85 Cool Bird Names To Help Name Your Flying Friends

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Are you looking for a name inspiration for your newest flying family member? 

Then you have come to the right place! We will go through some cool pet bird names along with some cool mystical bird names to give you the best chance to find the one you like the best for your buddy!

Name your birds something unique and leave behind the generic Daisy, Pepper, Angel, Pickles, Sunny, Sunshine, and Jack! Find some funny names that match your pet bird's color and personality! Whether you are a girl or a boy, a meaningful name for your family pet is something that you will cherish for life. After reading these funny bird names, do check out our other articles on mythological bird namesandSpanish bird names as well.

Cool Bird Species Names

Cool bird names, whether for a big bird or small bird, can be a wonderful source of inspiration for your pet. Pepper, Coco, Buddy, and Pickles are some of the more amusing bird names. Here are some amazing bird species names that would be appropriate for pet birds like parrots.

Bird Of Paradise (English origin), meaning, ‘flower of the same name’, because this bird’s beak is shaped like a flower of the same name.

Harpy Eagle (Greek origin), meaning, ‘Greek monsters from mythology’, truly supports the size of the bird.

Kingfisher (English origin), meaning, 'king’s fisher', is objectively so cool. How great is it that the bird is literally named ‘king of fishing’?

Kiwi (New Zealand origin),meaning, ‘bird that loves to eat kiwi fruit’, is just so adorable.

Roadrunner (American English origin), meaning, 'road runner', is a throwback to cartoons. This bird species' name is just what its name says-very fast!

Cool Female Bird Names

A great place to get great big bird names is fictional stories like 'The Sleeping Beauty'! Such stories can provide you with inspirational and fun names for your pet bird. Here are some cool female bird names to go with the personality of your friend.

Ava (Latin origin), meaning 'bird', is a short and sweet name for pets that matches their personality.

Buffy (English Origin), meaning, 'God is my oath', is a badass name for a sunny bird! Name your pets after this ferocious protagonist from ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’.

Cleo (Greek origin), meaning, 'pride' or 'fame', is also the famous goldfish from 'Pinocchio'. This is a cute name for budgies.

Eileen (Gaelic and Scottish origin), meaning'bird', is a minor character in 'Harry Potter'! (She was Snape’s mum).

Fleur (French origin), meaning 'flower', is a pretty and cute name and a throwback to Fleur Delacour from 'Harry Potter'!

Iris (Greek origin), meaning 'rainbows', was the Greek Goddess of rainbows and the messenger of gods! A gorgeous name for gorgeous pets.

Lady Jane (English origin), meaning 'God is gracious', is a character from 'Thor'. Name your female pet bird like a princess because they are one.

Theophania (Greek origin), meaning 'epiphany' or 'manifestation of God', was the first and only Empress of the Holy Roman Empire.

Tweety (English origin), meaning, ‘an onomatopoeia for the sounds that these pets make’, is a true classic! And, yes this is Tweety from 'Looney Toons'.

Cool Male Bird Names

Male bird names are rife in fiction as well! So, here are some fantastic names for your friend to match his sunshine personality.

Archimedes (Greek origin), meaning,'master planner', is a famous Greek scientist and philosopher.An appropriately dramatic, pretentious, and funny bird name.

Atlas (Greek origin), meaning, 'enduring', is a Greek mythological name. The Titan who was famously punished to hold up the sky is perfect for your parrots who complain constantly.

Casper (Aramic origin), meaning, 'treasurer', is from the movie 'Casper'. This name is perfect for your friendly-looking birds!

Frodo (Old English origin), meaning, 'wise by experience', is the popular hobbit from 'Lord Of The Rings'. It is perfect for your preening parrots.

Iago (Spanish and Welsh origin), meaning, 'he who supplants', is another famous classic, we all need a sassy red bird sidekick in our lives.

Lark (Anglo-Saxon origin), meaning,'a playful songbird', is a stylish name. 

Merlin (Welsh origin) meaning, 'sea fortress', is the name of a type of falcon, and a famous wizard! What can’t your pet bird do with a name like this?

Morgan (Welsh and Breton origin), meaning, 'sea defender', is also gender-neutral!

Rio (Spanish and Portuguese origin), meaning, 'river', is a cute name for a Macaw!

Socrates (Greek origin), meaning, 'whole, safe, unwounded power', was a Greek Philosopher, and once again, a super funny name for a bird.

Spike (Middle English origin), meaning, 'tall or long person', is also, the famous character from 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'.

Zazu (Hebrew origin), meaning, 'movement', is the popular bird from 'The Lion King'.

names for birds that are awesome

Unique Bird Names With Cool Meanings

Using names from different languages can give you some really cool names for your unique baby bird!

Ajax (Greek origin), meaning, 'eagle', is a cool name.

Aldara (Greek origin), meaning, 'winged gift', is perfect for your beloved family pet!

Altair (Arabic origin), meaning, 'falcon', is a cool name.

Altaira (Arabic origin), meaning, 'bird', is a cool name.

Arto (Celtic origin), meaning, 'bear', has multiple other meanings. In Old Norse, the name means 'eagle' or 'Thor', and in Irish, the name means 'art'.

Athena (Greek origin), meaning, 'of the city of Athens', was the name of the Greek goddess of wisdom, battle strategy, and craft. This is for you clever birds!

Birtle (Old Anglo-Saxon origin), meaning, 'hill of birds', is a cool name.

Bruno (Old High German origin), meaning, 'brown', is a simple word and a simple name.

