and the Air Genasi. There are other Genasi called Para-Genasi, an amalgamation of two elements like the Dust Para-Genasi and the Smoke Para-Genasi. They are very similar to human beings but with a different heritage.

Genasi are good, but they belong to a different world and like to live secluded. Genasi do not have last names because they feel like all of them belong to one huge family. The Genasi have no close resemblance to each other. Each character has a distinct feature.

Some look like human beings, while others have elemental natures imbibed in their features. All Genasi have magical powers that manifest their guardian element. Genasi are, by nature, a proud race and feel superior to other races.

Take a look at our lists of Genasi names below. For more D&D names, check out Githzerai Names and Dragonborn Names.

Earth Genasi Names

The Earth Genasi manifests the features of the element earth. They have earth-colored skin and composed features. They are born from the union of a humanoid and a dao. They have a special power to speak to the earth.

1 . Adam (Hebrew origin) meaning "son of the earth".

2 . Adamina (Hebrew origin) meaning "child of the red earth".

3 . Agate (French origin) meaning "a semi-precious stone".

4 . Azalea (Hebrew origin) meaning "dry earth".

5 . Bartlett (Hebrew origin) meaning "son of the earth".

6 . Berilo (Spanish origin) meaning "a pale green gemstone".

7 . Berquist (Swedish origin) meaning "a mountain twig".

8 . Clarimond (French origin) meaning "the light of the world".

9 . Damek (Czech origin) meaning "the son of the earth".

10 . Demeter (Greek origin) meaning "the Goddess of agriculture".

Water Genasi Names

A Water Genasi is also called a Water Soul Genasi. They mostly belong to the Marid species. Their skin color varies from sea green to blue. They are very patient and independent. They may have scaly skin, blue or green colored hair, and a muffled voice.

11 . Ara (Arabic origin) meaning "a bringer of rain".

12 . Adrian (Latin origin) meaning "water" or "sea".

13 . Aenon (Greek origin) meaning "spring water".

14 . Avonlea is a female genasi name meaning "a river beside a field".

15 . Barbeau (French origin) meaning "a fisherman".

16 . Coral is a strong name meaning "coral skeletal".

17 . Clyde (Scottish origin) a name derived from the River Clyde in Scotland.

18 . Irving (Scottish origin) meaning "a friend of the sea".

19 . Loch (Scottish origin) meaning "a lake".

20 . Monroe (Scottish origin) meaning "the mouth of the River Roe".

Fire Genasi Names

Also known as Fire Soul Genasi, they have elemental traits of fire. They have coal colored skin with fiery eyes. They are born from the union of the humanoid and efreet. They are impatient and speedy.

21 . Aithne (Irish origin) meaning "fiery".

22 . Anatole (Greek origin) meaning "a boy belonging to the rising sun".

23 . Apollonia (Greek origin) a powerful name derived from Apollo, "the sun God".

24 . Baskara (Indonesian origin) meaning "sun".

25 . Brent (English origin) meaning "a person who dwells near a burnt land".

26 . Brigid (Irish origin) meaning "a girl of exalted strength".

27 . Conleth (Irish name) meaning "holy fire".

28 . Eilidh (Scottish origin) meaning "the radiant one of the sun".

29 . Heulfryn (Welsh origin) meaning "a sunny hill".

30 . Mckenna (Irish origin) meaning "the son of a good looking man".

Air Genasi Names

Air Genasi have the elemental traits of air. They are a descendant of djinn. They are physically weaker than other genasi. They have light blue or white-colored skin. They are inherently arrogant and have a disregard for their appearance. A slight breeze may follow an Air Genasi.

31 . Aella-dy (Greek origin) meaning "a whirlwind".

32 . Alizeh (Persian origin) meaning "the spirit of the air". This could also refer to a genie.

33 . Anemone (Greek origin) meaning "the daughter of the wind".

34 . Auretta (Italian origin) meaning "a light wind".

35 . Celestia (Latin origin) meaning "heavenly" or "magical".

36 . Corentin (French origin) meaning "a tempest" or "storm".

37 . Scirocco (Italian origin) meaning "warm wind".

38 . Wendy (English origin) meaning "wind".

39 . Zephyr (Greek origin) meaning "the west wind".

40 . Zeru (Basque origin) meaning "the sky".

Storm Genasi Names

Storm Genasi is known as a Storm Soul Genasi. They have blue skin, white or silver-colored hair, and bruised looks. They are mighty, free-spirited, and love to give a shock to anyone who touches them.

41 . Adad is a strong name meaning "thunder".

42 . Audra (Lithuanian origin) meaning "storm".

43 . Aella (Greek origin) meaning "a whirlwind".

44 . Barak (Hebrew origin) meaning "lighting".

45 . Gale (Hebrew origin) meaning "a sea storm".

46 . Guthrie (Irish Gaelic origin) meaning "a windy place".

47 . Hadad (Hebrew origin) meaning "thunder".

48 . Makani (Hawaiian origin) meaning "wind".

49 . Saar (Hebrew origin) meaning "storm".

50 . Thor (Scandinavian origin) a powerful name meaning "thunder".

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