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110+ Unique And Cool Hipster Boy Names

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Choosing baby names for your little boy isn’t always a piece of cake, especially when the number of options is huge.

Hipsters have always been less interested in the conventions of society. Wearing beanies and flannel, sipping craft beer, and eating artisanal cheeses, the hipster lifestyle is one of freedom and enjoyment; surely these are aspects that you may want to incorporate into your baby's name.

We bring you a list of hipster baby names here that you can check out for name ideas and inspiration. For more baby names ideas, take a look at these hipster girl names and these edgy boy names.

Popular Hipster Names To Consider For Your Boy

There may be a huge variety of hipster baby names for hipster parents to give their baby boy. But you should certainly consider these baby names that are popular and awesome name choices.

   1. Abel (Hebrew origin) meaning “breath.” It may sound slightly old fashioned compared to today’s baby names, but it’s one of the coolest baby names for boys at the moment.

   2. Albert (German origin), meaning "bright", "noble" and "famous".

   3. Alvin (English origin), meaning "an elf" or "a friend".

   4. Archer (English origin), meaning “bowman.”

   5. Asher (Hebrew origin), meaning “happy and blessed.”

   6. August (German origin), meaning “venerable and majestic.”

   7. Baron (Hebrew origin), meaning “young warrior.”

   8. Bowie (Scottish origin), meaning “blond.” This name reminds us of the legendary David Bowie.

   9. Bradford (English origin), meaning “broad ford”, it is another really cool boy name.

   10. Branson (English origin), meaning “son of Brand.” There’s even a city by this name in Missouri.

   11. Brixton ((English origin), meaning "stone of Brixi." Just like Branson, this is also the name of a South London district.

   12. Brody (Scottish origin), meaning "a ditch".

   13. Brooks (English origin), meaning “small stream.”

   14. Byron (English origin) meaning “at the bam or byres.” This was the last name of the famous poet Lord Byron, but now, it’s become a popular first name for hipster boys.

   15. Calvin (English origin), meaning “the hairless one.” It's genuinely amongst the coolest baby names.

   16. Carlo (Spanish origin), meaning “free man.” It’s an interesting baby name if your little boy is playful and free spirited.

   17. Davis (English origin), meaning “son of David.”

   18. Dexter (Latin origin), meaning "someone who dyes" or "is fortunate" and "right-handed". This first name evokes memories of the famous cartoon 'Dexter's Laboratory'.

   19. Elwood (English origin), meaning "old and noble woods".

   20. Felix (Latin origin), meaning "happy and lucky," thus making for a popular name for a hipster baby.

   21. Fleetwood (English origin), meaning “woods with the stream". If you are a fan of the famous band, Fleetwood Mac, then you are probably aware of this name.

   22. Floyd (Welsh origin), meaning "gray haired." It's undoubtedly amongst the coolest names to give to a little hipster.

   23. Garfield (English origin), meaning "spear field." Surely, you have seen the famous cartoon cat, 'Garfield'.

   24. Grover (English origin), meaning “a grove of trees.”

   25. Gus (Latin origin), meaning “worthy of respect.”

   26. Harrison (English origin), meaning "son of Harry."

   27. Hugh (German origin), meaning "mind," "soul," or "intellect".

   28. Jacko (Hebrew origin), meaning “he who supplants.” That makes for one of the coolest boy names.

   29. Jasper (English origin), meaning “the treasurer.”

   30. Johnson (English origin), meaning "son of John”.

   31. Kelvin (English origin), meaning “friend of ships.”

   32. Lennon (Irish origin), meaning “a dear friend.”

   33. Leon (Greek origin), meaning “lion” in English, this is one of the cutest edgy boy names.

   34. Mack (Latin origin), meaning “the greatest” or “the son of.”

   35. Milo (German origin), meaning “a soldier.”

   36. Nixon (English origin), meaning “son of Nicholas.”

   37. Osborne (English origin), meaning “bearGod.”

   38. Prescott (English origin), meaning “Priest’s cottage.”

   39. Presley (English origin), meaning “Priest’s meadow,” it makes for a popular baby name.

   40. Ralph (English origin), meaning “wolf counsel."

   41. Ranger (French origin), meaning “forest guardian."

   42. Rocco (Italian origin), meaning “rest”.

   43. Simon (Hebrew origin), meaning “he has heard.” It's a popular and appealing name.

   44. Smith (English origin), meaning “blacksmith.” It goes without saying that this is one of the most popular English names, but why not use it as a baby name?

