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100+ Best Rat Jokes

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Rats can be found in the wild and also sometimes in the homes of people who keep them as pets.

Some rats are harmful as they can transmit diseases. It's usually the wild rats that are mostly harmful since they inhabit unsanitary environments.

It's said that there are approximately 60 different species of rats out there, and only a few among them can be kept as pets. Rats fall under the rodent category of mammals alongside hamsters and mice, which are also a lot like a rats and are also kept as pets. Here we have found all kinds of rodent and rat jokes for you to laugh at. Happy reading!

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Funny Jokes About Rats

Here are some absolutely funny rat jokes that we're sure you're going to love.

1. What type of car insurance do rats usually have? Road dent insurance.

2. Didn't you accidentally hit a rat with your car the other day? "Yes, It left quite a ro-dent on my car."

3. What kind of rat never needs to go on a diet? A slender rat.

4. Did you know that rats are under-rated? Seriously, you should check your dictionary.

5. What would the name of a movie be if it cast mathematician rats that traveled through seas to find treasure? π-rats Of The Caribbean.

6. What did one little rat say to his mother after seeing a bat the other day? He said, "Mama, I saw an angel!"

7. What would you name a rat with a wooden leg? It'd be a pi-rat-e.

8. Have you heard about the boy who didn't tell his family about his sick rat? He was keeping it a sec-rat.

9. Which Clash song is the brave rat's favorite? I Fought The Claw.

10. Do you know how rats fall for rat traps? I mean, it's such a cheesy setup.

11. What would you call twin rats who feature in a movie about cooking? Ratatwins.

12. Did you hear about the two rats the little girl brought home to keep as pets? Her brother named the first rat 'Rata-one-ee' and the second one 'Ratatouille'.

13. What would you name a musical rat that chews holes in your car tires? Deflator Mouse.

14. What did Elvis say to the rodent that was trying to scare him away? He said, "You ain't nothing but a groundhog."

15. What airline did the rat use when he went on vacation? Emi-rat-es.

16. What rifle do rats like to use the most? The Mouser.

17. What would you call a rodent who's has sinned? A sinchilla.

18. What's a fundamental difference between a burnt rodent and an actor? The second is Chris Pratt, and the first is a crisp rat.

19. What would you name a rat that only likes to eat desserts? A pie-rat.

20. What did the little rat get arrested for? For Rat-keteering.

21. What happens when a rat plays with a machine gun? Ratatatatata.

22. Have you heard about the rodent that always dreamed of winning 'Masterchef'? His father encouraged him by saying, "Gopher it, my son."

23. What would you call a rat that's stubborn and refuses to participate in scientific experiments? A lab brat.

24. What would you name a drama set with a cast full of rats shooting in Florida? The Miami Mice.

25. Did you hear about the rodent infestation that's going on? That's not a mice thing to think about.

Rodent Jokes That're Rather Mice

Muzzle with pink nose and long mustache.

These are some jokes about rodents that will not rattle you, which is your favorite rat joke?

26. What happened to the man who suddenly found a number of big rats in his home? He was pretty rattled after it.

27. What would you name a Spanish rodent that won't stop asking questions? A porque-pine.

28. What device do rodents use to cool their lower jaws? A chin-chiller.

29. Have you heard about the pet rodent that the little boy's father bought? I heard that it's Papa's New Guinea.

30. What rodent is the most monstrous of them all? The Chinzilla.

31. What did everyone say about the rodent relaxing his jaw by the pool? It seems to be a chinchilla.

32. Have you met the rat that doesn't want to tell anyone his name? He prefers to stay anony-mouse.

33. What did everyone call the rat who was very blunt? He was a no-nonsense rat.

34. Have you heard about the rat that got a big job in politics? She is a bureauc-rat now.

35. What is the one vehicle a rat likes to drive around in? The Ford Moustang.

36. Did you see that big rat on the road? I think that was a roadent.

37. Have you heard about the homeless rat that was living on a man's clock for a few days while he tried to get his life back on track? He was living on borrowed time.

38. Did you hear about the cat that only chases certain mice? That is what they call Jerry picking.

39. Why do some people use rat-shaped fishing lures? Because they want to catch a catfish.

40. How can you get a rat to smile? You tell it some cheesy jokes.

41. What similarities do grass and rats have? Both are eaten by cats!

42. What would you call a rodent that lacks the bare minimum sophistication? Vole-gar.

43. What breakfast cereal do rats like to eat the most? Mice Krispies.

44. What did the little rat say when another rat broke his front teeth? "Now it's hard to cheese."

45. Where can you go to fix or replace the tails of rats? A re-tail store.

46. What do the rats use when they build their houses? Cottage cheese.

47. What is the favorite game of a rat? Hide and squeak.

48. Did you see the pet rat at the German shop? Its name is Stuart Lidl.

49. What do the rats say when they greet each other? They say, "It's mice to meet you."

50. Did you hear that even the rats can get callouses on their feet? Well, thank goodness for pu-mice stones.

Pet Rat Jokes For Halloween

Here is list of jokes about pet rats and some rat jokes involving the theme of Halloween that are super spooky.

