Fun German Wirehaired Pointer Facts For Kids

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Originally Published on Oct 19, 2021
German wirehaired pointer facts are great for kids.

Are you looking forward to adopting a strong dog breed? If yes, then you should look up the German wirehaired pointer, which was once used as a hunter dog.

It was bred by mixing different dogs like the wirehaired pointing griffon, the German shorthaired pointer, the German roughhaired pointer, and even the hunting Pudelpointer. Because of selective breeding, this dog turned out to be quite strong along with having its iconic wired coat, which is also water-repelling.

Along with being a burly and energetic dog, the German wirehaired pointer is actually quite an adorable breed and can also be kept as a family dog. Many people like to adopt this dog because it's easy to train for taking part in dog shows.

However, this fabulous dog is best for those who like to go on adventures.

The German wirehaired pointer can be the perfect partner to take on a weekend hike or even on a long tour, as the breed enjoys having all kinds of exercises. So, if you have been searching for a similar dog, keep reading to know more German wirehaired pointer facts.

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German Wirehaired Pointer Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a German wirehaired pointer?

The German wirehaired pointer is a breed of dog that is known for its wiry coat and great hunting skills.

What class of animal does a German wirehaired pointer belong to?

Just like other dogs, the German wirehaired pointer also belongs to the class Mammalia and to the family Canidae. Even the Pudelpointer belongs to the same family.

How many German wirehaired pointers are there in the world?

We can't certainly know much about the exact number of dogs and the population of breeds. But, what we do know is that the German wirehaired pointer is still considered a rare breed.

Where does a German wirehaired pointer live?

Well, the dog did originate in Germany, but it has now been transported all over the world. You can easily find German wirehaired pointer puppies with those who like to go on adventures or among those who participate in dog sports.

What is a German wirehaired pointer's habitat?

When you are bringing a dog into your family, it's important to be aware of the environment that it would like. These dogs have a small wiry coat, so they can manage in a balanced environment that isn't too cold or too hot.

This dog needs to have a lot of space to get the required exercise. And, even though this is bred to be a hardy dog, it doesn't do well when left alone.

Who do German wirehaired pointers live with?

The German wirehaired pointer is a family dog, so it likes to live in a household that's bustling with life. But, if you raise the dog to be a single entity in a household, then it might have a hard time getting along with people and even animals.

So, if you want your German wirehaired pointer to be social, try to begin training as soon as possible.

How long does a German wirehaired pointer ​live?

The average lifespan of a German wirehaired pointer is around 12-14 years, and the dogs can lead the best life with regular exercise and a lot of care.

How do they reproduce?

Reproduction in most dogs is quite alike. The females go through an estrus cycle, mating during which can lead to pregnancy.

A German wirehaired pointer bitch can carry around 8-12 puppies which is indeed a lot.

These days, many breeders are trying to produce German wirehaired pointer mix-breed dogs like the German wirehaired pointer lab mix produced with a labrador retriever that has the high-energy level of the parent breed. If you are really thinking about breeding your dogs, then you will need to acquire a license from the state.

What is their conservation status?

The German wirehaired pointer is yet to make it onto any conservation lists.

German Wirehaired Pointer Fun Facts

What does the German wirehaired pointer look like?

The most notable thing about the German wirehaired pointer is the wire-like coat which is short and curly. You can especially see its wiry fur on the ears and eyebrows.

Along with the wiry outer coat, this dog also has an inner coat that helps it to remain warm during cold days. Moreover, the coat also makes the dog waterproof, which is great for swimming. German wirehaired pointers are commonly found in the colors of the liver as well as liver and white.

But, a more uncommon option is the white and black German wirehaired pointer. The coat of these dogs can have different types of markings, including ticks, spots, and roans.

And, when it comes to the general appearance of this dog breed, you will notice a well-muscled body along with a defined chest. The head is long and broad, while the ears tend to be rounded.

It has a medium-length neck along with a straight and short back which is strong.

People usually dock the tail of this breed, and it seems to be horizontal to the dog's body, especially when it's alert. To get a better idea of how to know what your dog should look, consult the guidelines set by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

How cute are they?

Quite similar to the wirehaired vizsla, German wirehaired pointers look extremely cute and adorable, especially because of their iconic wiry coat.

How do they communicate?

Like other dogs, the German wirehaired pointer uses barking as a communication tool. Other than that, it can also use urine to mark its territory and also to attract mates.

As a pet parent, you can also teach your dog different communication cues while training. And, this is quite an intelligent dog breed, so it can quickly pick up on cues, which makes it a great dog to take part in dog sports.

How big is a German wirehaired pointer?

The average height of the German wirehaired pointer dog is around 22-26 in (55.8-66 in). In comparison, the American cocker spaniel has an average height of around 15-17 in (38-42 cm).

How fast can a German wirehaired pointer run?

The German wirehaired pointer can have a speed of up to 43 mph (69 kph). You can often see these dogs performing beautifully in dog shows because they can do tricks and pass through hurdles at lightning speed.

How much does a German wirehaired pointer weigh?

German wirehaired pointer dogs have an average weight of around 50-70 lb (22.6-31.7 kg).

What are the male and female names of the species?

The male German wirehaired pointer is referred to as a dog, while the females are called bitches. It's easy to differentiate between the sexes because the female dogs tend to be smaller.

What would you call a baby German wirehaired pointer?

Like other dogs, the baby of the German wirehaired pointer is known as a puppy.

What do they eat?

The German wirehaired pointer's diet should contain a lot of protein to sustain muscle growth which in turn supports the high energy level. Try to feed your dog high-quality food that has a low amount of carbohydrates.

Also, keep an eye on the weight as you don't want the dog to over-eat, which can lead to obesity. The adult German wirehaired pointers will need to eat about 2.5-3 cups of food daily.

