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Naming your llamas could be fun for not only yourself but for your pet too.

Llamas are domesticated animals which are found mainly in the continent of South America. Llamas and Alpacas are species of the Camelidae family.

Predominantly found in Peru and Bolivia, Llamas are used for food, transport, and wool. History dates that Llamas were extensively used in the Inca Empire. After the advent of the Spaniards, these animals were introduced and then, imported to the rest of the world.

The word 'Llama' originated from Quechua, which is an ancient language of Peru. According to a certain story, llamas got their name by accident. Spanish explorers asked the native people in America "¿Cómo se llama?"

(What do you call this? ), pointing to a llama. The natives repeated the last word and thus, the animal became associated with the name.

We aim to give you the best cute and funny llama names which are suitable for either a male llama, a 'macho', or a female llama, called 'hembra'. Check these out! And for more funky pet names, take a look at Lizard Names and Panda Names.

Cute Llama Names

Llamas or Alpacas are cute animals and should have cute names. Below is a list of cute llama names which you can keep for your pet:

1. Aaron (Hebrew origin) means "High Mountain". Aaron Finch is a famous Australian cricketer.

2. Akio (Japanese origin) meaning "Bright".

3. Aurora (Latin origin) means "Dawn". She is the Goddess of Daybreak, as per Roman mythology.

4. Bruce (Norman origin) is derived from the French town of Brix. Bruce Dickinson is the lead singer of the famous heavy metal band 'Iron Maiden'.

5. Dolly (English origin) is derived from Dorothy. Dolly was the name of the first genetically cloned sheep. Dolly can be a female Llama name.

6. Gina (Italian/English origin) is a short form of Georgina.

7. James (English origin) is derived from Jacob which has Biblical references.  

8. Jeane (English origin) is a variant of Jean. This also a female llama name.

9. Kaka (Spanish origin) meaning "Friend".

10. Lance (English origin) meaning "land".

11. Leo (Roman origin) meaning "Lion". Leo Tolstoy was a famous author, while Lionel (Leo) Messi is a legendary soccer player.

12. Leroy (English origin) meaning "The King". Leroy Sane is a German soccer star. Call your funny pet this name and make him a superstar.

13. Luke (Biblical origin) meaning " something that is from Lucania".

14. Mary (Biblical origin) meaning "rebelliousness".

15. Maverick (English origin) meaning "Independent". Funny and Independent llamas are the happiest of the lot.

16. Michael (Biblical origin) meaning someone "who is like a God".

17. Naomi (Japanese origin) means "straight".

18. Nicholas (English origin) meaning "victory of the people".

19. Noah (Biblical origin) meaning "Motion".

20. Olaf (Norwegian origin) means "ancestor's descendant". Olaf is a famous cartoon character in the movie series, 'Frozen'.

21. Olivia (English origin) meaning "Olive" is a famous female Llama name. This is a popular Llama name.

22. Oprah (Biblical origin) meaning "fawn".

23. Oscar (Portuguese origin) meaning "dear friend".

24. Paul (English origin) meaning "humble".

25. Percy (English origin) is derived from the Norman town 'Perci'.

26. Perry (Welsh origin) meaning "pear tree".  Perry the Platypus is a character in the animated series, 'Phineas and Ferb'.

27. Peter (English origin) meaning "stone".

28. Prince (English origin) which refers to a royal title.

29. Puja (Indian origin) meaning "worship".

30. Qasim (Arabic origin) meaning "dividing goods among people".

31. Rachel (Hebrew origin) means "ewe".

32. Raghu (Indian origin) means "swift".

33. Rashid (Arabic origin) meaning "rightly guided".

34. Ray (English origin) means a "beam of light".

35. Rebecca (Latin origin) meaning "to join".

36. Regina (English origin) means "queen".

37. Regulus (Roman origin) meaning "Prince".

38. Rhea (Greek origin) means "to flow".

39. Rhett (English origin) means "advice".

40. Rina (Japanese origin) meaning "white jasmine".

41. Ryder (English origin) meaning "messenger".

42. Sabina (Italian origin) meaning "woman from the Sabine area".

43. Saiful (Arabic origin) meaning "possessing a special sword".

44. Sakura (Japanese origin) meaning "Cherry Blossom". Sakura Haruno is a famous character of the anime, 'Naruto'.

45. Salim (Arabic origin) means "safe and sound". Salim Ali was called the 'Birdman of India'.

46. Sardar (Urdu origin) means "leader or chief".

47. Shahid (Arabic origin) meaning "Witness".

48. Sharon (English origin) means "plain".

49. Shizuka (Japanese origin) meaning "quiet". Shizuka is a famous character in the Japanese anime, 'Doraemon'.

50. Slade (English origin) means "valley". Slade Wilson is a famous villain in the DC Comic Universe.

51. Stella (English origin) meaning a "star".

52. Stephen (Biblical origin) means "crown". This can be a fun name for your Llama.

53. Stuart (English origin) meaning "House Guard". 'Stuart Little' is a famous cartoon mouse and can be one of the coolest Llama Names.

