90 Cool Boat Names That You'll Definitely Love

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Cool boat names could take the fun of enjoying your liquid asset even further.
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Owning a boat is one of the best feelings in the world as it allows you to roam as a free fish in the water.

There is an increasing trend of selecting cool boat names for boats to add another layer to their personality. If you also own a boat, then selecting a cool name for it is an absolute must.

Read on for some cool boat names that will surely intrigue you.

Cool Fishing Boat Names

Do you often go fishing on your lovely boat but haven’t named it yet? Some cool fishing boat names are given below to help you with your confusion.

Andiamo (Italian Origin), meaning 'hurry', is the perfect name for your boat if you like sailing while fishing.

Aquafish (Latin Origin), meaning 'sea blue', is a name depicting the color of the vast stretches of seawater.

Aquaholic (English Origin), meaning 'addicted to water', is the perfect name for your ship if you love her as much as you love to fish, which makes you an aquaholic.

Breezer (Gaelic Origin), meaning 'quick, speedy', is a name for those people who love speed while catching buckets of fish.

Calypso (Greek Origin), meaning 'one who hides', is a name that symbolizes secrecy required during fishing.

Dory (Greek Origin), meaning 'god's gift', is a name for the luxury that your boat has brought to you.

Escapade (Latin Origin), meaning 'to escape', is a keen boat name for sailors who like to have fun sailing on the water, away from the troubles of the land.

Fish Tonic (Greek Origin), meaning 'a stretching', as a name, perfectly suits the fishing boats and ships.

Journey (Latin Origin), meaning 'travel', is a great name for your boat if you don't mind traveling long distances for fishing.

Seas (Germanic Origin), meaning 'large area of water', is definitely an awesome name for ships fishing in the vastness of seas.

Seas The Day (Proto-Germanic Origin), meaning 'sheet of water', is surely a name for sailing and fishing in large areas of water bodies if you want to seas the day.

Serenity (Latin Origin), meaning 'clear', is a cool name for your fishing boat when you go boating in the clear water of ponds or lakes.

Tanker Fish (English Origin) is a unique name for your boat which is big enough to carry a lot of fish.

Wind (Middle English Origin), meaning 'moving air', is definitely the name that lets you enjoy the soothing sea breeze while rowing.

Wing (Old Norse Origin), meaning 'flight', could be a cool name for a sonic fishing boat if you like to indulge in the pleasure of both fishing and speed in the world of water.

Cool Dragon Boat Names

Want to give your boat a fierce name? We present to you cool dragon boat names that you surely would like.

Bahamut (German Origin), meaning 'sea monster', is definitely a scary name symbolizing monstrous sea creatures.

Demonslayer (Greek Origin), meaning 'evil killer', is a terrifying name, warning destruction of anything that comes in its way.

Druk (Tibetan Origin), meaning 'thunder', is a cool name that suits the fast speed and power of your boat.

Fire Breather (Germanic Origin), meaning 'one which breathes fire', perfectly fits the savage and untamed design of your boat.

Fredrika (Germanic Origin), meaning 'peaceful ruler', is the perfect name for those ships and boats expressing their strength with calmness.

Herensuge (Basque Origin), meaning 'mythical dragon', is a mysterious and queer name that will surely make people curious.

Igneel (Japanese Origin), meaning 'fire dragon', is a fitting name for your ferocious-looking ship or yacht.

Kaido (Estonian Origin), meaning 'dragon', is a cool and simple name with a hidden meaning, of dragon-like strength and power.

Rhaegal, meaning 'dragon', is a simple and direct name suitable for boats and ships that like to comprehend their strength at the zenith.

Shenron (Japanese Origin), meaning 'spirit dragon', is overpowering yet composed. The name is shows the strongest spirit dragon.

Smoke (Germanic Origin), meaning 'dense air', is a charming name for your boat that can put anything on fire with its aggression.

Tempest (Old French Origin), meaning 'violent storm', is a suitable name for your yacht that has the capability to withstand the strongest of the storms.