Calliope (Greek origin), meaning, 'beautiful voice', was the name of the Greek Muse of Epic Poetry. This is for your ever-talkative parrots!

Charis (Greek origin), meaning, 'grace and beauty', is a cool name.

Daya (Hebrew origin), meaning, 'bird of prey', is a cool name.

Drake (Old English origin), meaning, 'dragon', is an often used name.

Efron (Hebrew origin), meaning, 'singing bird', is perfect for your chatty parrots and excitable budgies.

Einan (Hebrew origin), meaning, 'the one who has lovely eyes', is a cool name.

Hermes (Greek origin), meaning, 'pile of stones' or a 'boundary marker', is the name of the Greek messenger of the Gods, and also the Greek God of thieves and travelers!

Hula (Native American origin) meaning, 'eagle', is a badass and unique name!

Jena (Sanskrit and Arabic origin), meaning, 'little bird', is a cool name. 

Kanara (Hebrew origin), meaning, 'little bird', is a cool name.

Linette (Welsh origin), meaning, 'small songbird', is a cool name.

​Manu (Maori origin), meaning, 'bird', is a cool name.

Mavis (French origin), meaning, 'songbird', is a cool name.

Paco (Native American origin), meaning, 'eagle', is a cool name.

Palila (Hawaiian origin), meaning, 'bird', is a cool name.

Sephora (Hebrew origin), meaning, 'bird', is a cool name.

Tori (Japanese origin), meaning, 'bird', is a cool name.

Ursula (Latin origin), meaning 'little bear', is a name from Greek mythology and of Biblical origins. It is also the much-beloved Disney villain and best suited for your ever mischievous parakeets!

​Vogel (Dutch origin), meaning, 'bird', is a cool name.

Zamir (Hebrew origin), meaning, 'songbird', is a cool name.

Zeus (Greek origin), meaning, 'God', was the name of the Greek King of the Gods, and also the Gods of thunder and lightning!

Cool Mystical Bird Names

Mythology from around the world can be a great inspiration for mystical sounding names for your baby birds! 

Aphrodite (Greek origin), meaning, 'foam-born', was the Greek goddess of love and beauty. This one is for your gorgeous birds!

Atlanta (Greek origin), meaning, 'secure or immovable', was a Greek mythological huntress, a good name for your birds of prey!

Branwen (Celtic origin), meaning, 'blessed raven', is a good name indeed!

Calypso (Greek origin), meaning, 'to cover' or 'she who hides', in Greek mythology, was the daughter of Atlas, hidden by the Gods for a familial association.

Diona (Greek origin), meaning, 'from the sacred spring', in some Greek myths, hailed as the Mother of Aphrodite. Pretty name for your pretty and older birds!

Eris (Greek origin), meaning, 'strife', was the Greek Goddess of discord. It is perfect for your parrots.

Thera (Greek origin), meaning, 'untamed', is a cool name.

Tyro (Latin origin), meaning, 'recruit', is a name hailing from Greco-Roman mythology.

Cool Blue Bird Names

Here are some fascinating name ideas for pet birds that will certainly capture your imagination:

Blu (English origin), meaning, 'blue', is a name for a bluebird, of course. It is named after Blu from the movie 'Rio'!

Meena (Sanskrit origin), meaning, 'precious stone', is a name of a blue semi-precious stone in Hindi. It is also the name of a bluebird.

Cool White Bird Names

Here are some interesting cool white bird names that you can use to name your pet bird.

Artemis (Greek origin), meaning, 'safe' or a 'butcher', was theGreek Goddess of the Moon, among other things. She got control of the moon by defeating Selena. The drama writes itself!

Chander (Hindi origin), meaning, 'the moon', is a cool name.

Cyra (Persian origin), meaning, 'moon', is a unique name.

Jacy (Native American origin), meaning, 'moon', is a good choice for your white pet bird!

Luna (Latin origin), meaning, 'moon', is also a great throwback to Luna Lovegood from 'Harry Potter'!

Selena (Greek origin), meaning, 'moon', was the name of the Greek Titaness who held dominion over the Moon!

Susan (Hebrew origin), meaning, 'lily', is a cool name.

Yara (Arabic origin), meaning, 'white flower'.

Yona (Hebrew origin), meaning, 'dove', is a cool name.

Cool Black Bird Names

If you have a black-colored bird, then here are some cool blackbird names for your perusal.

Branson (English origin), meaning 'son of the raven', is a cool name for you little black friend.

Corbin (Anglo-Norman origin), meaning 'raven', is an excellent name for a blackbird!

Corvina (Latin origin), meaning 'like a raven', is a beautiful name for your blackbird

Feeny (Irish origin), meaning, 'little raven', is perfect for your little blackbirds!

Jetta (Latin origin), meaning 'jet-black', is simple yet elegant. In Danish, however, it means 'home-ruler'.

Koko (Native American origin),  meaning, 'night', can also be spelled as 'Coco'. Isn't it a perfect name for your black pet ?

Nyx (Greek origin), meaning 'night', was the Greek Primordial of the night-a truly majestic name and very funny for a teeny tiny budgie or parakeet!

Cool Yellow Bird Names

Get over boring names like Jack or Daisy, here are some cool yellow bird names for your pet bird.

Flavian (Latin origin), meaning, 'yellow', is a fancy name!

Melena (Greek origin), meaning, 'yellow as a canary', is for your canaries! It would also be a funny name for a parrot.

Nelia (Spanish origin), meaning, 'yellow', is a name that your parakeet will love.

Xanthe (Greek origin), meaning, 'yellow', isn't this the most fun namd to call your yellow budgie?

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