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Zombies are also called the living dead or simply referred to as the undead.

Zombies are fictional beings that are reanimated after their death, either by witchcraft or a virus. The term originates from Haitian folklore.

George Romero, the director of the 'Night Of The Living Dead' trilogy, is widely considered the architect of the zombie genre. These fictional beings have gained a lot of fame in popular culture after zombies started featuring in movies, books, and video games.

Zombies are most commonly found in horror and supernatural works of fiction. They are vicious beings who feed on the blood and flesh of other living beings, usually humans.

Mainstream cinema and TV series have various zombie-based works of fiction. Many stories are based on the idea of a zombie apocalypse, thus they involve zombies in their plot which makes it all the more interesting for the audience to watch.

Zombies are portrayed as creepy, dangerous, and violent beings who don't have the ability to think or feel. They only aim to kill.

In most works of fiction, the only way to kill a zombie is by destroying its brain, so a direct bullet to the head would kill a zombie in an instant.

Since zombies cannot have any feelings, it is also impossible for these creatures to have any kind of human relationship. The "undead" cares only for flesh and blood of human beings, and this trait, when coupled with their inability to have emotions, makes them all the more dangerous.

TV shows like 'The Walking Dead' and 'iZombie', and movies like 'Train To Busan' and 'World War Z' have popularized zombies among audiences. 'World War Z', in particular saw  top Hollywood stars starring in a zombie movie, cementing the creatures as a fascination of audiences around the world.

Most horror movies that come out these days have zombies in them as they have become such an important part of the supernatural world

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Zombies Names From Movies And TV Series

There have been numerous movies throughout history featuring zombies. Recently, the trend has increased as more and more movies are made in the zombie apocalypse genre.

Some of the zombie characters from these movies are immortal, literally. Around the '30s and '40s, lots of zombie movies were being produced by the industry, but none caught the attention of the audience. That was until George Romero came up with his spectacular zombie film 'Night Of The Living Dead'.

It was only after this movie hit the theaters that people took a real interest in this particular genre, you could call it the first zombie movie! Here is a list of names of zombies from movies and TV series for you.

1. Ash Williams, meaning "happy", the protagonist from 'The Evil Dead Franchise'.

2. Billy Butcherson, meaning "resolute protector", from 'Hocus Pocus'.

3. Bub, meaning "boy", from 'Day Of The Dead'.

4. Dr. Hill, meaning "a person who lived on the hill", from 'Until Dawn'.

5. Detective Roger Mortis, meaning "fame, renown, or honor", from 'Dead Heat'.

6. Ed, meaning "rich in friendship or wealthy friend", from 'Shaun Of The Dead'.

7. Eddie, meaning "guardian of his property", the famous mascot of the 'Iron Maiden'.

8. Evil Ash, meaning "one of Jacob's sons", the evil twin of Ash Williams from 'The Evil Dead'.

9. Fido, meaning "to trust, believe, confide in", from 'Fido'.

10. Frankenstein, meaning "stone of the Franks", the monster from 'Frankenstein'. One of the famous undead names.

11. Ghoulia Yelps, meaning "ghoul", from 'Monster High'.

12. Jason Todd, meaning "healer or physician", from 'Batman: Under The Red Hood'.

13. Jason Voorhees, meaning "healer or physician", from 'Friday The 13th: A New Beginning'.

14. Judge Hopkins, meaning "son of Hob", from 'Paranorman'.

15. Julie, meaning "youthful and beautiful", from 'Warm Bodies'.

16. Karen Cooper, meaning "entitled or demanding", from 'Night Of The Living Dead'.

17.Liv Moore, meaning "shelter or protection", from 'iZombie'.

