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Originally Published on Dec 09, 2020
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Choosing a name for your new arrival is an exciting and important task!

Some parents want to choose a popular name, whilst others prefer something unique. Different babies also have different traits that you might want to highlight with their name.

Peruvian names are a great choice for any baby. Most Peruvian names are largely inspired by Spanish names due to the fact that Peru was under Spanish rule up until the sixteenth century. The Spanish left the country in the eighteenth century, leaving behind many influences, particularly on Peruvian child names.

Traditionally , a Peruvian baby gets two names during their baptism, one name is adopted from the Bible or the name of a late family member is taken, and the last name follows the patronymic framework. Garcia, Fernandez, Alvarez, Gonzales and Chavez are some of the most common Peruvian family names used in the country today.

So, to find the perfect name for your child, you will find both popular and unique Peruvian boys' names and Peruvian girls' names on this list. You can also check out these Peruvian last names with meanings for more Peruvian naming ideas, and these Incan names with meanings and history for Incan baby names ranging from Chasca to Khuno.

Peruvian Names For Girls

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Maybe you have being looking for cute Mexican names such as Alita and Carina, but why not also take a look at the most popular Peruvian baby names for girls? Names like Andrea, Dayana and so many more. are great ideas for your baby. A strong name for your girl will reflect her inner strength and what she means to you. We hope that you will like our suggestions of these beautiful and popular Peruvian names for girls.

1. Abigail (Peru origin) means "father’s joy".

2. Aiko (Peru origin) means "beloved child".

3. Alessa (Peru origin) means "defender".

4. Alessandra (Peru origin) means "defender of mankind". Famous name bearer: Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio.

5. Adoncia (Spanish and Peru origin) means "sweet". A perfect and cute name for a strong girl.

6. Angelica (Peru origin) means "like an angel".

7. Ariane (Peru origin) means "most holy".

8. Azucena (Peru origin) means "lily". One of the traditional Peruvian names.

9. Beatriz (Peru origin) means "blessed".

10. Brigida (Peru origin) means "the exalted one”.

11. Carito (Peru origin) means "long haired".

12. Chio (Peru origin) means "rocio". Such names are also used as Peruvian last names.

13. Cristina (Peru origin) means "a Christian". Such Peruvian female names are very popular in the country. This is a beautiful name that is one of the most common Peruvian names.

14. Cynthia (Peru origin) means "woman from Kynthos".

15. Daniela (Spanish and Peru origin) means "God is my judge". A name of Spanish origin is suitable for your baby girl.

16. Dayana (Peru origin) means "heavenly” or “divine”.

17. Diane (Peru origin) means "divine" Famous name bearer: Diane Ladd, Diane Eve and Diane Murphy.

18. Emely (Peru origin) means "rival”.

19. Elena (Peru origin) means "ray or sunbeam". A cute lyrical and melodious name for a poetic child.

20. Eunice (Peru origin) means "good victory".  

21. Evelyn (Peru origin) means "a living being".

22. Evy (Peru origin) means "life".

23. Fiorella (Peru origin) means "little flower". A popular Peruvian name.

24. Gabriela (Peru origin) means "woman of God".

25. Gaby (Peru origin) means "God is my strength".

26. Gina (Spanish and Georgina origin) means “Queen”. Famous name bearer: Italian actress Gina Lollobrigida.

27. Gladys (Peru and Latin origin) means "gladiolus".  

28. Jahaira (Peru origin) means "string or teaching God".

29. Janet (Peru origin) means "God is gracious".

30. Janeth (Peru origin) means "God is gracious".  Famous name bearer: musician Janet Suhh.

31. Karen (Peru origin) means "pure one".

32. Karla (Peru origin) means "free man". Such simple and pretty Peruvian baby names have a beautiful meaning to them.  

33. Katherin (Peru origin) means "pure".

34. Katia (Peru origin) means "pure".

35. Keyla (Peru origin) means "laurel". Such cute Peruvian baby names are a great choice for your little girl.

36. Laka (Peru origin) means "gentle and tame".

37. Lesli (Peru origin) means "garden of hollies".

38. Lisbeth (Peru origin) means "blessed".

39. Liz (Peru origin) means "pledged to God". Such baby names have also been used as nicknames.

40. Lorena (Peru origin) means "famous army".

41. Lucia (Peru origin) means "friendly, bright, melodic and intelligent".

42. Lucila (Peru origin) means "light". Such Peruvian girl names are hard to pass by.

43. Luz (Peru origin) means "light".

44. Marcielo (Peru origin) means "warlike". A perfect baby name for a warrior girl.

45. Maria (Peru origin) meaning "beloved". Such Peruvian girl names are among the most common names in Peru.

46. Marilyn: (Peru origin) meaning “drop of the sea”, “star of the sea”. Famous name bearer: American icon Marilyn Monroe.

