150 Best Southern Boy Names With Meanings

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Southern names usually refer to the Southern States of the United States.

There are a total of 16 southern states. A lot of native names from the Southern region of America are widespread.

The majority of these names have origin from either Hebrew, Greek, Latin, and English language. A couple of these names were popular figures in the Bible, while a few are relatively modern names. Overall like the Southern States, their names have a rich heritage and cultural diversity. Glance through the list and choose which name appeals to you.

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Popular Southern Names For Boys

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Here's the list of some of the popular Southern male names and country baby names for boys.

1. Abbott (Hebrew origin) meaning "father".

2. Alfred (English origin) meaning "wise counsel". Alfred Kazin was an American writer.

3. Ambrose (Latin origin) meaning "the immortal one". Ambrose Bierce was a famous writer and journalist from America.

4. Ardy (Latin origin) meaning "great forest".

5. Austin (English origin) meaning "magnificent or great". Austin Mahone is a renowned American singer and songwriter.

6. Axel (Scandinavian origin) meaning "father of peace".

7. Banks (English origin) meaning "the one who lives on the riverbank or hillside". Banks is one of the rustic baby boy names amidst country boy names for babies.

8. Benton (English origin) meaning "bent grass enclosure". Benton MacKaye was an American forester and conservationist.

9. Billy (English origin) meaning "resolute protection". Billy Joel is a famous American singer, songwriter, and composer.

10. Bradford (English origin) meaning "wide river crossing".

11. Brent (English origin) meaning "dweller near the burnt land". Brent Spiner is an American actor and comedian.

12. Brooks (English origin) meaning "of the brook".

13. Burke (French origin) meaning "from the fortress." Burke Hedges is a famous author.

14. Carter (Scottish origin) meaning "transports goods by cart". Carter Jenkins is an American actor.

15. Carver (English origin) meaning "woodcarver".

16. Casey (Gaelic origin) meaning "the brave one". This Southern name is one of the Texan boy names amidst baby boy country names.

17. Charleston (Old English origin) meaning "free peasants". Charleston is a city in West Virginia.

18. Clinton (English origin) meaning "settlement by the cliff".

19. Colin (Gaelic origin) meaning "young creature". Colin Hanks is a famous American actor.

20. Colton (English origin) meaning "from the coal or dark town." Colton Haynes is an American actor.

21. Connor (Irish origin) meaning "lover of hounds".

22. Conway (Gaelic origin) meaning "holy river, or the hound of the plain". Conway Twitty was a legendary American country music singer.

23. Dale (English origin) meaning "valley".

24. Dallas (Irish origin) meaning "the valley of water".

25. Davis (Hebrew origin meaning "beloved".

26. Dawson (Welsh origin) meaning "David's son".

27. Eli (Hebrew origin) meaning "uplifted, high or ascended".

28. Elijah (Hebrew origin) meaning "Yahweh is God". Elijah Woods is a renowned American actor.

29. Elvis (Norse origin) meaning "wise". Elvis Presley was an American iconic singer and rockstar. He was also known as the 'King of Rock and Roll'.

30. Emerson (German origin) meaning "son of Emery".

31. Emmett (German origin) meaning "strong or industrious". Emmett Cullen is one of the lead characters in the American fictional series 'Twilight'.

32. Finch (English origin) meaning "to swindle".

33. Forest (English origin) meaning "a land full of trees".

34. Franklin (English origin) meaning "free landholder". Franklin D. Roosevelt is better known as the 32nd President of the United States of America. This is a great option for southern baby names.

35. Grant (Scottish origin) meaning "large". Grant Gustin is an American actor and singer who plays the fictional DC superhero 'The Flash'.

36. Gunnar (Scandinavian origin) meaning "bold warrior". Gunnar Hansen is a famous American actor.

37. Hemingway (English origin) refers to a lost village in England.

38. Henry (German origin) meaning "estate ruler". Henry Ford was a  legendary American industrialist and business tycoon who founded Ford Motor Company.

39. Hiram (Hebrew origin) meaning "brother of the exalted one".

40. Houston (Old English origin) meaning "Hugh's town, a settlement on the hill". Houston is a famous city in Texas.

41. Howard (German origin) meaning "high guardian or braveheart." Howard Stern is an American radio host.

42. Huck (English origin) meaning "resembling the huckleberry fruit". 'Adventures of Huckleberry Finn' by Mark Twain is a very famous and popular novel among children.

43. Hudson (English origin) meaning "Hugh's son". This is a great old man name.

44. Jackson (English origin) meaning "son of Jack". Jackson Pollock was a famous American abstract artist.

45. Jacob (Hebrew origin) meaning "supplanter".

46. Jasper (Persian origin) meaning "treasurer". Jasper Hale is one of the significant characters in the 'Twilight' series.

