100+ Tree Names For Boys For Your Nature Baby

Choose the best tree names for your child.

Nature is amazing and so are baby names inspired by nature.

Who doesn't like names meaning "nature" or names that mean "air"? As your little baby boy grows up, a tree inspired name will add a certain softness to his character.

By selecting one of the most unique and outdoor boy names, your baby will be taught the importance of being outdoors and appreciating nature. Tree names for babies primarily symbolize strength, longevity and beauty.

If you have planned on giving nature-based baby names to your children, look no further. In this article, we will have found 100+tree names for babies that will make them feel special.

For more nature inspired baby names, take a look at these tree names for girls and these forest names.

Tree Names For Boys

Here is a list of names for boys that refer to specific trees. Which is your favorite?

Your little boy deserves the best name.

1. Aesc (English Origin) means "ash tree" and was the nickname of a fifth century King of Kent, England.

2. Alon (Hebrew Origin) meaning "oak tree" or simply "tree". Alona is the feminine form of the name.

3. Artiz (Basque Origin) means "oak tree" and is a variant of the name Haritz.

4. Ascelin (German Origin) meaning “ash tree” is derived from the element "asc".

5. Ashton (English Origin) meaning “ash tree down”, there was a place with the same name.

6. Ask (Old Norse Origin) means "ash tree". According to Norse mythology, Ask and Embla, his wife, were the first humans created.

7. Asse (German Origin) meaning “ash tree”, is derived from "asc".

8. Ashwath (Indian Origin) is the name of the Banyan Tree considered holy and sacred in India.

9. Aswathi (Sanskrit Origin) meaning "nux vomica" is a popular boys' name in India. It is a tree used for medicinal purposes in Ayurveda.

10. Azuolas (Lithuanian Origin) meaning “oak tree”, it is a unique name.

11. Barbossa (Portuguese Origin) this name is the genus name for a palm tree that can be found in South America.

12. Beecher (English Origin) means "beech tree".

13. Bor (South Slavic Origin) meaning “pine tree” is among the popular nature inspired names for boys.

14. Cedar (Greek Origin) is a name that comes from the Greek name for the Cedar tree, "kedros".

15. Chane (French Origin) is the name for an oak tree that is a variant of the word "chene".

16. Cinar (Persian Origin) meaning “plane tree” is a name derived from "chenar", a Persian word. This word also means "plane tree" in Turkish.

17. Dekel (Hebrew Origin) meaning “palm tree” is among the unique nature names for boys.

18. Elan (Hebrew Origin) meaning “tree” is among the popular natural baby names.

19. Elon (Hebrew Origin) meaning "oak tree" is a Biblical name. In the Old Testament, it was the name of a ruling judge of the Israelites.

20. Elwood (English Origin) means "elder tree forest". The name is derived from an old surname.

21. Figueroa (Galician Origin) meaning “fig tree”, this is a cute tree baby name.

22. Gelso (Italian Origin) meaning "mulberry tree" is an interesting short tree name for a baby.

23. Harac (Czech Origin) meaning "from the oak tree" is a unique boy name.

24. Haslet (Celtic Origin) meaning "from the hazel tree land" is an interesting name for a boy.

25. Hollis (English Origin) means "holly trees" and is derived from the English word "hollis".

26. Huon (Tasmanian Origin) refers to the “huon pine”, a Tasmanian tree and is a common name for boys in Australia.

27. Iva (South Slavic Origin) means "willow tree". This name has another origin from the Old Germanic element "iv" that means "yew tree".

28. Javor (South Slavic Origin) meaning “maple tree” is a baby boy's name inspired by trees.

29. Jela (Serbian and Croatian Origin) meaning “fir tree” is a diminutive form of "jelka".

30. Kauri (Polynesian Origin) refers to a commonly found tree in Polynesia, the Kauri tree and is a popular boy’s name.

31. Kekoa (Hawaiian Origin) meaning “koa tree” is both a given name and a surname.

32. Kiefer (German Origin) meaning “pine tree” is a unique tree name for a baby boy. It is also a surname in German.

33. Lind (Swedish Origin) refers to “linden tree” and is a short and unique tree baby name.

34. Linden (German Origin) refers to “linden tree”. The name is derived from "linta", an Old High German word.

35. Noyce (English Origin) meaning “a walnut tree” is an unusual and pleasant name for a boy that originated from Middle English.

