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75+ Names That Mean Prince From Around The World

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You may not be royalty but that's no reason to think that your baby boy can't have a royal name.

Royal names that mean prince, leader, ruler, or king have been in use from the early centuries across all continents of the planet. If you think of your baby boy as a prince, then you must give him a name that exudes class and royalty.

Perhaps you want to take inspiration from real life princes, such as Prince Harry, whose baby's name is Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor (the meaning of Archie is "genuine", "bold" and "brave"). Or perhaps you want a name with a regal meaning, like Basil which means "royalty" and would be a good name for any prince. In this article, we're going to take you through more than 75 names meaning prince and numerous other royal baby names that will be ideal for your darling boy. For more interesting names articles on Kidadl, check out this list of the best regal names for little kings and queens and these names that mean queen for your princess.

Names That Mean Prince From Europe

Let's get things started by talking about some European baby names meaning prince, king, leader, and ruler. If you don't like these, you could check out baby names meaning prince in the following sections.

1. Adelio (German origin), meaning "the noble prince's father". In modern times, it is one of the most popular names meaning prince in Spain.

2. Alaric (German origin), meaning "the ruler who is all powerful". It is an ancient name meaning prince or ruler, but, in essence, it is timeless.

3. Anwealda (English origin), meaning "ruler".

4. Alberich (German origin), meaning "the elf ruler".

5. Aldrich (English origin), meaning "wise and old ruler".

6. Balder (English origin), meaning "prince", "brave", or "courageous".

7. Bardick (Teutonic origin), meaning "ax ruler".

8. Conrad (German origin), meaning "bold ruler".

9. Cyril (Greek origin), meaning "master" or "lord".

10. Cyrus (Greek origin), meaning "lord". It is a popular Greek name for baby boys.

11. Decebal (Romanian origin), meaning "brave and powerful". It was the name of an ancient King of Dacia who is remembered for keeping the mighty Roman Empire at bay.

12. Donovan (Irish origin), meaning "chieftain".

13. Delroy (French origin), meaning "of the king".

14. Derek (Flemish origin), meaning "rulers".

15. Donald (Scottish origin), meaning "proud leader".

16. Duke (Latin origin), meaning "ruler".

17. Edgar (English origin), meaning "wealthy spearman".

18. Enrique (Spanish origin), meaning "home ruler".

19. Enzo (French origin), meaning "home ruler".

20. Eric (Scandinavian origin), meaning "ruler for eternity".

21. Fitzgerald (French and German origin), meaning "the spear ruler's son".

22. Frederick (German origin), meaning "peaceful ruler".

23. Friedrich (German origin), meaning "peaceful king ruler".

24. Fritz (German origin), the shortened version of the name Friedrich.

25. Gerald (French and German origin), the shortened version of the name Fitzgerald.

26. Griffith (Welsh origin), meaning "strong prince or lord".

27. Hector (Greek origin), the name of the Trojan Prince who was known for his bravery and righteousness. The name means "steadfast".

28. Heinrich (German origin), meaning "home ruler".

29. Henry (French origin), meaning "the ruler of the state". It is one of the most popular names meaning prince or king that has been in use since early centuries.

30. Jerrick (English origin), meaning "gifted and strong ruler".

31. Kaiser (German origin), meaning "emperor".

32. Kingsley (English origin), meaning "the meadow of the king".

33. Ladomir (Croatian origin), meaning "famous ruler".

34. Leroy (French origin), meaning "king"; the ideal name for your little king at home.

35. Minos (Greek origin), the name of the iconic kKng of Crete. It is still regarded as one of the most iconic names that mean king.

36. Neil (Irish origin), meaning "champion".

37. Nestor (Greek origin), the name of a Greek King who played a significant role in bringing the Trojan War to an end.

38. Oceanus (Greek origin), the name of the ocean ruler in Greek mythology.

39. Paris (German and French origin), the name of the Trojan Prince who was Hector's brother and played a vital role in starting the Trojan War and killing one of the war heroes, Achilles, at the end of the war.

