100 Morning Mindbender Questions (And Answers) To Boggle Your Brain

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Originally Published on Jan 22, 2021
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Morning Mindbender trivia questions have always been one of the most popular and favorite ways to begin the morning.

These Monday morning trivia questions make sure that your brain is well-exercised and geared up as soon as you start your day. If you are an eternal part of the Mind Bender Club and have been attending Mindbender parties just so you can showcase your knowledge, then these Morning trivia questions and answers are here to help you.

A huge majority of people claim that Morning Mindbender trivia questions help them to kick off their  morning as it is on every day at 7:30am. They feel light-hearted and alert throughout the day.

Various surveys and studies also say that when your mind is exercised as soon as you wake up, you will feel rejuvenated and happy hormones will be released in your body.

Mindbender questions answers include various trick questions that are not just based on general knowledge and trivia, but also on common sense. These questions and answers test how your brain judges a situation and if it can think of a plausible solution as soon as possible.

When an average person wakes up in the morning, they complain of feeling lethargic right off the bat. They cannot make their brain function properly until they have a cup of coffee.

A recent survey has shown that most people start their day by grabbing their phone and scrolling through social media apps for hours. Through Mindbender trivia questions and answers, you can pick up a new habit by starting your day on a positive note.

The brain is an organ just like all other parts of your body.

It requires as much exercise and care as your body does. Make sure that the muscles of your brain are well-trained and ready for any challenge as soon as you wake up.

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Daily Radio Trivia Questions And Answers: Nearly Impossible Trivia Questions

Here is a list of Mind Bender trivia questions that cover various recent surveys and other questions that are based on general knowledge. These questions and answers will train your mind and help you to remember the facts that you must have read in the newspaper or heard on the news.

Mindbender  Morning Show trivia has been one of the most successful radio shows in America. Numerous people tune in to the Morning Mindbender on 95.7 to make sure that they get their brains fired up.

1.Question: Which household item does an average person change every 10 years?

Answer: A vacuum cleaner.

2.Question: As per a recent survey, what is the first thing that a modern woman does after breaking up with her boyfriend?

Answer: Unfriends him on Facebook.

3.Question: What drink should you avoid if you want to keep the mosquitoes away?

Answer: Beer.

4.Question: What do 70% of the people in the modern world do with their hair, as per a recent survey?

Answer: Dye it.

5.Question: 70% of the people say that keeping this animal as a pet with them keeps them fit. Which is it?

Answer: Dog.

6.Question: Which question, when asked at different times throughout the day, gets different answers that are all correct?

Answer: "What is the time?"

7.Question: In a recent survey, it was found that a single person tends to do this twice as much  compared to someone who is in a relationship. Can you guess what it is?

Answer: Text.  

8.Question: What place have around 11% of new parents admitted to falling asleep in?

Answer: The shower.

9.Question: What is the thing that around 15% of people say that they would do without their significant other?

Answer: Grocery shopping.

10.Question: According to almost 40% of people, this thing keeps them from being productive at work?

Answer: Hunger.

11.Question: As per a survey, 34% of adults do this just before going to bed?

Answer: Drink water.

12.Question: At work, one in three people have admitted that they have experienced this. Can you guess what it is?

Answer: Having their lunch stolen.

13.Question: More than 80% of homeowners have this outside of their houses. Can you name it?

Answer: A welcome mat.

14.Question: When reading a restaurant menu, 60% of the people get angry or upset when they spot this. What is it?

Answer: Spelling error.

15.Question: Around 30% of car owners have no idea they should do this task. What is it?

Answer: Refill the washer fluid in the windshield.

16.Question: A study found that women are 12% angrier than men when they do this. What is this daily activity?

Answer: Driving.

17.Question: Around 20% of couples have broken up because of this factor. What is it?

Answer: The significant other's parents.

18.Question: What is that thing that 85% of people cringe at whenever they listen to it?

Answer: The sound of their voice.

19.Question: What is that thing that around one in three women deny doing to their hair?

Answer: Blow-dry it.

20.Question: This product is twice as likely to used by women than men. What is it?

Answer: Sunscreen.

21.Question: More than 50% of people claim that knowing this fact about their partner is a sign of true love. What is that thing?

Answer: Password to their phone.

22.Question: Which activity do 85% of couples claim that doing together has improved their relationship?

Answer: Cooking.

23.Question: More than 45% of the couples argue about this topic in the car. What is it?

Answer: Where to park.

24.Question: What is a common feature of U.S. states?

Answer: Area code.

25.Question: When year were nickels produced the most ever in the history of the USA?

Answer: 1964.

26.Question: Which M&M color is the most uncommon?

Answer: Brown.

27.Question: For which celebrity were Air Jordan sneakers exclusively made for?

