100 Best Pet Rock Names That Won't Leave You Stony Faced

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Loyal engraved on stone

Pet Rocks were collectible toys introduced in 1975 and later reintroduced in 2012.

They were marketed as an alternative to other pets. These rocks were usually stones from the Rosarito beach in Mexico.

While having a pet rock is a hassle-free experience, pet rocks come with instruction manuals that satirically give the owner tips on training and taking care of these 'quiet' pets. You can still buy pet rocks and take care of them by naming them, bathing them and even, making them listen to your favorite music!

However, naming pet rocks can be tedious because the name should always match your rock's personality! We have crafted a comprehensive list of pet rock names.

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Majestic Male Names For Your Pet Rock

Want to give your pet rock a great male name? Here is a list of them:

1. Adrian (Latin origin) meaning "water". If you and your pet rock love to be near water, this is the name you need.

2. Alexander (Greek origin) meaning "protector". A name like this for your rock best friend will survive time.

3. Alfred (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning "wise counsel". Alfred The Great was a tenth-century English King.

4. Andrew (Greek origin) meaning "strong". Sometimes in life, you need a strong pet.

5. Arthur (Gaelic origin) meaning "stone". Legendary King Arthur is associated with this name.

6. Augustus (Greek origin) meaning "majestic". This could be an excellent name for pet rocks.

7. Charles (Germanic origin) meaning "man". For your pet rock, a name like this could be perfect.

8. David (Hebrew origin), meaning "beloved", is a great name for the rock you care for.

9. Edward (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning "wealthy protector". As far as names for pet rocks go, this is really good.

10. Felipe (Spanish origin) means "one who is enthusiastic for horses".

11. Frederick (Germanic origin) means "peaceful ruler". For a pet rock with a friendly personality, this would be the perfect name.

12. George (Greek origin) meaning "farmer". Why look for new names when an excellent old name such as this can suffice?

13. Gustavo (Swedish origin) meaning "staff of great men". This would make a great identity for a pet rock.

14. Henry (Germanic origin) meaning "ruler of home". For names for a pet rock, this is excellent.

15. James (Hebrew origin) meaning "supplanter".

16. Leopold (Germanic origin) means "brave people". In life, we always want brave people.

17. Louis (French origin) meaning "famous warrior". A pet rock that is a famous warrior will take care of you diligently.

18.Philip(Greek origin) meaning "someone fond of horses". Who would not want a pet fond of horses?

19. Richard (German origin) meaning "brave leader". A leader is one of the things you want your rock to be.

20. William (Old Norse origin) meaning "willing protector". Nothing would be better than a rock willing to protect you.

Names Related To Rocks In Other Languages

We present a list of names that either means rock or are related to rocks:

21. Akmens (Latvian origin) meaning "rock"; sounds like a great name for rocks.

22. Apata (Yoruba origin) meaning "rock or stone".

23. Bato (Filipino origin) meaning "rock". A short and sweet names for pet rocks.

24. Blat (Maltese origin) meaning "rock".

25. Carraig (Irish origin) meaning "from the rocky lands". A rocky name if you get a rock buddy.

26. Creag (Gaelic origin) meaning "rock". Variations of this also include Craig.

27. Da (Vietnamese origin) meaning "rock".

28. Dombo (Shona origin) meaning "rock". This Zimbabwean term for rocks sounds like a perfect choice.

29. Ferris (Irish origin) meaning "stone and rock". Popularised after the 1986 movie, 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'.

30. Graig (Welsh origin) meaning "boulder or rock".

31. Halle (Old Norse origin) meaning "little rock". Associated with actress Halle Berry.

32. Lefika (Sesotho origin) meaning "rock".

33. Mason (English origin) meaning "someone who works with stones and rocks".

34. Mwamba (Swahili origin) meaning "rock".

35. Papa (Samoan origin) means "rock".

36. Pathar (Indian origin) meaning "stone" or "rock".

37. Pohaku (Hawaiian origin) means "rock" and could be an uncommon name for your rock friend.

38. Qaya (Azerbaijani origin) meaning "rock". Phonetically, this sounds beautiful.

39. Roca (Catalan origin) meaning "rock". A prevalent name and surname in Spain.

40. Roccia (Italian origin) means "rock".

41. Sakhra (Arabic origin) meaning "rock" or "stone".

42. Shkemb (Albanian origin), meaning "rock", sounds like quite an intimidating name.

43. Skala (Czech origin) meaning "of a rocky nature".

44. Steinn (Icelandic origin) meaning "stones and rocks".

45. Teht (Kurdish origin) means "rock".

46. Toka (Maori origin) meaning "from the earth or rock".

47. Torsten (Norse origin) meaning "Thor's stone".

48. Vrachos (Greek origin) meaning "rock".

49. Wolfstein (German origin) meaning "the wolf's stone".

50. Yan (Chinese origin) meaning "rocky cliff".

Awesome Female Names For Your Pet Rock

If you want to give your rock a female name, look no further:

51. Anastasia (Greek origin) meaning "resurrection". This would make a great moniker for a pet rock.

52. Berenice (Greek origin) meaning "bearer of victory". A very classy name for pets that are rocks.

53. Catherine (Greek origin) meaning "pure". If you get a new rock, this would be a great thing to call her by.

54. Clementine (English origin) meaning "merciful". You could bring back old names like these for pet rocks.

55. Cleopatra (Greek origin) meaning "glory of the father". A name that even time cannot erase.

56. Diana (Roman origin) meaning "divine". You would love to get a name like this for your pet rock.

57. Elizabeth (Hebrew origin) meaning "my oath is God". Well, there isn't quite a name like that of Her Majesty, the Queen.

