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Boxer Lab Mix dog facts for kids are educational!

A Boxer-Lab Mix, more commonly known as a Boxador, is a dog that is the result of cross-breeding a Labrador and a Boxer dog. They are medium to big in size and are highly intelligent and friendly. These features are causing more and more breeders to produce Boxadors as they are becoming popular in households as pets!

Boxadors are energetic, loyal, and loving and will get along great with human families. As they are a mixed breed, one cannot pinpoint what color or feature they will inherit from their parents.

They can either inherit a short coat of fur like their Labrador parents or inherit a short coat of fur from their Boxer parents. These dogs have a larger range of coat colors compared to their parents as they can be black, chocolate, brown, brindle, or golden in color.

They will most probably have a mixed color palette.

Boxadors are athletic in nature and have a strong build which can only get better if a good exercise routine is followed. Their legs are shorter in comparison to their Labrador parents and they might have a short muzzle like the Boxer or a naturally long muzzle like that of the Labrador.

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Boxer Lab Mix Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Boxer Lab Mix?

Boxer-Lab Mixes or Boxadors as they are more commonly known is one of the most popular mixed-breed dogs that you can find! These cross-breeds come from breeding between Boxers and Labradors. They are playful, energetic, and take the best of their parent breeds as they are easy to train and are wonderful pets and a joy to be around!

What class of animal does a Boxer Lab Mix belong to?

The Boxador dog much like the other species of dogs belongs to the mammal class of animals.

Mammals are vertebrates that have special mammary glands in the female to nourish their young ones with milk.

Mammals are distinguished by other unique features like the presence of fur or hair, three ear bones, a neocortex (region of the brain), a lower jaw that is hinged to the skull directly, a diaphragm that separated the lungs and the heart from the abdominal cavity.

However, mature red blood cells in all mammals lack a nucleus.

How many Boxer Labs are there in the world?

An accurate number cannot be given as these Lab and boxer mixes can be found all over the world at pet stores, animal shelters, and breeders.

Where does a Boxer Lab Mix live?

A Boxador lives in households as pets. They can be found all around the world due to their amazing personality to thrive as great pets!

Their Boxer parent originated in Germany and are descendants of the now-extinct Bullenbaiser dog breeds that were crossed with the Mastiff, Bulldog, Great Dane, or even a terrier. They were bred in Germany as working dogs that helped in bull-baiting and in controlling cattle in slaughterhouses.

After 1940, the Boxer breed rose to fame and became one of the most popular dogs found in America. Boxers were also the first dog to be employed as police dogs, and their personality makes them great guard dogs

Their parent breed of Labrador Retrievers is a breed of sporting dog that originated in Newfoundland and was brought to the English counties by fishermen around 1800 A.D. Labradors are solidly built than other retrievers and have shorter legs in comparison.

They are rugged, gentle, and are even-tempered in nature and have been used as military and police work, and guide dogs for the physically handicapped.

They too are a great pet and were introduced in the 1990s in the United States, slowly becoming one of the most popular dog breeds.

What is a Boxer Lab Mix's habitat?

The Boxador breed can live in a range of habitats but it has to be controlled, as, unlike their Labrador parent, they do not have a dense, weather-resistant coat. They take after their Boxer parent and have a short coat of fur that is susceptible to extreme weather and will cause them harm!

They can neither tolerate cold weather, nor hot weather, so it is recommended to keep them in a house that has a controlled temperature.

Who do Boxer Labs live with?

The Boxer Lab mix loves to live with their owners and is a great family pet as they are friendly towards family members.

This mixed breed of dogs can form a close bond with people who they have seen ever since they were puppies! The Boxer Lab mix is also a great dog breed to keep around children as they are extremely friendly with kids.

The Boxador, like its parent breeds, is also great with strangers and will often greet guests with a wagging tail and can socialize with people who are new to them, being great even in public!

This Labrador and boxer mix dog breed shows a great deal of friendliness towards humans and other dogs as they are loving and will rather play fight than fight seriously! Dogs that have spent a great amount of time with their littermates develop great social skills and are therefore great around other pets like dogs or cats.

