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80 Famous And Historical Sword Names

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Did you know each sword also has a personality?

Character names have to be chosen carefully so that they suit the personality and abilities of your character. If you want to get a unique and cool character name or a character weapon name, history and folklore can be a great source to look into.

History, mythology, and folklores have seen a myriad of powerful, mighty swords where each of them has been carefully named according to the powers and the nature of the weapon. Japan tops the charts when it comes to the topic of samurai swords. However, there are three samurai swords that are very famous, a 'Katana' (a long blade), a 'Wakizashi' (a shorter sword), and finally a 'Tanto,' which is like a dagger. Whether you are looking for some strong names for your online gaming swords or you want to come up with an ominous and dark sword name for the story you are writing, this article is for you. We have collated an amazing list of sword names from various mythology, history, and even fictional TV shows, books, and movies so that you can have the perfect inspiration!

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Mythical Swords From Mythology And Folklore

There have been numerous mentions of some exceedingly powerful and divine swords in various mythologies and folklore from across the globe. They are a great place to search for some ideas when it comes to sword names.

1. Almace (French origin). This sword belonged to Turpin from The Song of Rolands, who was one of the three Franks along with Roland and Gualter de Hum that died at the Battle of Roncevaux Pass.

2. Angurvadal (Scandinavian origin), meaning "Stream of Anguish". A magical Viking sword with runes inscribed on it.

3. Arondight (English origin). This was the name of Sir Lancelot's sword that featured in some Arthurian tales.

4. Balisarda (Italian origin). Rogero from the Italian epic poem, Orlando Innamorato, owned this powerful, magical sword that had the power to cut through any magical object.

5. Caliburn (Celtic origin), also known as "Sword in The Stone" was the mighty sword wielded by Sir Arthur.

6. Chandrahasa (Indian origin). This name belongs to the indestructible sword that was gifted by Lord Shiva to Ravana in the Hindu epic, Ramayana.

7. Chyrsaor (Greek origin) meaning "He who Has a Golden Sword".

8. Claiomh Solais (Celtic origin) meaning "The Sword of Light".

9. Cura Si Majakini (Malay origin) meaning "Blade of the Mandakini".

10. Dainsleif (Norse origin) meaning "Dainn's Legacy". This cursed sword which was forged by dwarves was wielded by King Hogni.

11. Durandal (French origin) meaning "Strong Scythe".

12. Dyrnwyn (Welsh origin) meaning "White Hilt". This legendary sword belonged to Rhydderch Hael, who was one of the 'Three Generous Men of Britain'.

13. Excalibur (English origin). This legendary two-handed sword wielded by King Arthur.

14. Fragarach (Irish origin) meaning "The Answerer" or "The Retaliator". This was the sword which was forged by Gods themselves and had belonged to the first high king in Irish mythology, Nuada.

15. Gambanteinn (Norse origin) meaning "Magic Wand".

16. Gan Jiang (Chinese origin) meaning "Gan Jiang River in Southeast China". Gan Jiang and Mo Ye were two legendary Chinese swords crafted by and named after a Chinese swordsmith couple.

17. Girish (Hindu origin) meaning "Lord of the Mountain".

18. Gram (Norse origin). This mythical sword from the Volsunga saga is believed to be the most powerful sword in the entire Norse mythology.

19. Hauteclere (French origin) meaning "High and Neat".

20. Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi (Japanese origin) meaning "Grass Cutting Sword".

21. Laevatein (Norse origin). Laevatein is believed to an ancestral sword that was forged by Loki himself.

22. Mech-Kladenets (Russian origin). This magical sword has been mentioned in various Russian fairy tales.

23. Mistilteinn (Norse origin) meaning "Mistletoe".

24. Mo Ye (Chinese origin) meaning "End of a Decade or Era".

25. Naegling (Scandinavian origin) meaning "Nail" or "Hole Maker".

26. Nandaka (Indian origin) meaning "Source of Joy". Nandaka was the powerful sword wielded by Lord Krishna in Hindu Mythology.

27. Précieuse (French origin) meaning "Precious".

28. Ratna Maru (Hindu Origin) is the name of the mighty sword that is going to be wielded by the prophesied tenth avatar of Lord Vishnu whose birth will mark the end of the Kali Yuga in Hinduism.

29. Shamshir-e-Zomorrodnegar (Persian origin) meaning "The Emerald Studded Sword".

30. Skofung (Danish origin). This great sword belonged to the legendry Danish King, Hrolf Kraki. It was also titled as 'The best of all swords that have been carried in northern lands'.

31.Tyrfing (Norse origin) was the name of the cursed sword that belonged to a dwarf king, Andvari.

32. Zulfiqar (Arabic origin) meaning "Cleaver of the Spine".

Famous Swords From History

A young adult man in knightly armor rides a horse on a river along a sandy shore

History has witnessed some amazing ancient swords, many of which are preserved in various museums and treasuries. Some of the most powerful and iconic swords are:

33. Colada (Spanish origin) meaning "Cast". Colada, along with sword Tizona were two of the most famous swords of El Cid Campeador.

34. Curtana (Anglo Saxon origin) meaning "Shortened Sword". This sword, also known as the "Sword of Mercy" is one of the five British Ceremonial and Coronation swords.

