86 Paw Patrol Dog Names That All Pup Buffs Should Remember

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List of popular PAW Patrol dog names will help you select the best name for your character.
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PAW Patrol characters have some of the most famous names, considering pet parents are looking for a suitable name for their fur babies.

PAW Patrol is a popular animated series where Marshall is a Dalmatian. Rubble is an English Bulldog.

Chase is a German Shepherd, Rocky is a mixed-breed dog, and Zuma is a Chocolate Labrador Retriever. In other episodes, you'll meet characters like Skye a Cockapoo, Everest a Siberian Husky, Tracker a Chihuahua, Golden Retrievers Tuck and Ella, and Rex, a Bernese Mountain Dog.

The different roles that these characters perform in each episode of the show are Rescue Pup, Robo Dog, Recycling Pup, Construction Pup, Rescue Dog, Snow Rescue Pup, and Robotic Dog.

Are you ready to check out some dog names in paw patrol that can serve as some inspiration when choosing a name for your furry friend?

Main PAW Patrol Dog Names And Breeds

When it comes to main PAW Patrol dogs, the popular names include Marshall (Dalmatian dog), Everest (Siberian husky dog), Rocky (white gray dog), Zuma (water-loving dog), Arrby (Sid's dachshund), Cap'n Turbot (Marine Biologist), Tracker (Whitish Brown dog), Ryder (boy head of dogs), Katie (Young Girl Pets Doctor).

Here are some of the popular boy and girl characters from the PAW Patrol community:

Apollo is a Bull Terrier. He is a super dog who can fly and is a hero. Since he is a hero, he is selfless and very kind.

Arrby is a Daschund. It is a pirate dog and a fantastic thief, but he proved himself with PAW Patrol when given a chance.

Barney is an old English sheepdog. He is a quick learner and is always enthusiastic about learning new things.

Cap'n Turbot is a marine biologist in PAW Patrol. Cap'n Turbot's cousin Francois is also the main character in PAW Patrol. Cap'n Turbot is a valuable member of the Paw Patrol community who appears in several episodes.

Captain Blackfur is an English Bulldog. Though he is a pirate, he is a very reputed dog, and he is someone very mysterious.

Chase is a German Shepherd, and he is famously known as the police dog. As a member of the police department, he also drives the police car.

Claw is a Doberman Pinscher. She is a very strong-willed and determined dog.

Delores is a Standard Poodle. She is a bold, classy, and very optimistic dog.

Dwayne is a Canine, and he is known as one of the most loyal dogs in his pack.

Ella is a Golden Retriever. It is a medium-sized dog and is a very affectionate dog.

Everest is a Siberian Husky. It is a snow dog and is white and black. He is one of the most beautiful creatures that exist on this planet.

Gasky is a Siberian Husky. He is grey and an adventurous dog.

Hubcap is a French Bulldog. He is one of the bravest dogs out there.

Liberty is again a Dachshund. It is a long-haired pup.

Marshall is a Dalmatian dog. Marshall is also known as a fire dog. Marshall is the fire pup for the crew. Marshall puts out fires and also works as a medic.

Marshall is also known as the rescue pup. Marshall is a popular PAW Patrol character. As a rescue pup, Marshall is the lead member of the Patrol community who appears in most episodes.

Mayor Goodway is the overdramatic mayor of Adventure Bay in PAW Patrol. Chickaletta is the pet chicken of Mayor Goodway.

Pupaletta is a Pomeranian. It has brown fur and eyes.

Rex is a Bernese mountain pup. His expertise lies in dinosaurs and lives on dino land itself. Rex is an adorable and wise dog.

Rocky is a mixed breed pup. He is grey and white in color and a mixed breed.

Rubble is an English bulldog. He is one of the youngest trusted dogs in the force. He is also one of the youngest of Patrol pups. That is why Rubble is an English bulldog. Rubble is a construction pup member in the PAW Patrol community.

Skye is a high-flying cockapoo. She was responsible for keeping a close check on any emergencies in PAW Patrol.

Sweetie is a West Highland White Terrier. She is greedy and selfish.

Sylvia is a Belgian Sheepdog. She is a greyish-blue dog.

Tracker is a Chihuahua. He is a brown and white Chihuahua that quickly understands English and Spanish. Surprising enough? Maybe it is because Tracker is a Chihuahua

Tuck and Ella are two Golden Retrievers. They are known as the mighty twins of PAW Patrol.

Tuck is a Golden Retriever. He is a heroic dog and someone who cares a lot.

Zuma is a chocolate Labrador. He loves playing with water, unlike the rest of the dogs. Because of his appearance, he is a chocolate Labrador pup.

Skye is a Cockapoo pup in the PAW Patrol community.

Ice Dog From PAW Patrol Names

Some popular PAW Patrol characters are Sid Swashbuckle (a greedy pirate), Jake (Sky Resort's owner), Rubble (bulldog), Chase (German shepherd dog), Chickaletta (Mayor's pet chicken), Skye (flying dog), Farmer Yumi, Sweetie (princess of Barkingburg), Francois (Cap'n Turbot's Cousin, and Wally (pet walrus).

