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Magic and magicians and magical things have always enthralled people.

Equally fascinating are the names of magicians. Famous magicians put in a lot of thought before choosing their stage names.

While Merlin and Gandalf are good wizard names, a real magician should look for a name that connects with people. Their names should have a bit of shazam and sass to create an allure around them. If you wish to form a magical character for your story, then you can opt for the names of famous magicians that we have handpicked for this list.

For more naming inspiration take a look at these magical boy names and magical girl names.

Famous Magician Names For Boys

Want to pay tribute to a magician who inspires you? Here are 20 names of famous magicians.

1.Apollo (Greek origin) is the name of the Greek God of Sun. Additionally, Apollo Robbins is a famous magician and illusionist with this name.

2.Blaine (Scottish origin) meaning "yellow" and used by the legendary illusionist and endurance artist David Blaine.

3.Copperfield is a name inspired by Charles Dicken’s novel, David Copperfield. David Copperfield is also the stage name of one of the most famous magicians ever.

4.Devant (Irish origin) means “a male deer” and was the adopted stage name of illusionist David Devant.

5.Derren (English origin) meaning great. Derren Brown is a famous magician.

6.Henning (Swedish origin) meaning “ruler of the house”. A magician who used this name was Canadian Doug Henning.

7.Dynamo (Greek origin) meaning "force", magician Dynamo is undoubtedly a force to reckon with.

8.Anderson (Greek origin) meaning “a masculine man”. Harry Anderson was a well-regarded American magician and actor.

9.Blackstone (English origin) meaning the “one who lived near a dark stone”. Harry Blackstone Sr and Jr were top names in American magic.

10.Houdini was a name invented by the greatest magician and escape artist of all time, Harry Houdini.

11.Thurston (Nordic origin) meaning “the stone of Thor”. Howard Thurston was a pioneer of modern magic.

12.Eugene (Greek origin) meaning “of noble nature”. Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin is regarded as the father of modern conjuring tricks.

13.Labero is the stage name of Joe Labero, who got the name by abbreviating his original name.

14.Szeles could be a cool magician name inspired by comic magician John Edward Szeles.

15.Lance (English origin) meaning “land.” A magician with this name is Lance Burton.

16.Wilson (Scottish origin) meaning “William’s son”. Mark Wilson is credited as the first television magic star.

17.Penn (English origin) meaning “someone who lives by the hill”. Penn Jillette of the legendary duo Penn & Teller has this name.

18.Raymond (Germanic origin) meaning “wise protector”. Teller of the Penn & Teller duo has Raymond as his first name, but he doesn’t use it.

19.Ricky Jay (Italian origin) meaning "a powerful ruler". Itwas the stage name of American magician and actor Richard Jay Potash.

20.Valentino (Italian origin) meaning “strength". Val Valentino is a legendary magician who opened new horizons for magic in the ’90s.

Names That Mean Magic Or Magician

Take a look at these cool magician names.

21.Bili (Zulu origin) meaning "a magician".

22.Burvju (Latvian origin) means "the act of magic".

23.Carovnik (Slovenian origin) meaning "someone performing magic tricks".

24.Dewin (Welsh origin) means "someone excelling in magic".

25.Dibia Afa (Igbo origin) means "a magician".

26.Draíochta (Irish origin), meaning "magic".

27.Galdur (Icelandic origin) meaning "magic".

28.Hud (Welsh origin) meaning "magic".

29.Jadugar (Hindi origin) meaning "someone performing magic tricks".

30.Jadu (Hindi origin) means "magic".

31.Kouzlo (Czech origin) meaning "magic".

32.Kuzelnik (Slovak origin) meaning "one who does magic".

33.Maagiline (Estonian origin) meaning "magic".

34.Magia (Spanish origin) means "magical occurrences".

35.Magico (Portuguese origin) meaning "magician".

36.Magiisto (Esperanto origin) meaning "someone who performs magic".

37.Magique (English origin) is an old word for "magic and tricks".

38.Maho (Japanese origin) meaning "magical". For magicians looking for new names, this would make a wonderful name.

39.Máxica (Galician origin) means "magical and enchanting".

40.Mofa (Chinese origin) meaning "magic and spells".

41.Ody (Malagasy origin) meaning "spell workers". This is a short and sweet name.

42.Saaxir (Somali origin) means "magician or wizard" and can make for a spellbinding name.

43.Sehrli (Azerbaijani origin) meaning "magic". This acts as a great unisex name for magicians.

44.Taika (Finnish origin) meaning "the occurrence of magic".

45.Varázslat (Hungarian origin) means "spells & magic".

Cool And Funny Magician Names That Mean Mystery Or Mysterious

Kid dressed as harry potter learning magic.

Here are some mysterious names for mysterious magicians.

46.Arcanum (Latin origin) stands for "mysterious".

47.Dirgel (Welsh origin), means "covered in mystery".

48.Dularfullur (Icelandic origin) meaning "mysterious" is a funny word.

49.Gizem (Turkish origin) meaning "mystery", an excellent magical name.

50.Mysteriuex (French origin) means "mystery".

51.Mystisk (Danish origin) stands for "mystery".

52.Ngaro (Maori origin), meaning "mystery".

53.Omimi (Igbo origin) means "mystery".

54.Raaisel (Afrikaans origin), meaning "mystery", this serves as a cool magician name.

55.Rejtelyes (Hungarian origin) stands for "mystery" but is scarier rather than mysterious.

