66 Fascinating Artist Trivia Questions: Test Your Knowledge

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Are you a fan of art history, famous painters, and the intriguing stories behind some of the world's most iconic artworks? If so, you'll love testing your knowledge with this collection of 66 incredible artist trivia questions!

From the Renaissance masters to modern-day visionaries, this quiz covers a wide range of artists, styles, and eras. Each question has been carefully crafted to showcase interesting facts, surprising details, and memorable moments from the lives of some of the most influential artists in history.

You'll also learn about their techniques, inspirations, and the impact they've had on the world of art!

Ancient And Medieval Art History Trivia Questions

Image of an ancient Chinese art

Step back in time and learn about the fascinating world of ancient and medieval art with these captivating trivia questions. From the cave paintings of prehistoric times to the manuscripts of the Middle Ages, this section will test your knowledge of some of the earliest art in human history.

1. Question: Which god is featured in the Mesopotamian work, Code of Hammurabi, created around 1755-1750 BCE?

Answer: Shamash.

2. Question: In which culture do you find Fayum mummy paintings?

Answer: Egyptian culture.

3. Question: Who is often credited as a pioneer of the Gothic architecture movement?

Answer: Abbot Suger.

4. Question: The sculpture of a woman was found in Europe and is dated around 25,000 BCE. What is the name of this prehistoric artwork?

Answer: The Venus Of Willendorf.

5. Question: Which Egyptian queen was immortalized in a limestone bust that dates back to 1360 BCE?

Answer: Nefertiti.

6. Question: What metal is the iconic mask of Agamemnon made of?

Answer: Gold.

7. Question: What kind of paint did people in the prehistoric era use to create their artwork?

Answer: Natural pigments.

8. Question: Who took the Elgin Marbles from Turkey-ruled Greece?

Answer: Thomas Bruce, Seventh Earl of Elgin.

9. Question: What is the ancient art of flower arranging called in Japan?

Answer: Ikebana.

10. Question: What are the earliest known paintings created by prehistoric humans called?

Answer: Cave paintings.

11. Question: What is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding called?

Answer: Origami.

Renaissance Art Trivia Questions And Answers

Visitors in an art gallery viewing famous Renaissance paintings, with detailed artworks hanging on the walls and soft lighting enhancing the colors

The Renaissance was a time of great artistic rebirth and cool innovation. From the iconic paintings of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo to the groundbreaking techniques of Botticelli and Raphael, these trivia questions will test your knowledge through the height of the Renaissance.

12. Question: Which famous Renaissance artist painted the Mona Lisa?

Answer: Leonardo da Vinci.

13. Question: Where is the Mona Lisa today?

Answer: Louvre Museum, Paris.

14. Question: How did Leonardo da Vinci gain a good understanding of human anatomy?

Answer: Observation.

15. Question: What period is known as the High Renaissance?

Answer: 1490-1527.

16. Question: Who painted The Creation Of Adam?

Answer: Michelangelo.

17. Question: Michaelangelo painted the ceiling of which historic building?

Answer: Sistine Chapel.

18. Question: Which is the last painting left by the Italian Renaissance painter Raphael?

Answer: The Transfiguration.

19. Question: Who painted the Venus Of Urbino?

Answer: Titian.

20. Question: Which artist is famous for the painting of American Gothic?

Answer: Grant Wood.

21. Question: In Johannes Vermeer's painting, Girl With A Pearl Earring, what is the subject wearing on her head?

Answer: A turban.

22. Question: What is the name of Rembrandt's famous painting depicting a group of militia guards?

Answer: Night Watch.

23. Question: In which country did Vincent van Gogh live and create most of his artworks?

Answer: France.

24. Question: Which museum in London houses the famous painting, The Sunflowers, by Vincent van Gogh?

Answer: National Gallery, London.

25. Question: Who is considered the most famous Italian architect of the Renaissance period?

Answer: Filippo Brunelleschi.

26. Question: What is the name of the renowned artist who created The Last Supper?

Answer: Leonardo da Vinci.

Famous Paintings Quiz About Mannerism, Rococo, And Baroque

Baroque art of the interior of St. Peter's Basilica Church, Vatican, Italy.

Museum Of Art Prepare to learn about the rich and dramatic world of Mannerism, Rococo, and Baroque art with this exciting quiz section. These styles are known for their vibrant colors, detailed designs, and strong emotions. This quiz will test your knowledge of famous paintings and artists, from Mannerism to Rococo to Baroque.

27. Question: Who painted the Six Tuscan Poets?

Answer: Giorgio Vasari.

28. Question: Where was Francesco de' Rossi, the painter of Portrait Of A Man, from?

Answer: Italy.

29. Question: Dominico de Pace Beccafumi belonged to which school of painting?

Answer: Sienese.

30. Question: Which Dutch painter is famous for his Baroque paintings like The Storm On The Sea Of Galilee?

Answer: Rembrandt van Rijn.

31. Question: Which art movement that came after Baroque, is characterized by lighter colors, asymmetry, and beautiful flowy styles?

Answer: The Rococo movement.

32. Question: Who immortalized the pilgrimage to Cythera in 1717?

Answer: Jean-Antoine Watteau.

33. Question: Which Baroque painting features Jesus in disguise, revealing himself to two disciples?

Answer: Supper At Emmaus by Caravaggio.

34. Question: Which Mannerist artist's sobriquet is derived from his physical appearance of dark skin and red hair?

Answer: Bronzino.

35. Question: In which American city is the Metropolitan 0. located?

Answer: New York.

36. Question: What is the art style associated with Pablo Picasso?

Answer: Cubism.