47. Jeremiah (Hebrew origin) meaning "appointed by God."

48. Jimmy (Hebrew origin) meaning "supplanter". Jimmy Carter was the 39th President of the United States of America.

49. Judson (English origin) meaning "son of Jordan." Judson Mills is a famous American actor.

50. Kenneth (Scottish origin) meaning "born of fire or handsome".

51. Knox (Scottish origin) meaning "a round hill".

52. Lee (English origin) meaning "those who dwelled by the wood or clearing". Lee Majors is a famous American actor.

53. Lincoln (English origin) meaning "town by the pool". Lincoln Chafee is an American politician.

54. Lockhart (Scottish origin) meaning "brave".

55. Marshall (French origin) meaning "one who looks after horses". Marshall Erickson is one of the main characters of the popular American TV series 'How I Met Your Mother'.

56. Mercer (French origin) meaning "a merchant".

57. Micah (Hebrew origin) meaning "who is like the Lord".

58. Milton (English origin) meaning "settlement with a mill". Milton Bradley was an American business magnate.

59. Nash (Middle English origin) meaning "at the ash tree". Nash Grier is a famous American internet personality.

60. Oliver (Latin origin) meaning "olive tree". Oliver Quinn is the name of the American superhero 'The Arrow'.

61. Preston (Old English origin) meaning "from the priest's town". Preston Bassett was an American aviation pioneer.

62. Price (Welsh origin) meaning" Son of Rhys". Price Cobb is an American race car driver.

63. Reed (English origin) meaning "red-haired". Reed Hastings is an American businessman and the co-founder, CEO of Netflix.

64. Remington (German origin) meaning "place on a riverbank".

65. Silas (Greek origin) meaning "forest or woods".

66. Sterling (English origin) meaning "genuine, of high quality". Sterling K. Brown is an American actor.

67. Terry (English origin) meaning "people power". One of the great Southern baby names associated with American actor Terry Cruz.

68. Thaddeus (Aramaic origin) meaning "gift of God".

69. Thatcher (English origin) meaning "one who makes or lays thatching material or a roofer".

70. Virgil (Latin origin) meaning "a bearer of staff".

71. Wade (English origin) meaning "at the river crossing". This is an excellent option for Southern baby names.

72. Walker (English origin) meaning "cloth-walker".

73. Weston (English origin) meaning "one who is from the western town". Weston McKennie is an American professional soccer player.

74. Winchester (English origin) meaning "dweller at the Roman fort".

75. Winston (English origin) meaning "wine's town".

76. Wyatt (English origin) meaning "brave in war". Wyatt Russell is an American actor who was a former ice hockey player.

77. Yale (Welsh origin) meaning "fertile upland".

78. Yates (Middle English origin) meaning "the gates". This Southern name is one of the western baby names amidst country names for babies.

79. Zeke (Hebrew origin) meaning "God strengthens". Zeke Upshaw was an American professional basketball player.

Fancy Southern Names For Boys

A happy biracial baby dressed as a cowboy sitting in a pile of hay

Here's a detailed list of some of the fancy country baby boy names.

80. Ace (Latin origin) meaning "unity or one". This Southern baby boy name is a good country boy name amidst redneck boy names.

81. Adam (Hebrew origin) meaning "the ground".

82. Aden (Irish origin) meaning "fiery one". Aden is the name of a city in Yemen.

83. Artie (American origin) meaning "bear". Artie is one of the options for a new baby name amidst old Southern names.

84. Augustus (Greek origin) meaning "majestic".

85. Avery (French origin) meaning "one who rules with the wisdom of the elves".

86. Bayou (Native American origin) meaning "slow and small stream". This is one of the rustic boy names.

87. Beau (French origin) meaning "handsome".

88. Blaine (Gaelic origin) meaning "yellow". Blaine is the name of a county in Idaho.

89. Boone (French origin) meaning "good, a blessing". It is a fantastic choice for baby names.

90. Buck (English origin) meaning "a male deer". Buck/Bucky is the best friend of Captain America in the Marvel comic series. Bucky later became 'Winter Soldier'.

