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Choosing a name for the new baby is an important and memorable job for parents.

A child's name is an important part of their identity as well as their cultural setting. So it has to be meaningful and suit their personalities.

America has a wide variety of names and naming trends. Many American names have origins from all over the world and became popular in America. The English language still remains a chief origin though. You can choose from names inspired by place names, heroes, or fictional characters. The list of baby names contains both classic and modern names alike, along with their meanings, that will make your baby girl look cool. After all, the name should be chosen in such a way that your baby girl will also like it and will really grow to embody her name.

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Top American Girl Names

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When searching for a nice first name for girls, nothing is better than choosing from the top baby names for girls. These are the most preferred and loved baby names by parents in America. Here we provide you with a list of 10 top baby names for your baby girl.

1. Abigail (Hebrew origin) meaning "Father's Joy". It can be associated with the actress, Abigail Breslin.

2. Ava (Latin origin) meaning "Blooming" or "Birdlike". The name can be associated with the popular singer-songwriter, Ava Max.

3. Chloe (Greek origin) meaning "Blooming" or "Fertility".

4. Emily (Latin origin) meaning "Industrious and hardworking". The name can be associated with the English novelist and poet, Emily Bronte.

5. Emma (German origin) meaning "whole" or "universal". It can be associated with Emma Watson, a popular actress.

6. Isabella (Italian origin) meaning "pledged to God". It is inspired by Isabella Linton, a fictional character from Emily Bronte's 'Wuthering Heights'.

7. Madison meaning "Son of Maud". It is inspired by Madison Rocca (Blue Ranger) from 'Power Rangers Mystic Force'.

8. Mia meaning "Ocean Goddess".

9. Olivia (Latin origin) meaning "Olive tree". It is inspired by the actress, Olivia Munn. It is a common girl name.

10. Sophia (Greek origin) meaning "Wisdom". It can be associated with Sophia Peletier from 'The Walking Dead'.

Names Of Famous American Women

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Naming your baby with names of famous people is a trend among parents. Here we have a list of girl names inspired by popular women in the history of America.

11. Amelia (German origin) meaning "Work". The name is associated with Amelia Earhart, the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

12. Audrey meaning "Noble strength". It is associated with Audrey Hepburn, a popular American actress.

13. Beyoncé meaning "Beyond others". Beyonce is a popular American singer.

14. Harriet (German origin) meaning "home-ruler". Inspired by Harriet Tubman, an activist for the Abolition of slavery in America.

15. Hillary meaning "cheerful" or "happy".  Hillary Clinton, an American politician and diplomat.

16. Judy (Hebrew origin) meaning "She will be praised". Judy Garland is famous for playing Dorothy in 'The Wizard of Oz' movie.

17. Katharine (Greek origin) meaning "Pure". Katharine Hepburn was a popular actress and a four-time winner of Academy Awards for Best Actress.

18. Sandra meaning "protector of man". Inspired by Sandra Day O'Conner, the first woman justice on U.S Supreme Court.

19. Sylvia (Latin origin) meaning "Forest". The name can be linked to Sylvia Plath, a famous poet.

20. Toni meaning "Praiseworthy".  Toni Morrison, an American Nobel Laureate.

American Unisex Names

Having a unisex name is a popular trend among modern parents. Giving your baby girl a unisex name can make her look cool. Here we have a list of unisex names, which are trending right now as baby girl names, that you can choose to name your girl child.

21. Arden meaning "The eagle valley". The name can be associated with John Arden, an English playwright.

22. Arrow meaning "A projectile fired from a bow".

23. Avery meaning "King" or "Power". The name can be associated with the popular actor, Avery Brooks.

24. Blair (Scottish origin) meaning "meadow" or "field". This girl's name can be associated with Blair Waldorf, one of the main characters from the TV series 'Gossip Girl'.

25. Blake can mean "pale blond one".

26. Casey (Irish origin) meaning "vigilant" or "watchful".

27. Claire (French origin) meaning "bright" or "clear". This is inspired by the protagonist Claire Fraser from the novel series 'Outlander'.

28. Ellison meaning "Son of Ellis".

29. Finley (Scottish origin) meaning "warrior/hero".

30. Grey meaning "Gray-haired".

31. Harley meaning "Hare's meadow". This is one of the pretty baby girl names and can be associated with Harley Smith, an actress, and musician.

32. Jackie meaning "Supplanter"; can be associated with Jackie Chan, a martial artist, stuntman, and actor.

33. Jessie meaning "God has been gracious".

34. Kris meaning "Christian" or "Follower of Christ".

35. Morgan (Welsh origin) meaning "Great circle".

36. Payton meaning "Fighting man's estate".

37. Riley (Irish origin) meaning "Valiant". A very common but one of the prettiest baby names in America.

38. Rowan (Irish origin) meaning "Little red-haired". Associated with the English actor and comedian Rowan Atkinson, famous for playing 'Mr. Bean'.

39. Skyler (Dutch origin) meaning "Scholar". The baby name can be associated with the actress Skyler Samuels.

40. Wren meaning "Small bird". A really sweet and pretty baby name.

Most Popular American Names For Girls

Searching for the right baby girl names involves rummaging through the popular baby names lists. Here is a list of the most popular baby girl names from America.