   45. Sully (English origin), meaning “south meadow.” Remember the Tom Hanks movie by this name?

   46. Toby (Hebrew origin), meaning “Yahweh is good.”

   47. Walter (German origin), meaning “the commander of the army.”

   48. West (English origin), meaning the “western stream.” It’s a popular last name of many, but it can also make for a good hipster name for babies.

   49. Wilson (English origin), meaning "son of William."

Little boy sitting next to Christmas tree on dining table

Unique Hipster Names For Boys

While few hipster baby names are mainstream, these in particular are some of the most unique on our list. Check out these hipster boy names that are quite aesthetic and are unique too.

   50. Absalom (Hebrew origin), meaning “Father is peace” in English.

   51. Ace (English origin), meaning “the number one.” It’s not a hugely popular name, but it’s certainly aesthetic.

   52. Alto (Latin origin), meaning “elevated” or “high.”

   53. Angus (Celtic origin), meaning “one choice.”

   54. Atticus (Latin origin), meaning "from Attica."

   55. Auden (English origin), meaning “an old friend.”

   56. Beckett (English origin), meaning “a bee cottage.”

   57. Boone (Latin origin), meaning “good”, we think that this is quite an aesthetic baby name, isn’t it?

   58. Cairo (Arabic origin), meaning “victorious,” this is amongst the many cool names for boys.

   59. Calder (Scottish origin), meaning “rough waters or streams.”

   60. Caradoc (Welsh origin), meaning “love.”

   61. Clyde (Scottish origin), meaning "the keeper of the keys."

   62. Colt (English origin), meaning “a young horse.”

   63. Cosmo (Italian origin), meaning “order,” “beauty,” and “organization”, quite an aesthetic name for a child.

   64. Dashiell (English origin), the meaning is unknown but this is still a cool name to give to a little boy.

   65. Ellery (English origin), meaning “the alder tree.”

   66. Fender (English origin), derived from the word “defender.”

   67. Finn (Irish origin), meaning “fair.”

   68. Holden (English origin), meaning “deep valley.”

   69. Homer (Greek origin), meaning “security,” “hostage,” and “pledge.”

   70. Huck (American origin), and is derived from the word “huckleberry.”

   71. Huxley (English origin), meaning “Hugh’s meadow.”

   72. Jarvis (French origin), meaning “a mender of pots and pans.”

   73. Justice (English origin), surprisingly, this English word is a name and means "to deliver what is just."

   74. Lyndon (English origin), meaning "linden tree hill," and makes for a really cool hipster name.

   75. Magnus (Latin origin), meaning "great”, a cool name for a little Hipster.

   76. Onyx (Latin origin), meaning "precious gemstone." It certainly counts amongst the unique baby names.

   77. Ozzy (German origin), meaning “God’s power” or “spear of the Gods.”

   78. Reuben (Hebrew origin), meaning “a son."

   79. Zephyr (Greek origin), meaning “west wind." Now isn’t that a cool and classy name for a little baby?

Boy playing with toys at home

Popular Hipster Baby Names Inspired By Notable People

Many hipster names you hear these days have been known to the world for many years because they were once the names of famous personalities. Many of them inspire hipster parents of today and are now some of the coolest names for boys. Check them out here.

   80. Ashton (English origin), meaning “ash tree town.” Ashton Kutcher, the Hollywood actor, is a notable example of a personality bearing this first name.

