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100+ Best Fancy Boy Names You'll Love

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Fancy boy names will never go out of fashion.

Names are so important in the life of a person. Names define the personality and create the first impression.

However, baby names can be difficult to choose. Be it a baby boy or a girl, the expectant parents always want to find the perfect name. Fancy names resonates class, pride, and dignity, whereas, an old-fashioned name have a lot of charm associated with it. So, it's a tough decision but there are plenty of name options to choose from. Choose a name that will define the personality of your little one and help him create his own identity.

If you are looking for a baby name with elegance, panache, and style then look no further. We have made this daunting task slightly more easy for you. Below is a list of 100+ fancy names for baby boys which you will surely fall in love with. This list has names which are incredibly sophisticated, fancy, elegant, popular and charming. If you choose one of the below names, be rest assured that you have chosen the perfect name for your munchkin. These names not only sound lovely sound, but they have a regal appeal as well.

If these names aren't quite what you're looking for, why not try elegant boy names and posh boys names.

Famous Fancy Boy Names

Parents love to choose fancy boy names for their little prince.

A lot of parents want to choose fancy names for the baby boy. These names are absolutely charming. Fancy names are very much in demand and will help your little one to stand out amongst his peers.

1. Alasdair (Scottish origin),  this fancy boy name means “defender of mankind”.

2. Aldrich (German origin), this name means “old ruler” in German.

3. Algernon (French origin), the refers to a mustached man.

4. Amadeus (Latin origin), a beautiful name with a beautiful meaning. It means “god’s beloved”.

5. Asher (Hebrew origin), one of the fancy names that will surely suit your boy. It means “happy and blessed”.

6. Bartram (Danish origin), the meaning of this boy name is “bright or famous”.

7. Basel (English origin),  this baby boy name means “origin or popularity”.

8. Casper (Scandinavian-Persian origin), one of the fancy names for boy. It means “bringer of fortune”.

9. Cielo (Spanish origin), a name you will surely like. This elegant name means “sky”.

10. Cyril (Greek origin), this fancy boy name means “Lord”.

11. Dartagnan (French origin), the meaning of this boy name is “from Artagnan”.

12. Edmund (English origin), this sophisticated name means “fortunate protector”.

13. Fabian (Latin origin), this first name means “ bean grower”.

14. Falconer (Anglo-Saxon origin), this boy name means “trainer of Falcon”.

15. Geraldo (Spanish origin), a boy name that sounds regal. It means “ruler with the spear”.

16. Gregory (Greek origin), a very popular name. It means someone who is watchful and alert.

17. Hanson (Scandinavian- German origin), a fancy first name for your little one. It means “son of Hans”.

18. Hugo (German origin), Hugo means “heart or mind”.

19. Ignatius (Latin or Etruscan origin), a regal name for your baby boy. It means “fire”.

20. Julian (Latin origin), this boy name has class and style. Julian means “youthful”.

21. Leopold (German origin), a fancy and elegant name. It means “bold”.

22. Maximilian (Latin origin), a dashing name for your baby boy. It means “greatest”.

23. Ozias (Greek origin), one of the unique and unusual names for a boy. It means “salvation”.

24. Parthenios (Greek origin), this is the name of a Greek river God.

25. Rupert (German origin), Rupert means “bright fame”.

Old Fashioned Boy Names

Old fashioned names are also a great choice.

Old-fashioned and traditional names have stood the test of time for a reason. Old-fashioned does not mean they are outdated. In fact, these names have an old charm to it which make these names timeless. It also gives the impression that someone is wiser than their years.

26. Alfred (English origin), this baby boy name means “wise”.

27. Archie (German origin), this name became popular because of the comic Archie. It is a short version of the name Archibald.

28. Chester (English origin), another wonderful timeless name. Chester means “fortress or walled town”.

29. Edric (English origin), Edric means “nobleman or warrior”.

30. Fergus (Scottish origin), this classic and vintage name means “supreme man”.

31. Flyod (Welsh origins), it means someone who has gray hair.

32. Gordon (Scottish origin), it is a classic name meaning “large fortification”.

33. Hansel (German origin), a beautiful old school name. The meaning is as beautiful as the sound, it means “Lord is gracious”.

34. Irvin (Gaelic origin), it means “green or fresh water”.

35. Isaac (Hebrew origin), a name which is popular worldwide because of Isaac Newton. It means “he will laugh”.

36. Jacob (Hebrew origin), this name has a religious undertone to it. It means “supplanted”.

37. John (Hebrew origin), this vintage name means “grace of the Lord”.

38. Jonah (Hebrew origin), Jonah means “dove” in Hebrew.

39. Keith (Celtic origin), a cool sounding name with an old world charm. It means “refreshing like the wind”.

40. Leo (Latin origin), a short and beautiful name that has remained in vogue for many years. It means someone who displays strength.

41. Lewis (Welsh origin),  Lewis means “famous warrior”. A name wanted by a lot of parents nowadays.

42. Luther (German origin), meaning “renowned warrior”. The name reminds of Martin Luther King, Jr. Now who wouldn’t want that?

43. Max (Latin origin), another short and favorite name of many parents. The name is pleasant but exudes confidence at the same time.