41. Adeline (French origin) meaning "Nobility".

42. Angelina (Greek origin) meaning "Messenger of God". It is associated with the popular actress, filmmaker, and humanitarian, Angelina Jolie.

43. Ariana (Italian origin) meaning "Very holy". It is linked with the popular American singer Ariana Grande.

44. Ashlyn meaning "Meadow of ash trees".

45. Barbara (Greek origin) meaning "Strange" or "Foreign". Can be associated with the American Nobel Prize laureate, Barbara McClintock.

46. Bella (Italian origin) meaning "Beautiful". Inspired by Bella Swan from 'Twilight' movie series.

47. Brooklyn meaning "Broken Land" or "Pretty Brook".

48. Carolyn meaning "Womanly" or "beautiful". Carolyn Keene, a pseudonym of the authors, who wrote Nancy Drew.

49. Cassidy (Irish origin) meaning "Clever". The name can be linked with the actress Cassidy Freeman.

50. Charlotte (French origin) meaning "Free". Inspired by the English novelist and poet, Charlotte Bronte.

51. Dakota meaning "Friend" or "Ally". Associated with the American actress Hannah Dakota Fanning.

52. Elena (Italian origin) meaning "Bright Light". Inspired by Elena Gilbert, the female protagonist from the popular novel and television series 'The Vampire Diaries'.

53. Elizabeth (Hebrew origin) meaning "My God is an Oath". This is one of the royal names for girls and can be associated with Elizabeth I, the Queen of England.

54. Evelyn meaning "Wished for child".

55. Georgia meaning "farmer" or "Worker of earth".

56. Grace(Latin origin) meaning "Gracious".

57. Hannah meaning "Favour" and "Grace".

58. Hazel (English origin) meaning "Hazel tree".

59. Indiana meaning "Land of Indians". The name is associated with the American movie franchise 'Indiana Jones'.

60. Jasper (Persian origin) meaning "Treasurer".

61. Jennifer (Cornish origin) meaning "Fair one"; inspired by the actress Jennifer Anniston.

62. Jessica (Hebrew origin) meaning "To behold".

63. Leah (Hebrew origin) meaning "Weary".

64. Lynda (Spanish origin) meaning "Beautiful"; can be associated with American actress, Lynda Carter.

65. Miley meaning "Smiley". The name can be associated with the American singer-songwriter, Miley Cyrus.

66. Scarlett, a color name, symbolizing "Power", "Courage" and "Passion".

67. Susan (Persian origin) meaning "Lily flower".

68. Violet meaning "Modesty" or "Love" or "Affection".

69. Winona meaning "First Born daughter". The name can be associated with the American actress, Winona Ryder.

70. Zoe (Greek origin) meaning "Life"; Zoe Nightshade is a character from 'Percy Jackson and the Olympians' book series.

Unique Names For American Girls

Parents can sometimes prefer to reward their baby girl with unique baby girl names. These unique baby names make them stand out among other baby girl names. Here we have a list of unique names of girls from America, many with Native American origin.

71. Aiyana meaning "Forever Flowering".

72. Alabama meaning "Thicket Clearers".

73. Azaria (Hebrew origin) meaning "Helped by God".

74. Bly meaning "Tall" or "High".

75. Chenoa meaning "White Dove".

76. Citlali meaning "A star".

77. Dixie meaning "From the South"; inspired by Dixie Kong, an animated character from the 'Donkey Kong' series.

78. Doba meaning "No War".

79. Enola meaning "Magnolia Flower"; this baby name can be associated with 'Enola Holmes', the fictional character from a TV series of the same name.

80. Halona meaning "Fortune".

81. Halyn meaning "Unique".

82. Ingrid (Norse origin) meaning "Fair" or "beautiful". Associated with the American Singer Ingrid Andress.

83. Istas meaning "Snow."

84. Jaelyn meaning "Supplanter".

85. Kaydee meaning "Bright" or "pure".

86. Liseli meaning "Light".

87. Malia meaning "One who is calm"; can be associated with Malia Obama, Barack Obama's daughter.

88. Nina meaning "Mighty" or "Fire"; this baby name can be associated with the Canadian actress, Nina Dobrev.

89. Odina meaning "Mountain".

90. Olathe meaning "Beautiful".

91. Oprah (Hebrew origin) meaning "Gazelle". This baby name is associated with Oprah Winfrey, an American actress, and TV personality.

92. Phoenix (Latin origin) meaning "Deep Red".

93. Sakari (Native American origin) meaning "Sweet".

94. Samira (Arabic origin) meaning "Companion of Evening talks". This girl name can be associated with the American actress Samira Wiley.

95. Tayen meaning "New Moon".

96. Wendy (English origin) meaning "Friend". This baby name is associated with the female protagonist of 'Peter Pan'.

97. Wilma, clipped form of Wilhelmina meaning "resolute protection".

98. Winnie meaning "pure" or "happiness". This pretty baby name is associated with 'Winnie The Pooh', a fictional teddy bear.

99. Yareli meaning "The water lady". Associated with Mexican actress and director, Yareli Arizmendi.

100. Zendaya meaning "To give thanks". This American girl name is linked to actress and singer, Zendaya Coleman.

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