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40 Perfect Pig Names For Your New Pet

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Are you looking for cute and catchy pet names for your pig?

Unlike the stereotypes, pigs are very clean and smart animals who can even respond to specific commands when appropriately trained. These tiny little creatures with small eyes can be amazing companions to keep as pets.

To help you pick an adorable name for your pig, we have listed the best names for both boys and girls to give you some ideas.

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Cute Pig Names For Boys

Many of these names for a pig are inspired by Hollywood celebs and famous people, with a farmyard twist!

1 .  Albert Swinestein, is inspired by the genius scientist.

2 .  AbraHam, if you want to give a funny name to your pet pig then you can pick this name.

3 .  Arnold Porkzenegger, if your pet pig is super strong, then this is probably the best name for him.

4 .  Count Porkula, is quirky and funny pig pet name inspired by Count Dracula.

5 .  Elvis Pigsley, is name that music lovers might give to their little piggy.

6 . Ham Solo, is for the 'Star Wars' fans, it is a pretty cool name for your pig.

7 . Kevin Bacon, the name of a Canadian Actor, this name makes the perfect pig name as it has 'Bacon' in it.

8 . Mr. Pig, if you like Mr Big from 'Sex And The City', then you can go for this name.

9. Pig Mac, is just like a Big Mac burger.

10 . Peter Porker, superhero fans will love this name for their pet.

11 . Piggaso, is for active and playful pet pig. , then you can name him Piggaso.

12 . Pork Chop, this porky pig name is perfect for little piggies.

13 . Spider-Pig, is alternative name for those who love spider man!

14 . Tommy Hilpigger, is inspired by the fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger.

Black piglet walking

Cute Pig Names For Girls

A baby pig is called a piglet! Check out these piglet names to find a funny name for your female pet pig.

15. Amora, is a Spanish girl's name, and it means "my love".

16 . Adele, is famous because of the renowned British singer, but it means "the messenger of peace".

17 . Apricot, is a unique name for a female baby pig.

18 . Cinnamon, is an adorable pig name for a girl.

19 . Farrah, is an Arabic word that means "happiness and joy".

20 . Ginger, is a cute small piggy name with a refreshing feel!

21 . Gizmo, if you are searching for an unusual name for your small pig, then this could be a great choice.

22. Jennifer Lopig, the funniest pig name for your female pet.

23 . Joey, this cute female pig name would suit a porky pig.

24 . June, is the perfect summer name!

25 . Miss Piggy, is a famous character from 'The Muppet Show'.

26 . Popcorn, a great pig name for movie lovers!

27 . Ellen, is common name for a female pet pig, perfect if you want to keep it simple.

28 . Stella, is a Latin name which means "star".

29 . Sonny, is a cute pet name that you can pick for female animals.

30 . Zahra, is an Arabian name which means "the brightness or the blossom". One of the prettiest pigs' names on the list!

Baby white piglet chewing straw

Gender Neutral Pig Names

Here are some of the most popular and common names for pigs that are cute and gender neutral.

31 . Annabel, if you aren't scared by the famous character from 'The Conjuring' , then it is a good name for a pet pig.

32 . Bell, a simple and natural piggy name, perfect for a small pig.

33 . Buttercup, is often used for naming kittens, but it also is a nice name for a baby pig.

34 . Chubs, your chubby piglet pet needs a name that can explain how much you love them.

35 . Dixie, is catchy name for your pig that anyone can remember easily.

36 . Fudge, we love calling our pets popular food names. Hence...Fudge!

37 . Mitzi, is a cute name with German origin, it means "the mother of God".

38 . Penny, a short and sweet name for a little piglet.

39 . Pepper, most people choose this name for kittens, but it also suits pigs.

40 .  Truffle, is very fancy name for a small pig.

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for pig names then check out these monkey names, or for something different take a look at these duck names.

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