100 Names Meaning Rose For Your Flower Child

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Originally Published on Oct 19, 2020
Names meaning rose are extremely popular among parents in their search for a baby name as the flower is so well-loved.
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Over the ages, our ancestors were fascinated by the beauty of roses, and they came to associate such a charming flower to love and passion.

The symbolism still lives on to our day, and it’s impressive how many languages still have timeless names that directly translate to rose or play on the word. We’ve compiled a list of around 100 different names that mean rose, with their meanings, so there's no shortage of names to choose from for your precious flower.

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British Girl Names Meaning Rose

On our quest to search baby names that mean rose, we didn’t expect to find this much variety in the English language alone; while some are of Latin origin, they found their way into the English culture.

1.Rohesia (English origin), meaning kind as a rose.

2.Ros (English origin), among the names that mean “rose.”

3.Rosa (English origin), means “little rose.” The name has a biblical significance, as back in the 19th century, a rose was strongly associated with the Virgin Mary.

4.Rosabel (Latin origin), short for Rosabelle, and it means “beautiful rose” that charms people by its one of a kind beauty. A common nickname for Rosabel is Rose.

5.Rosanna (English origin), a mashup between rose and the name Anna. The name also has a strong Christian significance.

6.Rose (Latin origin), derived from the Latin word rosa, and it’s one of the most popular flowers of all time.

7.Roseann (English origin), means “graceful rose” and refers to God’s favor on the newborn.

8.Roseia (English origin) meaning “rose.”

9.Rosella (Latin origin), meaning “pretty rose.”

10.Rosetta (English origin), means“little rose.”

11.Rossie (Latin origin), meaning “little rose.” More accurately, the name means “like a rose.”

12.Rosita (English origin), meaning the “queen of roses.” Honor, fame, and kindness are some of the associations with the name.

13.Rouzia (English origin), another addition to our English names. This name celebrates the adventurous spirit and risk-taking nature.

14.Roz (English origin), another variety of the name, and it means “pretty rose.” The name also refers to an acclaimed protector.

15.Rozy (English origin), refers to someone as beautiful as a rose. It was also believed to bring good luck and wealth to its bearer.

Popular Names Inspired By Roses In Other Languages

Different languages are rich in various names that mean a beautiful rose; in this segment, we chose some of our top picks from different cultures with rose as a name or inspiration for you to choose from.

16.Altansarnai (Mongolian origin), meaning “golden rose,” and it’s one of the unusual flower names.

17.Chloris (Greek origin), a name after the Greek Goddess of Roses.

18.Gol (Persian origin), meaning the name "rose."

19.Golbahar (Persian origin), a variant of the name rose, meaning a lovely “spring rose.”

20.Golnar (Persian origin), refers to red flowering plants like roses and pomegranates.

21.Golzar (Persian origin), meaning a red-cheeked beautiful girl.

22.Gulbadan (Urdu origin), meaning a lady with a body as beautiful as a rose.

23.Gulrukh (Urdu origin), meaning “rose-faced.”

24.Kaly (Greek origin), meaning "rosebud" and refers to a beloved or beautiful woman.

25.Kalyna (Ukrainian origin), refers to a particular species of roses, known as Guelder.

26.Kulap (Persian origin), among the girl names that mean “rose” in the Thai language.

27.Malai (Thai origin), meaning "rose garland."

28.Mariene (French origin), the French variation of Marie or Virgin Mary, which explains how the biblical significance ties it to roses.

29.Maryam (Hebrew origin), one of those names that have multiple origins and meanings. It’s derived from the Arabic and Hebrew cultures and conveys the meanings of a “sea of sorrow” or “beloved child.” It gets its relevance to roses thanks to its biblical heritage, with the name belonging to the sister of Aaron and Moses.

30.Mawar (Indonesian origin), translates to “rose” in Indonesian and Malay.

31.Melrose (Scottish origin), a mix between the Greek name Melanie and the word rose.

32.Nasrin (Arabic origin), meaning “wild rose.”

33.Nazgul (Kazakh origin), meaning “flower” or among the names that mean “rose.”

34.Nitzan (Hebrew origin), among the rose names meaning “rosebud.”

35.Petal (Greek origin), meaning soft, colored leaves of a rose.

36.Primula (Latin origin), meaning the very “first rose.”

37.Radda (Yiddish origin), one more Yiddish name that means “rose.”

38.Raisa (Yiddish origin), an old Jewish name meaning “rose.”

39.Raizel (Yiddish origin), another rose synonym.

40.Raysel (Yiddish origin), another variant of the name rose.

41.Roisin (Irish origin), meaning a delicate, little rose.

42.Roos (Dutch origin), meaning “blossoming rose.”

43.Rosabelle (Latin origin), it means “blossoming rose.”

44.Rosalee (French origin), meaning “rose garden.”

45.Rosamond (German origin), meaning “pure rose.”

46.Rosana (Hebrew origin), meaning “graceful rose.”

47.Rosel (Swedish origin), among the names that mean “rose.”

48.Rosemarie (French origin), means “bitter rose.”

49.Roza (Russian origin), translates into “rose” in a number of the Slavic languages.

