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Top 100 Badass Cat Names You'll Love For Your Pet

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Cats are the perfect pet because of their strong character and attitude.

Cats are beautiful creatures, and since the beginning of time, they have held a reputation for being savvy and full of attitude. Thinking of names for cats can sometimes be challenging, which is why we are here to provide you with a long list of badness cat names that you will absolutely love.

Cats have descended from a generation of skilled and sophisticated feline ancestors. The prowess and agility of cats are like no other animal, and that is why you need to select a badass name that complements your pet. Cats are quick, agile, and are very loyal companions. When choosing a name for your cat, you may want to pick cat names that suit their own unique and feisty personality.

A name says a lot about the badass personality of your pet. There are many different names that are quirky and unique, from funny cat nicknames to badass cat names, there is a name on this list for your female cat or male cat. It is only right to give your badass cat a befitting badass cat name.

For more cat name inspiration, take a look at these nerdy cat names or these tiger names for cats.

Funny Badass Cat Names

Funny cat names can be unconventional, but they can also make the perfect names for your pet. Without further delay, let's dive into the list and find some funny names for cat lovers.

1. Abracadabra: (Hebrew origin) means "a magical spell to make something appear".

2. Admiral: (English origin) means "a high rank in the navy".

3. Ad Rock: (American origin) for a big strong cat, similar to the actor, The Rock.

4. Alleyway: (English origin) for a dark colored cat.

5. Alma Sonriente: (Indian origin) means "smiling soul".

6. Ami Mai: (Indian origin) one of the funny names for a cat.

7. Angel Blue Eyes: (English origin) for cats with beautiful blue eyes.

8. Angelina Ballerina: (English origin) is one of the more ironic girl cat names because it is from a cartoon character that is actually a rat.

9. Angus: (Scottish origin) means "one choice".

10. Ammo (Latin origin) means "military stores".

11. Annihilator: (English origin) meanings "destroyer". Perfect a new cat that loves to catch prey.

12. Apocalypse: (English origin) means "calamity that brings an end to things".

13. Aristophanes: (Greek origin) a Greek comedy scriptwriter.

14. Aspirin: (English origin) means "a medicine for headaches".

15. Awesome: (English origin) means "impressive". A great name for a cat that is just too cool and very lovable.

16. Axel: (Greek origin) means "defending men".

17. Baba Booey: (English origin) is from a character in a horror movie and is a truly badass boy name for a cat.

18. Bed Socks: (American origin) just a funny name for a cat.

19. Bee Bee: (English origin) can be an ideal name for a black cat, perhaps one that wears a yellow collar.

20. Beefcake: (American origin) a combination of beef and cake

21. Beta: (English origin) means "the early stages of something new".

22. Biba: (Latin origin) means "sweetheart".

23. Binky: (American origin) means "field of beans".

24. Bismarck: (German origin) means "God sent help".

25. Bitey: (American origin) for cats who love to bite.

26. Bivouac: (Swiss origin) means "military watch".

27. Bone Cruncher: (American origin) one of the best badass cat names for a cat that loves to chew on toys.

28. Bookbag: (American origin) a good choice for a cat you always carry around.

29. Bookie: (English origin) a funny name for a cat that loves being around books.

30. Bootdonnie: (American origin) a cool name for a badass cat.

31. Bootsie: (American origin) from the cat from the cartoon 'Puss In Boots'

32. Bootstrap Bill: (English origin) the name does indicate a bit of maturity, this is best for an older badass cat.

33. Bouncer: (English origin) means "a person hired to dissuade troublemakers".

34. Bou-Tee-Waits: (English origin) another funny and uncommon name.

35. Buddy Holly: (English origin) does this name reminds you of the holidays?

36. Buggie: (English origin) an affectionate and cute name that still has bite.

37. Bungee: (English origin) for a cat that jumps around the house without hurting itself.

38. Butterfinger: (English origin) means "clumsy".

39. Captain Splatter: (English origin) a funny name for cats that love to splatter things around and make a mess

40. Cardiac: (English origin) an unusual name for a cat that causes your heart to skip a beat either because they are stealthy and unseen.

41. Dog Hunter: (English origin) an ironic name for a cat.

Cat Names That Mean Strong, Warrior And Fighter

Cat names symbolizing strength are popular around the world.

Are you looking for the perfect name to suit your feline pet? If your cat is a fighter you may want to choose a befitting name for your badass cat. The badass cat names on this list have important meanings and are perfect cat names for feisty cats. Here are some badass cat names that can inspire you.