Boxadors are, however, prone to separation anxiety, if they are left alone for long periods, and might portray distress and behavioral problems when left alone.

Some of the ways they show distress is by digging and scratching at doors or windows in an attempt to reach their owners, chew on everything that they can lay their eyes upon, which in turn becomes destructive, they also portray vocal distress by howling, barking and whining till someone gives them the attention that they need.

In some cases, they might urinate and defecate in the house even if they are potty trained!

How long does a Boxer Lab Mix live?

The Boxer Lab mix or Boxador has an average lifespan of 12-15 years and if provided with the best care and a proper diet might even live longer than 15 years!

Boxadors can be prone to diseases like Hip dysplasia, a condition where the thigh bone doesn't fit the hip joint. If a breeder is selling you a puppy, make sure it has been tested for hip dysplasia.

They are also prone to cataracts, as it causes opacity on the lens of the eyes which results in poor vision. Hypothyroidism is another illness that can cause problems for your Boxador.

Apparent signs of this condition are obesity, irregular heat cycles, and mental dullness, with the fur becoming coarse as they fall out and the skin becomes tough and dark.

Deafness is also a common condition in dogs and can be problematic to both the dog and the owner. There are many ways to help your deaf dog through deafness, by providing good care for them with aids like vibrating collars.

How do they reproduce?

Boxadors reach adolescence when they are six to seven months old and reach sexual maturity when they are 10 months old. Since they are one of the larger dog breeds, in some cases, their sexual maturity can be delayed up to two years of age. Boxador females have a gestation period of 63 days after mating.

Pregnancy in Boxadors is possible when they reach their first estrus cycle. But a breeder will take no chance and make sure the breedings happens during the second cycle as it is only during the estrus cycle that copulation will result in pregnancy.

What is their conservation status?

Currently, the IUCN Red List has not listed the Boxador breed as a species or breed as a population that is of any concern, as these Boxer Lab mixes will continue to exist for a long time as long as their parent breeds, the Boxer and the Labrador Retriever can be found all over the world in a good and healthy population.

Boxer Lab Mix Fun Facts

What do Boxer Labs look like?

The Boxador or Boxer-Lab mixes are a famous and relatively new dog breed and since their parent breeds are Labradors and Boxers, these mix-breed dogs will be medium to large in size.

The males are slightly larger than the females as they are sexually dimorphic. Boxadors have the characteristics of both their parent breed and will acquire whichever is the dominant gene.

Their coats and build are all dependent on which parent they take after.

They might look like either the Boxer or the Labrador Retriever and have a dense fur composition like that of the Labrador Retriever or short fur like the Boxer. They are unique in nature as they are mixed breed dogs and will portray a physical description that can vary from litter to litter.

Their fur is usually black, brown, golden, chocolate, and brindle in color and a Boxador has the temperament of both the parent breeds making them a joy to be around!

Black lab boxer mix dog facts are interesting!

How cute are they?

Boxadors are cute in the way they act around their owners! They always want attention from their owners and will do all sorts of antics in order to get petted.

Boxador puppies like all puppies are extremely cute. They run around with their tiny paws and nibble at things and will react to positive reinforcement when they are being trained.

How do they communicate?

Boxadors communicate through visual and vocal communication. Visual communication includes licking, sniffing, positioning tail and ear, gazing at each other, and through facial expressions. Auditory or vocal communication includes barking, growling, whining, whimpering, panting, and sighing. They also communicate through scents and pheromones.

How big is a Boxer Lab Mix?

Boxador males are slightly bigger than the females as dog species are sexually dimorphic in nature, males can grow up to 25 in tall (63.5 cm), and females can grow up to 23.5 in tall (59.6 cm)!

How fast can a Boxer Lab Mix run?

Unfortunately, this is no record of how fast a Boxador can run but we might be able to find an average speed by comparing them to the speed of their parent breed. A Labrador retriever can run at a speed of 30-40 mph (48.2-64.3 kph) and Boxers can run at a speed of 38-45 mph (61.1-72.4 kph)!