37. Question: What term is used to describe the art produced during the Middle Ages?

Answer: Medieval art.

38. Question: What famous painting depicts Jesus Christ and his disciples having their final meal together?

Answer: The Last Supper.

39. Question: In which city is the Van Gogh Museum located?

Answer: Amsterdam.

40. Question: Which artwork by Salvador Dali features melting clocks?

Answer: The Persistence Of Memory.

41. Question: Name a famous sculpture created by Michelangelo, located in Italy.

Answer: David.

42. Question: Which art style is associated with the painter Claude Monet?

Answer: Impressionism.

43. Question: Which famous painting by Vincent van Gogh depicts a starry night sky?

Answer: Starry Night.

44. Question: Name a famous Mexican artist known for his works, such as The Two Fridas.

Answer: Frida Kahlo.

Hard Art Trivia About Neoclassicist, Romanticist, And Impressionist Art

An image showing a artwork with multiple colors storkes.

If you consider yourself an art trivia expert, then this section is for you! These challenging questions will put your knowledge of Neoclassicist, Romanticist, and Impressionist art to the test. These movements transformed the art world in the 18th and 19th centuries.

45. Question: What is the name of the Francisco Goya painting that depicts a titan eating one of his children?

Answer: Saturn Devouring His Son.

46. Question: Which Italian Neoclassicist sculptor created the Venus Victrix?

Answer: Antonio Canova.

47. Question: Name the artist who painted the most famous pictorial representation of Napoleon, titled Napoleon Crossing The Alps.

Answer: Jacques-Louis David.

48. Question: Name the English artist who was both a gifted artist and a poet in the Romanticist era.

Answer: William Blake.

49. Question: Which iconic scientist was immortalized by William Blake in a muscular, god-like painting?

Answer: Isaac Newton.

50. Question: Where is The Nightmare by Henry Fuseli located today?

Answer: The Detroit Institute Of Arts.

51. Question: What type of painting is The Desperate Man by Gustave Courbet?

Answer: A self-portrait.

52. Question: The French Revolution that overthrew King Charles of France was commemorated in which iconic artwork?

Answer: Liberty Leading The People.

53. Question: Name the artist who painted The Wanderer Above The Sea Of Fog that portrays the Romanticist art movement perfectly.

Answer: Caspar David Friedrich.

Modern Art Trivia Questions

Whimsical art studio scene with playful art tools, embodying joy and humor in art.

From the bold experiments of the early 20th century to today's cutting-edge contemporary art, modern art has constantly expanded the limits of visual arts. This section focuses on the artists, movements, and ideas that have influenced the art world over the last hundred years.

54. Question: Which museum in New York City is most famous for its modern art collections?

Answer: The Museum Of Modern Art.

55. Question: How many paintings did Vincent Van Gogh sell while he was alive?

Answer: One.

56. Question: Who was the first living artist to have a retrospective of his work at the Museum Of Modern Art, New York?

Answer: Roy Lichtenstein.

57. Question: What is the YBA?

Answer: Young British Artist.

58. Question: Which art movement was Alighiero Boetti a part of?

Answer: Arte Povera.

59. Question: What everyday item is featured in Andy Warhol's most famous pop art painting?

Answer: Campbell's Soup Cans.

60. Question: Which painting features a man in a suit with a floating green apple in front of him?

Answer: The Son Of Man.

61. Question: Edvard Munch studied art at which school?

Answer: The Royal School Of Art And Design.

62. Question: Who is the painter known for nature portraits that typify the Impressionist movement?

Answer: Claude Monet.

63. Question: Who is the artist behind The Water Lily Pond?

Answer: Claude Monet.

64. Question: Which Art Nouveau artist is known for making posters featuring the actress Sarah Bernhardt?

Answer: Alphonse Mucha.

65. Question: Who is the Polish artist known for her conceptual art piece where she scattered letters across a field?

Answer: Ewa Partum.

66. Question: Who was the architect of the Guggenheim Museum?

Answer: Frank Lloyd Wright.


Can these artist trivia questions be used for a game night or party?

These trivia questions are perfect for adding an educational and entertaining element to your next game night or party. You can divide into teams and compete to see who knows the most about art history, or simply take turns answering questions and learning new facts together.

Are these trivia questions suitable for all ages?

While some questions may be more challenging than others, this collection of artist trivia is designed to be enjoyable and educational for art lovers of all ages. Younger children may need some help with certain questions, but they can still learn a lot and have fun participating.

Do I need to have a background in art history to enjoy these trivia questions?

Not at all! While some prior knowledge of art history can certainly help, these questions are designed to be accessible and engaging for anyone with an interest in art.

You'll learn plenty of new and fascinating facts along the way, making this a great opportunity to expand your knowledge and appreciation of the art world.

Can these artist trivia questions be used in an educational setting?

Definitely! These trivia questions can be a great resource for teachers, students, and anyone looking to learn more about art history in a fun and interactive way. They can be used as a study aid, a classroom activity, or even as part of a homeschooling curriculum.

Are there any other resources you recommend for learning more about art history?

Many resources are available for anyone interested in learning about art history. Some great options include visiting museums and galleries, reading books and articles about art and artists, watching documentaries or educational videos, and taking classes or workshops.

You can also find many excellent online resources, such as virtual museum tours, art history blogs, and educational websites.

Congratulations on completing this collection of 66 unbelievable artist trivia questions! One thing is for sure: you've enjoyed testing your knowledge and learning new and fascinating facts about the world of art history.

By learning about the lives and works of the greatest artists throughout history, you gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the incredible creativity and diversity of the human experience.

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