   81. Bear (German origin). British adventurer Bear Grylls may come to the minds of many who hear this name. Bear is actually a German word used to refer to a "strong and brave bear".

   82. Clinton (English origin), meaning “a fenced settlement.” It’s a common English name that has existed for generations. Perhaps Bill Clinton is the first person to come to mind when you hear this name.

   83. Darwin (English origin), meaning “a dear friend.” Heard of Charles Darwin? Of course, who hasn't? This is a great first name to give to a little hipster.

   84. Edison (English origin), meaning “son of Edward.” Sir Thomas Edison had this English word as his last name.

   85. Elvis (American origin), meaning “all wise.” Who hasn’t heard of music King Elvis Presley? This is an American name and makes for a good baby name for a boy.

   86. Ernest (German origin), meaning “battle to the death.” It might sound old fashioned for a baby name, but famous writer Ernest Hemingway had this German origin name which is back in fashion.

   87. Fitzgerald (French origin), meaning “son of Gerald.” Think of F. Scott Fitzgerald, the author of 'The Great Gatsby' when you hear this name. This is one of the best hipster baby names for boys whose parents are literary lovers.

   88. Ford (English origin), meaning “river crossing.” Car maker Henry Ford had this as his last name.

   89. Franklin (English origin), meaning “free landholder.” Benjamin Franklin, one of the most notable founding fathers of the US, had this as his last name.

  90. Graham (English origin), meaning “a graveled homestead.” Inventor and scientist Alexander Graham Bell bore this middle name.

   91. Jonas (Hebrew origin), meaning “a dove.” Parents will surely know singer Nick Jonas, who has this as his last name.

   92. Leonardo (Italian origin), meaning “a brave lion.” The famous Italian painter Leonardo da Vinci does not require any description here. This certainly makes it one of the best hipster baby boy names.

   93. Luther (German origin), meaning “soldier of the people.” Why not take inspiration from Civil Rights activist and American Minister Martin Luther King Jr. with this name?

   94. Michelangelo (Hebrew and Greek origin), Italian sculptor Michelangelo has inspired many hipster parents with his name. This is a combination of Michael (a Hebrew name meaning "resembles God") and Angelo (the Greek word for "messenger").

   95. Oscar (Gaelic origin), meaning “a friend of deer.” It was the name of author Oscar Wilde.

   96. Pablo (Spanish origin), Spanish painter Pablo Picasso gives inspiration to many parents looking for baby names. This is the  Spanish equivalent of the popular English name Paul.

   97. Twain (English origin), meaning “divided into two.” Mark Twain, author of 'The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer' and ' 'The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn' had this as his last name.

Popular Gender Neutral Hipster Names

Now we have a list of some popular gender neutral names to help you come up with the best name for your child.

   98. Alfie (German origin), meaning “an elf.” This is becoming a gender neutral name that you can consider for your little hipster.

   99. Ash (English origin), meaning “of the ash tree.”

   100. Alex (Greek origin), meaning “to defend.”

   101. Aubrey (German origin), meaning “a powerful elf.”

   102. Austin (Latin origin), meaning “venerable” or “dignity.”

   103. Bailey (English origin), meaning “berry clearing” or “city fortification.”

   104. Billie (English origin), meaning “strength” or “determination.”

   105. Dylan (Welsh origin), meaning “child of the sea.”

   106. Hadley (English origin), meaning “someone from the heather covered meadow.”

   107. Harley (English origin), meaning “someone from the hare’s meadow.”

   108. Hudson (English origin), meaning “son of Hud.”

   109. Jordan (Hebrew origin), meaning “to flow.”

   110. Ollie (Latin origin), meaning “olive tree.”

   111. Percy (Latin origin), this is a diminutive version of Percival. It’s also a cute gender neutral name to give to a child.

   112. Theo (Greek origin), meaning “God’s gift.”

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you with fantastic baby names. If you liked our suggestions for hipster baby boy names, then you should take a look at our list of earthy baby names. If you are looking for something different for a baby name, then do take a look at our list of non-binary baby names.

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