100 Best Girl Names That Mean Warrior That Are Beautiful And Fierce

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best warrior names for girls
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These warrior names are perfect for the toughest and the strongest babies. Choosing a name that means warrior means you can symbolize the strength of your baby girl.

Choosing a strong and unique name can be difficult. These girl names that mean warrior are perfect to add to your list of names for your fierce baby girl. Maybe you want a warrior name to show that your baby has triumphed against all odds? These names will perfectly show that you and your baby overcame the odds.

Maybe you already have an idea of what sort of name you would want. Maybe you want a Norse name, or a name from mythology, or even the name of a famous warrior woman throughout history. Maybe you want a fierce name for your baby or a name that is tough. This list has all of those.

These names will show that your baby is strong in spirit, as well as showing they will have strength in the future. These names represent bravery, courage and strength. The beautiful names in this list are strong and unique; any of these names would be great to add to your baby name list.

Girl Baby Names That Mean Warrior

These baby names that mean warrior are perfect for a baby who is a fighter. Choosing a name that means warrior is perfect for your list of baby names. These names all symbolize strength and mean "warrior".

Aife (Irish), means "great warrior woman of myth"

Alessia (Greek origin ), means "defender" and "warrior"

Alvara (German), meaning "army of elves" or "warrior elves"

Andra (Greek), meaning "strong and courageous warrior"

Clovis (Germanic), meaning "famous warrior"

Dina (Scottish origin), meaning "sea warrior"

Drew (Scottish), gender neutral name meaning "warrior"

Earline (English), meaning "nobleman" and "warrior"

Elda (Italian), meaning "warrior"

Emlyn (English), meaning "brave and noble warrior"

Fianna (Irish), derived from the name for warrior bands in Irish mythology

Gabriela (English), meaning "warrior of God"

Gerta (German), meaning "warrior"

Jamari (Native American), meaning "a woman warrior"

Lou (German), meaning "warrior maiden"

Maia (Maori), meaning "brave warrior"

Malin (English), meaning "warrior" or "strong, little warrior"

Malou (French), meaning "renowned warrior"

Owena (Welsh), feminine form of Owen, meaning "young warrior"

Ptolema (Egyptian), feminine form of Ptolemy, meaning "war like"

Valda (Norweigan), meaning "spirited warrior"

Warrior Girl Battle Names

These battle girl names are perfect names that show your baby is a warrior. These battle names show strength during a fight, they may be related to battle, war, or strife.

Alanza (Spanish), meaning "ready for battle"

Aloise (Spanish), meaning "famous in battle"

Bathilda (German), meaning "battle" and "commanding battle maiden"

Boyana (Slavic), meaning "warrior" and "fighter"

Brunhilda (Old Norse), meaning "armed for battle"

Clothilda (French, Italian), meaning "famous battle maid"

Griselda (Germanic) meaning "dark battle"

Hilda (Germanic), meaning "battle woman"

Ingred (Scandinavian), meaning "battle" and"chief"

Luane (German), meaning "graceful battle maiden"

Matilda (German), meaning "battle-mighty"

Maude (French), meaning "battle might"

Oriel (Latin), meaning "battle fire"

Rochelle (Germanic), meaning "battle cry"

Vivalda (Latin), meaning "brave in battle"

Girl Warrior Names That Mean Fighter

Choose a name that shows your girl will always put up a fight. These girl names that mean fighter are perfect for your warrior baby.

Evin (English), feminine form of Evan, meaning "young fighter"

Imelda (Latin), meaning "powerful fighter" and "warrior"

Louisa (German), meaning "fights with honor"

Telema (Greek), meaning "distant fighter"

Thyra (Old Norse), meaning "Thor's fight"

Truda (German), meaning "fighting woman"

Zoe (Greek), meaning "fighter"

Girl Warrior Names That Mean Survivor

These names are for your strong little survivor. Some of these names also mean brave and show strength. These survivor names show strong will and a strong mind. A name like these will show that that your baby will survive through adversity.

Andrea (French), feminine form of Andrew, meaning "brave"

Anne (German), meaning "gracious", named after Anne Frank who fought to survive during WWI and whose story is still taught today

Dana (Hebrew), meaning "God has judges," feminine form of Daniel who survived the den of lions in the Old Testament

Danita (Hebrew), feminine form of Daniel, meaning "God is my judge"

Gala (Hebrew), meaning "brave" and "happy"

Strong Warrior Girls' Names

These girl names symbolize strength and show that your baby will be strong and powerful. A strong name can be commanding. Choosing a name like one of these will be perfect for your tough baby.

