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150+ Best Southern Girl Names That Are Timeless And Beautiful

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Southern names for girls usually refer to names from a geographic and cultural region belonging to mostly the southern parts of the United States of America.

The Southern states do not always mean that the states belong to the geographic south of the United States. It usually refers to a collection of states that fought for the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War.

A total of 16 states fall in the Southern state category. Alabama, Texas, Virginia, Arkansas, Mississippi are some of the states that belong to this category. The southern states have a vast cultural diversity owing to the presence of a large number of African Americans residing there. Famous and eminent personalities have originated from these states, and it would be really cool if you get to use their names for your little one.

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Cute Southern Girl Names

Beautiful little cowgirl riding horse pony

Below is the list of all the female cute and modern Southern baby names:

1. Abigail (Hebrew origin) meaning "a father's joy". Abigail Breslin is a famous American actress and singer.

2. Abilene (Hebrew origin) meaning "land of meadows".

3. Alma (Latin origin) meaning "kind, nourishing".

4. Amelia (Latin origin) meaning "striving or industrious". Amelia Heinle is known for her roles in American soap operas.

5. Annabelle (French origin) meaning "beautiful and graceful". Annabelle Lyon was a ballet dancer from America.

6. Annie (Hebrew origin) meaning "full of mercy or gracious". 'Annie's Song' is an iconic song by the legendary singer John Denver.

7. Arabella (Latin origin) meaning "prayers that have been answered". Arabella Kennedy was the daughter of US President John F. Kennedy.

8. Aubrey (English origin) meaning "noble or fair ruler". Aubrey Plaza is an American comedian and actress.

9. Aurora (Latin origin) meaning "sunrise". Aurora Perrineau is an American model and actress. Aurora was also the Disney princess from the movie 'Sleeping Beauty'.

10. Bailie (English origin) meaning "steward".

11. Beatrice (Latin origin) meaning "bringer of joy". Beatrice Ford was an American artist.

12. Blakely (English origin) meaning "dark, clearing".

13. Blanche (French origin) meaning "white".

14. Bonnie (Scottish origin) meaning "pretty or cheerful". Bonnie Aarons is an American actress.

15. Brianna (Celtic origin) meaning "strong or exalted". Brianna Wu is an American computer programmer who develops video games.

16. Caroline (Latin origin) meaning "free man". This is one of the more prevalent Southern belle names.

17. Cassidy (Irish origin) meaning "clever or curly-haired". Cassidy Freeman is an American musician and actress.

18. Catherine (Greek origin) meaning "pure and innocent".

19. Charlotte (French origin) meaning "free man" or "petite". Charlotte Flair is an American professional wrestler.

20. Cheyenne (Native American origin) meaning "supplanting". This name can also be used as one of the baby boy names.

21. Clara (Latin origin) meaning "bright or clear".

22. Clover (Old English origin) refers to the name for a "flower".

23. Connie (Latin origin) meaning "steadfast".

24. Coralee (French origin) meaning "coral reef". It is similar to the French word, Coralie. Coralee June is an American author.

25. Daisy (Old English origin) refers to the name of a flower. Daisy is a pretty Southern girl name.

26. Dakota (Native American origin) meaning "friendly". Dakota Fanning and Dakota Johnson are American actresses.

27. Davina (Scottish origin) meaning "beloved".

28. Deedee (Latin origin) meaning "pleasure, delight or divine". Deedee Magno is an American actress.

29. Delaney (Irish origin) meaning "dark challenger".

30. Delilah (Hebrew origin) meaning "delicate". This old fashioned Southern belle name is common among country names for babies.

31. Dolly (Greek origin) meaning "Gift of God".

32. Dottie (Greek origin) meaning "God's present". It is derived from the name Dorothy.

33. Eileen (Irish origin) meaning "light". Eileen Collins is known for being the first female pilot and the first female commander of a space shuttle for NASA.

34. Eldora (Spanish origin) meaning "golden".

35. Emma (German origin) meaning "universal". Emma Stone is the name of an American actress.

36. Emmilene (German origin) meaning "hard work and labor". Emmeline Bale is the name of actor Christian Bale's daughter. This is one of the unique Southern names for babies.

37. Etta (English origin) meaning "estate ruler". Etta James was an American singer. Etta is an excellent example of a Southern name.

38. Elizabeth (Hebrew origin) meaning "my God is bountiful". Elizabeth Bank is the name of a renowned American actress.

39. Faye (Middle English origin) refers to a fairy. Legendary actress Faye Dunaway has this name.

40. Flossie (Roman origin) meaning "flowering or flourishing." It is named after the Roman Mythological goddess of flowers. Flossie Wong-Staal was a famous virologist residing in America.

41. Fredda (German origin) meaning "peaceful ruler". Professor Fredda Blanchard-Fields was a pioneering name in the field of American psychology.

