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Top 40+ Roegadyn Names For Your Characters

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The Roegadyn is a race hailing from the seas north of Eorzea in the most celebrated videogame 'Final Fantasy.'

They are featured in the 14th installment of the 'Final Fantasy XIV' game series. Most of them hail from the Sea Wolf tribe and live by the sea, working as fishermen, with some becoming pirates or mercenaries.

They are characterized by their enormous, muscular builds and are known for emphasizing the cultural importance of competition and undying courage. Some, however, are shown to have a more tender and soft introspective side. The female Roegadyns have fierce faces and large muscular builds but are sleeker and shorter than their male kin. There are two clans of Roegadyn who are predominant; Sea wolves and Hellguard. The Sea wolves being maritime people are mostly seamen, pirates, and mercenaries, who have settled in large concentrations by the north seas, by way of which they arrived in Eorzea. The Hellsguard clan is known to be the only reclusive Roegadyn who have mastered the magical arts and resides deep in the volcanic mountains of Ul'dah. The people from these two clans have stark differences when it comes to appearance. The Sea Wolf Roegadyn usually have pale skin and silvery-white hair, while the ones hailing from Hellsguard have dark skin and dark hair. Nevertheless, both Sea Wolves and Hellguard clans are known for their rough and robust exteriors, and the fiercest warriors are mostly from these Roegadyn clans.

The word "Roegadyn" literally means 'people of the rain': "roega" is a diminutive version of the word 'roegan,' meaning "rain" and "dyn," meaning "people." It is significant because the weather in the northern islands, which is their dwelling place, fluctuates from torrential downpours to thick fog.

A Roegadyn name usually consists of two words from the Eorzean language or from words derived from natural surroundings they have adapted to. The names of the Roegadyns in 'Final Fantasy XIV,' however, differ because of the two sub-races. The Sea wolves use names derived from the ancient Roegadyn language, while Hellsguard names consist of two words and are derived from their usual natural surroundings to which they have adapted to.

Here is a list of all kinds of names for Roegadyns that are apt and appropriate to name these robust characters.

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Female Names of Roegadyn

Here's a name list of the fiercest names of Roegadyns inclusive of both the Sea Wolf names and Hellsguard names.

1. Aermswys meaning "poor sister."

2. Bloefhiswyn meaning "blue fish daughter."

3. Blue Lily  meaning "blue colored lily flower."

4. Blyss meaning "blossom." It could be the name of a kind female Roegadyn.

5. Blyssbryda meaning "blossom bride."

6. Diving Sparrow (English origin) meaning "a sparrow flying down."

7. Doesrael meaning "two does."

8. Dyrstwyda meaning "thirsty willow."

9. Klynthota meaning "small daughter." A loving Roegadyn could have this name implying a wonderful family relationship.

10. Merlwyb meaning "sea woman."

11. Myrgan meaning "morning."

12. Rhotgeim meaning "red jewel."

13. Silent Moss meaning "quiet flourishing plant."

14. Styrnlona meaning "star gatherer." This could be a female Roegadyn who stares in the night sky and try to seek out the brightest star.

15. Weeping Orchid (English origin) meaning "an orchid flower oozing with secretion."

Male Names For Roegadyn

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Here's a name list of the most intimidating names: sea wolf names and Hellsguard names.

16.  Aergaent meaning "ambitious duck."

17. Ahtmhas meaning "eight scars."

18. Ahldskyf meaning "old ship."

19. Alyrblyss meaning "alder blossom."

20. Anonymous Moose (English origin) meaning "an unknown moose."

21. Bloody Catapult meaning "a catapult weapon covered with blood." An extremely hardened one who does not take no for an answer.

22. Broenloef meaning "brown leaf."

23. Greintoum meaning "bronze dream."

24. Junghsmhid meaning "young smith."

25. Mytemyrgan meaning "middle morning."

26. Pfymskapf meaning "five sheep."

27. Rostnsthal meaning "rusted steel."

28. Spinning Blade (English origin) meaning "a rotating sword or sharp object."

29. Still River (English origin) meaning "an unmoving river." A name for someone who has achieved peace and can spread it in his tribe.

30. Tall Mountain (English origin), meaning "a lofty mountain."

31. Thosinsthal meaning "grey steel."

32. Wyznwilf meaning "white wolf."

Gender Neutral Names of  Roegadyns

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Here's a name list of the best gender-neutral names of Roegadyns of both the Sea wolf and Hellguard clans with robust meanings.

33.  Agat meaning "amber."

34. Bloe meaning "blue."

35. Bloemerl meaning "blue sea."

36. Broenwilf meaning "brown wolf."

37. Greinloef meaning "green leaf."

38. Mytemerl meaning "middle sea."

39. Rhotloef meaning "red leaf."

40. Swygynagat meaning "silent amber."

41. Thosin meaning "grey."

42. Wyznsthal meaning "white steel."

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