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All The Names Of Hawaiian Islands In One Handy List

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Located several feet above the sea level in the world's most isolated region of the Pacific Ocean, the Hawaiian archipelago is a combination of several major and minor islands inhabited by individuals from various ethnicities.

The eight islands comprising Hawaii are Hawaii, Oahu, Kauai, Kahoolawe, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, and Niihau. Hawaii is also known for different famous isles like the Forbidden Isle, the Pineapple Isle, the Valley Isle, the Garden Isle, the Friendly Isle, and several others.

Hawaii's islands are really beautiful and isolated. Hawaii's capital Honolulu is located on the island of Oahu.

There are approximately 137 islands there, and a lot of people live there. It is not at all isolated and is rather one of the most visited places on this planet. The vegetation over there is diverse and beautiful. Not only are there some islands, but there are also volcanic islands. So, do you have any plans to visit there?

If you do, you should be aware of the various islands in the area and which ones to visit during a short vacation unless you intend to live among the residents.

Names Of Hawaiian Islands

To begin, learn the names of some of the islands to show that you are knowledgeable about them. But don't worry, there are some surprises in store for you, and you will not be disappointed. So, here it is:

Coconut Island is also known as Moku Ola and it is in Hilo Bay and offshore from Liliuokalani Park and Gardens.

Ford Island is located in the center of Pearl Harbor and it is commonly known as Marin’s Island and Little Goats Island. It is not a very big island.

Lahaina Islands by and large one of the most populated cities in West Maui, Maui county. It has two of the best beach resorts to visit i.e. Kaanapali Resort and Kapalua beach. During the tourist season the population can go up to 40000 from 12000, so, one can imagine how beautiful this place can be.

Lisianski Island is one of the northwestern islands and is a low sand island surrounded by corals and reefs.

Manana is a place people like to live in and is known as Rabbit Island, which is located near Oahu island, and it was established by John Adams Cummins.

Mokolii famously known as the Chinaman’s Hat is an islet in Kaneohe Bay and is a part of Kualoa Regional Park it is home to a very beautiful waterfall.

Moku Manu also known as Nihoa or Bird Island is an offset islet of Oahu and it was formed because of debris from the volcano near it called Kailua Volcano.

Paokalani Island also known as the Paoakalani is Hawaii's dry land which is covered by water on all sides. Here, one can visit Waipahi stream, Kalele Gulch, Honokaa Stream, and Kailikaula Stream.

Reeds Island is the new vacation place for people and it is a mile downtown from Hilo. There is a beautiful river Wailuku River and a rainforest too.

Sand Island has a very fascinating history and is known as Quarantine Island because earlier it was used to quarantine ships and contagious people. It is in Honolulu.

Names Of Hawaiian Islands With Volcanoes

There are a lot of volcanic islands but some of them are active and some of them are nonactive. The non-active ones are really beautiful islands with completely different vegetation and aura. So, here is a list of volcanic islands:

Haleakala is one of the most active volcanic islands and forms 75% of the Maui Islands. It began to form more than 70 million years ago.

Hualalai is the third youngest and third-most active volcanic island in Hawaii's westernmost part and it is believed that it rose above the sea 300,000 years ago.

Kilauea is one of the youngest islands with the most active volcanoes. It is located in the southern part and is known as the Big Island.

Mauna Kea is one of the largest and youngest of Hawaii's islands and is part of five major volcanic islands. It is the fourth oldest and most active volcano island.

Mauna Loa is one of those islands which form the Hawaiian islands, and it is historically considered the largest volcanic island on earth.

list containing names fo all hawaiian islands

Names Of All Main Hawaiian Islands

Here are some of the most important islands in Hawaii. Even if you don't visit here, you should know about them. So, basically, the main islands are group islands which are located in the northern Pacific ocean. And they are at a significant height from the sea which other islands are generally not. There are eight such islands. Here you go:

Hawaii Big Island is the biggest and southeastern-most island in the Hawaiian island chain. It has two active volcanoes as well, and it is one of the youngest islands.

Kahoolawe among the eight main volcanic islands is the smallest and has no permanent population here because of a lack of fresh water and there is hardly any rain there.