91. Buddy (American origin) meaning "friend". Buddy Holly was an American singer and songwriter.

92. Calhoun (Irish origin) meaning "from the narrow forest". Calhoun is a city in Georgia, America.

93. Callie (Greek origin) meaning "great beauty".

94. Carson (Scottish origin) meaning "son of the marsh-dwellers".

95. Cash (Latin origin) meaning "wealth".

96. Charles (German origin) meaning "strong man."

97. Clayton (Old English origin) meaning settlement near the clay pit". Clayton Anderson is a retired NASA astronaut.

98. Cletus (Greek origin) meaning "glory". Cletus Kasady is a fictional character in Marvel comics.

99. Clyde (Gaelic origin) referred to a Scottish river name that flows through Glasgow.

100. Cole (English origin) meaning "charcoal". Cole Sprouse is a famous American actor.

101. Cornelius (Latin origin) meaning "horn".

102. Cruz (Spanish origin) meaning "cross". Cornelius Vanderbilt was an American business tycoon.

103. Deacon (Greek origin) meaning "servant or messenger". Deacon Reese Philippe is the son of renowned actress Reese Witherspoon.

104. Duke (Latin origin) meaning "leader". Duke Snider was an American professional baseball player. One of the powerful old man names.

105. Earl (English origin) meaning "warrior or nobleman". Earl Campbell is an American former football player.

106. Easton (English origin) meaning "east-facing place".

107. Ellis (Welsh origin) meaning "benevolent". Ellis Short is An American businessman.

108. Elmer (English origin) meaning "noble or renowned". Elmer Gates was an American inventor and scientist.

109. Emory (German origin) "brave power". Emory Cohen is an American actor.

110. Everett (German origin) meaning "brave as a wild boar." Rhett Butler was the main character in the film 'Gone With The Wind'.

111. Finn (Irish origin)meaning "white".

112. Flanner (English origin) meaning "the person from the flat land".

113. Ford (English origin) meaning "dweller at the ford". Ford is one of the popular old Southern boy names among country names for boys.

114. Gatlin (English origin) meaning "fellow, companion".

115. Grady (Gaelic origin) meaning "the illustrious one". This is a great option for baby names for little boys from the Southern States of America.

116. Granger (English origin) meaning "worker of the granary".

117. Greer (Latin origin) meaning "guardian angel". This is one of the more unique baby names.

118. Harper (English origin) meaning "harp player".

119. Hartwell (English origin) meaning "one who lives near the stag's spring".

120. Hayden (English origin) meaning "fire". Hayden Walsh Jr. is an American cricketer.

121. Hayes (English origin) meaning "hedged area or forest". Hayes Hargrove is a famous actor.

122. Hollis (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning "a hero".

123. Jedidiah (Hebrew origin) meaning "Jehovah's beloved".

124. Jefferson (Old English origin) meaning "son of Jeffrey." Jefferson Davis was an American politician who served as President of the Confederate States.

125. Keanu (Hawaiian origin) meaning "a cool breeze".

126. Levi (Hebrew origin) meaning "joined in harmony." Levi Strauss is the name of an American clothing apparel brand. The name can also be a suitable pick for a little boy baby name.

127. Liam (Hebrew origin) meaning "joined or attached".

128. Macon (English origin) meaning "to make".

129. Maddox (Welsh origin) meaning "fortunate" or "son of Madoc."

130. Mason (German origin) meaning "one who works with stone."

131. Memphis (Greek origin) meaning "beautiful and established."

132. Orson (Latin origin) meaning "bear cub". Orson Welles was an American director and actor.

133. Parker (English origin) meaning "park keeper". Parker Stevenson is an American actor.

134. Paxton (Latin origin) meaning "peace town".

135. Prescot (Hebrew origin) meaning "cottage of the priest".

136. Raleigh (Anglo-Saxon) origin meaning "field of birds".

137. Ray (English origin) meaning "a beam of light". This Southern baby name is popular among cute country boys' names.

138. Redd (English origin) meaning "red color".

139. Richmond (German origin) meaning "powerful protector".

140. Rufus (Latin origin) meaning "red-head".

141. Sawyer (English origin) meaning "woodcutter". Sawyer Barth is an American actor.

142. Scout (French origin) meaning "to listen". Scout was the nickname of the protagonist in 'To Kill a Mockingbird'.

143. Taylor (English origin) meaning "tailor".

144. Tyrell (French origin) meaning "to pull". Tyrell is one of the timeless boy names among country boy names.

145. Ulysses (Greek origin) "wrathful, hater". Ulysses S. Grant was a former American President.

146. Vernon (English origin) meaning "place of alders". This makes a good old man name.

147. Waylon (English origin) meaning "God's angel".

148. Wiley (Old English) meaning "crafty". Wiley Wiggins is a famous American game designer and film actor.

149. William (German origin) meaning "having strong will".

150. Wilmer (German origin) meaning "determined, fame". Wilder Valderrama is an American actor and film producer.

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