36. Oak (English Origin) is a unique name for a boy that comes from the "oak tree", one of the main trees from the Quercus genus. This tree symbolizes solidity, longevity and strength.

37. Oliver (Latin Origin) meaning “an olive tree” or “an olive” comes from the word "oliva". It is among the most popular outdoors boys names.

38. Oren (Hebrew Origin) meaning “pine tree” is a short and interesting baby boy name.

39. Palmer (Latin Origin) meaning “palm tree” is a unique, tree inspired boy name that comes from the word "palma".

40. Perri (English Origin) meaning “pear tree” is a tree name derived from the Middle English word "perrie". It is among the cute plant names that you can use for your boy.

41. Perye (English Origin) meaning “pear tree” is a short and sweet tree baby boy name that originated from the word "pirige".

42. Rowan (Irish Origin) is an example of popular mountain baby names. This name has multiple meanings. The most common one is the "rowan tree", that is also called the mountain ash tree.

43. Salix (Latin Origin) referring to "the family of the willow trees", this name is among the most interesting and unusual tree and flower names for boys.

44. Selvyn (Roman Origin) is one of the most unique nature boys' names that is a variant of the name of the Roman deity of trees, woods and uncultivated lands, Silvanus.

45. Soma (Hungarian Origin) meaning “cornel tree” is a name derived from the element “som" and is one of the cute boy names that mean nature.

46. Spruce (Polis Origin) comes from a type of pine tree (the Spruce tree) and is among the most unusual plant names for boys.

47. Tomer (Hebrew Origin) meaning “palm tree” is one of the most unique tree baby names.

48. Urki (Basque Origin) meaning "birch tree" is one of the most popular nature boy names that comes from "Urkia".

49. Yasen (Bulgarian Origin) meaning "ash tree" is among the most popular boys' names from nature.

50. Yves (Germanic Origin) means "yew wood". This is among the most popular boy nature names in France.

Nature Inspired Names For Boys

Pick the best nature names for your boy.

Check out these nature inspired and outdoor baby names, for tree loving families.

51. Acker (English Origin) is a toponymic name used for "someone who lives in the meadow of oak trees".

52. Ackley (Old English Origin) means "oak meadow" is among the popular tree names.

53. Adair (Irish Origin) has several meanings, the most prominent one being "oak grave". It is one of the most popular outdoorsy names for boys.

54. Aesctun (English Origin) "from the ash tree farm", this is a unique name.

55. Arvid (Old Norse Origin) meaning "a tree with an eagle's nest" or "eagle tree" is derived from the word "arnvidr".

56. Ashly (English Origin) means "lives in the ash tree grove".

57. Bruce (Norman-Scottish Origin) meaning "a willow grove" or "willow woods", this is a popular name.

58. Burleigh (English Origin) means "fortified forest clearing" or "castle's meadow". It is one of the many names that mean forest.

59. Chan (Cambodian Origin) means "sweet smelling tree".

60. Cornel (Latin Origin) is a name used for several plants of the Cornus genus, also known as dogwoods.

61. Cullen (Gaelic and Irish Origin) means "holly tree".

62. Daiki (Japanese Origin) is a word created using two words: "dai" that means "big" or "great" and "ki" that means "tree".

63. Danner (German Origin) meaning "dweller near the fig tree" is one of the most outdoorsy boy names .

64. Delano (French Origin) means "from the swamp or wetland" and is derived from a surname.

65. Elah (Hebrew Origin) refers to the turpentine name. In the Old Testament, it was the name of Israel's fourth King.

66. Eoghan (Scottish and Irish Origin) means "born from the yew tree".

67. Euan (Irish and Scottish Origin) means "born of the yew tree" and is Eoghan's Anglicised form.

68. Firth (Old English Origin) means “shrubland or woodland on a forest's edge".

69. Garrick (Occitan Origin) meaning "from a place that is covered by oaks", this is a cute boys' name.

70. Gwydion (Welsh origin) means "born of trees".

71. Hawthorn (English Origin) refers to "someone who lives near a hawthorn tree grove". It is derived from a surname.

72. Hazelton (English Origin) meaning “settlement near hazel trees", it is a unique boy name.

73. Hideki (Japanese Origin) this name meaning "bright tree" is a great tree inspired boy name.

74. Hiroki (Japanese Origin) meaning "giant tree" or "big tree", it is a cute tree baby name .

75. Ilan (Hebrew Origin) meaning “tree” is one of the most interesting hippie names for your boy.

76. Itsuki (Japanese Origin) meaning “tree” is a unique name.

77. Iwdawl (English Origin) meaning "from the yew tree valley" is one of the best names of trees that you can use for your boy.