Answer: Michael B. Jordan.

28.Question: What does the number 22 represent in the bingo game?

Answer: Two little ducks.

29.Question: What was the original name of Ethiopia?

Answer: Abyssinia.

30.Question: Who was the first woman on earth according to Greek mythology?

Answer: Pandora.

Morning Mindbender Trivia: Do You Know The World Around You?

Do you keep yourself updated with all surveys and studies? Are you an avid reader of the newspaper and make sure that you know which survey a certain Harvard professor is conducting at the moment?

If so, then you must have extensive knowledge about all things that are covered in the hardest of Morning Mindbender.

These questions will test your awareness of the current affairs and the events that happen around the world. For the ultimate fans of Morning Mindbender, here are some of the favorite questions from the show.

31.Question: Which is the famous airport in Paris?

Answer: Orly Airport.

32.Question: Which toy was the first to be marketed on television?

Answer: Mr. Potato Head.

33.Question: Which country consumes the most chocolate?

Answer: Switzerland.

34.Question: Which creature has the largest brain on the earth?

Answer: The Sperm Whale.

35.Question: Which is the softest mineral on earth?

Answer: Talc.

36.Question: For which animal is Thailand famous for?

Answer: White Elephant.

37.Question: What is the tiny plastic piece found at the end of a shoelace called?

Answer: An aglet.

38.Question: What is the medical name of tennis elbow?

Answer: Lateral Epicondylitis.

39.Question: Which is the most common eye color?

Answer: Brown.

40.Question: What type of lens makes the object appear larger?

Answer: Convex.

41.Question: Which island was previously known as Sandwich Island?

Answer: Hawaii.

42.Question: Which beverage did Roosevelt refer to as “good to the last drop”?

Answer: Coffee.

43.Question: Which country is the biggest producer of blueberries?

Answer: USA.

44.Question: What is the currency in South Africa?

Answer: Rand.

45.Question: How much toothpaste does an average American use?

Answer: 20 gallons in a lifetime.

46.Question: What is the favorite snack for men while watching sports?

Answer: Nachos.

47.Question: How many men say that facial hair makes them look attractive?

Answer: 73%.

48.Question: According to a majority of people, which country is famous for tattoos?

Answer: Italy.

49.Question: Which country began the tradition of decorating the Christmas tree?

Answer: Germany.

50.Question: How long did the first Thanksgivinglast?

Answer: Three days.

51.Question: Which president refused to give a holiday on Thanksgiving Day?

Answer: Thomas Jefferson.

52.Question: Which animal is associated with Thanksgiving Day?

Answer: Turkey.

53.Question: Which state in the USA is referred to as the 'Garden State'?

Answer: New Jersey.

54.Question: What are the traditional Wimbledon colors?

Answer: Purple and green.

55.Question: Which animal is associated with the game 'Happy Feet'?

Answer: Penguin.

56.Question: Which substance is used to make crayons?

Answer: Wax.

57.Question: In which two countries will you find the Dead Sea?

Answer: Israel and Jordan.

58.Question: What is a female donkey called?

Answer: Jenny.

59.Question: Which fighting equipment was used for the first time in World War I?

Answer: Tanks.

60.Question: How many Americans have a living will?

Answer: Around 25%.

61.Question: What percent of Americans have no emergency savings?

Answer: 25%.

62.Question: Which is the longest play written by Shakespeare?

Answer: 'Hamlet'.

63.Question: From where did eggnog originate?

Answer: Britain.

64.Question: How many American women say that they worry that their homes are not clean?

Answer: 84%.

65.Question: How long is an Olympic swimming pool?

Answer: 50 meters.

66.Question: How many make a baker’s dozen?

Answer: 13.

67.Question: Which animal urinated so much that its urine constitutes 3% of the ice in the Arctic?

Answer: Penguin.

68.Question: Which animal has fingerprints that are very identical to that of humans’?

Answer: Koala Bear.

Radio Trivia Question Of the Day: Riddles that are The Perfect Morning Mindbender

This section of the Morning Mindbender trivia questions contains riddles and wordplay that will test your common sense. You can answer these questions if you dare and can think of the most unexpected answers.

These trivia questions are framed in a way that may confuse the majority of people but you will find the answers hidden in the questions themselves. Are you ready for the regular weekday Morning Mindbender trivia questions?

Get started with these riddles and wordplays. You can play with your kids as well and have them mull over the answer of these Morning Mindbenders.

69.Question: Although it’s made of blades, it’s something that can grow, as it’s not a razor, it’s something that you mow?

Answer: Grass.

70.Question: I repeat only the last word you say. The more I repeat, the softer I get. I cannot be seen but can be heard. What am I?

Answer: Echo.

71.Question: What is it that can run but never walk, has a mouth but can never talk, has a bed but never sleeps?

