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Corgi poodle mix facts about this very cute dog

A corgipoo is a very friendly dog, with a very cute appearance. A corgipoo has the power to melt everyone’s heart with its extremely cute appearance.

A full grown corgipoo can be around 12-15 in tall. A corgipoo has the most attractive body features, with short legs, round face, black round eyes, a black nose and a very smooth and soft furry coat.

A corgipoo is a hybrid breed of Welsh Corgi and Poodle mix parent breeds. These dogs are small in size which makes them ideal companions for small kids.

These dogs look extremely cute even after they are fully grown. They have a medium-low activity level and, hence, require only short walks as part of their exercise regimen.

A corgipoo is a very intelligent and smart dog who learns things very quickly. After you are done reading the information on corgipoo dogs, do check out articles on peekapoo and snorkie as well.

Corgipoo Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a corgipoo?

A corgipoo is a Pembroke Welsh corgi and poodle mix. It is a type of designer dog, ideal for families with kids.

What class of animal does a corgipoo belong to?

A corgipoo is a designer dog which belongs to the mammal class of animals as it gives birth to its offsprings directly.

How many corgipoos are there in the world?

A corgipoo is a very famous breed of designer dogs who are very suitable as pets, so there are thousands of corgipoo dogs in the world. However, there is no exact number available about their population.

Where does a corgipoo live?

A corgipoo is a pet dog who is not meant for outdoors. Like other toy dogs, corgipoos are meant to reside with their humans in a safe and secure home environment.

What is a corgipoo's habitat?

A corgipoo will live with his owner and rest of family members as a pet dog. and So a corgipoo’s habitat will be the same that of his owner’s.

Who do corgipoos live with?

Corgipoo is an extremely friendly breed of dogs and is best suited as a pet dog for small families. Corgipoos can not survive in the wilderness and hence are best suited to be kept indoors.

How long does a corgipoo live?

The corgipoo lifespan ranges between 12-14 years. This can be improved slightly with proper nutrition, regular check-ups and training.

How do they reproduce?

Like all other dogs, corgipoos reproduce through the process of mating. After the mating process is over, the female will give birth to a litter of four to eight corgipoo puppies.

What is their conservation status?

A corgipoo dog is a welsh corgi poodle mix breed dog, and the populations of both the breeds is very stable. So, there is not  any special concern regarding their survival. Their conservation status is of least concern.

Corgipoo Fun facts

What do Corgipoos look like?

A corgipoo is a mixed breed dog, and it inherits the Welsh corgi poodle mix features. A corgipoo has a very cute circular head with round ears, which can be floppy and as well as erect.

A corgipoo has the most beautiful round eyes, a black nose and long double coat hair which are smooth and soft. It is one of the most beautiful looking dog breeds.

How cute are they?

A corgipoo is as cute as a soft toy, the double coat, long hair and round eyes make it one of the cutest dogs at present.

How do they communicate?

Being one of the highly intelligent dog breeds, corgipoos are very good at communicating. In order to communicate, a corgipoo can bark, whine, howl or whimper.

How big is a corgipoo?

A corgipoo is a small dog and is 10-12 in tall. Although a corgipoo comes under the category of small dogs but it is still bigger than a Chihuahua dog, which is only 6-10 in tall.

How fast can a corgipoo run?

A corgipoo is an active dog and it can run quite fast. A Welsh corgi dog, which is a parent dog of corgipoo, can run at a speed of 25 miles per hour, and as corgipoo is a welsh corgi poodle mix, we can expect it to run at almost the same speed.

How much does a corgipoo weigh?

Being a toy breed, a corgipoo is not a very heavy weighing dog and can weigh between 12-40 lb.

What are their male and female names of the species?

As corgipoo is a small dog breed, the species of a corgipoo is Canis lupus. A male Corgipoo will be called a dog while a female corgipoo will be called a bitch.

What would you call a baby corgipoo?

A dog’s baby is known as a ‘puppy' and so a baby corgipoo will be called a puppy or a corgipoo puppy.

What do they eat?

A corgipoo is a pet dog and pet dogs usually get the dog food. A corgipoo being a mixed breed dog requires proper care and nutrition. That’s why they must be served good quality dog food only for better health and shiny coat.

Are they slobbery?

A Pembroke Wlesh corgi dog is not at all a slobbery dog, and a corgipoo being a corgi poodle mix, also resembles the same feature. So, a corgipoo is not that slobbery.

Would they make a good pet?

A corgi poodle mix is a popular breed of pet dog and is an excellent companion. These cute little dogs are highly intelligent and friendly. This dog because of its cute appearances is every child’s favorite dog. So, yes a corgipoo will make a good pet.

Did you know...

Are corgipoos good with kids?

Corgi poodle mix dogs are very friendly dogs. They are known as the best companion dogs.

They are a very intelligent and loyal breed of dogs and are extremely good with kids. Even kids love these dogs as they look almost like a toy. Their cute appearance always wins the heart of small kids.

