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Selecting credible surnames starting with T from the unique T last name category is equally as important a task as choosing attention-grabbing first names.

These intriguing surnames starting with T for your characters will woo the people's imagination like never before, right from the beginning. Read on for last names inspiration!

Whether you are all beginning to write fiction or beginning with a screenplay, there is certainly no dearth of surnames for your characters. However, the million-dollar question is that which last names will resonate best with your characters' surnames.

After all, everyone strives to ensure that the selected characters' surnames do justice to the characters' traits in the surnames' context. Surnames, like names too, are meant to be memorable yet meaningful surnames. To make the beginning of your surnames task easier, we have curated an exclusive list of surnames starting with “T”.

We believe that this categorised names list will help you to choose perfect surnames in minimal time. So are you excited to navigate through mesmerizing surnames?

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Popular Last Names Starting With T

After all, first name and surname will define your character in the most evident manner. Before beginning with the surname selection, you must also consider your character's personality to ensure that the last name does sync well.

You need to ensure that your rationale in the context of choosing surnames starting with T last name or surnames for your character is infallible. Ideally, selecting unique surnames starting with T for your character is the best way to help the characters' names stand out.

While looking for perfect last names for your character, the majority of folks turn to the popular surnames starting with T. After all, these surnames sound so authoritative and are well-loved.

These names can easily enhance your character’s personality to a great extent. Here, check out the most preferred last names starting with T.


1. Tailler, (French Origin) meaning "tailor".

2. Tanzer, (German Origin) meaning "dancer".

3. Tasker, (English Origin) meaning "task" or "assignment".

4. Tasse, (French Origin) meaning "purse" or "bag".

5. Terzic, (Bosnian Origin) meaning "tailor".

6. Tesar, (Czech Origin) meaning "carpenter".

7. Tessaro, (Italian Origin) meaning "weaver".

8. Testa, (Italian Origin) meaning "head".

9. Teufel, (German Origin) meaning "devil".

10. Tilki, (Turkish Origin) meaning "fox".

11. Timar, (Hungarian Origin) meaning "tanner".

12. Timberlake, (English Origin) meaning the "union of Timber and lake".

13. Tindall, (English Origin) inspired by Cumbria’s town name Tondale derived from Tyne river.

14. Tinker, (English Origin) name for a mender of pans, pots, and kettles.

15. Triggs, (English Origin) derived from Tryggr (old nurse) means "loyal or true".

16. Tritten, (German Origin) denoting someone who lived by a few sets of steps.

17. Troy, (English Origin) denoting someone from France’s city of Troyes.

Unique Last Names Starting With T

When it comes to selecting the last name or surnames starting with T for your character, you have already been spoiled for choices. Nevertheless, we recommend you to keep a few things in mind while thinking of the last name at the beginning of your project,  to do complete justice with the surnames of characters.

First and foremost, you must pay attention to the era in which your story dwells, to immerse your readers in your story right from the beginning.

Besides era, a lot will hinge on the dynasty or country in which your story is set up.

For instance, Japanese last names that start with "T" will not sound convincing for a story set in Europe. We believe that these unique T names will be extremely useful in bringing your characters' names to life.

18. Tahtinen, (Finnish Origin) meaning "star".

19. Takala, (Finnish Origin) meaning "dweller in the back or someone from a Finnish area Taka”.

20. Tapia, (Spanish Origin) meaning "mud wall".

21. Teague, (Cornish Origin) meaning "beautiful or fair".

22. Ter avest, (Dutch Origin) meaning "eave or at the edge".

23. Terranova, (Italian Origin) meaning "new land".

24. Terrazas, (Spanish Origin) meaning a "person from Spanish city’s Terrazas (Terraces)".

25. Terrell, (English Origin) meaning a "stubborn person or to pull".

26. Terzi, (Italian Origin) meaning "third child’s name".

27. Todorov, (Bulgarian Origin) meaning "son of Todor".

28. Toft, (English Origin) refers to a person of Tofts' locality,' a parish in Norfolk'.

29. Toivonen, (Finnish Origin) meaning "Hope".

30. Tolbert, (English Origin) derived from the Beraht means "famous or bright".

31. Trucco, (Italian Origin) denoting someone from the same city name in Northern Italy.

32. Trudu, (Sardinian Origin) meaning "thrush".

33. Trujillo, (Spanish Origin) denoting someone who hails from Trujillo, Spain.

34. Truman, (English Origin) meaning "trusty man".

35. Tyler, (English Origin) referring to an occupational name for a roof tile.

Ancient Last Names Starting With T

Whether you are planning to pen down a thriller or a sci-fi, romantic, or a comedy, selecting ancient surnames starting with "T" will never disappoint your expectations in terms of surnames. Celebrated as all-time favorite T last names, these timeless ancient surnames names listed below will go a long way in fitting aptly into your surnames selection plans.