18. M, meaning "an alphabet", from 'Warm Bodies'.

19. Madeline Ashton, meaning "elevated and magnificent", from 'Death Becomes Her'.

20. Merle Dixon, it is a gender-neutral name meaning "blackbird", from 'The Walking Dead'.

21. Murphy, meaning "sea warrior or sea-battler", from 'Z Nation'.

22. Pete, meaning "rock", from 'Shaun of the Dead'.

23. R, meaning "an alphabet", from 'Warm Bodies'.

24. Randall Skeffington, meaning "shield or rim", from 'Ugly Americans'.

25. She, meaning "a person belonging to the female sex", from 'Cemetery Man'.

26. Sheila Hammond, meaning "heavenly", from 'Santa Clara Diet'.

27. Solomon Grundy, meaning "man of peace", from the Justice League 'Superman/Batman: Public Enemies'.

28. Sophia Peletier, meaning "wisdom", from 'The Walking Dead'.

29. Tarman, meaning "beautiful princess", from 'The Living Dead'.

30. White Walker, meaning "valiant", from 'Game Of Thrones'.

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Undead Superheroes And Villains Names From Comics

Superhero characters have some of the best plot lines in fiction, be it an apocalypse zombie or revenants. Some of these undead heroes are vigilantes using their power to save mankind and the world, while others are just plain villains who want to see the world burn.

You may have seen these characters on the big screen or read their stories in comics. Zombie characters are often been shown in a bad light, especially when it comes to cinema and novels, but comics are different.

The zombie characters in comics are often not heroes, but neither are they always villains.

There is a thin line drawn between both, and the comics move the story arc forward by playing with the morality of someone who is immortal. Here is a list of undead and zombie superheroes names curated for you.

31. Albert Francis, meaning "noble and bright", from 'Spawn'.

32. Boston Brand, meaning "the name of a place", one of the most underrated characters from 'DC Comics'.

33. Cassidy, meaning "clever or curly-haired", from 'Marvel Comics'.

34. Deathlok, meaning "the demolisher", from 'Marvel Comics'.

35. Eric Draven, meaning "one or ruler", from 'Crow Comics'.

36. Frank Castle, meaning "free man", from 'The Punisher'.

37. Hannibal King, meaning "Baal is gracious", from 'The Tomb Of Dracula'.

38. Jim Corrigan, meaning "may God protect", from 'The Spectre'.

39. Jonathan Osterman, meaning "God has given", one of the most powerful characters in comics from 'The Watchmen'.

40. Mitchell Shelley, meaning "big", also referred to as the 'Resurrection Man', from 'DC Comics'.

41. Moonbeam, meaning "ray of light", from 'Marvel Comics'.

42. Ralph Dibney, meaning "counsel wolf or famous wolf", from 'DC Comics'.

43. Simon Dark, meaning "listen or flat-nosed", from the 'DC Comics' universe.

44. Simon William Garth, meaning "listen or flat-nosed", from 'Marvel Comics'.

45. Sue Dibney, meaning "graceful lily", from 'DC Comics'.

Zombie Name Ideas

Many of us who are interested in writing fiction or maybe even writing our own zombie apocalypse movie are always looking out for good names for all our characters. Names are an important part of how captivating a work of fiction is, be it the name of the zombie villains or the heroes.

The names in this list are good ones for a zombie because they have closely related meanings.

Zombies are creatures that are undead, so it is only apt to look for names that have similar meanings.

There are many names that mean death, immortal, or undead in this list which could make the best name for your zombie character. Here is a list of zombie names ideas that will help you find the perfect one.