35. Dojigiri (Japanese origin) meaning "Slayer of Shuten-Doji". It is one of the five legendary Tenka-Goken swords.

36. Honjo (Masamune) (Japanese origin). This sword was created by Japan's greatest legendary swordsmith, Masamune.

37. Hotarumaru (Japanese origin) meaning "A Firefly" was one of Japan's most valuable treasures before it went missing after World War II.

38. Jazumaru (Japanese origin) meaning "Rosary". Jazumaru is one of the five most famous Tenka-Goken swords.

39. Joyeuse (Roman origin). This sword belonged to the first Holy Roman Emperor, Charlemagne.

40. Legbiter (Scandinavian origin). Legbiter was a Gaddhjalt sword that belonged to King Magnus Barefoot of Norway who was the last Viking king.

41. Lobera (Spanish origin) meaning "Wolf Slayer". this sword belonged to Saint Ferdinand III of Castile, Ancient Spain.

42. Mikazuki (Japanese origin) meaning "Crescent Moon". Believed to be the most beautiful sword from the Tenka-Goken sword collection. It is currently in Tokyo National Museum.

43. Myoho Muramasa (Japanese origin) meaning "Muramasa of the Sublime Dharma" is one of the most famous works of the famous Japanese swordsmith, Muramasa.

44. Onimaru (Japanese origin) meaning "Deon, Devil" Onimaru-Kunitsuna, forged by the swordsmith Kunitsuna, is one of the great five historical Japanese swords from the Tenka-Goken.

45. Otenta (Japanese origin) meaning "Great Denta". Otenta-Mitsuyo s one of Japan's "Five Great Swords".

46. Reichsschwert (Roman origin) meaning "The Imperial Sword". This sword was crafted for the twelfth-century Holy Roman Emperor, Emperor Otto IV. This regal and elegant sword name would be a great choice for a Minecraft sword.

47. Shichishito (Japanese origin) meaning The Seven Branched Sword" is one of Japan's national treasures.

48. Szczerbiec (Polish origin) meaning "The Jagged Sword". It was the ceremonial and coronation sword used for the coronation ceremonies of the Polish monarchs before 1764.

49. Tizona (Spanish origin) meaning "Stick" or "Firebrand". This sword belonged to El Cid Campeador.

Fantasy Sword Names From Fictional World

Sharp silver sword in the hands of the Goddess of Death as a character from computer game.

Swords are an all-time favorite of fantasy fiction so it's no surprise that there have been endless insanely powerful swords in various fantasy shows movies and literary series.

50. Bichen (Chinese origin) meaning "To Avoid Dust" or "To Avoid Wordly Matters", from the Chinese light novel series and anime, 'The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation'.

51. Brisingr (Norse origin) meaning "Fire", from Christopher Paolini's Inheritance book series.

52. Callondor, from A Wheel of Time novel series by Robert Jordan.

53. Dragnipur, from Steven Erikson's Fallen series.

54. Heosphoros (Greek origin) meaning "Dawn Bringer", from Cassandra Clare's 'Mortal Instruments'.

55. Hywelbane meaning "The Christ Blade", from 'The Warlord Chronicles' novel trilogy by Bernard Cornwell.

56. Frostmourne, from  'Warcraft' online game.

57. Glamdring meaning "Foe-Hammer", from  J.R.R Tolkien's 'Lord of the Rings' series.

58. Grayswandir meaning "Night Blade", from  'The Chronicles of Amber' book series by Roger Zelazny.

59. Ivlivs, from "Percy Jackson" books by Rick Riordan.

60. Jue Shi Hao Jian (Chinese origin) meaning "The Unparalleled Sword".

61. Lady Forlorn, from 'Game of Thrones'.

62. Lightbringer also called "Red Sword of Heroes", from book and TV series, 'Game of Thrones'.

63. Narsil, from Lord of The Rings. In Tolkien's fictional language, Quenya, this legendary sword translates to "Red and White flames".

64. Needle, from the HBO TV series, 'Game of Thrones'.

65. Nightfall, from 'Game of Thrones'.

66. Orcist meaning "Goblin-Cleaver", from J.R.R Tolkien's  'Lord of The Rings' series.

67. Phaesphoros (Greek origin) meaning "Light Bringer", from Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare.

68. Rain Dragon, from Robert van Gulik's detective novels.

69. Ringil, from J.R.R. Tolkien's 'The Silmarillion' series.

70. Riptide, from Rick Riordan's 'Percy Jackson' novels.

71. Shuanghua (Chinese origin) meaning "Floral Frost", from Chinese Anime, 'The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation.'

72. Shuoyue (Chinese origin) meaning "New Moon".from Chinese Anime, 'The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation.'

73. Sihil, from book and TV series, 'Witcher'.

74. Stormbringer (English origin) meaning "Bringer of Storm", from Michael Moorcock's fantasy books.

75. Suibian (Chinese origin) meaning "Do What you Please", from 'The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation. '

76. Támerlein meaning "Bringer of The Final Sleep", from the 'Inheritance Cycle' book series.

77. Verminfate, from 'Redwall' series by Brian Jacques.

78. Werewindle, from 'The Chronicle of Amber' book series by author, Roger Zelazny.

79. Wu Xing Jian (Chinese origin) meaning "The Shapeless Sword".

80. Zar'roc meaning "Misery", from the  'Inheritance' series by Christopher Paoloni.

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