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National Yorkshire Pudding Day

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Where is National Yorkshire Pudding Day celebrated?

National Yorkshire Pudding Day is celebrated in the United States of America. The day is also celebrated in the UK but on a different date.

Who is National Yorkshire Pudding Day celebrated by?

National Yorkshire Pudding Day is celebrated by people who love the scrumptiousness and savouriness of Yorkshire puddings.

When did National Yorkshire Pudding Day first start?

It is unknown when National Yorkshire Pudding Day first started in the USA.

Who started National Yorkshire Pudding Day?

It is unknown who first started the National Yorkshire Pudding Day.

Yorkshire puddings though originating in the UK, have become a popular food in the US and are widely enjoyed.

History And Timeline

The origin and history of National Yorkshire Pudding Day are still anonymous. However, Yorkshire puddings are believed to have originated in Northern England by the British. The first recipe of the Yorkshire pudding appeared in 1737 in a recipe book as a dripping pudding, and later in 1747, it was reinvented as the modern-day Yorkshire pudding by Hannah Glasse, a renowned food writer. Considered one of the most modest British side dishes, the Yorkshire pudding is loved by most individuals for its hollow shape, acting as a container holding the gravy. A Yorkshire pudding is generally cooked in beef dripping in the UK, and modern-day oil is used in the USA. Yorkshire puddings are believed to have come into existence with the conventional use of wheat flour for baking and have been created due to northern England cooks trying to make use of the fat drippings to roast the meat. In 1866, a woman called Mrs. Beeton is credited for the earliest recipe for the Yorkshire pudding.


First Yorkshire Pudding Recipe

The first recipe for Yorkshire pudding, known as 'dripping pudding', was published.


Reinvention Of Dripping Pudding

Hannah Glasse, a renowned food writer, refurbished the century-old dripping pudding into the current Yorkshire pudding.


Readymade Yorkshire Pudding

The first mass production of Yorkshire puddings was sold.


Largest Yorkshire Pudding

A Yorkshire pudding entered the Guinness World Records in 1996 for its exceptionally huge size. The pudding had an area of 500 sq ft (46.45 sq m).


First Yorkshire Pudding Day

The first Yorkshire Pudding Day was first celebrated in Britain and the holiday has been celebrated on the first Sunday in February ever since.


Yorkshire Pudding Standards' Created

The recipe of Yorkshire pudding was standardized by the Royal Society of Chemistry. It stated that a Yorkshire pudding isn't a Yorkshire pudding if it is less than 4 in (0.1 m) tall.


1632 People Eat The Delicacy

In 2009, the Yorkshire pudding was eaten by 1,632 people at the same time.

Traditions And Customs

On National Yorkshire Pudding Day, people grab a Yorkshire Pudding at their local restaurant or make their own Yorkshire pudding with their favorite ingredients and toppings. People also share different recipes of Yorkshire puddings and serve them to friends and family. People also raise awareness about the day by posting images and sharing them on social media with the hashtag #NationalYorkshirePuddingDay motivating everybody to celebrate it.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Yorkshire Pudding Day

On National Yorkshire Pudding Day, you can make your own Yorkshire pudding by adding ingredients like cheese, gravy, caramel, chocolate, flour, milk, eggs, salt, and most importantly, drippings from roast beef. You could also make a batch of Yorkshire puddings at home and enjoy them with the family members. If you love to eat Yorkshire puddings, you could celebrate it in a classic pub-like setting on the East coast. You can also organize a Yorkshire pudding party and make your own versions of Yorkshire puddings for family and friends. Post the images and share this holiday along with your favorite recipe with everybody on social media with the hashtag #NationalYorkshirePuddingDay.

Facts And Stats

The Yorkshire pudding is honored twice a year; National Yorkshire Pudding Day is celebrated by the USA on October 13, and the British celebrate National Yorkshire Pudding Day in the UK on the first Sunday of February every year.

National Yorkshire Pudding Day is celebrated on October 13 annually in the USA.

Food lovers celebrate this holiday by eating a Yorkshire pudding.

FAQs About National Yorkshire Pudding Day

What do they call Yorkshire puddings in America?

They call Yorkshire puddings 'popover' in America. This delicacy has a rich history in the US and this festival is dedicated to the love of this British pudding.

Are Yorkshire puddings a British thing?

Yes, Yorkshire puddings have British origins since they were first made in Yorkshire.

What is the trick to the perfect Yorkshire pudding?

It is said that the key to crisp Yorkshire puddings is to get both the tin and fat piping hot. It is also recommended to rest the batter overnight for a richer and better flavor.

What is the significance of National Yorkshire Pudding Day?

The significance of National Yorkshire Pudding Day is to celebrate the deliciousness and different flavors of Yorkshire puddings.

What oil is best for Yorkshire puddings?

Vegetable or sunflower oil is best for Yorkshire puddings. It is extremely important to use the best quality ingredients while preparing the batter. Many chefs also like to use butter while preparing the batter for a more rich flavor.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
October 13, 2020 Tuesday
October 13, 2021 Wednesday
October 13, 2022 Thursday
October 13, 2023 Friday
October 13, 2024 Sunday

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