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Organic chemistry talks about that branch of chemistry that only deals with carbon and its various compounds.

All living beings are made from organic compounds since they all contain carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen in them. The majority of all compounds found on earth are also organic compounds.

Organic chemistry helps us in analyzing the reactions, mechanisms, and structures as to how carbon and it's various other compounds react and interact with one another. There are numerous types of organic compounds like hydrocarbons, alkane, alkenes, alkynes, ethers, alcohols, esters, aldehydes, and acids. A large section of organic chemistry is also occupied by biochemistry and the study of organometallic compounds. Every organic compound follows the strict laws and rules of nomenclature as authorized by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC). Another important feature and study topic in organic chemistry is stereochemistry, which helps us in analyzing the physical properties of organic compounds based on their 3D structure. A chiral atom refers to a carbon atom that has all different atoms or groups on its four arms!

It doesn't matter if you don't like organic chemistry, you will always like part of the solution jokes. So wear your lab coat and safety goggles and check out these organic chemistry jokes and see if you can guess part of the solution!

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Best Jokes On Organic Chemistry

Chemical structure and formula of benzene on a black board

Enlisted below are the best funny chemistry jokes, jokes about atoms, periodic table jokes, and jokes about water.

1. What did the chief chemist tell his fellow interns on their first day at the lab? Listen carefully, if you are not a part of this solution, then you will be a part of the precipitate!

2. Why did the chemistry teacher who specializes in organic chemistry lead a troublesome life? Because he often finds himself in alkynes of trouble!

3. On his wedding anniversary, what did the chemist gift his wife? A ring with a chunk of carbon. Because he thought with time and pressure, it would become a diamond!

4. Why was the alpha helix unable to completely recite the English alphabets? Because it got broke in the middle and then jumbled up to L amino P!

5. Why are organic chemistry teachers experts in solving troubles? Because they have solutions for all the questions!

6. Which element is treated as the god element in organic chemistry? Carbon. It is omnipresent in all organic compounds!

7. What did the chemist discover in the laboratory when he replaced all the carbon atoms of the benzene ring with six atoms of Iron? He had built a big ferrous wheel!

8. What did the chemist get when he put 4 in the third carbon atom in a benzene molecule? He will surely get a metaphor!

9. What will you get if you substitute the fourth carbon atom in a benzene atom with an MD group? You will surely get a Paramedic!

10. Why does a steak have more energy in it as compared to a burger? Because the carbon atoms in the burger were in a ground state!

11. Why is the famous Hollywood actor Samuel L Jackson a chiral organic compound? Because when placed in front of a mirror, he becomes Samuel D Jackson!

12. What did the bright student say when the chemistry teacher asked him if he understood the configuration of alkenes? The student gleefully replied, "Yes sir, it is EZ-yy".

13. What did dihalides say when it was dehydrogenated in the presence of alcohol and KOH? "Save me. I'm diene!"

14. Why was the teacher of organic chemistry who had some troubles in his life caught drinking? Because he knew that alcohol was a solution!

15. What is the favorite tree for all organic chemistry students? Obviously, it is a stoichiome-tree!

16. What kind of a celebratory rabbit do you get if you mix organic acid with alcohol? You get an ester bunny!

17. Why do organic compounds not want to pick a fight with alcohol? Because in alcoholic conditions, all the spirits disappear!

18. Why was the aldehyde scolded by his father for wearing the wrong clothes for school? The aldehyde should have been formaldehyde, but he went as casual-dehyde!

19. What does a ketone and a prime amine do on a baseball pitch? They go to Schiff base!

20. What answer did acetaldehyde get from his neighbors when he asked if his son was rude? All of the neighbors said that the son was pretty formal!

21. Why did the father alcohol name his two sons, ethanol and methanol? So that they both can always remain as chemical brothers!

22. How did the chemist relate the great writer Robert Louis Stevenson with two organic compounds? He showed one was formalde-hyde while the ether was casual-dr-Jekyll!

23. What game did the funeral director play in his leisure time? Formalde- Hyde and seek!

24. What did the student say when he burnt himself in the laboratory with an acetylene torch? "Don't worry; I will b-ethyne!"

25. What did the chemist say when the fractional distillation of natural gas got destroyed and set the lab on fire? Well, I oil be damned!

26. Why were the silly hydrocarbons arrested by the police? They weren't good criminals as they always got com-busted!

27. How did amino acid express its feeling when the other amino acid turned up right on time? Wow, you are threonine!

28. How can you identify a pirate's absolute favorite amino acid? Obviously, it has to be Aaaaaaaarrrrrrginine!

Organic Sugar Jokes That Will Taste Really Sweet!

A sweet as sugar, these funny jokes about chemistry will surely sweeten your mind. This list also includes burner jokes, elements jokes, potassium jokes, and science jokes

29. Why are all sugar molecules equally right and left-handed at the same time? Because chiral molecules can rotate a polarised plane light through either left or right. Hence they are all ambidextrose!

30. What is the complete wrong way to name glucose's father? Sugar daddy!

31. What did the chemist student say to his teacher before an unprepared chemistry test on glucose? I am not prepared, and there is a good chance that I might be Fehling this test!

32. Why are insects poor in organic chemistry? Because they can't differentiate between honey and fructose. The former is for bees while the latter is for Applebees!

33. What did the astronaut say to his fellow astronaut about his diet while spacewalking in the International Space station? I'm thinking of switching to soy milk. I might be galactose intolerant!

Jokes On Carbon - The Supreme Leader!

This list consists of the best chemistry funny jokes, inorganic chemistry jokes, element jokes, chemistry jokes, periodic table jokes, and the best jokes on physical chemistry.

34. What did the criminal alkane say to his friend when he was asked about leaving his footprints at the scene of the crime? The alkene said, "I don't just leave my carbon footprint everywhere, I drive with caution".

35. What happens when two carbon atoms spend a lovely evening on the fossil of a dinosaur? Apparently, it is carbon dating!

36. How did the stand-up comedian carbon atom begin his show? He said, "You know I was always bored, so I decided to start with a carbon pun. Did you C what I just did there?"

37. What did the criminal carbon atom say when he shot his two best friends? Die oxide, die!

38. Why should one never take six carbon atoms while going on a cruise trip? Because you are bound to get C6!

39. Which is the only animal that lives in burrows and weighs only a mere 12 grams of atoms of carbon? It is definitely a mole!

The Best Ether Jokes That Will Put You In A Fix

These ether jokes will surely make you laugh:

40. What is the chief profession of a ghost pilot? Obviously, he is in charge of flying the ethereal plane!

41. What did the chemistry teacher say when the students dropped compounds in the lab?

"It's all right, settle in. Every year some of you drop aldehydes, alcohols, or ether one!"

42. Why did the confused student start hating organic chemistry all of a sudden? When asked, he said, "I'm tired of this. Whenever I ask an oxygen atom if it will prefer a methyl or an ethyl group, it always replies 'ether'''.

43. What does a ghost eat for cereal in his breakfast? It usually eats ethereal!

44. What options did the anesthesiologist give me to make me pass out before my surgery? He gave a choice of gas or the paddle of a boat. It was an ether oar situation!

45. What did the chemist reply when his wife suggested a different detergent to wash his clothes? He said, "I honestly don't care for perchloroethylene, nor do I love glycol ether".

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Organic Chemistry Jokes, then why not take a look at Element Puns, or for something different, take a look at Medical Puns.

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