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A Lightning Dragon is one of three dragon species roaming the Overworld.

They're renowned for their flight capabilities and ability to breathe streams of lightning. Lightning dragons progress through five developmental stages and have nine attacks just like fire and ice dragons.

Names for dragons should represent their fiery spirit and badass nature. These mythical beings have been depicted in various cultures and form the basis of several games besides 'Ice And Fire'. If you're looking for some badass lightning dragon names for your characters, find some inspiration from our list of dragon names with meanings.  

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Female Lightning Dragon Names

Looking for some cool lightning dragon names for your female dragon or "drakaina" as they're called in Greek mythology? Here's a list of female dragon names to inspire you.

1. Aashni (Hindi origin), meaning "lightning".

2. Bronte (Greek origin), meaning "sound of thunder".  

3. Chusi (Hopi origin), the name means "dragon flower".

4. Damini (Hindi origin), the name means "lightning".

5. Kaminari (Japanese origin), meaning "thunder".

6. Levina (Latin origin), the name means "lightning thunderbolt".

7. Lyn (Norwegian origin), the name means "lightning".

8. Nuri (Hebrew origin), the name means "my fire". A good name for a female dragon.

9. Rhiainfelt (Welsh origin), the name means "maiden of lightning".  

10. Scylla (Greek origin), the name means "dragon monster".

11. Shyrlonay (English origin), meaning "destroyer of life".

12. Uwibami (Japanese origin), the name means "giant snake".

Lightning Dragon Names For Males

Famous Dragon bridge (Zmajski most), symbol of Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia, Europe.

Want to explore some male dragon names that are perfect for your dragon? Here's a list of cool dragon names you'll love.

13. Asteropaios (Greek origin) the name means "lightning".

14. Bahoz (Kurdish origin), the name means "storm". A dragon name like this would be apt for your dragon's personality.

15. Barak (Hebrew origin), the name means "flash of lightning".

16. Bayu (Indoneisan origin), meaning "wind".

17. Blaze (Latin origin), the name means "fire breather". A good name for lightning dragons.

18. Brontes (Greek origin), the name means "thunder".

19. Draco (Greek origin), among the names meaning "dragon".

20. Drogon (English origin) the name means "dragon". The name of Daenerys Targaryen's dragon in 'Game of Thrones'.

21. Foudre (French origin), the name means "lightning".

22. Griffin (Irish origin), the name means "fierce little dragon".

23. Hadad (Hebrew origin), meaning "thunder".

24. Pendragon (Celtic origin), the name means "chief dragon".

25. Perun (Slavic origin), refers to the God of lightning. This could be used as one of the good lightning Wyvern names.

26. Raiden (Japanese origin), the name means "lightning" or "thunder".

27. Ramman (Akkadian origin), meaning "the thundering one".

28. Ranto (Japanese origin), the name means "storm" or "tempest".

29. Shenron (Chinese origin), the name means "dragon God". One of the famous dragon names based on the 'Dragon ball' dragon.

30. Taranis (Celtic origin), the name means "God of thunder".  

31. Zeru (Basque origin), the name means "sky".

Gender Neutral Lightning Dragon Names

Fierce fantasy black winged dragon illustration

Good dragon names can also be gender neutral. Take your pick from this list of names of dragons.

32. Aratiri (Guarani origin), meaning "bolt of lightning".

33. Asterope (Greek origin), the name means "lightning".

34. Capala (Hindi origin), the name means "lightning".  

35. Ehecatl (Aztec origin), meaning "wind serpent".

36. Ekaitza (Basque origin), the name means "storm".

37. Gale (English, Hebrew origin), meaning "sea storm".

38. Kallik (Inuit origin), the name means "lightning".

39. Kutsa (Indian origin), meaning "lightning".

40. Longwei (Chinese origin), the name means "dragon greatness".

41. Munja (Croatian origin), the name means "lightning bolt".

42. Pyrope (Greek origin), the name means "fiery eyed".

43. Rai (Japanese origin), the name means "thunder" or "lightning".

44. Saar (Hebrew origin), meaning "storm".

45. Taima (Native American origin), the name means  "crash of thunder".

46. Tanwen (Welsh origin), meaning "white fire". It doubles up as one of the good ice dragon names.

47. Tatsuya (Japanese origin), the name means "sign of the dragon".  

48. Tempest (English origin), meaning "turbulent" or "stormy".

49. Vritra (Hindi origin), the name means "dragon" or "serpent".

50. Wyvern (Anglo French origin), the name means "dragon".

51. Xiuhcoatl (Nahuatl origin), meaning "fire serpent".

Kidadl has plenty of great baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for 50+ Lightning Dragon Names, then why not take a look at snake names and red dragon names, or for something different, check out funny gnome names.  

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