42.  Ajax: (Greek origin) means "warrior".

43.  Alemana: (Hawaiian origin) means “warrior”.

44.  Alessandro: (Italian origin) means “defender of mankind”.

45.  Alika: (Hawaiian origin) means “guardian”.

46.  Aloisia: (German origin) is the best name for a cat that loves to fight.

47.  Aloysius: (Latin origin) means “fighter” or “warrior”.

48.  Alphonso: (German origin) meaning “steady” or eager”.

49.  Amey: (German origin) means "quick and nimble". The perfect name for cats that are agile like an eagle.

50.  Antonio: (Italian origin) means "worth praising".

51.  Arch: (French origin) means “aggressive” or “swift.”

52.  Argo: (Greek origin) means “swift”.

53.  Ari: (Hebrew origin) means “lion.”

54.  Arnold: (German origin) is signifying “powerful.”

55.  Atlas: (Greek origin) referring to the Greek God, Atlas.

56.  Badger: (English origin) a great name for a black and white cat.

57.  Balbina: (Latin origin) meaning “strong” or “powerful”.

58.  Baldric: (German origin) meaning "bold" and "courageous".

59.  Bamey: (German origin) meaning “brave”.

60.  Bathilde: (German origin) meaning “heroine”.

61.  Blizzard: (English origin) meaning “aggressive” or “snow”.

62.  Boris: (Russian origin) this name can have several meanings including "wolf or snow leopard" or "short". It is a popular name for robust cats that can fight.

63.  Boulder: (English origin) meaning “strong” or “firm.”

64.  Breann: (Irish origin) meaning “strong” or “powerful”.

65.  Briar: (Italian origin) meaning “protector” or “defensive”.

66.  Broken: (English origin) meaning “aggressive”.

67.  Bronislava: (Russian origin) meaning "someone who defends glory".

68.  Buzzard: (English origin) meaning “fierce”.

69. Carlotta: ( Italian origin) referring to an energetic and robust cat.

70. Chantelle: (Hawaiian origin) meaning “a stone place”.

71. Charlie: (German origin) meaning “strong” or “man”.

72. Cher Ami: (French origin) meaning “dear friend” or “masculine”.

73. Chester: (Latin origin) means "fortress". It is given to cats that ward off intruders.

74. Chriselda: (German origin) meaning “strong and courageous”.

75. Claw: (English origin) could mean “strong” or “sharp clawed”.

76. Constance: (Latin origin) meaning "steadfast" and "faithfulness".

77. Constantine: (Latin origin) meaning "steadfastness".

78. Corrado: (Italian origin) means "brave counselor".

79. Crow: (English origin) one the cat names that are suited to dark haired cats.

80. Dai: (Japanese origin) meaning “great".

81. Daiki: (Japanese origin) meaning “great glory” or “great nobility”.

82. Delmy: (German origin) means "noble and protective".

83. Duncan: (Gaelic origin) refers to a "warrior with brown hair".

84. Ebba: (German origin) means "strong".

Famous Badass Cat Names

Some names for cats are inspired by characters in a movie, animated series, or even a book. To find the perfect name, take a look at these these funny badass names that would suit a boy or girl cat and that draw inspiration from movie characters, our favorite superheroes, or even our favorite villains.

85. Bob: (German origin) from the title character of 'A Street Cat Named Bob'.

86. Binx: (American origin) a badass name from the character in the movie 'Hocus Pocus'.

87. Black Widow: (American origin) a female character in the 'Avengers' movie.

88. Buttercup: (Hungarian origin) from the cartoon 'The Powerpuff Girls'

89. Felix: (Latin origin) from a popular cartoon cat.

90. Jack Sparrow: (French origin) from the movie character in 'Pirates Of The Caribbean'

91. Loki: (Scandinavian origin) one of the coolest new cat names, named after Thor's brother in the 'Avengers' movie.

92. Lone Ranger: (American origin) for a solitary cat named after the movie.

93. Morticia :(Latin origin) from the animation 'The Addams Family'.

94. Stormy: (American origin) the famous Pusheen cat's sister. This is a great female cat name.

96. Snowball: (English origin) a trendy, yet badass cat name.

97.Vader: (German origin) from 'Star Wars'. This is a truly badass boy name.

Gender Neutral Badass Cat Names

(Gender neutral cat names are in vogue.

Short, catchy badass cat names are just what you want when selecting gender neutral names for your new kitty. These names are simple and easy to call out. Here is a list of names to help you begin the creative thinking process for that badass cat name.

97. Bones: (English origin) a funny but very popular name for cats of both gender.

98. Harley: (English origin) also the name of a famous motorcycle brand, Harley Davidson.

99. Puma: (Latin origin) symbolizes strength and swiftness, like the wild feline species. Also the name of a famous shoe and apparel brand.

100. Saber: (French origin) meaning "a sharp blade".

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for badass cat names then take a look at these anime cat names, or for something different take a look at these Egyptian cat names.

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