42. Gardenia (Scottish origin) meaning "a flower".

43. Georgina (Greek origin) meaning "farmer". American equestrian and philanthropist Georgina Bloomberg has this name.

44. Giselle (Germanic origin) meaning "bright pledge". Giselle Bonilla is an American actress.

45. Gladys (Welsh origin) meaning "royalty or princess".

46. Grace (Latin origin) meaning "blessing, favor". Grace Kelly was an actress who later became the Princess of Monaco.

47. Harlene (American origin) meaning "created name". This baby name is one of the rustic baby names among country baby names.

48. Honora (Latin origin) meaning "honor, dignity, and principles".

49. Ida (Greek origin) meaning "hardworking". Ida Wells was an American journalist.

50. Iona (Norse origin) meaning "island of the den of the brown bear".

51. Isabella (Hebrew origin) meaning "my God is bountiful". One of the protagonists of the fictional 'Twilight'series is Isabella Swan, played by Kristen Stewart.

52. June (Latin origin) meaning "younger ones"; derived from Juno, the Roman Queen of Gods and also Goddess of marriage. June Allyson was an American actress.

53. Jean (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is gracious." Jean Grey is a famous fictional character of the Marvel comics universe. She has appeared in a number of movies of the X-Men series.

54. Jessie ( Hebrew origin) meaning "wealthy". Jessie Prescott was the protagonists' name in the Disney TV show 'Jessie'.

55. Kennedy (Irish origin) meaning "misshapen head". Kennedy McMann is an American actress.

56. Kit (Greek origin) meaning "bearer of Christ". One of the more famous Southern belle girl names.

57. Lacey (French origin) meaning "lace". Lacey Chabert is an American actress.

58. Lainey (Greek origin) meaning "bright shining light".

59. Lucille (French origin) meaning "light". Lucille Clifton was an American poet.

60. Mabel (Latin origin) meaning "lovable".

61. Madison (English origin) meaning son of Maud". Madison Iseman is an American actress.

62. Maisie (Scottish origin) meaning "a little pearl".

63. Margaret (Greek origin) meaning "pearl". Margaret Qualley is the name of a young American actress.

64. Maribel (Hebrew origin) meaning "sour and bitter".

65. Memphis (Egypt origin) meaning "enduring and beautiful".

66. Mirabella (Latin origin) meaning "of wondrous beauty".

67. Mona (Italian origin) meaning "chaste maiden".

68. Nancy (Hebrew origin) meaning "grace or favor". 'Nancy Drew' is a famous mystery story series written by Carolyn Keene.

69. Naomi (Hebrew origin) meaning "of pleasant manner"; it is a name that is associated with American novelist Naomi Novik.

70. Olivia (Latin origin) meaning "Olive tree". Olivia Munn is an American actress with international fame.

71. Paisley (Scottish origin) meaning "church." Paisley is also the name of a Scottish town.

72. Pearl (Latin origin) refers to the pearl gem. Pearl White was the name associated with legendary actress Pearl White.

73. Penelope (Greek origin) meaning "weaver". Penelope is a charming Southern name among western names for girls.

74. Reba (American origin) meaning "snare". Reba McEntire is a popular singer and actress.

75. Rita (Greek origin) meaning "a pearl".

76. Rosie (Latin origin) meaning "rose". Rosie O'Donnell is an American comedian and actress.

77. Scarlett (French origin) meaning "red in color". Scarlett was the name of the protagonist of Margaret Mitchell's novel 'Gone With The Wind'. The movie version of 'Gone With The Wind' was also a massive success.

78. Serenity (English origin) meaning "serene and calm."

79. Shelby (English origin) meaning "from the town in the hollow".

80. Summer (German origin) meaning "season or half-year." Summer is one of the sweetest Southern names. It is also a great choice for Western girls' names.

81. Susannah (Hebrew origin) meaning "lily."

82. Tilly (German origin) meaning "battle-ready". This baby name is very popular among country western girl names.

83. Tammy (Hebrew origin) meaning "palm tree".

84. Tanya (Hebrew origin) meaning "fairy queen".

85. Trinity (Latin origin) means "triad".

86. Twyla (English origin) meaning "twilight or star." Twyla is a unique Southern name among country girl baby names.

87. Victoria (Latin origin) meaning "winner".

88. Violet (French origin) refers to a flower.

89. Virginia (Latin origin) meaning "maiden or virgin."

90. Willow (Middle English origin) meaning "a tree".

91. Wynona (Native American origin) meaning "firstborn daughter or eldest daughter".

92. Zelda (German origin) meaning "gray fighting maid". This Southern baby name is a unique one among the pretty Southern girl names for babies.

Fancy Southern Girl Names

Happy little baby girl playing indoor

Here's the list of all the fancy Southern baby names for girls:

93. Adelaide (German origin) meaning "noble natured".

94. Alexandria (Greek origin) meaning "defender of men". Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a US Congress representative of New York.

95. Alinda (English origin) meaning "beautiful".

96. Annalee (Hebrew origin) meaning "grace or gracious". Annalee Newitz is an American journalist and author.

97. Anita (Hebrew origin) meaning "graceful". Anita Baker is the name of an iconic R&B singer.

98. Ava (Hebrew origin) meaning "life". Ava DuVernay is a famous and award-winning American filmmaker. Ava Gardner was an American singer and actress.