Brenda (Old Irish), meaning "sword" and "torch"

Eike (German), meaning "edge of a sword"

Gertrude (Dutch), derived from elements meaning spear and strength

Kyda (Urdu), meaning "strong"

Macy (Old French), meaning "weapon"

Myla (German), meaning "soldier" or "merciful"

Rosetta (German), meaning "noted protector"

Sasha (Russian), meaning "defender of men"

Qadira (Arabic), meaning "powerful" and "able"

Names Of Female Warriors In Mythology

Why not name your baby girl after a powerful female warrior in mythology? These girl namescome from strong goddess of different mythologies. Choosing a Greek or Norse goddess name from mythology will show that your baby girl is strong. There are so many fantastic names to choose from.

Athena (Old Greek), name of the Greek goddess of war and wisdom

Bast (Egyptian), ancient Egyptian goddess of warfare and defender of the Pharaoh

Bellona (Roman), goddess of war and devastation

Brynhild (Old Norse), a Valkyrie who becomes mortal and avenges herself

Enyo (Greek), goddess of war and destruction

Eris (Greek), goddess of strife and discord, often related to war

Innana (Sumerian), ancient Mesopotamian goddess associated with war, justice, and beauty

Juno (Roman), ancient Roman goddess, protector of the state

Macha (Celtic), one of three war goddesses, associated with war

Menhit (Nubian), war goddess in ancient Egyptian religion

Minerva (Roman), goes of wisdom and strategic warfare

Neith (Egyptian), goddess of wisdom, cosmos, war, and fate

Nerio (Roman), ancient goddess of war and valor

Pele (Hawaiian), goddess of violence and destruction

Satis (Egyptian), goddess of war, hunting, and fertility

Sekhmet (Egyptian), goddess of war and healing

Victoria (Roman), goddess of victory, is the equivalent of the Greek goddess Nike

Zorya (Slavic), goddess of the morning star and goddess of war who protected men in battle

Warrior Princess Names

Two little girls wearing pink and blue crowns are playing with each other

Give your baby one of these powerful girl names to show that she is a warrior princess. These noble sounding girl names show strength. These names are perfect if you want to choose a name meaning "protector" or just want a name showing strength that sounds feminine.

Alexa (Greek), meaning "protector of mankind"

Alesta (Scottish), meaning "protector"

Amandla (African), meaning "powerful"

Arna (Old Norse), meaning "eagle" and "rule"

Cornelia (Latin), meaning "war horn"

Delmira (German), meaning "noble protector"

Diamond (Old English), meaning "invincible" and "untamed"

Geraldine (English), meaning "spear" and "to rule"

Kendria (English), meaning "royal protector"

Marcia (Spanish), meaning "war like"

Marcella (Latin), meaning "war like"

Meredith (Celtic), meaning "protector of the sea"

Valentina (Italian), meaning "brave"

Famous Warrior Women Names with Meanings

Sometimes a name meaning warrior is not necessarily what you want. Instead, you could name your baby after some of the coolest and fearless warrior women in history. The perfect namesake is a strong female warrior from history.

Ana (Hebrew), meaning "grace" or "gracious," named after Ana Nzinga who fought against those who were raiding her territory

Artemisia (Spanish), meaning "perfection," named after Artemisia I of Caria who wielded power before women could vote in Athens

Grace (English), meaning charmed, named after Grace O'Malley who was a chieftain of a clan that built wealth from piracy and legitimate trade

Cleopatra (Greek), meaning "glory of the father," named after the famous Pharaoh Cleopatra

Joan (Catalan), meaning "God is gracious," named after Joan of Arc who is considered a heroine of France

Mai (Punjabi), potentially related to the meaning "mother," could also mean "blossom", named after Mai Bhago who led Sikh soldiers and was a skilled warrior

Mino or Minon (Fon language), meaning "our mothers," named after the Dahomey Amazons who were a group of female warriors

Olympias (Greek), meaning "from Mount Olympus," named after the woman who led an army in 300 B.C.

Olga (Old Norse), meaning "blessed" and "successful", named after Olga of Kiev who was a pagan warrior princess who became a ruler

Teuta (Albania), meaning "loyal leader" and "queen," named after Teuta of Illyria who was a queen that became a pirate

Tomyris (Persian), named after a Persian warrior queen who defeated a ruler who attempted to invade her country

Zenobia (Old Greek), meaning "life of Zeus," named after a queen in Syria who challenged the authority of Rome in the third century

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