names starting with t for your character

36. Tar, (Hungarian Origin) meaning "bald".

37. Tehrani, (Persian Origin) meaning a "person belonging from Tehran’s Iranian city".

38. Teke, (Turkish Origin) meaning a "goat herder".

39. Tennfjord, (Norwegian Origin) meaning a "person belonging to Tennfjord, Norway".

40. Tennison, (English Origin) meaning "son of Denis".

41. Tennyson, (English Origin) meaning "son of Denis".

42. Teunissen, (Dutch Origin) meaning "son of Teunis".

43. Thatcher, (English Origin) meaning "an individual who thatched roofs by straws".

44. Thomassen, (Danish/ Norwegian Origin) meaning "son of Thomas".

45. Thompkins, (English Origin) diminutive derived from the name Thomas.

46. Thorley, (English Origin) meaning "any place in England named Thorley, Thornley, or Thorn".

47. Thorsen, (Norwegian/ Danish Origin) meaning "son of Thor".

48. Thrussell, (English Origin) meaning "song thrush or evocative of a cheerful person".

49. Tierney, (Irish Origin) meaning "descendent of Tighearnach".

50. Torosyan, (Armenian Origin) meaning "son of Toros".

51. Torres, (Portuguese/ Spanish Origin) meaning "a person who lived near or in a tower".

52. Trajkovski, (Macedonian Origin) meaning "son of Trajko".

53. Trevor, (Welsh Origin) meaning "big village".

54. Trifonov, (Bulgarian Origin)meaning "son of Trifon".

55. Troelsen, (Danish Origin) meaning "son of Troels".

Rare T Names

If you are beginning with a mythological masterpiece, what could be a better way to do justice to the character name than zeroing in on rare surnames starting with T?

After all, rare names can work wonders when it comes to respecting the cultural conventions belonging to the mythology in the context of the names.

However, it is equally important to do some more research right from the beginning on the meaning of the last names, aka surnames, to further ensure that you are heading in the right direction in terms of selecting names.

As of now, you may simply go through the below surnames list to choose the rare T surnames that you feel do match the vibe of your character.

56. Tachibana, (Japanese Origin) meaning "tangerine or orange".

57. Tafani, (Italian Origin) meaning "an annoying person".

58. Takahashi, (Japanese Origin) meaning "high, tall, or bridge".

59. Tash, (English Origin) meaning "at the ash tree".

60. Tedesco, (Italian Origin) meaning "German".

61. Teixeira, (Portuguese Origin) meaning "yew tree".

62. Tipton, (English Origin) meaning "anybody who hails from the town of the same name".

63. Tiraboschi, (Italian Origin) meaning "shepherd".

64. Tiryaki, (Turkish Origin) meaning "stubborn".

65. Tisza, (Hungarian Origin) derived from the river name the Tisza.

66. Tittensor, (English Origin) meaning "a person from England’s Tittensor meaning Titten’s ridge".

67. Toledano, (Spanish Origin) derived from Spain’s city Toledo meaning hill.

68. Tolkein, (German Origin) meaning "foolhardy".

69. Tollemache, (English Origin)meaning "knapsack".

70. Tosi, (Italian Origin) meaning "clean-shaven".

71. Toselli, (Italian Origin) derived from Tosi meaning "clean-shaven".

72. Tosto, (Italian Origin) derived from the nickname meaning "stubborn or tough person".

73. Townsend, (English Origin) referring to a person who lived at the edge of the town.

74. Tracey, (English Origin) derived from the name of a village “Tracy-sue-mer”.

75. Tsunoda, (Japanese Origin) meaning "corner or point".

76. Tucker, (English Origin) meaning "fuller of cloth".

77. Tuft, (English Origin) referring to someone who lived near bushes or clumps of trees.

78. Turati, (Italian Origin) derived from the Turate town located near Como in Lombardy.

79. Turachi, (Italian Origin) meaning "Turkish".

Cool T Surnames

Based on the era and genre, your readers are expected to indulge in a name and surname guessing game right from the beginning regarding what your characters' surnames may sound like.

Nevertheless, no matter which genre, you are all set to include some cool surnames starting with "T" which will never fail to make your character stand out and sound exciting.

These names will shape up your surname selections to ensure that the last names, aka surnames, go on to support the chosen theme of your story.

80. Taggart, (Irish/ Scottish) meaning "son of the priest".

81. Takacs, (Hungarian Origin) meaning "weaver".

82. Taube, (German Origin) meaning "dove".

83. Taverna, (Italian Origin) meaning "inn or tavern".

84. Teel, (English Origin) meaning "duck or teal".

85. Thorn, (Danish/English Origin) meaning "a person who lived near or in a thorn bush".

86. Thwaite, (English Origin) meaning "a dweller residing in a pasture".

87. Tivoli, (Italian Origin) derived from a Rome’s town Tivoli.

88. Tjader, (Swedish Origin) meaning "wood grouse".

89. Tkachenko, (Ukrainian Origin) meaning "Weaver".

90. Tkachuk, (Ukrainian Origin) meaning "Weaver".

91. Todd, (English Origin) meaning "fox".

92. Toller, (English Origin) meaning "tax gatherer".

93. Tolvaj, (Hungarian Origin) meaning "thief".

94. Torok, (Hungarian Origin) meaning "Turkish".

95. Trapani, (Italian Origin) was derived from the Trapani’s Sicilian city, sickle.

96. Trask, (English Origin) referring to a person belonging from North Yorkshire’s Thirsk.

97. Tremblay, (French Origin) meaning "Aspen".

98. Trengove, (French Origin) referring to a person belonging from England’s Cornwell “Trengove”.

99. Trent, (English Origin) meaning "one who lived near the river in England named Trent".

100. Trump, ( German origin) meaning "drum".

101. Tsukuda, (Japanese Origin) meaning "cultivated rice field".

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