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150 Best Funny Steam Names

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As an avid gamer, you must be aware of the online gaming platform and community Steam.

Steam gives you instant access to 30,000+ games, their online community, and also allows you to create your own games. To get started with Steam, it is important that you first create a funny username for yourself.

Every Steam username has to be unique, so you are going to need lots of different ideas and inspiration. If one of these is already taken, why not adjust it slightly to come up with your own unique Steam username?

We’ve compiled a list of 150+ funny gamer names, along with some weirdly cool Steam names, for you if you’re looking for some of the best Steam usernames. If you’re looking for some more amazing gaming names, you may want to check out these clan names, or for something hacking-related, try these hacker names too.

Funny Steam Name Ideas

View of pro gaming desk setup with headset, keyboard, monitor and computer mouse illuminated by neon lights.

Here’s a list of the funny Steam names we’ve come across. Warning: some of these funny gaming names may be really silly, but that’s what makes gaming names stand out from the crowd. Go ahead and choose from these funny steam names.

1) A55 Kicken Chicken – winner, winner, chicken dinner.

2) average_student – honesty is certainly the best policy, buddy!

3) bad_karma – like Justin Timberlake once sang, what goes around comes back around.

4) banana_hammock – Princess Consuela Banana Hammock? Pheebs, is that you?

5) better_than_you – we shall see about that.

6) Cuckoo Clock – for someone who is always on time.

7) big_mamas_house – lots of funny steam names reference funny films.

8) Boingboy – for bouncy players!

9) Busylegs – yoga is great for restless legs!

10) Confusedgirl – where are you stuck, dearie? This is one of the funny steam names for gaming beginners.

11) cowabunga_dude – a way to express enthusiasm and joy, the perfect steam name!

12) Darkrabbit – down the rabbit hole we go.

13) desperate_enuf – we can totally feel how desperate you must be if you’re spelling ‘enough’ as ‘enuf’. Enuf said, might we say?

14) do_not_leave_me – are you afraid of the dark or is it just FOMO?

15) Error404 – ah, the famous message no gamer wants to see!

16) FarFromALoss – for those who always win.

17) fast_and_the_curious ­– okay, now you’ve got our attention!

18) Forevakitchen – is that some brand you’re promoting?

19) fresh_out_the_oven ­– who doesn't love freshly baked goods?

20) godfather_part_4 – ‘The Godfather’ is still an inspiration.

21) hakuna_matata – all's well that ends well.

22) howaboutagame – well, do you want to play?

23) how_you_doing - *blushing* oh, stop it, now. One of the best funny steam names for 'Friends' fans.

24) hugs_for_all – hugs for winners and losers!

25) IAin'tNoLoser – because winning is a habit.

26) i_boop_ur_nose ­­– and we wag our tails for you!

27) i_killed_cupid - one of the funny steam names for those who are unlucky in love.

28) i_love_my_mommy – mothers are the best.

29) image_not_uploaded – one less distraction, phew!

30) InfernalHeir – for players who like to create havoc in the games world.

31) Loaganclaws – sorry, the X-mansion is currently closed!

32) ManWeKilledIt – when you are the best at what you do.

33) matthew_high_damage – watch out for a player called Matthew!

34) monkey_see - monkey do!

35) MrsLivingZombie – a perfect Halloweeny name.

36) my_name_is_in_use - we totally feel you. It happens to the best of us.

37) name_not_important – like Shakespeare once wrote, what’s in a name?

38) NinjasInPyjamas – because it’s more comfortable this way! This is one of the best steam names if you love playing the games in your pyjamas.

39) nochildsplay - this game is no child’s play.

40) Penguin Hugger – Antarctica is calling.

41) big_ben - well, for someone called Ben.

42) Pork_brother – fancy some bacon?

43) protect_ya_neck – watch out, it’s a war. There’s nothing fair in gaming.

44) raised_by_wolves – are you the OG Mowgli by any chance?

45) RollingWins– because winning is how you roll.

46) say_my_name – we genuinely do not know your name, bud!

47) shaquille_oatmeal – now that must be one high-performance oatmeal brand.

48) SmittenKitten66 – hey kitty, you smitten by whom?

49) SmokinHotWings – Colonel Sanders approves of this name!

50) SnideWinner – perfect if your name is Snidewin.

51) SniperPrincess – because everyone loves an assassin in a gown and crown.

52) SomeTacos – chipotle or enchilada with it?

53) Something – for indecisive gamers.

54) SongbirdFatale – another cool name for a strong character, like Black Canary.

55) Spokeswomen – ladies, listen up!

56) stinkystayaway – when you only play with the best.

57) strike_u_r_out – smart move there.

58) sum az whole – hmmm, a math enthusiast?

59) SmoothKiller – oh, a paid assassin. Interesting!

60) Tomato Ghost – it’s only just been Halloween, why not try this name?

61) TypeThatWins – well, if you're the type that wins.

62) Vamprika – vampire + paprika? Spicy!

63) who_am_i – well, that’s a good question.

64) Winwinwin– if all you do is win!

65) XBoxShutDown – thank goodness! You need a break.

66) Yellow Snowman – finally, Olaf’s got company!

Cool  Steam Names


(Choosing a cool Steam username is also a boss move.)

Some may prefer a cool gamer name. Here are a few of the best Steam names, including some OG names, you could work with. Choose from these funniest steam names.

67) Adorable Goblin – goblins are truly adorable.