After seeing the names of many PAW Patrol characters, it's time to see the names of some of them who love ice.

Alaska is a Keeshond. They are found in extremes of temperature and have double coats.

Alp is an American Eskimo dog. They are small and cute dogs.

Berg is a Finnish Lapphund. They have tiny ears and webbed feet.

Blanco is from a breed called Newfoundland. They are one of those dogs who love water and can swim.

Brooks is a Karakachan Bear dog. They are very courageous and wouldn't mind fighting a wolf as well.

Colden is from a breed known as Saint Bernard. They are enormous, affectionate, and have a thick cover.

Frost is from a breed known as Shiba Inu. It's a Japanese breed, and they love the outdoor life.

Himesh is a Komondor. They are also known as Hungarian Sheepdogs.

Izozta is an Alaskan Malamute. They are big, affectionate, and very devoted dogs.

January is a Siberian Husky and is the month of snowfall. They are strong and hotheaded dogs.

Kristoph is a Tibetan Terrier. He is also known as the Holy dog of Tibet and is often mastered by monks.

Lixue is a Bernese mountain dog. They originated from Switzerland and were used to protect livestock.

Lumi is a Norwegian Elkhound. He is a fearless dog and has been used since the times of Vikings.

Olwen is an Akita. Another Japanese dog has webbed toes.

Sokka is a Samoyed. They are ancient and not so big dogs. They are fluffy and have small ears.

Tundra is a German Shepherd breed. They need no introduction.

Wren is a Great Pyrenees. It is a huge beautiful ancient dog.

Yas is a Tibetan Mastiff. They were initially used for guarding livestock and monasteries.

Yule is an Anatolian Shepherd. They are one of the best breeds as they can survive in almost all weather conditions.

PAW Patrol Dog Names By Color

Popular roles performed by these characters in adventure bay are Rescue Pup, Snow Rescue Pup, Construction Pup, Rescue Dog, Robo Dog, Recycling Pup, Police Dog, and a Robotic Dog.

What is the color of your dog? Would you mind naming your dog after its color? We have some names based on colors. Here you go:

Angel is a white dog and needs no explanation.

Blackberry is a bit purplish, but unfortunately, there is no dog with that color. As the name has 'black' in it, we instead use it for black dogs.

Blackie is one of the most common names used by the owners of their black dogs.

Blackjack is one of the black cards from card games, and it sounds fantastic to the ears.

Blackmagic is a perfect name for a black dog who has changed your life for the better.

Blizzard is a powerful name, but unconsciously, a picture of a white dog comes in.

Cotton is no different from a feather and is a very delicate name for a white dog.

Custard is the perfect name for a Golden Retriever who is golden and white.

Demon is a scary name for a black dog, but what else do you need if it suits?

Dove is something, as we all know, that stands for anything white.

Dusty is a name we all have heard in cartoons or somewhere else for a gray-colored dog.

Ember is the name for a red dog if you ever come across one.

Feather is a very delicate thing, and the name in itself automatically brings a picture of a beautiful white dog.

Ghost is for grey dogs. No one has seen a ghost, but a fundamental assumption is that they are grey.

Midnight is a beautiful name for a female dog, and it sounds royal too. It's a name for a black dog.

Onyx was a name for a powerful pokemon, but it will also suit a lush black dog.

Raven, a messenger, generally a black crow, is also a good name for the black dog.

Smokey is a very common name for white and grey dogs.

Valentine is a breathtaking name for a red dog, and it's a day of the color red.

Whitey, as the name suggests, is used for white dogs.

PAW Patrol Dog Bone Names

Everyone loves dogs, but we don't know what to do if they get hurt. It is because we probably don't know much about their anatomy. So, it is good to make yourself well-versed with some of the dog bone names.

Carpus is the bone in the wrist.

Caudal vertebrae are the tail bones.

Cervical vertebrae are the bones that make up the neck.

Femur is the top portion of a dog's rear leg.

Fibula is one of the few bones in a dog's lower back leg.

Humerus is the top foreleg bone of a dog.

Lumbar vertebrae are the bones of the lower back's lumbar region.

Metacarpus is between the carpus and the phalanges, the bone of the foreleg's paw.

Metatarsus is between the foot, and the phalanges are the paw bone.

Pelvis is bone in the pelvis.

Phalange is a bone in the toes.

Radius is one or two of the bones in a dog's lower foreleg.

Rib is the thoracic cage's bone.

Sacrum is a group of vertebrae found in the lower back.

Scapula is a bone in the shoulder.

Skull is a bony braincase.

Tarsus is a bone in the heel.

Thoracic vertebrae contain the bone that forms the dorsal part.

Tibia is among the two bones in a dog's lower back leg.

Ulna is one of the two bones in a dog's lower foreleg.

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