Kauai is the oldest and southwestern-most island in the chain and it also has the world’s wetter place Mount Waialeale. It is one of the furthest islands from the hotspot and it is a populated island.

Maui is the second-largest island of Hawaii and the 17th largest in the whole of America and is known for its diverse landscapes. It is built of iron and poor rocks.

Molokai is formed by two extinct volcanoes, is one of the biggest islands with a shoreline of 142 km, and is the fifth most populated island in Hawaii.

Niihau is one of the oldest islands and the second smallest islands along with Kauai and is located furthest from the magma-producing hotspot which was the reason for the creation of other islands as well.

Oahu has two active volcanoes and is one of the densely populated islands because of its population. It is one of those islands which contributes highly to chemicals in oceans.

Penguin Bank is the name given to a submerged island in shallow waters to the west of Molokai. It has one of the historical volcanoes Maui Nui and it is one of the smallest islands.

Native Names Of Hawaiian Islands

People are familiar with objects and places based on what the rest of the world names them because the native name can be difficult to pronounce at times, yet the genuine spirit of any location can be found in its native name. So, even if you are familiar with this location, you may not be aware of its native name. Why waste an opportunity to learn? Here's a list of native names of the Hawaiian Islands.

Holoikauaua is the native name of Pearl and Hermes Atoll Islands and it is also known as Pearl and Hermes Reefs which is part of the northwestern group of islands.

Kane Milohai is the native name of French Frigate Shoals Islands.

Kauo is the native name of the Laysan Islands.

Mokuʻumeʻume is the native name of Ford Island.

Mokumana is the native name of the Nihoa islands and is one of the tallest islands in the Hawaiian region.

Mokumanamana is the native name of Necker islands which is a part of the Virgin Islands and is completely owned by Sir Richard Branson, the owner of Virgin Group. The whole island is like a resort that can house a maximum of 40 guests at once, with a few rooms just for kids but not more than six.

Mokupapapa is the native name of the Kure Atoll Islands, and it is one of the most remote island in the north western group of islands in Hawaii it is oval shape.

Nalukakala is the native name of Maro Reef Islands and it was discovered by Captain Joseph Allen in 1820.

Papa Apoho is the native name of Lisianski Island.

Pihemanu is the native name of Midway Atoll Islands.

Puhahonu is the native name of Gardner Pinnacles Islands.

Original Names Of Hawaiian Islands

Names of islands and other places get lost in the modern world, as do nicknames and sometimes abbreviated letters. It's not essential to know any of them, but it's also not a bad thing. Any knowledge is beneficial. Let's start with a little history. So, James Cook named the group of islands that lie between America and Europe the "Sandwich Islands." Hawaii was named after the largest island at the time, known as Hawai'i Island, in the 1840s.

Let's have a look at the famous nicknames of eight major Hawaii islands:

Hawai‘i is also known as the big island in Hawaii. The island is the biggest of eight islands and is famous among residents for its cliffs, beaches, lush garden chains, and pineapple plantation. Do not confuse this Hawaiian island with the state of Hawaii.

Kahoolawe is a Hawaiian island that is also known as the Target Isle in Hawaii. Kahoolawe is a popular place that you may visit with your family.

Kauai is a Hawaiian island that is also known as the Garden Isle in the state of Hawaii. The garden isle is known for its sea cliffs, mountain ranges, waterfalls, lush beaches, and rich history.

Lanai is a Hawaiian island that is also known as the Pineapple Isle in Hawaii.

Maui is a Hawaiian island that is also known by the nickname Valley Isle in Hawaii. Maui is called the Valley Isle by the island's residents. It is famous for its pineapple plantation, mountain ranges, cliffs, and beaches.

Molokai is a Hawaiian island that is also known by the nickname of the Friendly Isle in Hawaii. The land here is called the island's Friendly Isle and is known for its beaches and weather.

Niihau is a Hawaiian island that is also known as the Forbidden Isle in Hawaii. Niihau is known for its sea cliffs, pleasant weather, and fertile land.

Oahu is also known as a gathering place in Hawaii. The island's capital Honolulu is located in Oahu.


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