68) AGirlYouCan'tWinAgainst – for girl gamers.

69) AllGoodNamesRGone – what were you expecting?

70) AshAndPals – if you're a Pokemon fan.

71) Beat By A Girl – don’t underestimate a lady, ever.

72) BeatByALady – cheers to women power.

73) Born2Kill – but do you have the license to kill? A great name for 'James Bond' fans.

74) BoxFort – did you build a fort yet?

75) CantTouchThis – this is one of the best names for Steam players who love MC Hammer.

76) cereal_killer – a funny play on words name.

77) ChangeTheGame ­– when you know you can change the game.

78) Cod of War – you have been summoned to serve.

79) CrazyMind – don’t get too crazy with this username.

80) Cute Kameena – for fans of the film of the same name.

81) Dangerous Khiladi – another film name, this funny steam name is inspired by the Indian actor Akshay Kumar.

82) Devil King – for players who want to cause chaos.

83) DisasterMaster – time for a fortune change, people.

84) GurlyGurl – another funny steam name for girls.

85) KatanaLover – ah, a martial arts enthusiast.

86) KnuckleDuster – someone’s in the mood to pick a fight.

87) KungFuMonk – monks love Kung Fu!

88) LaGamer – hello, the one and only gamer.

89) ManOntheJungle – do you by any chance know Tarzan?

90) MasterThief – Like Ali Baba, the master of thieves.

91) MattressFort – sounds incredibly cozy.

92) MindlessKilling – you need a strategy, buddy!

93) Miss Glock&heels – a fashionista gamer.

94) mother_of_dragons – Daenerys Targaryen was everyone’s favorite, indeed.

95) MurderedByAGirl ­– anyone can be a ruthless gamer.

96) Mystify – it’s getting a little confusing now *wondering*.

97) NotAGirlyGirl – for the not-so-girly girls out there.

98) PillowFort – for when you’re really in need of some rest.

99) PsychoGirl – sounds cool enough to be a superhero name.

100) QueenPlayer – you’re the Queen of the game.

101) real_name_hidden – well, your identity is safe.

102) RomanRuler – when you are a legend who rules the game.

103) SavageHorseman – just like the four horsemen.

104) SmilingSadist – one man’s pain is another’s joy.

105) spartan chick – Spartans, charge…

106) Spartenette – like Smurfette, but a Spartan.

107) TheFemaleSensei – hello, teacher.

108) TheSilentBang – surprise your enemies, they say.

109) TheZodiac – what does your fortune have in store for you?

110) VictoryOverBoys – because why should boys win all the time?

Some Weird Steam Names

Gaming game play tv fun gamer gamepad guy controller video console playing player holding hobby playful enjoyment view concept.

Don’t we all like people who are weirdly funny? It’s sort of the same when it comes to the best Steam names too. Some of us, or rather most of us, prefer usernames that are weird yet amusing. Here are a few good steam names to inspire you.

111) 12Nuns – like the 12 apostles.

112) aDistraction – when you are good at distracting.

113) AHungryPolarBear – let’s get you some fish, shall we?

114) Angry Groceries – we didn’t know groceries had emotions.

115) anonymouse – because not all mice like to be identified. Definitely one of the cool Steam names.

116) crazy_cat_lady – how many cats do you have?

117) cute_as_ducks – ducks are too cute for words.

118) dangerous_with_rocks – right! We’ll stay away from the rocks.

119) dumbest_man_alive – you don’t hold much of an opinion about yourself, do you?

120) google_was_my_idea – oh, there you are. Thank goodness, we finally found you!

121) Granny’s Tuna – because grandmothers make the greatest meals.

122) GunnerBomb – in the game either you gun or you bomb, that’s a better strategy.

123) im_watching_you – so, you are the big brother.

124) itchytowin – for those desperate for victory.

125) laugh_till_u_pee – you must be one hilarious soul.

126) master_of_them_all – when you are the gaming master.

127) me_for_president – it’s going to be a tough fight. You really up for it?

128) MondayGUNS – shoot Monday blues for good.

129) Moon Man06Ox – ambitions, much?

130) MortalMonkey – we are all mortals, and we evolved from monkeys.

131) MostHaunted – it’s a zombie apocalypse.

132) not_james_bond – of course, no one can take 007’s place.

133) owlgod – for animal lovers.

134) PistolPrincess – a super cool princess name.

135) PonyCloud – because life’s all about ponies and rainbows.

136) PurpleBunnySlippers – those must be really cute.

137) rambo_was_real – and a hero too.

138) RockYourDead – because you don’t want the dead walking amongst you.

139) sinking_swimmer – you can’t be a swimmer if you’re sinking.

140) SniperLyfe – a gamer assassin’s life.

141) Snowman – a Christmas themed gamer name.

142) SoulessImperator – you must be one strict commander.

143) SpiderPig – ah, a 'Simpsons' fan.

144) tankrider – for a gaming war experience.

145) thinking_of_winning – when winning is on your mind.

146) unfriend_now – if you say so.

147) whos_gonna_win – because you know the answer is you.

148) Woo Woo – a good distraction term.

149) Zeldarian – are you a fan of ‘World Of Warcraft’ or ‘The Legend Of Zelda’?

150) zero_deaths – that’s a good track record.

There are a lot of other great names articles on Kidadl to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for funny Steam names, then why not look at these tryhard names and nicknames for gamers or for something different take a look at these funny Mage names.

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