58. Grace (Latin origin) meaning "graceful". For elegant rock pets, this is the perfect moniker.

59. Helen (Greek origin) meaning "bright". For your new pet rock, you might just want to call her by something that has carried through time.

60. Henrietta (Germanic origin) meaning "the hearth keeper". This would make one of the most elegant identities for pet rocks.

61. Isabela (Spanish origin) meaning "God is plentiful". Beautiful names like this need to come back.

62. Lucia (Latin origin) meaning "light". New pet rocks would love having this name.

63. Margaret (Latin origin) meaning "pearl". This would make for a great title for all pet rocks.

64. Marie (French origin) meaning "belonging to the sea". A pet rock you picked from the sea would appreciate you calling her by this.

65. Matilda (Germanic origin) meaning "mighty". An old and classy name for the pet rock you love.

66. Theresa (Greek origin) meaning "harvester". This could be a great identity for a pet rock.

67. Thyra (Norse origin) means "Goddess of Thunder". Well, if your stone is the Goddess of Thunder, you don't need other things in your life.

68. Ursula (Latin origin) meaning "little bear". This should be on the list of good pet rock names.

69. Victoria (Latin origin) meaning "victory". One of the best monikers to give to your pet rock.

70. Wilhelmina (Dutch origin) means "desiring protector". This old name would make for a great name for pet rocks.

Pet Rock Names Inspired From Precious Stones

Gemstones can always serve as excellent pet rock names too.

71. Amber (Arabic origin). For pet rocks with natural beauty, this what you call it by.

72. Aragon (Basque origin), meaning "high valley", from the gemstone, Aragonite.

73. Emerald (English origin). This green gemstone can inspire you in naming your pet rock.

74. Gemma (Latin origin) meaning "gemstone".

75. Jade (Spanish origin) means "colic stone" and could make a great unisex name.

76. Micah (Hebrew origin) meaning "no one like God"; derived from Mica.

77. Pearl (English origin) meaning "smooth". For new rocks, this could be a wonderful identity.

78. Ruby (Latin origin) meaning "red". For pet rocks that are reddish in appearance, this is the best name to call it by.

79. Sapphire (English origin). When you get a new pet rock, this should be an easy option.

80. Topaz (Greek origin) meaning "fire".

Pet Rock Names Inspired By Pop Culture

Inspired by Sylvester Stallone's Rocky movies? Here are some more rock-related names from pop culture:

81. Andre (French origin) meaning "warrior"; Andre The Giant was a professional wrestler.

82. Asap If you get a pet rock, naming the rock after rapper ASAP Rocky seems like a good thing to do.

83. Balboa (Latin origin), meaning pleasant valley", inspired by the character of Rocky Balboa.

84. Beatles You can always call your pet rock after arguably the greatest rock band ever.

85. Brock (Old English origin) meaning "young stag". MMA fighter and wrestler Brock Lesnar has this name.

86. Bruce (Scottish origin) meaning "from the Willowlands". Why not name your pet rock after Bruce Wayne?

87. Dwayne (Irish origin) meaning "dark"; inspired by wrestler and actor Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.

88. Gaia (Greek origin), meaning "the earth", has been a common name in many mythological movies.

89. Gal (English origin) means "girl" with actress Gal Gadot being associated with this moniker.

90. Hudson (English origin) meaning "son of Hugh". If your name is Hugh and you are a fan of Rock Hudson, this is the name you should give to your pet rock.

91. Joss (English origin) meaning "little goth"; inspired by singer and actress Joss Stone.

92. Lana (Irish origin), meaning "rock", from singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey.

93. Lorelei (Germanic origin) meaning "alluring rock". Lorelei was a female antagonist in the TV show 'The Mentalist'.

94. Marciano (Roman origin). To talk about rocks and not mention legendary unbeaten boxer Rocky Marciano would be criminal.

95. Ronda (Hebrew origin) meaning "loud"; naming your pet rock after mix martial artist Ronda Rousey, is a great idea.

96. Serena(Latin origin) meaning "tranquil". Pet rocks everywhere would be proud to be named after tennis champ, Serena Williams.

97. Stanford (English origin), meaning "stony ford", for rocks graduating from Stanford University!

98. Stone Cold The nickname for the legendary wrestler, Steve Austin, is part of funny pet rock names.

99. Stoney Naming the pet rock you care for after a former female footballer, Casey Stoney seems like one of the better things to do.

100. Winston (English origin) meaning "joy stone"; after former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

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