40. Ricardo (Spanish origin), meaning "powerful leader".

41. Roark (Irish origin),  meaning "illustrious ruler".

42. Quade (Gaelic origin), meaning "army ruler".

43. Quinton (English origin), meaning "the manor of the queen".

44. Rian (Irish origin), meaning "little king". Names for princes don't get much better than this.

45. Richard (German origin), meaning "powerful ruler".

46. Roderick (German origin), meaning "well known ruler".

47. Rognvaldr (Scandinavian origin), meaning "wise ruler". It is one of the medieval boy names that mean prince that has inspired modern names such as Ronald and its shortened version Ronnie.

48. Ruaidhiri (Gaelic origin), meaning "renowned ruler". It is one of the most ancient kingly names.

49. Sargon (Greek origin), meaning "true king". It is one of the rarest names that mean king.

50. Steven (English and Greek origin), meaning "crown" or "garland".

51. Ted (English and Greek origin), meaning "God's gift" or "wealthy guard".

52. Theodore (English and Greek origin), the longer version of the previously mentioned Ted.

53. Thierry (French origin), meaning "the people's ruler".

54. Terry (German origin), meaning "tribe's power" or "the ruler of the people".

55. Tolvar (Scandinavian origin), meaning "the ruler of Thor".

56. Walter (German origin), meaning "ruler of the army".

A little princess is smiling and sitting with a prince in a castle

Names That Mean Prince From Africa

In the second part of this article, we'll turn our attention towards the continent of Africa. Read on to know some baby boy names that mean prince, king, leader, or ruler in Africa.

57. Abiola (Nigerian origin), meaning "born in wealth and honor".

58. Adebowale (Nigerian origin), meaning "the king returned home". It is one of the most popular princely names in the Yoruba community of Nigeria.

59. Ademola (Nigerian origin), meaning "crown with wealth". It is one of numerous names meaning ruler in Nigeria's Yoruba community.

60. Addo (Ghanaian origin), meaning "king".

61. Eze (Nigerian origin), meaning "king". It is one of the most popular regal names in eastern Nigeria.

62. Kgosi (South African origin), meaning "chief" or "king".

63. Mandlenkosi (Zimbabwean origin), meaning "king", "strength", and "power". It is one of the most unique prince names you'll find in this article.

64. Oba (Nigerian origin), meaning "king".

65. Tor (Nigerian origin), meaning "king".

Little boy prince,child king laughing summer day outdoors around colorful green grass.

Names That Mean Prince From Asia

We've almost come to the end of the article and in the final section, we're going to check out some names meaning leader, prince, or king from Asia.

66. Ara (Arabic and Armenian origin), meaning "king". It is one of several Arabic origin names that mean royal titles.

67. Amir (Arabic and Hebrew origin), a cool name meaning "king" or "ruler". It is one of the royal boys' names in the Middle East that has become popular around the world.

68. Darian (Persian origin), meaning "upholder of the good" or "person with kingly traits".

69. Hansraj (Sanskrit origin), meaning "king of swans". It is one of the most common baby boy names in North India.

70. Idris (Arabic origin), this name means "prince, lord, or king". It is one of the most popular Arabic names that mean prince.

71. Malik (Arabic origin), meaning "sovereign" or "king". It is an Arabic name that means prince and has become popular all over the world.

72. Raj (Sanskrit origin), meaning "king" or "ruler".

73. Raja (Sanskrit origin) meaning "king" or "ruler". It is one of the most common names that mean leader, ruler, or king in India and is used both as a first name and as a last name.

74. Rajan (Sanskrit origin), meaning "king". It is a baby name that is incredibly popular for baby boys in India.

75. Rana (Sanskrit origin), meaning "king". It is the perfect baby name for the young prince at your home.

76. Sultan (Arabic origin), meaning "ruler". It's a great name for your new prince at home.

Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for names that mean prince, why not take a look at the top royal baby names for your child, or something different like the top cool superhero baby names that you'll love?

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