44. Noah (Hebrew origin), this baby boy name means “ rest or comfort”.

45. Norman (German origin), this name refers to “men from the North”.

46. Oliver (Latin origin), it is derived from the word Olivia meaning Olive tree.

47. Owen (Irish origin), a classy name for a boy. It means “young warrior”.

48. Peter (Greek origin), this baby boy name means “rock”.

49. Raymond (German origin), Raymond has something wonderfully vintage about it. This baby boy name means “wise protector”. Surely one of the long boys names.

50. Robert (German-English origin), this is another classic name with a long-lasting appeal. It means “shining or bright”.

Popular French Boy Names You Will Want For Your Child

If you are looking for a sophisticated name but sounds familiar at the same time then look no further. French male names are quite popular globally and are a firm favorite amongst parents. Below is a list of some of the most popular French baby boy names.

51. Andie (Greek origin), this French boy name means “courageous”. Surely among the sweetest names for a boy.

52. Arthur (English origin), this baby boy name means “noble one”. Any parent would love this name.

53. Carlos (Spanish origin), this name refers to someone who is young and a strong man.

54. Chandler (English origin), a very popular elegant baby name, it refers to someone who sells candles.

55. Clement (Latin origin), Clement means smooth in French. One of the noble names for your baby boy.

56. Denver (English origin), this baby boy name means “from the Anvers”.

57. Elroy (French origin), this elegant baby name has a royal lineage and it means “king”. Wouldn’t you want such a name?

58. Gaston (French origin), one of the elegant names that translate to “guest”. This name is easy to love.

59. Grant (French origin), derived from “grande”, it means “great” or “large”.

60. Henri (French origin), another name associated with royalty. It means “ruler”.

61. Hugo (German origin), the meaning of this boy name is “heart or spirit”.

62. Jean (French origin), a cool sounding name with a beautiful meaning. It means “God is gracious”.

63. Matisse (French origin), another beautiful name meaning “present of God”.

64. Naël (French origin), a very popular name in France. It means “triumph”.

65. Raphael (Hebrew origin), this name refers to someone who is healed by God.

66. Sacha (French origin), one of the elegant names that means “protector of mankind”.

67. Théodore (Greek origin), a lovely name it means “blessed by God”.

68. Thomas (Greek origin), in French, this extremely popular name means “twin”.

69. Timothee (Greek origin), this belongs in the ‘names for the cool baby’ category. It means “honor”.

70. Yves (French origin), another very common name, this means “archer”.

Posh Names You Will Like

There are names that when uttered bring a smile to the face. These posh boys names have been chosen and tailored for you from a plethora of options.

71. Aaron (Hebrew Origin), meaning “lofty”, this name was used to describe greatness.

72. Aiden (Irish origin), it means “born of fire”. A great name for a baby boy.

73. Albert (German Origin), a very popular name in Europe, it means “noble”.

74. Alvin (English origin), another great name for a baby boy. It means “wise friend”.

75. Ambrose (Greek origin), a sought after name of British authors, the name means “immortal one”.

76. Asher (Hebrew Origin), this name means “happiness”. A great name for a lovely boy.

77. August (English origin), one of the unique names for a baby, the name translates to “great”. An ideal name for a baby boy born in August.

78. Baxter (English Origin), although the name means “baker”, it is still a great name with an “x” factor.

79. Caleb (Hebrew Origin), a biblical name meaning “devotion to God”. It is a name wanted by a lot of parents.

80. Campbell (Latin origin), a name fit for a baby girl and baby boy.

81. Caspian (English origin), a name derived from the sea separating Europe and Asia, it is one of the cute boys names.

82. Chris (Greek origin), meaning “bearer of Christ”, this is a name that has remained popular through the ages.

83. Duke (Anglo-Norman origin), a poignant name for your baby boy. It means “nobleman”. A name a lot of parents want for their baby boy.

84. Ethan (Hebrew origin), a name as old as time, it still remains just as popular. The name means “firm and strong”.

85. Hugh (German-English-Irish origin), meaning “mind”, this is a very well-known name across the world.

86. Jesse (English-Dutch origin), another name that can be used for a girl and a baby boy. It means “good exists”.

87. Jude (Latin origin), an elegant name for an elegant boy meaning “praised”. Even ‘The Beetles’ wrote a song called Jude.

88. Lazarus (Greek origin), a biblical but uncommon name it means “God is my helper”.

89. Logan (Gaelic origin), one of the sophisticated names made popular by the Marvel character ‘Wolverine’, Logan has become a very popular name in the recent times.

90. Lucius (Roman origin), this is an elegant name for a baby boy.

91. Marcin (Latin origin), a really cute name meaning “warlike”.

92. Orion (Greek origin), a name might be old but the cuteness is still the same.

93. Oscar (English-Irish origin), it means “divine spear” and is a perfect name for a baby boy.

94. Rio (Spanish/Japanese), in Spanish this name means “river” and in Japanese the name means “center”.

95. Rocco (Italian origin), meaning “sleep” in Italian, an ideal name for a baby boy.

96. Sergei (Russian origin), a name very common in Russia for ages, the name still remains cute and popular.

97. Valentino (Italian origin), although Valentino means “healthy”, the name has a charm that cannot be bought.

98. Vincent (Latin origin), the name translates to “conquer”. For the parents who want to make a conqueror of their baby boy.

99. Walter (German origin), a name which sounds so pleasant, it means “army ruler”.

100. Zane (Hebrew origin), another one of the fancy names, it means “gift from “God”.

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for fancy boy names, then why not take a look at something different like royal baby names, or forgotten girl names.

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