47. Marjoree (Peru origin) means "pearl". This first name is an adorable choice.

48. Mayra (Peru origin) meaning "sweet smelling oil".

49. Melisa (Peru origin) means "honey bee". This first name could be perfect for your little girl.

50. Mishael (Peru origin) means "Godlike".

51. Naida (Peru origin) means "water nymph". A perfect name for your baby girl who loves the water.

52. Nicole (Peru origin) meaning "victorious people". An ideal name choice for parents looking for traditional and popular Peruvian baby names.

53. Noelia (Peru origin) means "Christmas". A cute name for parents looking for festive Peru names.

54. Raquel (Peru origin) means "awe". This baby name has been popularized by the TV show 'Money Heist'.

55. Rocio (Peru origin) means "dewdrops".

56. Rosa (Peru origin) means "rose". A cute name choice for your firstborn.

57. Roseangela (Peru origin) means "rose" and "angel".

58. Rosemary (Peru origin) means "the rosemary plant".

59. Ruth (Peru origin) means "friend or companion". Famous name bearer: Supreme Court judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

60. Sandra (Peru origin) means "defender of mankind". This first name can also be used as a nickname for a girl named Alessandria.

61. Sara (Peru origin) means "princess".

62. Shirley (Peru origin) means "old space or meadow".

63. Sofia (Peru origin) means "wisdom". A perfect name for your firstborn.

64. Stephany (Peru origin) means "garland". Such perfect Peruvian first names are hard to miss.

65. Susan (Peru origin) means "lily".

66. Taylor (Peru origin) means "tailor".

67. Treysi (Peru origin) means "of Thracia". A Peruvian girl name like this is traditional and unique.

68. Veronica (Peru origin) means "she who brings victory’.  

69. Yessica (Peru origin) means "God beholds".

70. Zoila (Peru origin) means "life". A unique name for your first child.

Peruvian Names For Boys

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Peru is a beautiful and picturesque nation. It is known for its Machu Picchu festivities as well as its rich legacy and culture. Wouldn't it be lovely to name your son one of these names inspired by this wonderful country? Let's take a look at some delightful names for your baby boy.

71. Aaron (Peru origin) means "mountain of strength". Such boy names are perfect for your firstborn.

72. Albert (Peru origin) means "bright".

73. Alejandro (Peru origin) means "defender of mankind". This cute Spanish name might be perfect for your baby boy.

74. Alex (Peru origin) means "defender of mankind".

75. Alexander (Peru origin) means "defender of mankind". Such Spanish names have often been adopted as Peru names for babies. This is one of the poshest names on the list.

76. Alfredo (Peru origin) means "elf counsel”.

77. Alois (Peru origin) means "famous warrior".

78. Anderson (Peru origin) means "son of Andrew". A traditional baby name choice in Peru and many other Spanish speaking countries.