Moreover a corgipoo is not a very aggressive dog, so it can be pretty good with kids. So, if you want to have a corgipoo in your house and you have a baby then a corgipoo will be the best dog.

Can corgipoos be left alone in home?

The answer to this question is a big no.

Be it any breed of dog, dogs should never be left alone in the house for prolonged periods of time. The first reason for this is they are really very energetic and active, so if left alone, you may encounter  a lot of your stuff in the house misplaced, ruined or messed with.

Second reason is that these dogs are very attached to their owners, they wish to accompany their owner to every place and when it comes to a dog such as the corgi poodle mix, which is the best known companion dog, leaving this cute little fellow alone is not a very good idea.

Do corgipoo like to cuddle?

Yes, corgipoos like to cuddle with their owners. Corgipoos are companion dogs and they love to spend time with their owners. They are always ready to cuddle their owner. So, if you wish to have a dog that cuddles with you, then go for a corgipoo.

Are corgipoos destructive?

Corgipoo looks very innocent and ‘no harm’ causing dogs. But these little corgi poodle mix dogs are extremely mischievous.

They are not very destructive, but yes they can cause some minor damages such as tearing your pillows , scratching your sofas and other such things. They do not cause any serious harm as they are not very aggressive, but yes they can create a lot of trouble for their owners every day.

Having your own corgipoo

A corgipoo is a perfect pet dog. It is a cute, highly intelligent and active dog.

If you wish to own a dog, then you need to take care of some very important things related to corgipoo characteristics, as a corgipoo is a hybrid dog, you have to take special care of these little fellows including proper training. Here are some important things which a dog owner must know before buying a corgipoo.

Corgipoo price

The corgi poodle mix dogs are generally expensive. Corgipoo price ranges somewhere between $350-$850.

Corgipoo diet

Whenever you are keeping a hybrid breed as your pet it becomes important to take proper care of their diet. Diet plays an important role in their growth and behavior.

A corgipoo needs a well balanced, healthy and best quality diet. So, always give your dog the best high quality dog food, so that their growth takes place properly. Two meals per day are optimal for this dog with a shiny coat.

Corgipoo training and grooming requirements

Corgipoo are highly intelligent dogs and they are very easy to train and groom. Some essential corgipoo grooming tools are comb, slicker brush, and nail trimmer.

Training from an early age is a very important thing when it comes to having a dog, because a properly trained dog can take commands easily and it will become a lot more easier for the dog owner to handle it. Moreover, a well trained dog is more likely to enjoy good health.

Corgipoos may look cute and innocent but these little dogs are full of energy and they can create trouble most of the time. Corgipoos are very good learners, so it doesn’t matter how naughty these little fellows are, they will learn new things very quickly.

In order to maintain the shine and health of their coat, regular grooming and healthy diet are very important from a young age itself.

Corgipoo temperament

Corgipoos are full of energy as mentioned earlier. So, their proper temperament becomes a major task.

These dogs are friendly and enjoy the company of their humans. In order to socialize them properly, the owner needs to give the dog proper training, and they have to give the dog enough opportunities for socializing.

These dogs can be very naughty and troublesome sometimes, but if they are provided the right training then these dogs will make the best pet.

Corgipoo health problems

A corgipoo, being a cardigan Welsh corgi poodle mix, does not face many health issues. But as the parent breed, Corgi is known for suffering from back and joint problems including hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia, and canine degenerative myelopathy.

On the other hand the miniature poodle parent breed, is more prone to suffer from progressive retinal atrophy, Addison's disease, kidney related diseases, blot etc. But as corgipoo is a mixed breed of both, the risk of suffering from these diseases gets reduced.

If you own a corgipoo then you need to get the dog’s ear properly cleaned by the vet, in order to avoid ear infections. Also, keep your dog’s teeth clean, brush the teeth regularly, so that your dog is free from the dental diseases.

Corgipoo exercise needs

Corgipoos are very energetic and active dogs, and it becomes necessary to release their excess energy by the means of exercise. If your standard poodle mix dog does not get the chance of indulging in physical activities, then your dog might end up creating a lot of trouble for you.

So, it is advised that you provide enough opportunities to your dog to indulge in exercise and physical activities. At least for 60 minutes you need to indulge your dog in high energy activities.

You can take them for walks, and play with them in the park. Regular playing and walks will keep your dog happy and healthy.

Are corgipoos hypoallergenic?

The corgipoo is actually a hypoallergenic dog, but because of its poodle parents, it sheds very less, and these corgipoo dogs are moderate shedders.

A corgipoo has very soft and smooth coat which can be brown, black , white cream, grey or tan in color. But if in case the hybrid dog resembles the features of his other parent which Welsh Corgi then the corgipoo might shed more, because the welsh corgi is a medium to heavy shedder.

Corgipoos have soft and smooth long double coat hair which means that you need to brush their hair regularly in order to avoid tangles.

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You can even occupy yourself at home by drawing one on our Corgipoo coloring pages.

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