99. Azalea (Greek origin) meaning "dry". It refers to a flower.

100. Belle (Latin origin) meaning "beautiful". Belle is a Disney princess from the movie 'Beauty and the Beast'.

101. Betsy (Hebrew origin) meaning "pledged to God". Betsy Brandt is a famous American actress who featured in the TV series 'Breaking Bad'. Betsy Swan is a popular American political journalist.

102. Birdie (English origin) meaning "bright, bird-like". Birdie Danielson is the name of the daughter of famous WWE wrestlers Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella.

103. Callie (Greek origin) meaning "beautiful one". Callie Hernandez is an American actress who acted in 'La La Land'.

104. Camellia (Latin origin) meaning "young and virginal". Camellia is a pretty Southern girl name.

105. Chantilly (French origin) meaning "singer". Chantilly is a place in Virginia.

106. Charlene (Latin origin) meaning "freeman". Charlene Amoia is the name of an American actress.

107. Clarice (Latin origin) meaning "a shining and famous girl".

108. Clementine (Latin origin) meaning "merciful or gentle". Clementine Kruczynski was the female protagonist of 'Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind'.

109. Dahlia (Scandinavian origin) refers to a flower. Dahlia Salem is a well-regarded American actress.

110. Daphne (Greek origin) meaning "a laurel or bay tree". Daphne du Maurier was an English playwright and author.

111. Delta (Greek origin) meaning "born fourth". It is also the fourth alphabet of the Greek language. Apart from being a girl name, this is also suitable as a boy name.

112. Dianne (Latin origin) meaning "divine". American actress Dianne Wiest is associated with this name.

113. Dixie (French origin) meaning "tenth". Dixie D'Amelio is an American singer.

114. Ellison (Old English) meaning "son/child of Ellis".

115. Elora (Hebrew origin) meaning "a shining light".

116. Emersyn (English origin) meaning "daughter of the powerful". Emersyn is a good example of a Southern name.

117. Felicia (Latin origin) meaning "happy, lucky, or fortunate". Felicia Day is an American actress associated with this name.

118. Florence (Latin origin) meaning "to blossom with faith". Florence Auer was a stage and film actor from America.

119. Gemma (Italian origin) meaning "precious stone".

120. Genia (Greek origin) meaning "pure and of royal birth".

121. Georgia (Greek origin) meaning "farmer".

122. Harper (Middle English origin) meaning "a harpist". Harper Lee was an American novelist with her most famous work been 'To Kill a Mockingbird'.

123. Hattie (French origin) meaning "ruler of the home". Hattie Carnegie was a fashion entrepreneur.

124. Hayley (English origin) meaning "hayfield". Hayley Williams is an American singer having this name.

125. Itzel (Mayan origin) meaning "star of the aurora sky".

126. Ivy (English origin) refers to fidelity and faithfulness. Ivy is also a type of crawler plant.

127. Jolene (Hebrew origin) meaning "God will increase".

128. Josie (American origin) meaning "God will add". Josie Loren is an American actress.

129. Juniper (Latin origin) meaning "A cypress evergreen tree".

130. Kay (Greek origin) meaning "pure." Kay Panabaker is an American zoologist.

131. Laura (origin) meaning "laurel and glory". This is a name associated with American voice actor Laura Bailey.

132. Loretta (Italian origin) meaning "crown of laurel". Loretta Young was an award-winning American actress.

133. Louella (German origin) meaning "famous warrior". Louella Parsons was an American screenwriter.

134. Mae (English origin) meaning "month of May". Mae Jenison is a former NASA astronaut linked with this name.

135. Magnolia (Archaic origin) refers to the state flower of Mississippi.

136. Monroe (Scottish origin) meaning "mouth of the Roe River".

137. Myrtle (Greek origin) meaning "an evergreen shrub".

138. Nellie (English origin) meaning "sunray."

139. Nora (Greek origin) meaning "light".

140. Odette (French origin) meaning "rich". Odette Annable is an American actress.

141. Priscilla (Latin origin) meaning "ancient". Priscilla Presley was an American actress and entrepreneur.

142. Prudence (Latin origin) meaning "good judgment".

143. Raelynn (Hebrew origin) meaning "advisor and protector".

144. Reese (Welsh origin) meaning "ardor". This Southern baby name is one of the popular Southern baby girl names. Reese Witherspoon is an American actress linked with this name.

145. Rylee (Gaelic origin) meaning "courageous".

146. Sadie (Hebrew origin) meaning "princess." This Southern name is unique among country girl names.

147. Savannah (Spanish origin) meaning "treeless plain".

148. Sutton (English origin) meaning "southern settlement".

149. Tabitha (Aramaic origin) meaning "graceful". This old fashioned farm girl name is a popular name among country names for girls.

150. Tallulah (Native American origin) meaning "leaping water".

151. Vivian (Latin origin) meaning "alive".

152. Whitney (Old English origin) meaning "white island".

153. Willodeene (English origin) meaning "valley of Willow trees". This is one of the unique Southern girl names.

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