70 Grey's Anatomy Trivia Questions (And Answers) To Get Your Blood Pumping | Kidadl


70 Grey's Anatomy Trivia Questions (And Answers) To Get Your Blood Pumping

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Not only does Grey's Anatomy teach you about the human body but also the emotions.

Only a true fan will be able to ace the trivia quiz on Grey's Anatomy. You might need a couple of degrees like Cristina and other very qualified doctors of Grey's Anatomy to get on top of this Grey's Anatomy trivia game.

This Grey's Anatomy test is designed especially for you binge-watchers who have seen them over and over and are ready to answer all Grey's Anatomy questions. Save patient, do an appendectomy, say some dreamy lines, and try this easy Grey's Anatomy trivia and questions. Oh, don't you worry, you aren't passing without answering the really hard Grey's Anatomy trivia questions. For every person who wanted to go to medical school after watching the show, this Grey's Anatomy trivia quiz is everyone's dream. For more long running American TV trivia why not check out The Simpsons trivia or Glee triva?

Grey's Anatomy Trivia Throughout the Seasons

Have you watched all the seasons? Have you played many quizzes on Grey's anatomy? Then knock yourselves out with these interesting, fun quiz questions and relive all the seasons!

1.Question: What was the name of the hospital in the beginning?

Answer: Seattle Grace Hospital

2.Question: George O Malley gets which STD from Nurse Olivia?

Answer: Syphilis

3.Question: What kind of pregnancy did Cristina Yang have?

Answer: Ectopic pregnancy

4.Question: Matthew proposed April with?

Answer: A flashmob

5.Question: What disease did Meredith Grey's mother have?

Answer: Alzheimer's

6.Question: What does George refuse to buy for Izzie and Meredith?

Answer: Tampons

7.Question: In the first season, Derek tells Meredith his favorite color. What is it?

Answer: Indigo

8.Question: The show Grey's Anatomy started airing in which year?

Answer: 2005

9.Question: How many seconds before did Erica Hanh's patient gets admitted to the transplant list before Denny in the show?

Answer: 17 seconds

10.Question: If you aren't willing to keep looking for light in the darkest of places without stopping, even when it seems impossible, you will never succeed. Who said these lines on the show?

Answer: Amelia

11.Question: In season 5, the medical doctors visit which department for the first time?

Answer: Dermatology

12.Question: In which season did the ferry boat incident happen?

Answer: Season Three

13.Question: How many episodes does the first season have?

Answer: Nine

14.Question: Which type of cancer was Izzie diagnosed with?

Answer: Metastatic Melanoma

15.Question: What do you call a patient whose name is not known?

Answer: John Doe

16.Question: What was the name of Mark Sloan's first daughter?

Answer: Sloan Riley

17.Question: Where was Denny's body being sent to in Grey s Anatomy?

Answer: Memphis

18.Question: What was the name of the man with who Dr. Bailey stayed when he was quarantined?

Answer: Omar

19.Question: She was a consultant at Grey Sloan and wasn't liked much?

Answer: Eliza Minnick

20.Question: Who did Bailey hide with during the shooting at Seatle Grace?

Answer: Mary Portman

21.Question: This patient believed she was a superhero because she never felt pain?

Answer: Megan Clover

22.Question: How did a patient infamously end up with a bomb in their chest?

Answer: He accidentally shot himself with a World War II bazooka.

23.Question: What was Grey s Anatomy originally going to be named?

Answer: Complications

24.Question: Where did Cristina move to?

Answer: Switzerland

25.Question: The show's name is actually the name of a book? True or False?

Answer: True.

26.Question: Why is Lexie called Lexipedia?

Answer: Because she has a photographic memory

27.Question: What is Meredith's address in the series?

Answer: 613 Harper Lane

28.Question: Which college did the show's lead attend?

Answer: Dartmouth

29.Question: What is the actual name of Jo's Bar?

Answer: Emerald City Bar

30.Question: What type of alcohol was Yang's and Mer's favorite?

Answer: Tequila

31.Question: Which actor has won a Tony award for her Broadway?