56.Salaprane (Estonian origin) meaning "mysterious".

57.Siri (Swahili origin) means "mysterious", and it looks like Apple certainly knew it.

58.Skrivnostno (Slovenian origin) meaning "mystery".

59.Tajemny (Czech origin) means "shrouded in mystery".

60.Zagadka (Polish origin) meaning "mystery".

Famous Female Magician Names

These names should provide plenty of inspiration for aspiring female magicians.

61.Ariann (Persian origin) meaning “noble”. Ariann Black is a female magician associated with this name.

62.Debbie (Hebrew origin) meaning “bee”. Successful magician Debbie Leifer inspires the name.

63.Dorothy (Greek origin) meaning “gift from God”. Dorothy Dietrich was instrumental in breaking the glass ceilings for women in magic.

64.Fay (English origin) meaning “fairy”. Fay Presto is regarded as the greatest female magician of recent times.

65.Frances (French origin) meaning” a free person”. Frances Willard is a well regarded female magician.

66.Gaye (French origin) meaning” happy”. Gaye Blackstone was part of the Blackstone magic family and an incredible magician.

67.Kristen (Greek origin) meaning “the anointed one”. Kristen Johnson is a magician and an escape artist.

68.Lisa (English origin) meaning “the promise of God”. Lisa Menna is one of the twentieth century’s most significant female magicians.

69.Misty (American origin) meaning “covered with dew”. Misty Lee is a famous American magician.

70.Tenko (Japanese origin) meaning “rolling girl”. Princess Tenko is a Japanese magician and illusionist.

Gender Neutral Names For Magicians

Illusionist white hand wants to conjure with magic wand from a black cylinder something

A gender-neutral name could make one of the best names for magicians. Here are a few unisex magician names.

71.Angel (Greek origin) meaning “messenger”. Criss Angel is one of the most famous magicians of all time.

72.Cagliostro was the name taken by Italian occultist Guiseppe Balsamo and is a great unisex name for magicians.

73.Cruz (Iberian origin) meaning “cross” and is a unisex name. Street Magician Tomas De La Cruz is associated with this name.

74.Dai (Welsh origin) meaning “beloved”. Magician Dai Vernon used this unisex name.

75.Lu (Chinese origin) is a proper unisex name, and it means “musical note”. Lu Chen is linked with this name.

76.Ning (Chinese origin) meaning “peaceful”. Magic Babe Ning is a Singaporean magician.

77.Pendragon (Welsh origin) meaning “head dragon”. The Pendragon Magic Couple used this name.

78.Randi (Arabic origin) means “beautiful” and is a unisex name. James Randi is associated with this name.

79.Roy (Anglo-Norman origin) meaning “chief”. A unisex name, Roy was the name of one half the Siegfried & Roy magic pair.

80.Shin (Japanese origin) is a gender-neutral name, which means “true”. Shin Lim is a famous Canadian-American magician.

Names Of Magicians In Pop Culture

Here are the best magical names to choose from magicians appearing in the world of fiction and cinema:

81.Alfred (English origin) meaning “wise”. Alfred Borden was the main protagonist in ‘The Prestige’.

82.Angier (Germanic origin) has the meaning of “God’s spear”. Robert Angier was the lead antagonist in 'The Prestige'.

83.Atlas (Greek origin) refers to an ancient Titan. It is also the lead character’s name in the ‘Now You See Me’ movies, Daniel Atlas.

84.Balthasar was part of the Three Wise Men that visited after Christ’s birth and the protagonist’s name in ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ movie.

85.Barney (English origin) means “trouble”. Barney Stinson is a character in ‘How I Met Your Mother' who can also do magic.

86.Cutter (English origin) is someone who cuts things. John Cutter played the role of mentor magician in ‘The Prestige’.

87.Eisenheim was a fictional magician played by Edward Norton in the movie ‘The Illusionist’.  

88.Freddy (German origin) means “peace”. Inspired by Freddy the pig from Walter Brook’s children series

89.Fruit Pie is the name of a famous magician mascot.

90.Gilbert (Norman origin) means “bright and noble youth”. Gilbert Wooley was a magician played by Jerry Lewis in the movie 'The Geisha Boy'.

91.HugoStrange or Dr. Strange is a Marvel Comics superhero who possesses various magical abilities.

92.Klaus (Dutch origin) meaning “people’s victory” inspired by the character of street magician Adam Klaus in the show ‘Jonathan Creek’.

93.Mandrake (Latin origin) refers to a plant and is also the name of a comic book character.

94.Melisandre is the name of a pivotal 'Game of Thrones' character who is supposedly blessed with magical abilities.

95.Meritt (English origin) meaning “quality”. Meritt Mckinney was the name of the magician played by Woody Harrelson in ‘Now You See Me’.

96.Nevla (Indian origin) meaning “mongoose”. It is the name of a mongoose magician in the animated series ‘Littlest Pet Shop’.

97.Patrick (Latin origin) meaning “nobleman”. Patrick Jane was the main protagonist in the TV show ‘The Mentalist’.

98.The Great Merlini is a fictional detective and professional magician created by Clayton Rawson and inspired by the mythical wizard Merlin.

99.Burt Wonderstone is the titular magician in the movie 'The Incredible Burt Wonderstone'.

100.Zatanna is a DC Comics Superhero who also works as a stage magician.

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for magician names then why not take a look at these mythical names, or for something different take a look at these blue dragon names.

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