Answer: A river.

72.Question: What is the thing that fills up the room but takes no space?

Answer: Air.

73.Question: What is it that cracks when you drop it, but when you smile at it, it will smile right back at you?

Answer: A mirror.

74.Question: Guess this thing. The person who makes it has no use for it. The person who buys it does not need it. The person who uses it can neither see nor feel it?

Answer: A coffin.

75.Question: Name three consecutive days without using the words Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Answer: Yesterday, today, tomorrow.

76.Question: What has six faces but has no need to put on make-up, and has twelve eyes but cannot see anything?

Answer: A dice.

77.Question: What is that thing that once you have, you want to share. And once you share it, you no longer have it?

Answer: A secret.

78.Question: Guess the thing. It has lakes with no water, mountains with no stones, and cities with no buildings.

Answer: A map.

79.Question: A man travelled out of the town on Sunday. He stayed at a hotel for the whole night and traveled back to the town the next day on Sunday. How is this possible?

Answer: His horse’s name was Sunday.

80.Question: What is it that is tall when it is young and short when it is old?

Answer: A candle.

81.Question: What can climb up to the sky but has no feet, hands, or wings?

Answer: Smoke.

82.Question: I need to be fed, or I will die. But if you give me water, I will die immediately. Whatever I touch becomes red. What am I?

Answer: Fire.

83.Question: What has two hands but cannot scratch itself?

Answer: A clock.

84.Question: What is that thing that belongs to you, but other people use it more than you?

Answer: Your name.

85.Question: Which thing has numerous keys but cannot open a single door?

Answer: A piano.

86.Question: What can travel around the world but always remains in the corner?

Answer: A stamp.

87.Question: What is it that can point in all directions but cannot reach any place by itself?

Answer: Your finger.

88.Question: What will happen if you drop a black dress in the red sea?

Answer: It will get wet.

89.Question: What word becomes shorter when you add two more letters to it. Which word is it?

Answer: Short.

90.Question: What becomes white when it is dirty?

Answer: Blackboard.

91.Question: What is lighter than a feather, but you cannot hold it for more than 5 minutes?

Answer: Breath.

92.Question: If you answer “yes” to this question, you are always lying. Can you guess the question?

Answer: Are you sleeping?

93.Question: What is the quickest and easiest ways to double your money?

Answer: Keep your money in front of the mirror.

94.Question: You can remove all but the first letter from this word, and it will still be pronounced the same. Which word is it?

Answer: Queue.

95.Question: What thing goes through the whole city but never moves from its place?

Answer: Road.

96.Question: What appears once in a minute, twice in a millennium, but never in a century?

Answer: The letter 'm'.

97.Question: You are running a race. You crossed the person who is in second place. What is your place now?

Answer: Second.

98.Question: What thing is as big as you but does not have any weight?

Answer: Your shadow.

99.Question: What will weigh more: 1 kg of feather or 1 kg of steel?

Answer: Both have equal weight.

100.Question: What can you hold without using your arms or hands?

Answer: Your breath.

101.Question: Why can you not bury a person in New York who is living in California?

Answer: Because the person is alive.  

102.Question: What is the common thing between a tea bag in tea and an island?

Answer: They are both in water.

103.Question: Which thing keeps on increasing every second?

Answer: One’s age.

104.Question: Which month has 28 days?

Answer: All months have at least 28 days.  

105.Question: What is in the middle of China?

Answer: The letter 'i'.

106.Question: Five birds were sitting on a branch. A hunter shot one. How many birds are left on the branch?

Answer: None. They all flew away because of the sound of the shot.

107.Question: An electric car is moving towards the north. Can you name the direction in which the smoke is blowing?

Answer: None. An electric car has no smoke.

108.Question: How many times can you subtract 5 from 100?

Answer: Once. Once you have subtracted it, you will be subtracting 5 from 95.

109.Question: Which was the highest mountain in the world before the discovery of Mount Everest?

Answer: Mount Everest.

110.Question: What are the two things that you cannot have for breakfast?

Answer: Lunch and dinner.

111.Question: How many balls can you put inside an empty container?

Answer: One. After putting one, it will not be empty anymore.

112.Question: A doctor told the patient to take each pill every half an hour. He prescribed the patient three pills. How long will it take the patient to take all the pills?

Answer: An hour.

113.Question: A bus driver is going down the wrong way. Even after being crossing multiple cops, he is not caught. Why?

Answer: Because he was walking on the sidewalk.

114.Question: What has a head and a tail only but no body?

Answer: A coin.

115.Question: It goes up and down but never moves from its place. What is it?

Answer: Stairs.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for more than 100 Morning Mindbender trivia questions,  then why not take a look at our hardest trivia questions, or useful trivia.

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