How much does a Boxer Lab Mix weigh?

As these dogs are medium to large in nature, adults can weigh around 50-100 lb (22.6-49.8 kg).

What are their male and female names of the species?

Boxadors share the same name as all other dog species do with the male and female. Males are called dogs and females are called bitch.

What would you call a baby Boxer Lab Mix?

A baby Lab-Boxer mix is called a puppy. Boxador puppies have no set litter size during birth and their personalities and looks may depend on the parent dogs used in the breeding process.

A Boxador puppy might be born with the face of a Boxer and the body of a Labrador and vice-versa.

They are absolutely adorable when it comes to looks. It is also impossible to predict how puppies will be in social situations, as they might take on the Boxer genes, or the goofy and easy-going Labrador genes.

If Boxer-Lab mix puppies are not trained and socialized as early as possible, they might become aggressive towards other pets that you have at home, even though they are not aggressive in nature.

What do they eat?

Boxadors should be fed high-quality dog food and an ideal diet for a Boxador should be formulated depending on how active they are and their size. A Boxador will gain weight if it is overfed so make sure you followed a schedule and limit the number of treats.

A Boxador puppy should have a controlled diet and should be fed four to five cups of dog food per day, which should be divided into two to three meals. Avoid giving the puppy a large meal as it could lead them to become bloated.

Are they slobbery?

Boxadors are slobbery, but in comparison to other dogs, their drooling potential is low. Their drool mostly is a result of them having breathing issues or just being in a state of relaxation.

If you have a laid-back attitude towards slobber then it's fine as in some cases they might leave drool on you, but if you do not like any amount of drool to be on or around you when you are done playing and petting your Boxador, then this breed of dog might be problematic for you.

Would they make a good pet?

Boxadors are a good choice for people who are looking for a guard dog that will also serve as a great family pet. Boxadors are some of the best pet dogs that one can get as they are loyal, loving, and intelligent!

They have the best of both worlds, as their parents are among the top 10 breeds found all over the world.

They can, however, show signs of mischief or destructive behavior when they aren't being paid attention to. Leaving them alone for a long amount of time will make them stressed out and they can suffer from separation anxiety.

Boxadors are devoted to their human family, and will always try to please them, and are also easy to train. As these dogs can get distressed when left alone, it is often recommended to have another dog or another pet for them to keep the Boxador company.

Did you know...

A Boxador is susceptible to few health issues and is less likely to die because of illness.

Your Boxador puppy will need a tough chew toy since they aren't picky and will chew on anything that they can find!

A Boxador can be an amazing service dog as it is loyal and will pay you full attention and will not leave your side.

These dogs love to swim and will spend a large amount of their time if they live in a house with a pool in it.

Traits and characteristics

Boxadors have an arsenal of emotions and this feature makes them an amazing pet to have around you!

Boxadors are great for novice owners who are looking to get their first pet as these dogs are easy to train because of their intelligence. They are a mixed breed so from a Lab and boxer and as neither of them has a prey drive, Boxadors don't either. They love to stay at home and be around family members.

They are also less likely to bark or howl at night, which makes them great as they won't cause any issues when you are asleep. Boxadors don't like to wander off and will stay within range of their owners when taken on a walk.

If you want to get some exercise out of your day, then these dogs are great as they need exercise for at least 30 mins a day. You and your dog both can get a good workout.

Boxadors are also one of the most playful dogs and will do great among children as they are friendly in nature and like to play whenever possible, their favorite being the popular game of hide and seek!

Having your own Boxer Lab Mix

If you want your very own Boxador pet, you can either adopt one from an animal shelter or get one from a breeder. A Boxer-Lab mix puppy will cost you around $300-700 USD.

Training your Boxer-Lab mix puppy should be done as early as possible as overlooking training might lead to problems in behavior. A positive mentality should be an important part of training your dog and you shouldn't get agitated when your puppy doesn't follow your orders.

Another part of their training should be that it has to be done in an area with few distractions as it helps them focus on the training.

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You can even occupy yourself at home by coloring in one of our free printable Boxer Lab Mix Dog coloring pages.

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