54. Taiki (Japanese origin) meaning "big or great".

55. Tamar (Hebrew origin) means "date palm".

56. Tariq (Arabic origin) meaning "someone who knocks at the door".

57. Taylor (English origin) means "to cut".

58. Timothy (Biblical origin) means "honoring God".

59. Tracy (English origin) meaning "domain belonging to Thracius".

60. Trent (English origin), referring to those who inhabited near river Trent.

61. Trevor (Welsh origin) meaning "big village".

62. Tucker (English origin) meaning "torment".

63. Tyson (English origin) meaning "firebrand".

64. Ulrich (German origin) meaning "prosperity and power".

65. Uma (Indian origin) means "flax".

66. Umar (Arabic origin) meaning "flourishing".

67. Uriel (Biblical origin) meaning " God is my Light.

68. Vega (Arabic origin) means " swooping eagle". Vega is a bright star of the Lyra constellation and can be seen by naked eyes.

69. Zaahir (Arabic origin) meaning "clear".

70. Zuri (Swahili origin) meaning "beautiful".

Funny Llama Names

Cute little Llama standing in green field.

Good llama names can be funny and punny too. Coincidently, llamas are fun-loving animals as well. Let's double down on the fun by giving them funny names.

71.Barack O. Llama - is a fun take on the former US President Mr. Barack Obama. He was the 44th President and the first Black President of the United States.

72. Bahama Llama - Bahama Mama is a fun drink consisting of rum, grenadine, and numerous fruit juices. The drink will surely quench your thirst and make you crave for the tropics.

73. Banalama - If your llama likes banana, name him Banalama.

74. Como Se Llama - is a Spanish term which means 'as it is called'. Popular belief claims the Spanish asked the ancient Incans about llamas by saying 'Como Se 'Llama'.

75. Dalai Llama - Dalai Lamas are world-renowned Tibetian monks. The current Dalai Lama is the 14th Lama.

76. Drama Llama - is a new age word. It means "overly dramatic". Drama Llamas are often recognized when someone completely blows out a simple situation.

77. Lady Ma-Llama - is a fun take on the iconic Rock song "Lady Madonna". The Beatles composed this song.

78. Llamanade - Llamanade is a cool, funny and funky name for your llama.

79. Llamanator - is a punny take on the iconic movie series 'The Terminator'. Your Llama will be back!

80. Llama Bean - If you like Lima beans, you can call your pet llama as 'Llama Bean'.

81. Llama Del Rey - If you are a fan of pop music, then this can be a great llama name. Lana Del Rey is a famous American singer. Looking for female Llama Names? This one is a hit!

82. Mamma Mia refers to "an exclamation". 'Mamma Mia' is a well-known movie which starred Pierce Brosnan.

83. Llamborgini - is a pun take on the famous automobile company Lamborghini. Gallardo and Aventador are some of the most famous sports cars by Lamborghini.

84. Lloyd Llama - is a children's fiction book written by Sarah Jones.

85. Lorenzo Llama - Lorenzo Lamas is an American actor, who has worked in a number of movies and soap operas. '30,000 leagues Under the sea', 'Sword of Justice' are some of his works.

86. Machu Picchu - Located in Peru, Machu Picchu is a 'UNESCO World Heritage Site' and also one of the 'Wonders of the World'. Llamas too are found predominantly in Peru.

87. Ma-Llama - is a fun take on Malala Yousafzai. She is a Pakistani activist and also the youngest recipient of the Nobel Prize. Alpaca names can also be similar to that of a Llama and this could be a great choice.

88. No Prob-Llama - is a cool way of saying 'No Problem'. Llama puns can be great names too.

89. Shama Llama Ding Dong - is a fun take on the famous song 'Shama Lama Ding Dong'. The song has been written by Mark Davis and performed by the fictional band 'Otis Day and the Knights'.

90. Yo Llama - If you are a fan of certain Yo Mama jokes, then this is a definite pick.

Gender Neutral Llama Names

Portrait of White Llama looking in the camera.

Modern people ask for names that can be used by all genders. Enlisted below are some unisex llama names for your funny beloved pet.

91. Almond - Almond is a cool name for an almond-colored llama.

92. Butter - A cute name for your cute pet.

93. Butterscotch - Not just a popular flavor of ice cream, Butterscotch can be a fancy name for your Llama or Alpaca.

94. Cloudy - Cloudy could be a great name for a pale-ish llama.

95. Cocoa - Just like coffee, both Llamas and Cocoa are residents of South America.

96. Comet - Comets look beautiful as they course through the sky and could be a funny Llama name.

97. Chief - A leadership name for the leader of your llama herd.

98. Fluffy - Smooth and light as cotton - a fluffy, cute Llama name.  

99. Vanilla - From ice cream to cake or a unisex pet name, vanilla can be your favorite.

100. Wooly - A soft, squishy name for your adorable llama.

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for Llama Names then why not take a look at Rat Names, or for something different take a look at Names That Mean Pink.

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