Tiamat (Babylonian Origin), meaning 'seas', is a ferocious name showing the supremacy of your boat which can literally communicate with the sea.

Typhon (Greek Origin), meaning 'child of the titans', is a small name echoing gigantic emotions as huge and significant as titans.

Wyvern (Latin Origin), meaning 'viper', symbolizes snake but is a dragon name signifying its terrifying actions.

Cool Speed Boat Names

People who own a speed boat and are fond of speed can look through the list here for cool and awesome speed boat names.

Adrenaline (Latin Origin), meaning 'of the kidney', is definitely a name that lives up to the expectations of an adrenaline rush.

Catalan (Spanish Origin), meaning 'inhabitant of Catalonia', is also a unique name and can definitely suit your boat.

Flash (Middle English Origin), meaning 'sprinkle', is a cool name for your yacht which can accelerate up to a very high speed.

Hurricane (American Origin), meaning 'strong wind', is the perfect name for your wave boat which is adept at racing and overcoming high waves.

Jet (French Origin), meaning 'to throw', as a name, shows the ability to overthrow any other boat in terms of speed.

Lightning (English Origin), meaning 'electric', as a name, suits the sleek build of your boat and boasts its fast speed.

Mercury (Roman Origin), meaning 'messenger god', is a creative name for boats and ships.

Quicker (Middle English Origin), meaning 'alive', also means high-speed, bright, clever, and astute.

Raptor (Latin Origin), meaning 'to seize', is definitely a velociraptor-inspired name for its stealth movement and quick actions.

Schnell (German Origin), meaning 'quick', symbolizes the clever and swift movements of your boats and ships during racing or expedition.

Silver (Latin Origin), meaning 'shining', is suitable for the charm and fame your boat has for being the fastest.

Sonic (Latin Origin), meaning 'sound', is a suitable name for your yacht with a speed that makes it look like it could go faster than the sound itself.

Thunder (American Origin), meaning 'loud noise in the sky', is a name that will surely terrify others with its meaning and significance.

Velocidade (Latin Origin), meaning 'fast', inspired by the word 'velocity' is enough in its name.

Water Runner (Germanic Origin), meaning 'one who runs on water', is a name of two words that can explain your entire life of sailing and freedom.

Whis (Japanese Origin), meaning 'whistle', is the name for your boat if you consider it the tune of music in your life.

Peer Pressure is one of the cool names for sea vessels plying on high seas.

Cool Bass Boat Names

Bass boats are small, lightweight, equipped with motors, and used for fishing bass and other fish. The names of bass boats are mentioned below.

Baron (Hebrew Origin), meaning 'young warrior', is a name for your boat if you're the breadwinner of your home.

Bass Blaster (Germanic Origin), meaning 'setting ablaze', is a cool name for fishing boats for all the hard work that is required to catch fish.

Bass Hunter (English Origin), meaning 'bass chaser', clearly calls out for itself as the hunter of bass fishes.

Bassonator (Middle English Origin), meaning 'perch', means the one who predominantly catches bass and perch.

Black Magic (Greek Origin), meaning 'invisible arts', is a mysterious and cool name for boats and ships.

Black Pearl (Latin Origin), meaning 'leg', in a way signifies the beauty of seas and rivers, the biota and the pearls which resemble the black pearl.

Carpe Diem (Roman Origin), meaning 'seize the day', signifies the entire length of the day spent by people catching fish and when they want to carpe diem.

Castaway (Old Norse Origin), meaning 'rejected', is a name with a pessimistic meaning, but an optimistic approach to life.

Depth Star (English Origin), meaning 'long', is a suitable name if your ship is longer in length and stronger in action.

Good Life (Germanic Origin), meaning 'to live', as a name, is great for your boat that just makes you happy to catch fish.

Mary (Hebrew Origin), meaning 'beloved', is a charming and cute name for your favorite girl, your boat.

Predator (Latin Origin), meaning 'plunderer', in a strong way designates the catching of fish by fishing boats.

Santa Maria (Latin Origin), meaning 'sea drop', designates the vastness of the sea on which boats and ships look like drops of Santa Maria.

