The 81 Coolest Fire Mage Names For Budding Magicians

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New fire mage names, lightning, and fire dragon names are something players actively look for.
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Mageis used for someone who is a magician or someone who is practicing magic.

In simple words, a magician or wizard is called a mage in a game. There are always going to be good mages and bad mages, so you must already know the importance of wizard names.

Players are always fascinated by the best magician names. As fascinating as the powers of a magician are, their wizard names are equally fascinating. This is the reason that players always look for a site that provides them with names that are something over and above the ordinary.

Looking forward to knowing something about the best wizard names as well as mage names. Then read on for the best male witch names and cool female mage names that you know not only sound right but would also make your new player stand out from others.

Female Fire Mage Names

There are many female budding magicians right now. Everyone has their own field of magic, and one such is fire. There are many females who are fire mages.

Here is a list of female fire mage names for budding magicians.

Agnes (Greek Origin), means ‘pure’. Many other languages have adopted this name, like Italian-Agnese. A great name to make your character stand out from the rest.

Agate (Greek Origin), meaning ‘good,’ also means 'referring to a stone or jewel'.

Allegra (Italian Origin) means ‘happy or cheerful’. Allegra Byron was the illegitimate daughter of British Romantic poets George Gordon, Lord Byron, and Claire Clairmont.

Alison (French Origin), meaning ‘son of the noble’, is a female name that contradicts its meaning. A female mage named Alison would surely command respect from others.

Andromeda (Greek Origin), meaning, ‘leader of men or advising like men’, was the daughter of Cassiopeia, who was turned into a constellation by Zeus. One of the cool mage names.

Angela (Spanish Origin), meaning ‘angel or messenger of God’, was a very cool name from the year 1965 to 1979.

Ariadne (Greek Origin), meaning ‘most holy’., was a Cretan princess in Greek mythology. One of the cool mage names.

Astra (Greek Origin), meaning ‘someone who is closely related to stars’, also means divine strength.

Aurelia (Latin Origin), meaning ‘the golden one’, is derived from the word Aurelius, an ancient Roman surname. One of the cool mage names.

Ashton (English Origin), meaning ‘from the town with the ash trees,' is a name derived from an English surname with the same meaning.

Brooke (English Origin), meaning, ‘a small stream’, has long projected an aura of sleek sophistication.

Elanor (Greek Origin), meaning ‘star sun’, is used in The Lord of the Rings. One of the cool fire mage names.

Galadriel, meaning ‘a maiden crowned with garland’, was first used in J R R Tolkien's novels.

Ariann (Persian Origin), meaning ‘noble’, in Greek origin, means first most holy.

Frances (French Origin) means ‘a free person’. Frances Willard is the female magician associated with this name.

Tenko (Japanese Origin), meaning ‘rolling girl,’ also means a ‘heavenly fox-a kitsune that has nine tails.’ One of the cool fire mage names.

Angel (Greek Origin), meaning ‘messenger’, is the messenger of God.

Fay (English Origin), meaning ‘fairy’, is used as a better nickname who has supernatural qualities.

Jasmine (Arabic Origin), meaning ‘an aromatic flower’, is often used in witchcraft.

Hazel (English Origin), means ‘the hazelnut tree’. In mythology, the Hazel tree has branches that are the magical keeper of wisdom and also symbolize fertility.

Hermione (Greek Origin), meaning ‘earthly,’ was the character in J.K. Rowling's book Harry Potter. One of the cool fire mage names.

Funny Fire Mage Names

Some magicians might like to have funny or relatable names to attract an audience.

Here is a list of funny fire mage names for budding magicians.

Faunus Limpfly, meaning ‘ a blood elf mage,’ is for someone funny who can cast crowd control spells. One of the cool fire mage names.

Giles Sicktooth, meaning ‘ a troll mage,’ is the funny one who lost half of his teeth in a battle.

Ingus Lasdater, meaning, ‘a male mage’, is for the funny one who can cast Fire Blast spells.

Minus Cutepug, meaning ‘the name of a dwarf mage’, is for the funny one who can cast strong arcane spells.

Norman Flatbutt, meaning ‘the name of a gnome mage,’ can cast fierce Ice Blast spells. One of the cool fire mage names.

Norman Birdwand, meaning ‘the name of a male human mage’ has a very powerful funny wand.

Adorabella Ladysuckle, meaning ‘the name of a female mage,’ is very powerful and funny.

Beesa Fiercedress, meaning ‘the name for a blood elf mage,’ is fierce, funny, and powerful.

Andromaca Mightykick, meaning, ‘a powerful female mage’, can cast powerful Arcane Blasts.

Emery Birdfeet means ‘a fast and agile mage’. One of the cool fire mage names.

Garby Eaglebeard, meaning ‘high elf mage,’ derives her name from her father and is an extremely powerful mage.

Garby Horseweather is a mage who is an avid horse rider. One of the cool fire mage names.

Ginnade Jollychick, meaning ‘blood elf mage’, is a very friendly mage.