46. Abdulbaith, meaning "servant of resurrecting after death".

47. Ajal, meaning "hour of death".

48. Amara, meaning "immortal being or one who is blessed without end or death".

49. Arius, meaning "deathless".

50. Azrail, meaning "angel of death".

51. Dabria, meaning "an angel of death".

52. Dearil, meaning "cause of death".

53. Javaraya, meaning "God of death".

54. Kalabhiti, meaning "of whom death is afraid or immortal".

55. Kalakuta, meaning "potion of death".

56. Khalida, meaning "one who cannot be conquered and killed".

57. Lorelai, meaning "a siren whose singing lures men to death".

58. Mayhem, meaning "the one who causes chaos".

59. Morrigan, meaning "the emperor of death and war".

60. Mirthunjayan, meaning "the one who is immortal".

61. Omisha, meaning "the spirit of birth and death".

62. Tuwile, meaning "death is invincible".

63. Thanatos, meaning "he who brings death".

64. Yamajit, meaning "conqueror of death".

65. Yamaraj, meaning "the Hindu God of death and immortality".

Zombie Names From Mythology

The word zombie originated from Haitian folklore. Many different mythologies have various undead warriors who were immortal. These are great warriors who have slain giants and killed the most dangerous creatures alive. Their names rightly reflect the bravery of their actions. Here is a list of zombie names from mythology curated for you.

66. Aeron, a Goddess of war and death from Welsh mythology, the name means "carnage and slaughter".

67. Libitina, the Goddess of corpses, funeral, and death, the name means "death".

68. Marduk, the name of a violent God who is said to have killed dragons and devils, the name means "bloodshed and slaughter".

69. Merikh, an Arabian or Persian name meaning "slaughter".

70. Mirrikh, meaning "death and slaughter".

71. Morana, according to mythology, she is the Goddess of death and winter, the name means "mortal end".

72. Mortimer, a Norman baronial name that means "Dead Sea".

73. Mort, a variation of the name Mortimer from Norman origin.

74. Morty, meaning "settlement on the moor where death occurs".

75. Than, meaning "death or someone who kills and maims".

76. Thana, the feminine version of the name Than and Thanatos.

77. Thanatos, a Greek God of death, the name means "death".

78. Valdis, meaning "Goddess of those slain in the battle".

79. Valadis, meaning "the dead or the slain".

80. Waldeburg, a name of German origin, meaning "salvation of the slain in the battle".

81. Jiangshi, is a reanimated corpse from Chinese folklore.

Zombie Names From The Walking Dead

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'The Walking Dead' is one of the most popular zombie apocalypse TV series that has been etched in the minds of many people. 'The Walking Dead' has been running on screen for more than 10 years now.

The series has not only brought the entire spectrum of a dystopian world run over by flesh-eating zombies to light but also given us equally fierce warriors who are famous for fighting those zombies.

The reason this show is captivating is that many of the zombies in this series are characters whom we get familiar with before they change into vicious, flesh-eating creatures.

In essence, 'The Walking Dead' shows how far someone can go for survival and also points out the fact that all of us have the best and worst in us. Here is a list of 'The Walking Dead' nicknames and names, curated for you.

82. Amy, meaning "beloved". One of the more popular zombie apocalypse names.

83. Andrea, meaning "manly, masculine, and brave".

84. Deanna Monroe, meaning "fertile, God, and divine".

85. Enid, meaning "purity or soul".

86. Ezekiel, meaning "God's strength".

87. Hershel Greene, meaning "deer".

88. Jessie Anderson, meaning "God has been gracious".

89. Merle Dixon, meaning "blackbird".

90. Lori Grimes, meaning "laurel".

91. Olivia, meaning "olive tree".

92. Philip Blake, meaning "a horse-loving person or fond of horses".

93. Rosita Espinosa, meaning "noted protector".

94. Sasha Williams, meaning "defender, helper of mankind".

95. Shane Walsh, meaning "graced by God".

96. Sophia Peletier, meaning "wisdom".

97. Siddiq, meaning "honest and truthful at all times".

98. Simon, meaning "listen or hearing".

99. Spencer Monroe, meaning "steward or administrator".

100. Tara Chambler, meaning "star and it symbolizes the light of the soul".

101. Tyreese, meaning "enthusiastic".

We hope we have inspired you to  pick the best names for zombies in your creations. Kidadl has plenty of names articles to inspire you. If you liked this article and want to dig in more, why not check out other articles? Take a look at something different like these goblin names or these giant names.

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