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50 Female Horse Names For Your Filly

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When we welcome a new animal into our families, the first thing to do is to give them a name, one that represents their personalities or portrays something of who they are to the world.  

In this article we are talking about names for a very soft and lovable creature, female horses and ponies. Did you know that the proper words for a female horse or pony is a mare or a filly? The more you know. Picking a perfect name for your horse can be a tricky job, there's lots to think about.

Of course, you want the best name for her. Sometimes you have endless ideas in your head and sometimes you are just blank. This can make deciding really difficult, when thinking about names is actually the last thing you want to be doing, you want to be getting to know your new horse. Here, we've tried to make your work easy by collecting the best names for female horses from across the world.  

We hope this article helps in your search but if you're in need of more inspiration why not look at funny horse names or western horse names.

Good Mare Names

If you are thinking of owning a soft and tender creature, the female horse might be the one. The name of a horse should be endearing and affectionate at the same time. It can get a little tricky while selecting a good name for your mare, as the options are seemingly endless! So we have created a list of good names that can suit mare of every breed and color.

1.  Adira (Hebrew origin) means "strong" .

2.  Alsie (Greek origin) means “strong-willed”.

3.  Amelia (Germanic origin) meaning "striving, industrious".

4.  Arabella (Latin origin) Ara means "altar", Bella means "beautiful." So, Arabella means "beautiful altar" and is often defined as meaning "prayerful".

5.  Aria (Italian origin) meaning "air, song or melody".

6.  Argo  (Greek origin) means "swift". Perfect for a fast horse.

7.   Arwen (Welsh origin) means "noble maiden."

8.  Asta (Greek origin) means “divine strength”.

9.  Audrey (English origin) means “noble strength".

10.   Autumn (Latin origin)  "to fall or the season that comes after summer".

11.  Balletic (French origin) means "graceful".

12.  Beau (French origin) means  "pretty or beautiful".

13.  Bella (Italian origin) means "beautiful".

14.  Bolt (Dutch origin) perfect names for a speedy horse or one with an interesting mark, like a lightning bolt.

15.  Bridget (Gaelic origin) meaning “strength”.

16.  Celeste (French origin) meaning "heavenly".

17.  Chitsa meaning "fare".

18.  Dizzy (English origin) meaning "clumsy and loveable".

19.  Duchess (Latin origin) means "wife of duke".

20.  Lithe (Germanic origin) means "thin and graceful".

21.  Major (Latin origin) meaning "great and vital".

22.   Nituna (Sanskrit origi) means "daughter".

Cute Female Horse Names

Does your horse have those sweet, adorable eyes? When you look closely into them, do they make you want to cuddle and play with them all day? Here are some invaluable tips to finding the perfect name: a horse name should be easy to remember, it should be easy to shout clearly, and it shouldn't be confusing for your horse.

As we deserve respect, love and affection, in the same way, creatures do. So we can show our affection by taking care of them, calling them softly by their names, therefore the name of the horse should definitely be chosen wisely. And if your horse is a cute creature then it stands to reason to give them a cute name.

Three horses running in a field

Here is a list of some of the cutest horse names that might perfectly represent your horse.

23.  Amelia (English origin) meaning "work".

24.  Candy (Latin origin) means "white, bright, and glowing", great name for white horse.

25.  Coley (English origin) means "coal black, charcoal, or swarthy", perfect for a black beauty.

26.  Ella (German, English) meaning "fairy maiden".

27.  Elvira (Latin origin) meaning "truth", but some sources claim it is Spanish where it means "all true."

28.  Emma (German origin) meaning "universal".

29.  Luna (Latin origin) it is derived from "moon".

30.  Marae (Hebrew origin) meaning "bitter".

31.  Mary (Egyptian origin) means "drop of sea , bitter or beloved".

32.  Merry (English origin) means "joyful and lighthearted".

33.  Neche-meaning "friend".

34.  Nina (American origin) means "strong".

35.  Pip – Is your female horse short? Cute? Amusing? Then perhaps she can go with a sweet, simple, and short name like Pip.

Ancient Female Horse Names

Horse are indeed mystical creatures. And if you are one of those who loves fiction and want to provide it a unique horse name, then you might wander into these ancient horses names, we think they're very dignified and perfect for a horse with a sense of grandeur. So why not peruse our totally unique horse names below and see if any fit your filly.

A group of horses grazing in a field

36.  Amethyst (Greek origin) refers to "the stone that is said to have healing powers for both – physical and emotional ailments".

37.  Anne (Hebrew origin) meaning "grace or favor".

38.  Arwen (Welsh origin) means "fair or good".

39.  Borak (Arabic origin) meaning "lightning".

40.  Hera (Greek origin) inspired from wife of King Zeus and means "the queen".

41.  Isabella (Hebrew origin) means "devoted to God."

42.  Mila (Russian origin) means "gracious or dear".

43.  Nora (Greek origin) means "light".

44.  Olaf (Scandinavian name) means "ancestors or descendant" and is perfect for a happy-go-lucky white horse.

45.  Opulent (Latin origin) means "lavish".

46.  Palatial (French origin) means "like a palace".

47.  Pelipa- (Zuni) meaning lover of horses.

48.  Shimmer (Germanic origin) means someone "who shines, glimmers, and gleams – despite the challenges it comes across".

49.  Trudy (Germanic origin) means “spear of strength”.

50.  Valerie (Latin origin) means “strength”.

We hope this list of names helped in your search but if you need some more inspiration why not look at mythical horse names or white horse names.

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