Answer: Sara Ramirez

32.Question: When do Derek and Meredith officially get married?

Answer: Season 8

33.Question: "Never diss anyone's Juju", who said these words?

Answer: Meredith Grey

34.Question: Death always comes in what numbers?

Answer: Threes or Sevens

35.Question: Andrew Deluca is diagnosed with what?

Answer: Bipolar Disorder

36.Question: Who became the face of the hospital?

Answer: Derek Shepherd

37.Question: After the success of The Shepherd Method, what gift did McDreamy give Meredith?

Answer: A glow in the dark Kidney

38.Question: Who is the O.B. that performs a C-section on Meredith?

Answer: Connie

Greys Anatomy Characters Quiz

Watching 'Grey's anatomy' on tv with popcorn

All you have to do is remember who! Answers to all the quiz questions below are the names of the characters from this mindblowing series, which is still up and running. Also, tell us who is your favorite character from the show!

39.Question: What was Lexi's full name?

Answer: Alexandra Grey

40.Question: Who was Doctor Model?

Answer: Izzie Stevens

41.Question: Who does Cristina stab with an epi?

Answer: Alex

42.Question: "A kiss is worth a thousand words", who said this?

Answer: Denny Duquette

43.Question: Who thought George was gay?

Answer: Alex

44.Question: Who gave Derek the name McDreamy?

Answer: Cristina

45.Question: What was the name of the nurse Derek Shepherd dated?

Answer: Rose

46.Question: Who was nominated for a Harper Avery?

Answer: Cristina Yang

47.Question: Who shot Derek in the show?

Answer: Gary Clark

48.Question: Who did Jackson kick out of his OR when he wasn't able to concentrate?

Answer: Miranda Bailey

49.Question: Who won the sparkle pager?

Answer: Meredith

50.Question: Who failed their medical boards?

Answer: George, Alex, and April

Ultimate Grey's Anatomy Fan Quiz (including deaths)


Well, if you've come this far, you sure love Grey Anatomy trivia. The pressure is escalating, and the playing field is full of blood. It also involves some heart-breaking deaths. Try the hard questions and see if you truly are the no.1 fan!

51.Question: How many sisters did Derek Shepherd have?

Answer: Four

52.Question: At what age did Maggie graduate Medical School?

Answer: Nineteen

53.Question: What kind of doctor is Owen Hunt?

Answer: A medical army doctor and now a trauma surgeon

54.Question: How many original characters are left as of season 17?

Answer: Four (always remember Bokhee)

55.Question: In season 1, which senior doctor's significant other is never seen or referred to?

Answer: Adele, wife of Richard

56.Question: After the airplane crash, the name of the hospital is changed to what and after whom?

Answer: Grey Sloan Memorial for remembering crash victims Lexie Grey and Mark Sloan

57.Question: How many people died during the Clark shooting?

Answer: Eleven.

58.Question: How many times did April get fired?

Answer: 2

59.Question: What nickname did Meredith Grey earn from her interns?

Answer: Medusa

60.Question: Which patient and doctor got married for insurance reasons?

Answer: Henry and Teddy

61.Question: How many sisters does Meredith Grey have?

Answer: Three

62.Question: In Grey s Anatomy, Mer's med school professor dies during which surgery?

Answer: Gallbladder Removal

63.Question: Who is the creator of the show?

Answer: Shonda Rhimes and Kristina Vernoff

64.Question: Who plays the theme song of the show?

Answer: The Psapp

65.Question: What was the name of the first episode of Grey s Anatomy?

Answer: Hard Day's Night

66.Question: What was the name of the doll with plastic organs?

Answer: Anatomy Jane

67.Question: How many nieces and nephews does Derek have?

Answer: 5 nephews and 9 nieces

68.Question: Meredith once dropped a heart. True or False?

Answer: False

69.Question: What party did Owen Hunt through to raise money for the hospital?

Answer: Carnival

70.Question: What are the names of Alex's siblings?

Answer: Amber and Aaron

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 'Grey's Anatomy' trivia questions, then why not take a look at anatomy trivia, or 2000s trivia.

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