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Top 40 Goat Names For Your Herd

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Goats may seem like innocent animals but they have been part of human myth and legends for a long time.

Apart from their domestic uses, goats are the spiritual symbols in countless witchcraft practices. Even if a goat seems to be from humble origins, goats are fascinating creatures nonetheless.

There are many generic names for goats. A mama goat is called a doe. A small goat is called a kid. There are a plethora of goat names to choose from for your farm animals. This list has the top pet goat names for you.

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Male Goat Names For Boys

Goat names can be both adorable and funny.

(Goat names can be both adorable and funny.)

Here's a list of quirky names for male goats:

1. Asriel (Hebrew origin) meaning "prince of God"; a handsome goats name.

2. Baphomet (Latin origin) meaning "sabbatic goat"; a deity worshipped by the Knights Templar. A serious-sounding goat name.

3. Dumbledore (Dialectical origin) meaning "bumblebee"; a fictional name for a cute goat.

4. Butt-Head  (English origin) meaning "stupid"; one of the punny goat names.

5. Billy (English origin) meaning "resolute protection" is a goat from 'Billy the Kid'. A great baby goat name because baby goats are called "kids". Billy Goat is the name of a male goat as well and could be great for your new goat.

6. Gandalf (Norse origin) meaning "staff-elf"; a fitting goat name for a white goat.

7. Gompers (Dutch origin) meaning "battle famous"; a fictional goat from 'Gravity Falls'.

8. Grover (English origin) meaning "lives near a grove"; a satyr from 'Percy Jackson & The Olympians'.

9. Gruff (English origin) meaning "rough tempered"; from 'Three Billy Goats Gruff'.

10. Jeb (Hebrew origin) meaning "friend of God"; from 'Home on the Range'.

11. Lambert (English origin) meaning "bright land"; a sheep from Disney.

12. Lucifer (Latin origin) meaning "light-bringing"; a biblical name for a pet goat.

13. Mephistopheles (Greek origin) meaning "not-light-loving"; a demonic name for a pet goat.

14. Philoctetes (Greek origin) meaning "Killed Paris"; from 'Hercules'.

15. Ramsey (Scottish origin) meaning "The Island Of Garlic"; one of the punny and funny goat names.

16. Scapegoat (Hebrew origin) meaning "someone who is blamed for other people's faults"; one of the funniest names of goats.

17. Tumnus (Latin origin) meaning "us, then and now"; a fawn from 'The Chronicles of Narnia'.

18. Vincent van Goat - a punny name derived from the painter Vincent Van Gogh.

Female Goat Names

(Goat names come with great meanings.

Here is a list of great names for female goats.

19. Bar-baaa-ra (Greek origin) meaning "strange"; a funny name with a goat-like twist.

20. Bo Peep (Swedish origin) meaning "to live"; a famous shepherd from nursery rhymes.

21. Cinnamon (Arabic origin) meaning "fragrant spice plant"; one of the cute goat names for a brown goat.

22. Daisy (English origin) meaning "day's eye"; a pretty name for a female white goat.

23. Doe (English origin) meaning "female goat or deer"; all mother goats are called "does".

24. Nanny (Hebrew origin) meaning "grace"; all girl goats are called "nanny goats".

25. Peaches (English origin) meaning "Persian Apple"; a cute name for a baby goat.

26. Pleasant (English origin) meaning "pleasing"; Goat Pleasant from 'Goat and Big Big Wolf'.

27. Selena Goatmez - a funny name for a goat of a Selena Gomez fan.

Gender Neutral Goat Names

Goats are both adorable and noble and their names can be unisex too.

A list of the choicest gender-neutral goat names.

28. Butter (English origin) meaning "fatty part of milk"; a fitting goat name.

29. Buttinsky (English origin) meaning "meddler"; a funny goat name.

30. Clueless (English origin) meaning "ignorant"; Morgan Muppet from 'Treasure Island'.

31. Djali (Arabic origin) meaning "free"; from 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame'.

32. Faun (Roman origin) meaning "half human and half goat"; a mythological goat creature.

33. Goatzart (German origin) meaning "marsh"; great name for a musically sound goat.

34. Goatzilla (Japanese origin) meaning "a cross between a gorilla and a whale"; a funny goat name.

35. Lupe (Spanish origin) meaning "from the river of the wolf"; from 'Ferdinand'.

36. Milk (English origin) meaning "mammary gland fluid"; a literal goat name.

37. Pan (Greek origin) meaning "god of nature"; a Roman god who looked like a goat.

38. Satyr (Greek origin) meaning "half human and half goat"; Greek version of a faun.

39. Soothsayer (English origin) meaning "speaker the truth"; from 'Kung Fu Panda'.

40. Wooly (English origin) meaning "covered with wool"; a Disney name.

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