79. Andre (Peru origin) means "man, warrior".

80. Angel (Peru origin) means "messenger of God".

81. Annie (Peru origin) means "grace".

82. Anthony (Peru origin) means "flower".

83. Brayan (Peru origin) means "strong and virtuous".

84. Bruno (Peru origin) means "brown". Famous name bearer: singer Bruno Mars.

85. Bryant (Peru origin) means "noble".

86. Carlos (Peru origin) means "free man". A common and popular baby name choice in Peru.

87. Christian (Peru origin) means "follower of Christ".

88. Cisco (Peru origin) means "free man".

89. Colbert (Peru origin) means "calf herder".

90. Cristopher (Peru origin) means "follower of Christ".

91. Cristiano (Latin and Spanish origin) means “follower of Christ”.

92. Daniel (Peru origin) means "God is my judge".

93. Danny (Peru origin) means "God is my judge".

94. David (Peru origin) means "beloved by all". Many cute Peruvian baby names have strong Biblical  references.

95. Dario (Peru origin) means "possess well or kingly”. Such popular Peruvian baby names are traditional and unique.  

96. Diego (Peru origin) means "supplanter". A perfect Peruvian boy name.

97. Eduardo (Peru origin) means "wealthy guardian".

98. Edmundo (Peru origin) means "wealthy protector”.

99. Elmer (Peru origin) means "noble".

100. Ernesto (Peru origin) means "serious". A unique and rare Peru name for boys.

101. Frank (Peru origin) meaning "free man".

102. Fernando (Peru origin) means "ready for an adventure”. It can be used as both a first and last name.

103. Gabriel (Peru origin) means "man of God".

104. Gael (Peru origin) means "Gaelic". A perfect choice of name for a Peruvian boy.

105. Hans (Peru origin) meaning "God is gracious". A rustic name choice for parents who adore Peruvian culture.

106. Hector (Peru origin) means "holding fast". This boy name has been popularized by the TV show 'Hannibal' whose lead character's last name was Hector.

107. Henry (Peru origin) means "estate ruler".

108. Ignacio (Peru origin) meaning "born from the fire”.

109. Isac (Peru origin) means "laughter".

110. Javier (Peru origin) means "new house”. Such popular Peru names are common in Mexico.  

111. Jefry (Peru origin) meaning "God’s peace".

112. Jesus (Peru origin) means "to save".

113. Jheremy (Peru origin) means "Yahweh has established".

114. Joaquin (Peru origin) meaning "lifted by Yahweh". This name is an excellent alternative to Jose and Juan.

115. Jose (Peru origin) means "Jehovah increases".

116. Juan (Peru origin) means "God’s gracious gift".  

117. Julio (Peru origin) meaning "youthful".  

118. Lucio (Peru origin) means "light".  

119. Luigi (Peru origin) meaning "famous warrior".

120. Luis (Peru origin) means "famous warrior". Many Peruvian boy names like Luis are also popular in the U.S.

121. Manuel (Peru origin) means "God is with you". A popular name for a Peruvian boy.

122. Marcos (Peru origin) meaning "God of war".

123. Martin (Peru origin) means "Mars". One of the most loved names in Peru.

124. Matias (Peru origin) means "gift of God". Such Peruvian baby names are very popular

125. Maverick (Peru origin) means "independent".  A common and popular name from this list of Peru names for boys.

126. Michael (Peru origin) meaning "who is like God".

127. Miguel (Peru origin) means "who is like God". One of the most popular Peruvian male names

128. Omar (Peru origin) means "flourish".

129. Oscar (Peru origin) means "little deer".

130. Pedro (Peru origin) meaning "stone, rock".  A popular and common name for a Peruvian boy.

131. Percy (Peru origin) means "pierces the valley".

132. Piero (Peru origin) means "rock". Famous name bearer: Renaissance artist Piero Della Francesca.

133. Renzo (Peru origin) means "from Laurentium".

134. Ricardo (Peru origin) means "dominant ruler".

135. Richard (Peru origin) means "powerful".  

136. Salvador (Peru origin) means "savior". Such popular Peruvian baby names are hard to miss.

137. Sandro (Peru origin) means "defender of mankind".

138. Santiago (Peru origin) means "saint”.

139. Saturnin (Peru origin) means "gloomy". Such unique Peruvian baby names are rare.

140. Selestino (Peru origin) means "belonging to heaven". This is one of the cutest Peruvian boy names.

141. Tomas (Peru origin) means "twin".

142. Vasco (Peru origin) means "crow”.  Such popular Peruvian baby names are unique and rare.  

143. Victor (Peru origin) means "victory". It has been the most popular and used first name for over 100 years in Peru.

144. Wilton (Peru origin) means "place by the stream".

145. Yefferson (Peru origin) means "son of Jeffrey".

Gender Neutral Peruvian Names

Peruvian names are beautiful, strong and important. Here are some beautiful and unique gender neutral Peruvian names for you to pick out for your Peruvian girl or Peruvian boy. What are you waiting for? Let's dive in now!

146. Aguilar (Peru origin) means "haunt of eagles". It is one of the most popular names in Peru.

147. Amaru (Incan origin) means "large snake".

148. Fran (Peru origin) means "free one".

149. Imasu (Peru origin) means "great beauty". Such Peruvian names are beautiful and unique.

150. Inti (Peru origin) means "sunshine".

151. Iyarina (Peru origin) means "never forgets".

152. Naolin (Peru origin) means "God of the sun”.

153. Val (Peru origin) means "strong".

Kidadl has lots of great baby name articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for the best Peruvian names for your baby then why not take a look at something different like this list of the best Guatemalan last names with meanings and history, or this list of the best Mayan names with meanings?

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