Maud Icypants means, ‘a mage with the power to cast a cone of cold’. One of the cool fire mage names.

Organa Airtoe is indeed one of the other impressive fire mage names.

Splendora Cutefrock, meaning ‘the name of a blood elf mage’, is one of the cool fire mage names.

Violet Moonback, meaning ‘an evil human mage,’ is one of the interesting fire mage names.

Wally Moonfire, meaning ‘a blood elf mage’, is indeed one of the powerful mage names.

Posts on fire mage names are extremely popular with the players.

Good Fire Mage Names

A magician deserves a good name. Selecting a powerful mage name will surely make your player stand out from the other players in the community. Here we have a list of good names for fire mages for budding magicians which will surely intrigue you.

Cassandra (Greek Origin), meaning ‘helper of men’,  was the princess of Troy in Greek mythology.

Diana (Greek Origin), meaning ‘divine’, in mythology, is considered the queen of the witches.

Evanora (Latin Origin), meaning, ‘a gift of God’, was the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz.

Glinda (English Origin), meaning ‘pretty,’ was the good witch in the Wizard of Oz. One of the cool fire mage names.

Hecate (Greek Origin), meaning ‘willpower,’ is the Goddess of witchcraft.

Jinx (Latin Origin), meaning ‘spell’, is considered to be bad luck.

Jadis (Hindi Origin), meaning ‘magic’, is derived from the Hindi word ‘jadu’.

Locasta (French Origin), meaning ‘a local surname’, is the good witch from the north.

Larrisa (Greek Origin), meaning ‘citadel’, is the daughter of Pelasgian and the wife of Cyzicus in Greek mythology.

Puck (Old English Origin), meaning ‘mischievous’, in English mythology, means a spirit or demon or fairy.

Phoebe (Greek Origin), meaning ‘bright and shining’, is a titan from Greek mythology.

Rita (Greek Origin), meaning ‘pearl’, is known as a powerful sorceress and an evil alien who is considered a dent of domination.

Rowena (Welsh Origin), meaning ‘white spear,’ in German origin, means joy or fame.

Slyvia (Latin Origin), meaning ‘the spirit of the wood’, is associated with the mythological God of forests.

Selena (Greek Origin), meaning, ‘moon’, in Greek mythology, is one of the tri Goddesses, Hecate and Diana being the other two.

Alastor (Greek Origin) means ‘avenger’. Alastor Moody was the professor of defense against dark arts at Hogwarts.

Draco (Latin Origin) means ‘serpent or dragon’. Draco Malfoy was a character in Harry Potter.

Gerald (German Origin), meaning, ‘spear or rule’, is primarily a boy's name.

Morpheus (Greek Origin), meaning ‘shape or form’, is the Greek God of sleep and dreams.

Severus (Latin Origin) means ‘stern or harsh’. Severus Snape was a professor at Hogwarts.

Pheonix (Greek Origin), meaning ‘dark red’, is a bird.

Cool Fire Mage Names

Looking for some cool fire mage names? Then there are some of the best fire mage names that will help you select the best name for your character and stand out from the others in the community.

Derren (English Origin) means ‘great.’ Derren Brown is a famous magician.

Dynamo (Greek Origin), meaning ‘force’, is a magician.

Thurston (Nordic origin), meaning ‘the stone of Thor’, is the name of the Scandinavian God of thunder.

Blackstone (English origin), meaning ‘the one who lived near a dark stone’, is a topographic name for someone who lived near a dark stone.

Eugene (Greek origin), meaning ‘of noble nature’, was used during the middle ages.

Burvju (Latvian origin) means ‘the act of magic.’

Dewin (Welsh origin) means ‘someone excelling in magic’.

Carovnik (Slovenian origin) means ‘someone performing magic tricks’.

Jadugar (Hindi origin) means ‘someone performing magic tricks’.

Jadu (Hindi origin), meaning ‘magic,’ was a character in one of the Bollywood movies.

Maho (Japanese origin), meaning ‘magical’, also means ‘truth’ in Japanese.

Ody (Malagasy Origin), meaning ‘spell workers’, also means a wealthy defender.

Arcanum (Latin Origin), meaning ‘mysterious’, is often used in reference to the spiritual world.

Gizem (Turkish Origin), meaning ‘mystery’, also means ‘Enigma’.

Mysteriuex (French Origin), means ‘mystery’.

Mystisk (Danish Origin), meaning ‘mystery’, also means ‘secret’ or ‘unknown’.

Siri (Swahili Origin), meaning ‘mysterious’, is the name of a virtual assistant.

Meritt (English Origin), meaning ‘quality’, was the name of one of the characters in ‘now You See Me’.

Patrick (Latin Origin), meaning ‘nobleman’, in the Old-English origin, means ‘rice’.

Klaus (Dutch Origin), meaning ‘people’s victory’, is a character’s name in the series The Vampire Diaries.

Melisandre (German Origin), meaning ‘animal strength,’ is the name of a pivotal in 'Game of Thrones’ who is blessed with magical abilities.

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