78. Kazuki (Japanese Origin) means "peaceful tree". This baby name is a combination of two words: "kazu" that means "peace of harmony" and "ki" that means "tree".

79. Lapu (Native American Origin) meaning “cedar bark” is a popular baby boy name.

80. Lindley (English Origin) meaning "linden tree meadow" is a unique baby boy name.

81. Linford (English Origin) means "flax ford" or "linden tree ford". This is an English toponymic name.

82. Linton (Old English Origin) means "flax town" or "linden tree town". It is an Old English name that was used as a name for several places.

83. Lizar (Basque Origin) meaning “an ash tree”.

84. Lyndon (English Origin) meaning “linden tree hill” is a toponymic name for a baby boy. It is among the most interesting names that mean earth.

85. Malus (Latin Origin) is the genus name of the tree commonly known as Crab Apple trees.

86. Mayo (Irish name)  meaning "yew tree plain" is among the most unique outdoor boys' names.

87. Naim (Scottish Origin) meaning "river with alder trees" is a pleasant name for a baby boy.

88. Nairn (Scottish Origin) meaning “river with elder trees” is a baby boy name, that is a good name for a tree too.

89. Naoki (Japanese Origin) is a baby boy's name that is combined from two Japanese elements: the first one is "nao" which means "straight" and the second one is "ki" which means "tree".

90. Nash (English Origin) means “at the ash tree” is derived from a phrase in Middle English, "atten ash".

91. Palash (Sanskrit Origin) meaning “green forested area” or “greenery” comes from the word "palash". It is a common name meaning earth.

92. Park (English Origin) meaning “a grassy place with trees” is among the most simple and interesting names meaning earth.

93. Quennel (French Origin) meaning "dweller at the little oak tree" is a toponymic name used to refer to someone living among oak trees. It is one of the most popular forest names for your boy.

94. Quesnel (French Origin) meaning "from the little oak tree" is one of the most popular boy plant names.

95. Stockley (English Origin) meaning “someone living near a wooden clearing" is one of the most popular earthy names. It is a strong male name that would suit any little boy.

96. Sycamore (Greek Origin) meaning “fig mulberry” is a name derived from the word "sukomoros". It is one of the forestry names that come from trees commonly found in Asia, North America and Europe.

97. Taiki (Japanese Origin) meaning "great tree" is one of the most interesting nature baby names. It is made of two Japanese elements: "tai" which means "great" and "ki" which means "tree".

98. Tamir (Hebrew Origin) meaning “someone with a plentiful supply of dates” is one of the oldest nature names for babies. This name originated from "tamar", a Hebrew word that means "date palm".

99. Udell (English Origin) meaning "yew tree valley" is among the most interesting and unusual tree baby names.

100. Vesa (Finnish Origin) meaning "young tree or a sprout" is a popular tree baby name.

101. Woody (English Origin) is a toponymic name for someone living in a row of houses near the woods. It is the name Woodrow’s diminutive form.

Unisex Tree Inspired Names

There are some nature inspired names that are unisex and can be used for your baby boy or baby girl if you wish.

102. Garrick (French Origin) meaning “oak tree grove” is derived from a French surname.

103. Koab (Hawaiian Origin) meaning “warrior” or “flowering tree native to Hawaii” is an interesting tree inspired name.

104. Melia (Greek Origin) meaning “ash tree” is among the most popular tree boy names, but this can also be used for a girl too!

105. Elowen (Cornish Origin) meaning “oak tree” is a unique and interesting name.

106. Jelene (Slavic Origin) meaning “fir tree” will be the perfect fit for your boy or girl.

107. Iva (Slavic Origin) meaning “willow tree” is a short and sweet name you can use for your boy or girl.

108. Elon (Hebrew Origin) meaning “oak tree” is a name that would suit a baby boy or girl.

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