Skyline (English Origin), meaning 'fast', symbolizes the swift and flawless movement one needs to have while catching bass fish.

Vertigo (Latin Origin), meaning 'whirling, swirling', describes the movement of bass fishes perfectly.

Cool Power Boat Names

Powerboats are equipped with motors for recreation and racing purposes. They have to be named in a fierce and fiery manner. The ideas are given below.

Ares (Greek Origin), meaning 'curse', is definitely a cool and peculiar name for your family boat. It is a dream name in media across the world as it boasts of rich history.

Chaste (Latin Origin), meaning 'pure', as a boat name, means that it is purely built to compete and overrun others.

Devlin (Irish Origin), meaning 'fierce courage', is a name that perfectly suits your boat if its engine noise can make people tremble.

Knot On Call (Scottish Origin), meaning 'round-topped hill', signifies the position of your boat at the zenith among all others when you are knot on call.

Mars Reel (Roman Origin), meaning 'god of war', signifies fights. Hence, Mars is a good enough name for boats in competitions and races.

Mystic (Greek Origin), meaning 'initiate', is a magical name for your boat that has the luxury of high speed and strong defence.

November Crimson (English Origin), meaning 'deep rich red', is the perfect name for boats red in color which look furious and fiery on the wave. One of the best boat names for sea vessels.

Pearl (Latin Origin), meaning 'leg', is the name for your luxury boat that holds a precious place in your heart.

Queen (Old English Origin), meaning 'female ruler', as a female name, shows how much you adore your girl.

Second Wind (Old English Origin), meaning 'speedy', is the perfect name for boats swift in action and play around with quick jolting movements.

Thor (Norse Origin), meaning 'thunder', symbolizes the thunderous speed of your boat. A popular name in media. You can maybe read more related articles for suggestions.

Victory Reel (Latin Origin), meaning 'conqueror', is a fair and direct name for your racing boat to hope for its victory.

World Voyager (Latin Origin), meaning 'journey', is a great name for a ship on which every ride feels like a soothing journey.

Cool DND Boat Names

If you are a DnD fan and want to name your boat or ship after it, your search ends here with a number of ideas based on stunning DND ships and vessels' names from history.

Bachelor's Delight (French Origin), meaning 'pleasure', symbolizes the tranquillity and peace of mind you experience while sailing or boating.

Black Widow (Old English Origin), meaning 'empty', signifies a boat that looks creepy but strong, black, and appealing.

Bold Venture (Anglo-French Origin), meaning 'chance', is a suitable name showing the ability of a boat of traveling long distances. One of the best boat names for naming your boat.

Covenant (Middle English Origin), meaning 'agree', is the perfect name for your family boat if you think of it as your companion and light of life.

Devil's Contract (Middle English Origin), meaning 'tightened', as a name represents a compact powerboat that is overwhelmingly powerful as compared to its size.

Dream Contest (Latin Origin), meaning 'tournament', shows competitiveness and the ability to overcome all odds in instances of pressure. A unique name example to call sea vessels

Queen Jewel (English Origin), meaning 'precious stone', is a chaste name and is suitable for your precious boat.

Queen Witch (Old English Origin), meaning 'sorceress', is a mystic name for your yacht if it looks magical and mysterious.

Quick Fortune (Old French Origin), meaning, 'luck', is a lovely name for your boat if it has brought happiness and fun in your life.

Red Witch (Old English Origin), meaning 'sorceress', can be adopted as a name by people who like magic and mystery.

Sea Dream (Proto-Germanic Origin), meaning 'illusion', is the name for your yacht, the place where you find ultimate peace and calmness.

Sea Strider (Middle German Origin), meaning 'fighter', is a significant name for a yacht symbolizing strength that might be required to fight. A great name example to call the vessels.

Silent Arrow (English Origin), meaning 'stream', signifies the quick and stealth movements of your boat.

Storm Witch (Old English Origin), meaning 'turbulent winds', is a great name showing the capability to reach speeds faster than anything else.

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