51. Did you hear about the pet rat that just wouldn't leave the shoes of its owner alone? The owner now has squeaky boots.

52. Why did the pet rat decide to eat the candles from the jack-o-lanterns? Because it wanted some light refreshments.

53. How do pet rats celebrate when they move into a new house? They arrange a mouse warming party.

54. What would you get if you let a pet rat mop up your kitchen? You'd get a squeaky clean floor.

55. What similarities do ghosts and pet rats have? Both like to live in dark and cramped spaces.

56. What did the pet rat say when it walked into a bar and saw a whole lot of hawks? It said, "Haaaawkward!"

57. How do you know a pet rat will keep its promise or not? He'll keep the promise if he guarancheese it.

58. What costumes does a pet rat wear to scare his friends on Halloween? A black cat costume.

59. What did the rat dress up as on Halloween so he could sneak into the man's house to eat some tasty snacks? A computer mouse.

60. Why do pet rats always come after bats? Because that's how it says in the dictionary.

61. What Halloween costume is the most popular among pet rats in Las Vegas? The rat pack.

62. What did the little pet rat say to its best friend? It said, "We're like cheese and crackers."

63. How did the pet rat scare away the mean witch? It threatened to bite through her broom.

64. Why do the pet rats sometimes need oiling? Because they squeak.

65. What do you call a pet rat that has got puppy dog eyes? A lab rat.

66. What would you name a film about a chef rat with allergies? Rat-a-choo-ille.

67. What do you get if you mix an elephant and a rat? I don't care. It's a relephant.

68. What do pet rats like to eat on their birthdays? Mice cream and cake.

69. Why did Ron love the pet rat he had so much? Because it was the pet-he-grew up with.

70. Why are pet rats really bad at taking pictures? Because the moment people say "Cheese!", the rats all scatter around to find it.

71. What is the favorite dessert of any rat? A chocolate mouse cake.

72. What won't a pet rat ever tell you? His squeakrets.

73. What pet rats can you always find on a beach? Palm rats.

74. Did you hear what the two rats were talking about when they were sitting in a dustbin, eating a DVD? One rat said to the other, "I think the book was much better".

75. How do you know your rat wants some cheese? He is breathing!

Mouse And Rat Dad Jokes

Lastly, we have some rat jokes that might also be classed as dad jokes, but don't worry, these sewer jokes aren't totally stinky!

76. What would you call a rat if it was living in a subway completely unappreciated? It'd be under-rat-ed.

77. Have you heard that a scientist accidentally chilled a rat at his lab to absolute zero? Well, first, the rat was frozen. Now he's 0K.

78. Did you hear about the two rat best friends who walked into a bar? They had to shut down the bar due to health violations.

79. What would you name a rat if it reached enlightenment in Hungary? The Buddha-Pest.

80. Have you heard about the band named Arrogant Rat? Well, they're like the Modest Mouse, but much better.

81. What did the scientist name her first favorite experimental tale about a rat? A lab-rat-story.

82. Did you hear that rats are well fed in many parts of the world? In Budapest, they just go Hungary.

83. What kind of rats need to use cologne? A muskrat.

84. Why did the rodent like doing deadlifts? Probably because he loved building his hamstering.

85. What kind of rat can tell you what 6.022x10^23 means? Mole rats.

86. What would you name a rodent if it sold guns to a hedgehog? An armadealer.

87. What do the rodents do after they have their dinner? Gopher a walk.

88. Which snake did the little rat become friends with? The rat-tlesnake.

89. What would you get if you cross a rat with a laundry detergent? Bubble and squeak!

90. What was the Roman Emperor rat called? Julius Cheeser.

91. Why did Mickey Mouse decide to go to space? Because he was searching for Pluto.

92. Where on the man's body did they find Mickey Mouse? Dis knee.

93. What do computer mice eat? Microchips.

94. Did you know I drew a cool picture of a creature that's half-elf and half mouse? I'm feeling quite proud of mouse-elf.

95. Have you heard about the boy that was checking if the mouse was wireless or not at the store? He was later kicked out of that particular pet store.

96. What kind of mouse has the most feelings? A feel-d mouse.

97. What kind of vehicle does the wife of Mickey Mouse drive? She drives a Minnie van.

98. What do you call a mouse that uses bad language? A cursor.

99. Did you hear about the boy that tried to bring a giant mouse home with him the other day? Now the family has a lifetime ban from Disney world.

100. I couldn't do anything to stop a pointy-eared Christmas mouse from stealing my food, I think I hate mice elf.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes, puns and riddles for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for the best rat jokes then why not take a look at these mouse puns, or bunny jokes for more?

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