As these are fairly large dogs, try to find suitable food that has the right nutrition. If you're confused about the best food for your dogs, try to consult with the vet.

Are they slobbery?

No, German wirehaired pointers aren't slobbery dogs.

Would they make a good pet?

Yes, German wirehaired pointers are really great as pets. This breed does have a high energy level, but a little bit of exercise can get you a long way.

The dogs want human companionship and love to interact with the family. German wirehaired pointer training is also quite easy, and when started early, the breed can truly become an asset for a household.

Don't worry about leaving a German wirehaired pointer with kids, as the dogs care a lot about the human companions. Yes, as its outer coat is wiry, you'll need to spend some time grooming to remove all the tangles and dead hair.

But, soon, the grooming sessions will become fun as the dog is quite playful. Just make sure to care a little extra about grooming, especially during the shedding season.

However, you must realize that this beautiful burly dog isn't meant for small apartments. It has a lot of energy, and the dog needs to have space to run around.

It's best to adopt this dog if you have enough space in the backyard or if you can commit to taking your dog every day on two-hour-long walks.

And, this dog shouldn't be left alone at any cost. But, if you already have pets, make sure to check if the German wirehaired pointer breed is adaptable with the breeds of your other dogs.

Did you know...

The American Kennel Club (AKC) places the German wirehaired pointer dog breed under the sporting category. The German wirehaired pointer's temperament makes it a preferred breed for hunters and people who love to go on adventures.

The common nicknames for this species are GWP and wirehair.

In the past, this breed was developed to be a good hunting dog, and it would point out various games and animals to the hunters. German wirehaired pointers were also known for taking a proactive part in the versatile hunting sessions and even helped in retrieving birds from water bodies.

Earlier, the German wirehaired pointers were also regarded as a gun dog breed.

The German wirehaired pointer is closely related to the German shorthaired pointer.

Characteristics and health issues

When you are thinking about getting a dog, especially one of the high-energy breeds like the German wirehaired pointers, it's essential to know about its characteristics. This dog is a loving creature that has a lot of intensity.

So, the dog will need a lot of exercise every day, as it used to be a hunting dog once upon a time. Two hours will suffice, and make sure to learn ways to work up the dog's energy as much as possible.

This is also a playful dog, so it will need toys to remain engaged throughout the day. And, it's extra important for those who have been outside the house for their job.

One thing that you need to worry about is training the dog, as the German wirehaired pointer takes to it quite well. And, when you start early, the dogs can also participate in competitions throughout the world.

Because of the high intelligence of these dogs, you can easily make them learn a lot of tricks. Even though these dogs don't bark much, it's still known for not being the best when it comes to accepting strangers.

So, tell new people to let the dogs have some time before they get too close. Besides, these dog breed is a little too possessive about the masters, so try to be with your pet and give as much assurance as possible.

Please don't be worried about the temperament of this dog breed, as it's bread to be strong and at the same cuddly. These dogs may appear dangerous to some, but they will never hurt anyone. To be on the safe side, always train the dogs early to get them used to human interactions.

Now, like many other dogs, the German wirehaired pointer breed also goes through some health trouble. One of the common ones being weight gain which is caused by overeating as well as lack of exercise.

Keep an on the food that you are giving to the dog, and don't let your pet have too many treats. Weight gain can lead to other problems like hip dysplasia, thyroid, and diabetes which is bad for a dog's health.

A common health issue seen in this breed is entropion which affects the eyelids of the dog. It can lead to poor vision and even blindness if it isn't diagnosed early. Another eye problem to look out for is cataracts. This health issue is especially common in elderly dogs and may require surgical removal.

Von Willebrand's disease is a hereditary blood disorder seen in many dog breeds, and it can be especially troubling for German wirehaired pointers as it needs a lot of exercise. This health problem delays the blood's ability to clot, so if the dog gets an injury, then it will be quite tough to stop the bleeding.

Apart from this, you should take your German wirehaired pointer dog to the vet regularly to make sure that the dog is in good health.

Getting your own German wirehaired pointer

You can get a German wirehaired pointer puppy for a price of around $800-$1200. However, in most cases, it can be a little more because it's still regarded as a rare breed.

Moreover, as owners, you should make sure that the dogs come from an ethical breeder. As this dog also takes part in a lot of competitions, you should check that the puppy's physical traits match those laid down by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Another thing to note is that these dogs aren't meant for small households with a limited amount of space. These puppers are high-energy, so the dogs need to burn them off every day.

And, for the same reason, this is one of the breeds that don't work well for first-time dog owners. If you have always wanted to have a dog like the German wirehaired pointer, make sure to read enough about it before coming to the final decision of adopting.

Some people are allergic to dogs, and before becoming pet owners, they should always consult a physician. Doctors usually suggest people go for low shedding dogs as there is a lesser chance of getting regular allergy triggers.

So, the German wirehaired pointer isn't a hypoallergenic dog, and if you have an allergy to pet dander, don't opt for this breed.

What is the difference between a German wirehaired pointer and a wirehaired pointing griffon?

You will often hear a lot about both these breeds as they are quite similar to each other. However, there are some major differences that you cannot miss. First, when it comes to the origin of both dogs, the German wirehaired pointer was bred in Germany. In comparison, the wirehaired pointing griffon was bred in France and the Netherlands.

In terms of physical appearance, the German wirehaired pointer has a scruffier coat with a broader head and longer fur present on its ears and muzzles. This breed also has a deep chest compared to that of the griffon.

Also, the waist arch on the German wirehaired pointer is more defined than the griffon. Another characteristic that sets the breeds apart is their personality. German wirehaired pointers are much friendlier than griffons.

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