50.Rozenn (Breton origin), refers to a variant of roses with spikes.

51.Sabrina (Arabic origin), meaning “white rose.”

52.Sarnai (Mongolian origin), among the other Mongolian names that mean “rose.”

53.Sirvard (Armenian origin), meaning “love rose.”

54.Susanne (Greek origin), yet another biblical name that refers to a number of flowers, including roses and lilies.

55.Vardan (Armenian origin), among the beautiful baby names meaning “rose.”

56.Vardo (Georgian origin), among the names that mean “rose,” and it’s impressive how the name started to pick popularity in other countries.

57.Varduhi (Armenian), meaning “rose lady.”

58.Warda (Arabic origin), a name meaning “flower.”

59.Zahra (Arabic origin), means “flower.”

60.Zetta (Hebrew origin), refers to “rose blossom.”

There are many names meaning rose in all languages from across the globe as this meaning is so popular for a baby name.

Boy Names Related To Roses

You might think that names inspired by roses won’t be the most fitting for your baby boy; however, this is far from true as many of the well-known male names have something to do with roses.

61.Arnit (Hindi origin), a rose name meaning "beautiful flower."

62.Basilio (French origin), refers to a royal bloodline of kings and queens. The name gets its link to roses, as many royal families back in the day assigned roses as their symbol.

63.Cole (English origin), a name after the Middle Ages references to the prince of red roses.

64.Rhodes (English origin), among the rose names meaning “garden of roses.”

65.Roslyn (German origin), the shortened version of the old German name Rosalind. It’s now being used as a unisex baby name. The name is a mashup between german words for a horse and a snake.

66.Ross (Scottish origin), meaning “rose” or a person with red hair.

67.Roswald (German origin), another German horse name that happens to also refer to a field of roses.

68.Roswell (German origin), refers to the blossoming roses in springtime.

69.Samy (Arabic origin), meaning a rose found near caves.

70.Vered (Hebrew origin), meaning “rose.”

Flower Names For Girls

As a matter of fact, roses are not the only type of flowers to have inspired the origin of many of the names we love today; there are plenty of other pretty flower names, and we decided to mix things a little bit here and mention a few of the most popular ones.

71.Acacia (Greek origin), meaning “thorny tree” and the name of the strong acacia trees and shrubs.

72.Alyssa (Greek origin), referring to the alyssum flower, believed to cure madness. We do believe kids have healing powers, even on the most hectic of days!

73.Amaryllis (Greek origin), referring to the amaryllis that blooms with vitality and beauty.

74.Calla (Greek origin), meaning "beauty," and referring to the unique calla lilies.

75.Camellia (Latin origin), after the camellia flowers and meaning "helper to a priest."

76.Celinda (English origin), after the Celinda flowers, similar to Arabian Jasmine.

77.Clover (English origin), meaning meadow flower. It’s also associated with good luck.

78.Daffodil (Dutch origin), referring to the sweet daffodils.

79.Dahlia (Swedish origin), after a sweet autumn flower.

80.Iris (Greek origin), meaning rainbow, a flowering plant with showy flowers.

81.Jasmine (Persian origin), referring to the Jasmine flower.

82.Juniper (Latin origin), referring to an evergreen tree.

83.Lavender (Old French origin), meaning "to wash," and refers to the lavender plant.

84.Lily (Greek origin), among the cute names for girls; referring to the lovely lilies, and meaning "pure," "passion," and "rebirth."

85.Lotus (Greek origin), the lotus flower, a symbol of purity in Buddhism and of rebirth to ancient Egyptians.

86.Marigold (English origin), after marigolds and meaning "golden flowers."

87.Myrtle (Greek origin), a plant associated with love, peace, fertility, and youth.

88.Orchid (Greek origin), referring to the orchids, associated with beauty, love, and sophistication.

89.Peony (Greek origin), referring to peonies and associated with healing.

90.Petunia (English origin), referring to the trumpet-shaped flower.

91Senna (Arabic origin), meaning "brightness," and referring to a flowering bush with yellow flowers.

92.Violet (Latin origin), derived from "viola" and refers to the purple flower.

93.Zinnia (German, Latin origin), referring to a beautiful plant of the sunflower tribe.

Flower Girl Names In Literature And Music

Since girls flower names tend to have this timeless appeal, many authors and composers chose to use such names for their female characters; if you're a literature or music enthusiast, consider one of these!

94.Briony (Greek origin), referring to a climbing plant and found in Ian McEwan's Atonement.

95.Daisy (Old English origin), meaning "day's eye," and instanced in Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby.

96.Hazel (Old English origin), refers to a flowering plant called witch hazel. It was chosen by John Green in The Fault in Our Stars for the character Hazel Grace.

97.Iolanthe (Green origin), meaning "violet flower" and used by Arthur Sullivan's operetta of the same name.

98.Nydia (Rare English), derived from "flower nest" and was given to a blind flower-seller in Edward Bulwer-Lytton's novel The Last Days of Pompeii.

99.Primrose (English origin), among the English names for girls meaning "first rose" and used by Bram Stoker in his first novel, The Primrose Path.

100.Rosalinda (Old German origin), among the pretty girl names meaning "beautiful flower."

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